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Book & Film of the Month – November

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afterlife(2)The University Libraries and Undergraduate Academies are pleased to announce our “Book & Film of the Month” selections for November:

FILM: What one memory would you choose to carry with you into eternity?  The 1998 Japanes feature film, After Life, explores this question in a fantasy speculation about what happens when people die.

BOOK: Arundhati Roy’s award-winning debut novel, The God of Small Things, is the story of an affluent Indian family forever changed by one fateful day in 1969. Critics have praised its unique narrative style, its exploration of social and political issues, and its poignancy.

Both selections are part of our 48 Good Books and 48 Good Films initiatives; titles on these lists were chosen by UB faculty and staff members of the Undergraduate Academies Council to reflect the themes of the five Academies: Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Global Perspectives, Research Exploration and Sustainability. Think of them as “unrequired” reading and viewing suggestions.

All 48 Good Books and 48 Good Films are available in the UB Libraries!

One Response

  1. Petra Simmons says:

    I thought this was a wonderful film.

    Directly after dying the departed are received by counsellors who assist them in finding what was, for them, the single, most beautiful and perfect experience of their lives. For some the choice is easy and they are instantly able to provide the moment, which, once recreated by technicians, they remain in forever but the majority of the film concentrates upon those who are unable to find their perfect moment, and need extra help to recall past loves and lost days of their youth.