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Plan your research with the Assignment Calculator!

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The Assignment Calculator is a tool that helps you to plan your research assignments. Using this tool is easy! Type in the date that you will begin your assignment and the date that it is due. The Assignment Calculator will retrieve a schedule for you to follow in order to stay on track and complete your research paper on time.

Click here for an example of the schedule retrieved when a student planned to begin her paper on September 10th with the final draft due on November 14th.

Remember, the sooner you start your research, the more time you will have to write a successful paper!

What is the Library Skills Workbook?

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The Library Skills Workbook is designed to help University at Buffalo students develop their library research skills. It is a General Education requirement for all UB undergraduate students, including transfer students. All undergraduate students are required to complete it during their first year of study at UB.

In addition to the general Library Skills Workbook, we offer 5 discipline-specific versions. Any UB student may choose to complete one of the discipline-specific versions or the general version; any one of them will fulfill the General Education requirement. Students should complete only one version. The discipline-specific versions are: Architecture, Business & Management, Engineering, Health Sciences, and History.

For more information about the Workbook, including how to enroll, please visit:

Book and Film of the Month for September 2014

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The University Libraries and Undergraduate Academies are pleased to announce our “Book & Film of the Month” selections for September:

FILM:  The Corporation

08This film undertakes an in-depth psychological examination of this corporate “person” through various case studies. These studies illustrate that, in its behavior, the corporation typically acts like a dangerously destructive psychopath, without a conscience. Furthermore, we observe the profound threats this psychopath poses for our world and our future, but also what people with courage, intelligence and determination can do to stop this behavior.

Silverman Library Multimedia Collection:


BOOK:  The Prince

22“The Prince” is the most controversial book about winning power – and holding on to it – ever written. Machiavelli’s tough-minded, pragmatic argument that sometimes it is necessary to abandon ethics to succeed made his name notorious. Yet his book has been read by strategists, politicians and business people ever since as the ultimate guide to realpolitik.

Copies are available in the Lockwood Library Book Collection: and on all circulating Kindle e-readers.

Both selections are part of our 48 Good Books and 48 Good Films initiatives; titles on these lists were chosen by UB faculty and staff members of the Undergraduate Academies Council to reflect the themes of the five Academies: Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Global Perspectives, Research Exploration and Sustainability. Think of them as “unrequired” reading and viewing suggestions. All 48 Good Books and 48 Good Films are available in the UB Libraries.

Holiday Hours – Labor Day, September 1

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With the holiday weekend approaching, don’t forget to check the library hours before heading to campus. Building and reference hours for each library are available on the library web site under the About Us drop-down menu.

Please note that all University Libraries will be closed on Monday, September 1, 2014 in observance of Labor Day.