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State, Local, and International Governments

State, Local, and International Governments

Lockwood Library is a depository library for New York State documents. That is, publications of New York State agencies and the Legislature are available to us without charge. In turn, the library assumes responsibility for making them available to the entire community, both within and outside the University. Click here for information about New York State government publications.

This does not include documents published by local governments within New York. The following selected Web sites suggest starting points for retrieving information from local governments and other states.

Buffalo and Erie County

City of Buffalo
The city's official site includes information on city services and elected officials, a calendar of events, and an electronic payment service for parking tickets and selected permits.

Erie County Directory of Public Officials
Links to the names, addresses, and party affiliations of all elected officials (local, state, and federal) in from Erie County.

Erie County Legislature
The "Legislators" section includes links to the names and addresses of all county lawmakers, and maps for their jurisdictions.

Erie County Works
The official county site provides access to information about the legislature, county services, organizations and activities.

Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth (University at Buffalo)
The Institute combines academic scholarship and practical policy analysis to promote regional growth and more effective local governance in Western NY and Southern Ontario. The Institutes two most significant projects are the:

  • State of the Region Project
    Studies 11 areas of local government in Western NY.
    1. Economy
    2. Environment
    3. Government
    4. Education
    5. Technology and information
    6. Health
    7. Public safety
    8. Human services
    9. Equity
    10. Planning and land use
    11. Regional assets

Town of Amherst
Amherst's official site includes contact information for elected officials, property assessment review instructions and forms, and a guide to town services.

Other Local Governments

Local Government Information (New York State)
Links to local governments throughout the state.

MyNYC (New York City)
New York City's official home page provides information about elected city officials, services and agencies. (Municipal Code Corporation)
This site hosts the municipal codes for selected cities, including the City of Tonawanda.

Municipal Codes on the Internet (General Code Publishers Corp.)
Offers the full text of selected municipalities, including many in New York State.

State Governments

National Association of State Budget Officers
Contains background information on current issues of importance to the states. The intended audience is state budget officers.

National Conference of State Legislatures
A bipartisan network for presenting policy issues of interest to state legislatures.

NCSL 50-State Legislative Tracking Web Resources (National Conference of State Legislatures)
Describes state legislative activities for nearly 20 issues. Examples include agriculture; arts; banking; budget; children and families; crime; economic development and labor; education; elections and campaigns; energy and environment; ethics; health; immigration; state-tribal relations; telecommunications; and transportation.

Public Authorities Information Clearinghouse (Albany Law School. Government Law Center)
A directory to public authorities or quasi-government agencies throughout the nation, and books, articles, and cases about them.

Search Just State Web Sites
A custom designed Google search engine that limits results to state documents.

Spotlight on the States: Key Online Resources (Choice, v.49, no. 12, August 2012)
Cites over 75 free online sources for statistical and other data about the 50 states. Topics cover general reference, politics and public policy, and budget and finance. Information sources include government agencies, research entities, and professional associations/think tanks.

State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States (American Library Association. Government Documents Round Table. State and Local Documents Task Force)
A directory to databases maintained by all 50 states.

State and Local Governments (Library of Congress)
A directory of Internet resources to official state and local government Web sites.

State Blue Books (American Library Association. Government Documents Round Table. State and Local Documents Task Force)
Links to Blue Books published about all 50 states. Blue Books describe the organization of state governments.

State Government Information Index (St. Mary's University. Louis J. Blume Library)
Links to state government information about courts and legal materials; legislation and legislative histories; local government; blue books; health; education; taxes; state agency databases; and location of GPO depository libraries.

STATE LEGISLATIVE HISTORY RESEARCH GUIDES ON THE WEB (Indiana University. Bloomington. School of Law Library)
Provides links about tracking bills, legislative histories, and legislative intents in all 50 states.

StateList: The Electronic Source for State Publication Lists (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Joint project of the Documents and Law Libraries)
 Links to bibliographies of government publications issued by states. Politics and Policy News, State by State (Pew Research Center)
Provides news and information about issues of public policy, such as health care, welfare, and education.


International Governments

Foreign Countries and Intergovernmental Organizations (University at Buffalo. Arts and Sciences Libraries)

International Economic and Social Statistics (University at Buffalo. Arts and Sciences Libraries)  

International Population Data (State University at Buffalo. Arts and Sciences Libraries)

Treaties & Other International Agreements (State University at Buffalo. Arts and Sciences Libraries)

United Nations Research Guides & Resources (U.N. Dag Hammarskjöld Library)