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Pilgrims and Cranberry Sauce

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[The following blog post was written by Kristin E. Cangialosi, a graduate student in the Department of Library and Information Studies.]

Image Source: Desembarco de los puritanos en América via Wikimedia Commons

Image Source: Desembarco de los puritanos en América via Wikimedia Commons

A group of Puritans broke away from the Anglican Church in the early 1600’s and became the Pilgrims.  They decided to voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to begin a new life, free from persecution.  Landing at Plymouth Rock in December of 1621, the Pilgrims established their new social order with the Mayflower Compact.  They would have died off, had it not been for Squanto and the Native Americans that taught them how to sustain themselves in this foreign land.

Thanksgiving is a day meant to commemorate the union of two cultures, breaking bread together at the same harvest feast table.  But is that how it really happened? Or is Thanksgiving actually based on the traditional English Harvest Home celebration?  If Thanksgiving began with the Pilgrims, then why was it not an officially recognized holiday until the 1863 Proclamation?  And how come Abraham Lincoln never mentioned anything about the Pilgrims when making his Proclamation?

These are just some of the books available at the UB Libraries that chronicle the story of Thanksgiving and how it came to be.

If you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time and need some help, these e-books can be easily accessed from your laptop, phone, or tablet.  If you are a guest this year and want to contribute, there are some great recipes for desserts and side dishes as well!

These titles celebrate the holiday with compilations of literature including stories, plays, and poetry about Thanksgiving.

Regardless of its historical origins or what you decide to cook, Thanksgiving is a day to spend with the people you love.  So, have a very happy one this year!

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