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Important Dates and Renewing Courses

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Please be aware of the following important dates in December.

  • 12/22- The OPAC will be reset to display courses the Spring semester courses. All Fall semester reading lists will become in accessible to patrons.
  • 12/25- This is the end date for all Fall semester courses. Make sure that all courses have an end date of 12/25 or earlier.
  • 12/26- The course-05 report will be run during this morning. The ‘NA’ status will be appended to all Fall courses with an expiration date of 12/25/2011 or earlier. If any Fall course has a later expiration date it will need to have the ‘NA’ appended manually.

When renewing courses for the Spring semester please remember to set the semester end date to 5/20/2012. Also do not just change the semester and end dates on the current course, this will invalidate our statistics for the Fall semester. Instead duplicate the existing course and assign the new dates and semester to the duplicate.

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