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European Union

Lockwood Library is a depository for European Union publications and documents. This guide highlights selected resources in both print and online format. Titles in the Library's collection are listed in the Libraries' Catalog.

General Information

Databases by Subject (European Commission)
Databases deal with agriculture, archives, audiovisual resources, contacts, trade and economics, the environment and energy, foreign affairs, law, health, research, procurement and transportation.

EU Guide for Americans (Delegation of the European Union to the United States of America)
A guide to understanding the European Union, available in both HTML and PDF.

EUROPA: Gateway to the European Union (European Commission)
Offers broad access to European Union press releases, constituent institutions, documents, legal texts, and policies.

Europe in 12 Lessons (European Commission)

Topics cover how the EU works; economic and monetary union and the euro; freedom, security, and justice; the EU in world affairs; and the EU's future.

European Communities Encyclopedia and Directory 1999 (Europa Publications)
Lockwood Reference HC 241.2 E8334 1999
Contains a guide to common abbreviations, an EU timeline, and a directory of agencies and institutions.

European Union: Annual Review of Activities (Oxford and Blackwell Publishers)
Lockwood Reference HC 241 J65 (1994-2004/2005)
A special issue of the Journal of Common Market Studies which provides articles with citations relating to EU developments within the past year.

European Union - Delegation of the European Commission to the United States
Administered by the European Union Delegation of the European Commission to the United States.

How the European Union Works: A citizen’s guide to the EU institutions (European Commission
Directorate-General for Communication)
Separate sections of this detailed guide deal with treaties, the EU Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the EU Commission, banking agencies, the EU ombudsman, and privacy.  

Institutions and Agencies

Agencies and Decentralised Bodies (European Commission)
Lists EU member agencies with links to their Web sites.

EU Institutions and Other Bodies (European Commission)
Lists EU constituent organizations with links to their Web sites. Examples include the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Court of Justice, the European Parliament, and the European Ombudsman.

Press Releases RAPID (European Commission. Spokesman's Service)
Indexes daily press releases of participating European Union institutions.

Statistical Sources

Eurostat Electronic Library (Office for Official Publications of the European Communities)
Capen Multimedia Center CD-ROM 97: HA1107 .A15 (2001-2006)
The Eurostat CD-ROM series is an off-line archive of the Eurostat web site.

Eurostat Index (Capital Planning Information)
Lockwood Reference Z 7165 E8 R35 1992
A detailed keyword subject index to the statistical publications of the European Union. Although a bit old, it is still a index to earlier statistics.

Eurostat: Statistical Office of the European Communities
Provides data produced by member nations, press releases, statistical news, and links to data files. The Statistics Explained link, a detailed glossary, is especially useful.

Eurostat Yearbook: A Statistical Eye on Europe (Eurostat) (2002-present)
Lockwood HA1107.5 .E88 (1983+ with gaps; current issue in Reference)
Capen Multimedia Center US CD-ROM 159: HA1107.5 .E88 (1991/2001-1992/2002)
Presents a general perspective for end-users on statistics of the European Union over a ten-year period. Most statistics are derived from Eurostat, but are supplemented by other sources.

ProQuest Statistical Insight (ProQuest)
Indexes statistical publications produced by the U.S. and state and governments, non-government entities, and international governmental organizations (IGOs), such as the European Union.

The Index to International Statistics ( IIS ) is a comparable printed index. (Lockwood Reference (Index Area) HA 154 I544 (1983-2008)) UB has nearly all titles indexed in IIS on microfiche in the IIS Microfiche Library from 1983-2009. ( ). (Capen Multimedia Center MicFiche HA154 I542 )

Business and Banking

Do Business with the EU (European Union - Delegation of the European Commission to the United States) 
A guide for business people about doing business with the Europen Union.  Topics deal with taxes, forgien trade, finance, the environment, and public contracts.

European Business: Facts and Figures (European Commission. Eurostat)
Provides a summary of the characteristics of European business. Selected topics cover energy; communications; the media; production; employment; labor force; productivity and profitability; and small and medium sized businesses.

European Central Bank
Covers press releases, key speeches, publications, statistics, the Euro, and monetary policy. Links lead to the EU Central Banks and Monetary Financial Institutions (MFIs).

European Investment Bank (EIB)
EIB stimulates EU economic Activity by making long-term finance available for investment within and outside the EU.

European Small Business Portal (European Union)
Links to information about small and medium sized businesses, doing business in the EU, trade and market access, EU policies, taxes, and legislation.

Law and Legal Information

ABC of European Union Law (Publications Office of the European Union)
"offers insight into how the European Union is built, its broad principles and the legal order underpinning it, looking at this in relation to the national laws of the Member States. This book is intended for people with no specialist legal knowledge who wish to understand the implications of European law for their daily lives."

Court of Justice of the European Union 
The Court ascertains that the treaties establishing the European Union and related legislation are interpreted correctly. Disclaimer: this data is for information purposes only. Consult the following for authentic texts.

    • Official Journal of the European Union  
    • Reports of Cases before the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance
      Law Library Non-Circulating: KJE924.5 .R47 (1933+with gaps)
    • Reports of European Community Staff Cases
      Lockwood KJE924.5 .E97 (1994+)

Directory of Community Legislation in Force (Title varies) (Office for Official Publications of the European Communities) (Volume 1) (Volume 2)Lockwood JN 30.R34 (1984-2002 with gaps)
Law Reference: KJE920.5 .D57 (1984-2004 with gaps)
Provides subject and numeric access to legislation. Produced every June and December from the CELEX legal database and includes an analytical register, and chronological and alphabetical indexes. NOTE Limitations: : Member nations sometimes neglect to inform CELEX administrators about new national legislation.

EUR-Lex: The Portal to European Union Law (Publications Office of the European Union)
Indexes European Union legal documents and includes links to treaties, legislation, and case law. EUR_Lex, the title of this Web site, is sometimes confused with CELEX, the database that accesses legal information.

Guide to European Union Law CRMR 3 (University of Sheffield)
A brief guide that covers the basics of the Council of Europe, EU Commission, EU Parliament, courts, primary and secondary legislation, proposed legislation, and regulations.

Official Journal of the European Communities ( OJ ) (Publications Office of the European Union) (1952-present)
The authoritative source for EC legislation and agreements with third countries. The Official Journal is part of the EUR-Lex system. Consult the Libraries Catalog for print, CD-ROM, and DVD versions.

Catalogs and Indexes

Alphabetical Index AtoZ (European Commission)
Covers hundreds to topics pertaining to EU activities.


Documents Annual Catalog (Office for Official Publications of the European Communities)
Lockwood Reference Z 7165 E8 C66 (1983-2000 with gaps)
Contains a classified and an alphabetical index of subject terms. The 1983, 1984, and 1987 volumes also include a Numerical Index to locate COM Document microfiche numbers.

ECLAS, the Commission Libraries’ Union Catalogue
The EU Central Library catalog provides citations to European Union documentation.

EU Bookshop (Publications Office of the European Union)
Indexes and provides free access to items published by the European Union and its organizations since 1952.

General Catalogue of Publications (Title varies) (Office for Official Publications of the EC)
Lockwood Reference Z 7165.E8 P799 (1982-2001 with gaps)
Lockwood Reference Z7165.E8 P8 (1964-1986 with gaps)
Arranged in broad subject categories, this index includes a subject, title and series index to both monographic and serial publications.

Official Documents from EU Institutions, Agencies and Other Bodies (European Commission)
Links to general publications, legislation and treaties, statistics and opinion polls, tools and manuals, documentation centers, and archival materials.


Archive of European Integration (University of Pittsburgh. University Library System)
An online repository of free, full-text EU-related research materials such as conference papers and pre-prints.

Community Research and Development Services (CORDIS) (Publications Office of the European Union)
Gateway to current research; funding sources; partnership information; licensing; news; programs; projects; and publications related to Research and Development in the European Community.

European Communities Studies Association (ECSA)
International association for the study of the European Union.

Information Society and Media Directorate-General
Attempts to facilitate electronic services for individuals and enterprises.

Information Society Technologies Home Page
Promotes information technology and information literacy within the European Union.

United States Mission to the European Union
The home page of the United States diplomatic service in the European Union.