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Why you should be using EndNote!

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[The following blog post was written by Kristin E. Cangialosi, a graduate student in the Department of Library & Information Studies.]

EndNote is citation management software you can download free of charge courtesy of UB.  Once you download EndNote, it belongs to you to continue to use long after graduation.  But what exactly is citation management software, and how can it help you?

Have you ever resorted to listing the titles of sources for a research paper on a random scrap of paper, or a blank word document?  When collecting pdfs of articles, do you end up with a jumble of files somewhere on your computer?  Are you constantly looking up MLA, APA, or Chicago style rules when creating a works cited page?  Citation management software can do all of these tasks for you!

EndNote will ease the burden of organizing your references, documents, and citations.  You can take that article you find in an academic database and import the citation directly into EndNote, along with the pdf.  EndNote allows you to arrange your citations, and articles, into folders for easy retrieval of research or class readings.  You can read the articles right in EndNote, highlight text, and even write notes to yourself.  When putting together a works cited page, EndNote can import the citation in any style you need directly into a word document.

If you want a quick overview of how EndNote works, watch one of the following short videos.

The UB Libraries frequently offer several workshops on how to make the best use of EndNote, ranging from basic to more advanced features.  These workshops are free and open to all UB students.  Do yourself a favor and make your academic life easier by taking advantage of EndNote, and all the resources provided to learn how to use it.

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