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Canadian Federal Government

Lockwood Memorial Library became a depository for Canadian federal documents in 1963. Printed documents are held on the third floor of Lockwood. Click here to view a map. This guide highlights selected resources in both print and online format. The Libraries Catalog includes most titles. The call numbers correspond to catalog numbers used by the Canadian government to refer to their publications, and are preceded by "CAN" to differentiate them from other government publications. Locate Canadian documents using keyword searches. (i.e., Ottawa and education)

Note: Canadians generally use British spelling, but will sometimes adopt American spelling as well. Use both spellings to be comprehensive. If encountering difficulty locating information, consult Differences between British, Canadian and American Spelling at .

General Information

Atlas of Canada: Web Map Service (Natural Resources Canada)
View maps about environmental, population, economic, historical, climatic, and health themes. Additional reference maps cover provinces and territories, and foreign nations.

Canada Year Book (Statistics Canada. Communications Division)
Lockwood HA 744 S8 (1909+ with gaps; most recent in Reference)
Lockwood Documents CAN CS 11-402E/year (1992-1999 with gaps)
A review of the year's economic, social, and political developments in Canada in narrative and statistical format.

Canada's System of Justice (Canada. Department of Justice)
Summarizes Canadian law and principles behind the law.

Canadian Information By Subject (Library and Archives Canada)
Locate Canadian government information through basic and advanced searches, by dates, and by languages, or browse serial publications (journals, annual reports, and other re-occurring materials).

Databases (Library and Archives Canada)
Links to dozens of databases about aboriginal people, exploration and settlement, politics and government, sports, the military, art and photography, literature, the post office, biographies, statistics, newspapers, ethnicity and identity, and transportation and communication.

Discover How Canadians Govern Themselves (Library of Parliament Information Service)
Summarizes Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal government.

Government Documents Information Government Resources by Subject: An A-Z Index (University Libraries. Arts and Sciences Libraries)
UB librarians selected key resources about nearly forty popular topics. Many include links to Canadian government resources.

Government of Canada
Provides links to topics at all levels of government including agency home pages; an A to Z subject index; contact information; resources for business people; information for immigrants; and descriptions and application requirements for basic government services.

NEWSROOM (Public Works and Government Services. Canada Publishing and Depository Services)
Links to press releases issued by multiple agencies. See also CBC: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation , Canada's public television and radio Web site, at

Service Canada
Describes services provided to all Canadians, aboriginal peoples, employers, families and children, immigrants, the disabled, senior citizens, veterans, and youth. The left sidebar organizes subjects under broad categories including education, employment, health, housing, immigration, legal assistance, travel, and starting a business.

Catalogs and Indexes

Canadian Government Documents (Google)
A specialized Google search engine that limits results to Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal government documents.

Canadian Government Information Search Engine (University of Ottawa)
Covers Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal publications.

E-Collection (Public Works and Government Services Canada. Publishing and Depository Services)
Links to approximately 85,000 Canadian government publications.

Google [Canada]
Most Canadian federal government Web sites include the phrases "gc" and "ca." Insert "" into search statements to limit results to Canadian government materials.  For example, a search for "labour force" retrieves information about the Canadian labour force published by a government agency.  "Labor force" also works, but the British spelling is more common.

Government of Canada Publications (Public Works and Government Services Canada. Publishing and Depository Services) (1993-)
Indexes over 100,000 free and priced Canadian government publications. Locate information through a search engine; or browse by subjects, titles, departments; recent releases, or Industry Canada materials. Links lead researchers to libraries throughout the world that maintain Canadian government publications. This site continues two printed indexes.

  • Government of Canada Publications
    Lockwood Reference Z 1373.C16 (quarterly; 1979-1992)
  • Statistics Canada Catalog
    Lockwood Documents CAN CS11-204E (1972-1997 with gaps)

Microlog Canadian Research Index (Micromedia)
Capen Multimedia Center Reference Z1365.M4 1988-1996 (Index)
Microlog indexes and reproduces on microfiche technical reports, research and policy papers, statistical materials, and annual reports produced by Canadian federal, provincial, and local governments, and Canadian universities and research institutes. The Arts and Sciences Libraries purchased materials relating to Commerce and Economics, plus all items produced by Ontario Province between 1989 and 1996.

The print index provides access to documents by subjects, corporate and individual authors, and series titles. Two codes identify materials held by UB, CO (commerce and economics) and ON (Ontario). Microfiche is in the Capen Multimedia Center at MicFiche Z1365 .M42.

The University of British Columbia Library provides online access to the indexes.

National Library of Canada Catalogue (AMICUS WEB) (Library and Archives Canada)
Searches the holdings of 1,300 libraries across Canada, including the National Library.

Our Catalogue (Public Works and Government Services Canada. Publishing and Depository Services)
Search for over 180,000 Canadian government publications.

Search the Electronic Collection (National Library of Canada. Electronic Publications Acquisitions Section)
Retrieve information by titles, subjects, and keywords.

Specialized Search Tools

Statistics Canada Library

Government Agencies

Departments and Agencies (Service Canada)
Provides links to all Canadian federal government agencies and departments.

Much of the information on this Web site is hidden and difficult to find. Use the Site Map and A to Z Index to locate information. Selected key features include:

Population Affiliation Report (Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat)
Provides information on departments, agencies, Crown Corporations and other Government of Canada entities, including defunct or privatized organizations.

Sources of Federal Government and Employee Information (Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat)
Summarizes the operation, organization, responsibilities, and backgrounds of Canadian federal agencies. Additional data cover agency records, manuals, and personal information.


Statistical Sources

Statistics Canada ( is the Canadian governments centralized agency charged with producing and disseminating statistics for the federal and provincial governments. Access the many Statistics Canada publications through the Libraries Catalog or Government of Canada Publications . See Specialized Search Tools ( for information about finding data, finding publications and reports, and helpful tools, plus an online tutorial.

CANSIM ( Statistics Canada's centralized database that includes over 18 million statistical series. Updates are daily. 

Additional Statistics Canada resources include:

Census Statistics and the National Household Survey (NHS)

In 2011, all Canadians completed the 2011 Census and some also completed the National Household Survey (NHS), a voluntary survey sent to a sample of 4.5 million dwelling units--separate living unit occupied by 1 or more people.

Historical Censuses of Canada

Locations vary
The Libraries hold Canadian census records in either print or microfilm formats from 1851 to date. Search the Libraries Catalog using the subject heading "Canada--census" to locate materials.

Business and Banking

Bank of Canada
Contains information on Canadian currency, interest rates, monetary policy, and selected economic statistics from 1990-present. The Publications and Research section ( ) contains the last ten years of working papers and technical reports, available full-text in PDF format.

Canada Business Network: Government Services for Entrepreneurs (Canada Business)
A subject portal for Canadian business people. Topics cover starting and financing businesses; foreign trade; taxation; regulations; and business research.

Canadian Company Capabilities (Industry Canada)
Search for company names by names, industry, and specialized directories.  Additional information covers resources for businesses, consumers, and forms, reports and guides.

Canadian Economic Observer (Statistics Canada) (February 2003+)
Lockwood Documents CAN CS 11-010 (1988+ with gaps)
Includes articles about the Canadian economy and statistical updates. See also the Canadian Economic Observer Historical Supplement .

Canadian Economic Observer Historical Supplement
Lockwood Documents CAN CS 11-210
Cumulates statistics from the Canadian Economic Observer into historical time series.

Canadian Importers Database (Industry Canada)
Retrieve data about Canadian importers by products, cities, and countries.

Economic Accounts (Statistics Canada) Presents current summaries of the national, provincial, and territorial economies.  Topics deal with:

  • Economic accounts (general)
  • Balance of international payments
  • Environmental and resource accounts
  • Financial and wealth accounts
  • Government financial statistics
  • Gross domestic product
  • Income and expenditure accounts
  • Input-output accounts
  • Leading indicators
  • Productivity accounts
  • Tourism account
  • All subtopics for Economic accounts

FP Markets: Canadian Demographics (Financial Post)
Lockwood HC 111 F46 (1999+; most recent in Reference)
Compiles population, income, and retail sales data for cities in each province.

Market Research Handbook (Statistics Canada) (2001+)
Lockwood Reference HC111 .A19 (most recent copy)
Lockwood Documents CAN CS 63-224 (1991+ with gaps)
A statistical summary of Canadian local and national markets. Topics cover population; labor and income; housing; macroeconomic and financial indicators; trade; business and industry; and selected census data.

Strategis: Canada's Business and Consumer Site (Industry Canada)
Strategis attempts to promote Canadian domestic investment and innovation in industry, as well as Canadian foreign trade. Web site topics cover company directories; foreign trade; economic analysis; business finance; legislation; employment; consumer information; starting a business; researching markets; managing people; electronic commerce and the environment.

Law and Legal Information

Canadian legal materials are maintained in the Law Library . Selected key resources include:

Canadian Legal Research Resources (state University at Buffalo. Law Library)
A Web guide prepared by UB law librarians that including general sites, government sites, and legal associations.

Canada Gazette (Public Works and Government Services Canada. Canada Gazette Directorate)
The official newspaper of the Canadian government published since 1841. Its 3 parts cover:

  • Part I: Notices and Proposed Regulations
    Law General Collection CAN 005 C36 (1979+ with gaps)
  • Part II: Official Regulations
    Law General Collection CAN 005 C37 (1972+ with gaps)
  • Part III: Acts of Parliament
    Law General Collection CAN 005 C38 (1974/1975+ with gaps)

Provinces and Cities

Provinces and Territories (Service Canada)
Links Web sites sponsored by Canadian provinces.

The official site of Canada's capital city provides information about city government, services, and businesses.

The official site of the city of Toronto offers basic information about the municipal government and its facilities, services and finances.