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New York State Government Documents

Lockwood Library is a depository library for documents published by New York State agencies. Depository obligations require the Library to make resources available to the entire community, within, as well as outside, the University because the documents are provided without charge. The New York State documents collection has nearly 35,000 items in paper and microfiche. The Libraries Catalog includes most New York State documents.

Locating Printed Documents in Lockwood Library

Most New York State publications are listed in the Classic Catalog. One way to limit search results to New York State publications is by including Albany in a keyword search; for example: education and albany.

Printed documents are organized by New York State document classification numbers. All serials, including journals, magazines, annual reports, and other reoccurring publications, are cataloged. All monographs from 1993 to date are cataloged. Cataloging for earlier titles is selective.

Lockwood Library has Microfiche documents covering May 1983-1995. Organization is by New York State document classification numbers. All titles are listed in the Libraries catalog. Microfilm copies covering September 1974-April 1983 are also in Lockwood Library at MicFilm J87.N74. Almost all monographs are cataloged, but serials are yet to be cataloged. See the guide to locating documents in the microfilm series.

Use the Dictionary Catalog of Official Publications of the State of New York (Lockwood Reference Z1223.5 .N7 D5 (1973/1983:v.1-1973/1983:v.6) to locate monographs published between December 1973 and 1991.

Web Directories and Indexes

Citizen Guide (New York State. Office for Technology)
Collects in one place answers to common questions about New York State. Topics deal with:

  • Business
  • Agriculture
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Business licenses, business permits
  • Business taxes
  • Complaints
  • Contracting with New York State
  • Economic development
  • Ending a business
  • Incorporation
  • Labor-management relations
  • Lottery information
  • Minority and women-owned businesses
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Professional licensing
  • Rules and regulations
  • Small business information
  • Starting a business
  • Tax incentives
  • Work force / Employment information

Include the following phrase in your searches to limit results to New York State information: The search unemployment retrieves data published by New York State agencies about the topic.New York State Agency Web Sites and Publications.

New York State Agency Databases

New York State Agency Web Sites and Publications (New York State Library)
Links to New York State agency home pages, agency publications cited in the Library catalog, and documents available on the Web.

New York State: Digital Librarian, A Librarian's Choice of the Best of the Web (Margaret Vail Anderson)
Links to popular information about New York on over 40 topics.

New York State Home Page
Presents information about doing business; working; learning; outdoors; government; health care; and government agencies in New York, and includes a basic search engine. Consult the advanced search engine at

New York State Library Online Catalog (Excelsior)
Search the New York State Library Online Catalog to access the thousands of documents the library scanned into PDF files. Select Power Search and choose either "D-NYS-DOC" or "ONLINE" in the location box to limit searches to New York State documents. Very important, disable pop-up blockers to view these documents.

Office of the Governor
Information covers press releases; key documents; the first family; business assistance; and a photo gallery.

Subject Listing of New York State Government Information (New York State Library)
Select information from among approximately 75 popular subjects. (U.S. General Services Administration)
(Formerly FirstGov)
Use the advanced search to limit results to New York State agencies.

Budget and Finance Data

Government Budgets, Finances, Expenditures and Employment
Lists resources for state budget and finance information.

New York State Division of the Budget (DOB)
DOB is the Governor's fiscal staff that prepares the budget, and expenditure and revenue plans. Its Web site includes links to current and previous state budgets; citizen guides to the budget; aid to local governments and school districts; budget manuals; and press releases. Additional information includes the Annual Information Statement used by investors, bondholders, and others in the financial markets to guage the State's fiscal condition, and other background information about the State's fiscal health.


Business (New York State) 
Designed to help business people and citizens conduct business in and with New York State. Selected topics cover disabilities, licenses and business permits, taxes, complaints, contracting with the State, economic development, starting and ending businesses, incorporation, and rules and regulations.

Corporation and Business Entity Database (New York State. Department of State. Division of Corporations)
Lists companies doing business in New York State. Data include profit and nonprofit making entities; limited partnerships; and limited liability companies, plus other miscellaneous businesses.

Selected Business Resources (New York State Library)
Annotated links cover general directories, company and industry research, economics, federal government sites, insurance, international business, minorities and women, New York State business sites, news sources, patents and trademarks, small business and entrepreneurship, stocks and bonds, and technology.

Census and Population

Government Documents Information Home Page (State University at Buffalo. Arts and Sciences Libraries)
Select Census to view detailed guides. The Libraries Catalog includes most census publications available in the University Libraries. Do keyword searches for "new york and census and [year]." (i.e., new york and census and 1950")

New York State Data Center (New York State. Empire State Development)
The U.S. Census Bureau forwards to state data centers data and other information about census activities in their respective states. The state data centers, in turn, designate affiliate data centers throughout their respective states to meet local community need. Lockwood Library became a data center affiliate in 1990. The New York State Center links to information about the American Community Survey; the 2010 Census and related background information; the 2000 Census; economic statistics; geography and mapping resources; and state facts.

Consumer Information

New York State Consumer Protection Board
Options include links to the Consumer Law Help Manual; publications; and consumer advice and assistance. Additional choices cover reporting violations, and consumer links to other New York State agencies and relevant federal agencies.Consumer Topics A-Z is a helpful finding aid.

New York State-Consumer Information (New York State. Office For Technology)
Covers business-related topics; complaints; consumer services; disability issues; finance; housing; insurance; libraries; motor vehicles; privacy; sales practices; and travel.

New York State Physician Profile (New York State. Department of Health. Center for Consumer Health Care Information)
Covers licensed MDs and doctors of osteopathy. Biographical data cite education; practice information; legal actions; professional activities; and optional statements.

Courts and the Judicial Process

New York State Unified Court System
Provides an overview of the New York State court system. Separate sections cover administration and employment; Bar Associations; forms; guides to legal research; court records; press releases; publications; and rules. A site map is at

Click here for additional information and consult additional resources in UB's Law Library.


Inmate Population Information Search (New York State. Department of Correctional Services)
Covers those sentenced to state prison since the early 1970's, except youth and those whose convictions were set overturned.

New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)
Promotes effectiveness of the State's justice system; collects and analyzes statewide crime statistics; researches criminal justice issues; and administers federal and State funds for criminal justice. View DCJS publications and reports at


New York State Agency Databases (New York State Library)
Provides links to the following databases.

  • 1NY (Traffic, Travel and Transit Info)
  • Affordable Housing Directory
  • Directory of Prevention Services
  • Attorneys (Directory of New York State Attorneys)
  • Business Permit System
  • Campaign Finance Database
  • Charities Bureau Registry Search
  • College Credit Recommendations (CCR) Online
  • Corporation and Business Entity Database
  • e.Courts
  • Environmental Conservation Databases and Interactive Maps
  • Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse (NYS )
  • Historic Markers
  • Inmate Population Information Search
  • Insurance Company Search
  • Kosher Registry Search
  • Kids' Well-being Indicators Clearinghouse (KWIC)
  • Legislature
  • Licensees and Registrants
  • Lobby Data
  • Missing and Exploited Children Clearinghouse
  • MuniPro
  • Newspapers
  • NYS Interactive Mapping Gateway
  • New York State Web Site
  • Nursing Home Profile
  • Physician Profile
  • Prescription Drug Prices in New York State
  • Project Sunlight
  • Professional Licenses
  • Professional Misconduct and Physician Discipline Search
  • Racing License Search
  • Sex Offender Registry (NYS)
  • Telephone Directory
  • Unclaimed Funds

Departments and Agencies

Information on New York State Agency Publications (New York State Library)
Data for each agency includes links to home pages; agency publications pages; and full text documents scanned by the New York State Library.

State and Local Government on the Net (HellloMetro)
Access executive, legislative, and judicial offices; boards and commissions; counties; local governments; and libraries in all 50 states.

Economic, Labor and Social Statistics

New York State Statistical Yearbook (New York State. State University. Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government)
Lockwood Reference HA 541.A27 (1967+)
Lockwood HA 541 .A27 (1967-1995)
LOCKWOOD Documents NY BUD 955-3 NEWYS (1968/1969+)
Architecture and Planning HA541 .A27 (1999+; most recent in reference)
CAPEN Multimedia Center NY MicFiche GOV 012.1-3 NEWYS (1983/1984-1986/1987; 1991-1994) (2002+)
An annual publication that contains population and vital statistics, economic indicators, employment data, housing information, education data, and other topics. Most tables cover the state and counties and contain several years of data. Publication of earlier editions was irregular.

Selected Job Opportunity and Employment Web Sites (New York State Library) 
Offers career guidance and resume suggestions, sources of job openings, and information about New York State Civil Service.

Education and School Districts

Education (New York State)
Covers all aspects of education.  Selected topics deal with the arts, continuing education, disability, careers, English as a second language, financial aid, special education, research, and GEDs.

New York State Department of Education
Contains a wealth of information about education issues in NYS. Select Index A-Z to retrieve information about specific subjects.

Office of Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Continuing Education
Administers programs for elementary, secondary, and continuing education programs in New York State. Topics cover curriculum; learning standards; general education and Regents diploma requirements; funding opportunities; school district data; management and budget issues; and school violence.

Selected Education Web Sites [K-12] (New York State Library)
References link to information about associations, charter schools, distance education, employment, literacy, New York state and federal government resources, online journals, schools, statistics and reports, and selected subject areas.

Click here for additional information about New York State school districts.

Environment and Energy

Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)
Provides an overview of Departmental of Environmental Conservation programs and activities, and reproduces selected publications. Separate sections cover regulations; education and information; outdoors and natural resources; and environmental protection. Consult the Subject Index at for a detailed description of the kinds of information available. The Publications, Forms, Maps section at includes selected technical reports; compliance guides for business people; public relations materials; information about subscriptions; map databases; and forms.

Environmental Public Health Tracking (New York State. Department of Health)
Links to resources that emphaize relationships between the environment and health.

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
NYSERDA helps industries, schools, hospitals, municipalities, not-for-profits, and the residential sector, including low-income residents, implement energy efficiency measures. Selected topics cover energy funding; prices; statistics; planning; publications; renewable energy; research and development; economic development, and NYSERDA regulations.

SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review) Environmental Impact Assessment in New York State (New York State. Department of Environmental Conservation)
Links to regulations, background information, and an interactive mapmaker.


Vital Records Services (New York State. Department of Health)
Order copies of birth, death, and marriage records that occurred in New York State (excluding New York City) since 1881, and divorce records since 1963. Contact the New York City Department of Records and Information Services (DORIS) for for those records. (

Genealogy: Selected Resources in the Arts & Sciences Libraries (State University at Buffalo. Arts and Sciences Libraries)
Print and electronic resources for a variety of genealogical records; not limited to New York State.


Grants & Grantmaking (State University at Buffalo. Arts and Sciences Libraries)
Includes UB and other state and local resources.


Environmental Public Health Tracking

Health Topics A to Z (New York State. Department of Health)
Covers dozens of popular topics, such as insurance and community health, plus specific illnesses. Most links offer brief background information and sources for additional data.

New York State Department of Health
Data covers vital records; information for consumers, health providers, and researchers; employment opportunities; events; popular health issues, such as bioterrorism readiness, HIV, and the West Nile virus; and physician profiles and discipline.

New York State Physician Profile

Selected Health and Medicine Web Sites (New York State Library) 
Selected coverage deals with children, clinical trials, alternative medicine, disabilities, drugs, fitness and wellness, mental health, news and online journals, nursing, nutrition, organ donation, physicians and hospitals, statistics, teenagers and college students, travelers' health, women's health, and reference sources, such as dictionaries, guides, and  handbooks.

Historical New York State Documents

Index of Economic Material in Documents of the States of the United States: New York, 1789-1904 (Carnegie Institution of Washington. Department of Economics and Sociology)
Lockwood Reference Z1223.5.A1H2 1907.
Indexes reports and documents published by New York State agencies, legislative committees, and commissions. The compiler considers "economic material" broadly including most socioeconomic and political aspects of society. However, she excludes the State Constitution, laws, legislative proceedings, and court cases.

Two sets of documents available in the Law Library reproduce reports prepared by the State Legislature, plus other materials submitted to the Legislature by executive agencies and non-government groups.

  • Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York covers 1832-1918. (Law Library US N7 004.7 N4)
  • Documents of the Senate of the State of New York cover 1831/32-1918 (Law Library US N7 004.7 N5).

The Index of Economic Material... cites the legislative sessions, chambers, and document numbers needed to retrieve materials from these series. For example, "Assem. doc. 74, 1850 v. 4" represents document number 74. It appears in 4th volume of Assembly documents published in 1850.

New York Legislative Documents (New York State. Legislature)
Law Documents US/N7 004.7 N6 (1919-1975)
A continuation of the two series cited immediately above, Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York and Documents of the Senate of the State of New York.

See also:

  • Annotated Lists and Indexes of the New York State Assembly and Senate Document Series, 1831-1918
    Law Reference and Law General Collection J87.N7f C37 1992
    CAPEN Multimedia Center NY MicFiche LIB460-4 ANNLI 86-11287 1831-1918
  • Annotated List and Indexes of the New York State Legislative Document Series, 1919-1976, 7 volumes
    Lockwood Reference Z1223.5.N57 C37 1986
    CAPEN Multimedia Center NY MicFiche LIB460-4 ANNLI 86-11287
    Law Reference and Law General Collection J87.N7f C38 1986


Laws and Regulations: New York State (State University at Buffalo. Arts and Sciences Libraries)
Describes resources for state legal information available in the Arts & Sciences Libraries as well as the Law Library.

Laws of the State of New York (prepared by the New York State. Legislative Bill Drafting Commission since 1978)
Law Library New York Core Collection US/N7 002.5 N4 (1692+with selected gaps)
Law Koren MicFiche US/N7 002.5 N4 (1692+with selected gaps)
Reproduces the laws enacted in each year's legislative session. Arrangement is by "Chapter" numbers or law numbers. McKinney's ... Session Laws of New York (Law Library US N7 002.5 N46) includes the same Chapter numbers, plus additional background information, such as memos prepared by the Governor, legislators, and agencies.

New York State Laws
Provides access to the Consolidated laws, the Unconsolidated laws, court acts, rules of the State Assembly and Senate, the State Constitution, and the New York City Administrative Code and Charter.

Click here to access additional information available in the Law Library.

Legislature and Legislative Process

See the following for information about the New York State Legislative process.

Legislative Session Information for Year... [New York State. Legislative Bill Drafting Commission
Search for bills and resolutions; laws; and vetoes for the current legislative session.

New York State Assembly
Retrieve information about the State Assembly and its activities. Features include press releases; legislative reports; committee updates that cover press announcements and selected reports; a description of the legislative process; and a directory of members.

New York State Senate
The Senate home page includes directories of members and committees; Senate rules; and press releases and reports.

License and Application Forms

Links to online forms organized by agencies and by broad categories.

New York State Professions License Requirements/Application Forms
The Office of the Professions oversees preparation, licensing, and practicing of dozens of professions in New York State. Links lead to licensing requirements and application forms.

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Forms
Downloadable application forms for driver's license, vehicle registration, and change of address forms.

Local Governments

Governing the Empire State: An Insider's Guide. Albany, NY: Management Resources Project, Rockefeller Institute of Government, 1988.
Lockwood Reference JK3441 .G68 1988
Editors show how the state works by describing agency functions and offering specific examples. Though a chapter covers the Legislature, emphasis is upon the Executive branch. Courts are not considered.

Select Local Government Information to access county and municipal government Web sites.

Local Government Handbook (New York State. Department of State. Division of Local Government) (2009 edition)
Lockwood Reference JS 451 N7 2000
Lockwood Documents NY STA 036-4 LOCGH 77-54831 2000
Different chapters cover history; home rule; county, city, town, and village governments; citizen participation; finance; public services; and labor-management relations.

State and Local Governments: Selected Resources
Links to official city Web sites for the Buffalo and Erie County area, county governments, and selected municipal codes.


Environmental Resource Mapper

Mapping Gateway (New York State. Department of Environmental Conservation)
Links to environmental information from Google Earth, Department of Environmental Conservation printable maps, an interactive mapping tool, and a geodata inventory.

New York State GIS Clearing House
Maintains and disseminates to the public geographic information system (GIS) data files. Information is password protected. Contact David Bertuca in the Science Library for the login code and password. (225 Capen Hall, North Campus; Phone: (716) 645-1332; E-mail: Eligible users include students and faculty. Clearing House rules require withholding of login codes and passwords for commercial purposes.

Selected Maps, Gazetteers and Geographical  Resources (New York State Library)
Links connect to current maps, geographic information systems (GIS) and geographic data, historic maps, interactive maps, New York State maps, place names and geographic features, road maps and driving directions, and topographic maps.

University Libraries Map Collection
The Map Room in the Science and Engineering Library contains over 300,000 maps, with emphasis on New York State.


Business Taxes (NYS Office For Technology)

Two options are Business Taxes and Tax Incentives.

Business Taxpayer Page (New York State. Department of Taxation and Finance)

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance

New York State Office of Real Property Services

New York State Tax Forms and Instructions (New York State. Department of Taxation and Finance)
Printable state tax forms and instructions.

Property taxes and assessments (New York State. Department of Taxation and Finance)
Describes how property tax is assessed and calculated, how to challenge assessments, and differences between assessments and taxes.

Telephone Directories

New York State Directory (Empire State Report, Inc.)
Lockwood Reference JK 3430 N52 (current edition)
Law Reference JK 3430 N52 (1984+with gaps)
Provides directory information to state agencies, federal government offices, and trade associations located in New York State. Two separate indexes access names of individuals and agencies/organizations. Selected other features give key county and municipal officials; and Superintendents of the State's school districts.

New York State Government Directories (New York State Library)
Links connect to the New York State Government Telephone Book, a comprehensive directory to state agencies. Additional options provide access to directories of selected executive agencies, the legislature, and selected local agencies.

New York State Legislature

Public Phone Directory - NYS Government Listings (New York State. Office for Technology)
Lockwood Reference JK 3431 A4 (most recent issue)
Lockwood Documents NY TEC TEC 888-3 GOVDI (2002/2003+with gaps)
Search for information by agencies; employees names; and geographic locations. Information includes phone numbers, titles, and names of individuals.