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My Information Delivered, Part II: Database Notifications

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[The following blog post was written by Kristin E. Cangialosi, a graduate student in the Department of Library & Information Studies.]

Similar to Google Alerts, most academic databases allow you to create an alert based off of a search.  Once you create an alert, notifications will be sent via email when new articles with your keywords have been added to the database.

Using Academic Search Complete, one of the most comprehensive databases made accessible by the UB Libraries, an alert can be created for any research topic of scholarly or personal interest.

1)      Start by going to the Academic Search Complete database.  (If you are accessing the database remotely, you may be prompted to sign in using your UBIT username and password).

2)     Once at the database, you can type in your keywords and continue as if you were conducting a search on the topic.

3)      Look for the “Share” button on the search results page.  Click this button to bring up several options, one of which is to create an email alert.

4)      A new window will open in which you can alter various alert settings, such as how often you want to receive emails and how current the articles will be.  To save the alert, you must sign in to your EBSCOhost Folder account.  (If you do not yet have an account, you can create one at this point by clicking the “Sign In” link which will provide that option.)

5)      Save the alert and you will begin receiving scholarly results directly in your inbox!

If you have any questions about Academic Search Complete or features within any of the databases made accessible by the UB Libraries, please contact a librarian either by email, phone, through instant messaging, or in person.


My Information Delivered, Part I: Google Alerts

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[The following blog post was written by Kristin E. Cangialosi, a graduate student in the Department of Library & Information Studies.]

Rather than searching Google for the information you want, why not have Google deliver the information to you?  By creating a Google Alert, you can receive emails when Google finds new results for any topic you are interested in!

1)      Start by going to

2)      Type a keyword or two into the search box.  Before creating the alert, “Show options” will allow you to customize your alert settings.

3)      Several options are available to customize your alert settings such as how often, how many, and what types of results you want.  If you are already logged into your Google account, your email address will be listed.

4)      Create your alert, and start getting the search results you want delivered directly to your inbox!

Now that you have Google Alerts covered, stay tuned for our upcoming post, “My Information Delivered, Part 2: Database Notifications.”


Undecided Making Informed Decisions

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[The following blog post was written by Kristin E. Cangialosi, a graduate student in the Department of Library & Information Studies.]

You got accepted into UB and started college in the last couple of months, or maybe even last year.  You’re taking the required general education courses but still cannot decide what you want to do after graduation.  Or maybe you came to UB with a declared major, but after taking some classes are starting to realize that it’s not the right fit for you.

UB Career Services is dedicated to providing students with the information to help make these major decisions easier.  For each major offered at the university, UB Career Services has created a guide that explains what you can do professionally with that degree when you graduate.  For even more guidance, you can enroll in the three-credit, semester-long, seminar course UBE 202: Career Planning to conduct a deeper exploration of your options.

To help get you thinking about career possibilities, you can use the Career Planning Guide to find resources within the UB Libraries’ collections.  Here are just a few of the titles available to get you started with your independent research.

Top 10 Things Every Student Should Know About the UB Libraries

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As you begin to settle in for the new semester, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share information about resources and services available to you as a UB student. Here is our top ten list of “must knows” about the UB Libraries:



Each major has a librarian who can help you with your information needs: Subject Librarians


You can get instant answers from REAL people by using our 24/7 chat


The Libraries have an online guide and videos designed to help you understand basic research skills


There are many different study spaces in the UB Libraries, both group and silent – find out which ones are best for you


You can use your print quota from your laptop: Printing from your computer


The Silverman Library in Capen Hall is open 24/7 during Fall and Spring semesters.


You can have journal articles and book chapters delivered electronically, and library books made available for pick-up at the UB library of your choice using Delivery+


Undergraduate students are required to complete the Library Skills Workbook during their first year at UB


The UB Libraries are the go-to places to find sources for your research paper or project:


New to UB? You may also want to check out the Resources at University at Buffalo video to learn about even more amazing services and resources available to you around campus!