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How to get started with the research process

Posted on: | by Bridget Schumacher |

The Research Tips site is an online guide designed to help you perform research in the University at Buffalo Libraries. This guide will help you understand basic research skills including:

  • selecting a topic
  • locating books and periodicals
  • locating full-text articles
  • evaluating resources
  • citing sources

This guide is designed to help you with the research process from start to finish, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a librarian. Contact us via email, chat, phone, text or in-person. We look forward to working with you!

Plan your research with the Assignment Calculator

Posted on: | by Bridget Schumacher |

The Assignment Calculator is a tool that helps you to plan your research assignments. Using this tool is easy! Type in the date that you will begin your assignment and the date that it is due. The Assignment Calculator will retrieve a schedule for you to follow in order to stay on track and complete your research paper on time.

Click here for an example of the schedule retrieved when a student planned to begin her paper on October 30th with the final draft due on November 22nd.

Remember, the sooner you start your research, the more time you will have to write a successful paper!

What is the Library Skills Workbook?

Posted on: | by Bridget Schumacher |

The Library Skills Workbook is designed to help University at Buffalo students develop their library research skills. It is a General Education requirement for all UB undergraduate students, including transfer students. All undergraduate students are required to complete it during their first year of study at UB.

In addition to the general Library Skills Workbook, we now offer 5 discipline-specific versions. Any UB student may choose to complete one of the discipline-specific versions or the general version; any one of them will fulfill the General Education requirement.Students should complete only one version. The 5 discipline-specific versions are: Architecture, Engineering, Health Sciences, History and Music.

For more information about the Workbook, including how to enroll, please visit:

Top 10 Things Every Student Should Know About the UB Libraries

Posted on: | by Bridget Schumacher |
Image Source: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, marklarson on Flickr

Image Source: LOC WPA Poster Collection, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, marklarson on Flickr

To follow up on the welcome post last week, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some additional resources and services available to you as a UB student. Here is our top ten list of “must knows” about the UB Libraries:

10. Our Libraries have extended hours:

9. Each major has a librarian who can help you with your information needs:

8. You can get instant answers from REAL people by using our 24/7 chat

7. The Libraries have an online guide and videos designed to help you understand basic research skills:

6. There are many different study spaces in the UB Libraries, both group and silent – find out which ones are best for you:

5. You can use your print quota from your laptop:

4. The Silverman Library in Capen Hall is open 24/7 during Fall and Spring semesters.

3. You can have journal articles and book chapters delivered electronically, and library books made available for pick-up at the UB library of your choice using Delivery+:

2. Undergraduate students are required to complete the Library Skills Workbook during their first year at UB:

1. The UB Libraries are the go-to places to find sources for your research paper or project: