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Officials & Officers of Governments

Governments employ experts in all fields. These experts are often the most informative contacts available. This guide provides resources for locating elected and appointed officials of the United States, Canada, New York State, and other state governments. Two additional sections deal with European Union contacts and with other foreign government officials. The sections dealing with United States Representatives Abroad and Foreign Embassies/Representatives in the U.S. are valuable to Americans who intend to travel abroad and to foreigners residing in the United States.

United States Government Officials

Carroll's Federal Directory: Executive, Legislative, Judicial (Carroll Publishing), six times per year.
Lockwood Reference JK 6 F42 (current edition only)
Covers executive, judicial, and legislative agencies and offices in three sections. References provide names, addresses, phone numbers, and titles. Additional features include an alphabetical list of individuals that give their agencies and phone numbers; and a keyword index.

FedStats is a comprehensive guide and index to statistical publications prepared by selected federal agencies. Links lead to home pages of statistical agencies and related contacts.


Statistics Sources (Gale Research Co.), annual.
Lockwood Reference Z 7551 .S84 (current edition)
Lockwood Book Collection Z 7551 .S84 (1980-previous edition)
Lists sources of current statistical information published by the U.S. government, international agencies, trade associations, and other private sources. The editors provide a directory to "Federal Statistical Telephone Contacts."

United States Government Manual (National Archives and Record Service. Office of the Federal Register). (1995-current edition)
Lockwood Ref Desk JK 421 .A3 (current edition)
Lockwood Documents US AE 2.108/ 2: (1985-previous edition)
This official handbook of the federal government is a directory to all three branches of government. Entries describe the functions and authorities of agencies. Data include the names, addresses, and phone numbers of top administrators. Special features include lists of international organizations in which the U.S. participates; commonly used abbreviations and acronyms; and names of agencies that were eliminated or reorganized.

United States Government TTY Directory (U.S. General Services Administration).
Describes how the disabled can access U.S. government TTY services. Contact Your Government (U.S. General Services Administration)
(Formerly called FirstGov) is an information portal that attempts to be a one-stop shopping place for retrieving federal government information. This section provides links to contact information for government officials at all levels.

United States Congress (Capitol Advantage)
Enter your zip code to determine the names and addresses of your Congresspersons and Senators. Links lead to selected key votes and positions on popular issues.

Congressional Directory (U.S. Congress), biennial. (1995-present)
Lockwood Ref Desk/UGL-SEL Reference JK 1011 (current edition)
Lockwood Documents US Y 4.P 93/ 1: 1/ (previous editions)
A directory to the federal government that emphasizes Congress. Data about the legislative branch cover phone numbers, addresses, and biographies of Senators and Representatives; committee memberships and committee staff; and maps of Congressional districts. Additional information about other branches of government include addresses and phone numbers of legislative and executive agencies, and selected federal courts. The Congressional Directory also provides names, addresses, and phone numbers of international agencies in which the U.S. participates; and addresses and phone numbers of foreign embassies in Washington.

Congressional Staff Directory (Congressional Staff Directory, Ltd.), published three times a year.
Lockwood Reference JK 1012 .C66 (current edition)
Lockwood Book Collection JK1012 .C66 (previous editions)
A directory to Congress and its staff. Emphasis is upon Washington staffs of Representatives and Senators and their committees. Information includes phone numbers, and postal and email addresses. When searching for information about a policy issue, staff of relevant Congressional committees could be very helpful. Committee staff often distribute Congressional hearings, reports, and committee prints without charge upon request.

House of Representatives
Links lead to home pages of Representatives and to the House leadership.

United States Senate
Lists members of the Senate and those in leadership positions.

United States Representatives Abroad
A directory to embassies and consulates of all nations throughout the world.

Web Sites of U.S. Embassies and Consulates (Department of State)
Links to United States embassies and consulates in other countries, arranged by region.


New York State

New York State Directory (Walker's Research, LLC), annual.
Lockwood Reference JK 3430 .N52 (current edition)
Provides directory information to state agencies, federal government offices, and trade associations located in New York State. Two separate indexes access names of individuals and agencies/organizations. Selected Other features give key county and municipal officials; and Superintendents of the State's school districts.

New York State Legislature


      Provides names; districts represented; Albany addresses; local addresses; email addresses; phone numbers; and biographical data.

A directory to New York State Senators is available from the menu on the left-hand side of the page. Search for Senators by zip codes; retrieve detailed biographical data and basic directory information.

Public Phone Directory - NYS Government Listings (New York State. Office for Technology)
Lockwood Documents NY TEC 888-3 GOVDI (current edition)
Search for information by agencies; employees names; and geographic locations. Information includes phone numbers, titles, and names of individuals. Web administrators expect to offer users the ability to search by topics in the near future. Available in print as the New York State Government Directory.

Other States

CSG State Leadership Directory (Council of State Governments), annual.
Three directories in this series offer names of individuals and agencies; postal mailing addresses; phone and fax numbers; and email addresses.

Directory I: State Elective Officials

      Lockwood Reference JK 2403 .B61


      Covers Governors and other top executive officials; judges; and legislators.

Directory II: State Legislative Leadership, Committees and Staff
Lockwood Reference JK 2403 .B63
Arrangement is by selected legislative offices, selected committees, and selected legislative functions.

Directory III: State Administrative Officials Classified by Function
Lockwood Reference JK 2403 .B62
Lists both elected and appointed officials for over 100 functions.


State Yellow Book (Leadership Inc.), quarterly.
UGL-SEL Reference JK 2679 .S73
Provides names of individuals and agencies; postal mailing addresses; phone and fax numbers; and email addresses for executive and legislative officials in all fifty states. Additional features include a directory of intergovernmental agencies, a subject index, and a personnel index. State and Territorial Governments (U.S. General Services Administration)
(Formerly known as FirstGov)
Links to the official home pages for governments of all 50 states, as well as U.S. territories.


Departments and Agencies (Government of Canada)
Links to Canadian federal government Web sites supported by departments, agencies, and Crown corporations, plus Web sits administered by groups for which the departments and agencies are responsible.

Government Contacts (Government of Canada)
Links to telephone numbers, web sites, and other information for Canadian government officials. Search the GEDS (Government Electronic Delivery Services) directory to Canadian public servants, by exact or approximate personal names; telephone numbers; and exact or approximate organization names.

Population Affiliation Report (Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat)
Provides information about federal government entities emphasizing legislation government human resources and administration. Coverage includes current and discontinued agencies.

Scott's Canadian Sourcebook, annual.
Lockwood Reference F1004.7 M3 (current edition)
An annual almanac that covers statistics and other facts about all aspects of Canadian life. Topics covered include economics; transportation and communications; religion; and law, among many others. Separate sections provide directory data for federal, provincial, territorial, and local governments. Data include names of individuals and agencies; addresses; phone and fax numbers; email addresses; and summaries of agencies programs and services. This title is a continuation of the Corpus Almanac & Canadian Sourcebook, the Corpus Almanac of Canada, and various other titles. Previous titles are available at Lockwood Book Collection F1004.7 M3 from 1967-previous edition.

European Union

EU Whoiswho, the official directory of the European Union (European Union Publications Office)
Retrieve information by names, agencies or hierarchical structures.

Other Foreign Governments

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency)
Provides names and titles of foreign government officials throughout the world. The compilers exclude postal mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, and email addresses.

Foreign Embassies/Representatives in the U.S.

Diplomatic List (U.S. Department of State)
A directory to foreign embassies in the U.S. Information includes names of diplomats, addresses, and phone and fax numbers.


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