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Statistical Information

Kinds of Statistical Data

Government Resources by Subject: An A-Z Index (University Libraries. Arts and Sciences Libraries)
UB librarians selected key resources about nearly forty popular topics. Many include links to Canadian government resources.

Guides to Suggested Data Sources

Other Sources

  • New York State Data Center
    The Bureau of the Census established data centers in all states to disseminate census information in their respective areas. State data centers then designate affiliate centers that disseminate the data locally. The New York State Data Center, a section of Empire State Development (ESD)-New York State's economic development agency, designated Lockwood Library an affiliate center.
  • Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
    ICPSR is the largest data archive in the world. It collects numeric data from researchers, governments, and other institutions throughout the world, and makes the information available to people at member institutions. This information is primarily raw data. Contact Leslie McCain, UB's ICPSR representative, to access data files. (645-3102 or ) Leslie will download the files and place them on a local server.