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History of Geology [pre-1900]: Guide to Research (Part I)

Part I: The Evolution of Geology - A Selected Bibliography

Titles about the early development of geological discovery.

Adam Sedgwick : geologist and dalesman, 1785-1873 : a biography in twelve themes

AUTHOR: Speakman, Colin.
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE22.S4 S73 1982

Alfred Wegener, the father of continental drift; with an introduction to the English edition by Anthony Hallam ; and an assessment of the earth science revolution by I. Bernard Cohen

AUTHOR: Schwarzbach, Martin, 1907-
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE22.W26 S3913 1986

Bibliography of American natural history; the pioneer century, 1769-1865; the role played by the scientific societies; scientific journals; natural history museums and botanic gardens; state geological and natural history surveys; federal exploring expeditions in the rise and progress of American botany, geology, mineralogy, paleontology and zoology

AUTHOR: Meisel, Max, 1892-
SCI/ENGR Book Collection Q145.U5 M5

Birth and development of the geological sciences

AUTHOR: Adams, Frank Dawson, 1859-1942
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE11 .A3 1954

Century of science in America, with special reference to the American journal of science, 1818-1918

AUTHOR: Dana, Edward Salisbury, 1849-1935
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Q127.U6 C3

Charles Darwin : the years of controversy; The origin of species and its critics

AUTHOR: Vorzimmer, Peter J., 1937-
HEALTH SCIENCES Book Collection WZ 100 D228v 1970

Charles Lyell, the years to 1841: the revolution in geology

AUTHOR: Wilson, Leonard G. (Leonard Gilchrist), 1928-
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE22.L8 W54

Charles Lyell's visit to Norway 1837 with remarks on the history of the "granite problem" in the Oslo region

AUTHOR: Holtedahl, O. (Olaf), b. 1885.
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE451.N6 S8 v.19

Classics of science : a study of twelve enduring scientific works

AUTHOR: Gjertsen, Derek
SCI/ENGR Book Collection Q125 .G54 1984
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Q125 .G54 1984

Contributions to the history of American geology

AUTHOR: Merrill, George P. (George Perkins), 1854-1929
CAPEN Multimedia Center MicCard E169.1 .L4 LAC 12665

Contributions to the history of science

AUTHOR: Karpinski, Louis Charles, 1878-1956.
JOINT AUTHOR: Winter, John Garrett, 1881-1956
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Q125 .C6 1930

Controversy in Victorian geology : the Cambrian-Silurian dispute

AUTHOR: Secord, James A.
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE656 .S4 1986

Development of the sciences

AUTHOR: Woodruff, Lorande Loss, 1879-1947
SCI/ENGR Book Collection Q125 .W8 1941

Dinosaur papers, 1676-1906

AUTHOR: Weishampel, David
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE861.4 .D54 2003

Early nineteenth century European scientists.

AUTHOR: Olby, Robert C. (Robert Cecil)
SCI/ENGR Book Collection Q141 .O38 1967

Earth we live on; the story of geological discovery

AUTHOR: Moore, Ruth E
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE11 .M7

Encyclopedia of source illustrations; a portable picture library of 5000 steel engravings, illustrating in systematic arrangement the fields of mathematics and astronomy, physics and meteorology, chemistry, mineralogy and geology, botany, zoology, anthropology and surgery, geography and planography, history and ethnology, comprising all of the 266 plates contained in the above sections of the Iconographic encyclopaedia of 1851.

AUTHOR: Heck, J. G. (Johann Georg), d. 1857
LOCKWOOD Reference AG6 .H413

Evolution debate, 1813-1870

AUTHOR: Knight, David
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QH363 .E9 2003

First hundred years of the Geological survey of Great Britain

AUTHOR: Flett, John S. (John Smith), Sir, b. 1869.
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE261.A75 F5

Fossil hunter : the life and times of Mary Anning (1799-1847)

AUTHOR: Goodhue, Thomas W.
SCI/ENGR Book Collection ON ORDER

Foundations of scientific method: the nineteenth century

AUTHOR: Giere, Ronald N.
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Q175 .F72 1973

Founders of geology

AUTHOR: Geikie, Archibald, Sir, 1835-1924
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE11 G3 1962

Founders of seismology

Davison, Charles, 1858-1940
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE534 .D25 1978

From mineralogy to geology : the foundations of a science, 1650-1830

AUTHOR: Laudan, Rachel, 1944-
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE11 .L35 1987

Genesis and geology, a study in the relations of scientific thought, natural theology, and social opinion in Great Britain, 1790-1850

AUTHOR: Gillispie, Charles Coulston
LOCKWOOD Book Collection BS657 .G55
CAPEN Multimedia Center MicFilm BS657 .G54 1948a

Geological revolution

AUTHOR: Drake, Charles L
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE11 .D72 1970

Geological sciences in the antebellum South

AUTHOR: Corgan, James X.
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE13.U6 G46

Geologists and ideas : a history of North American geology

AUTHOR: Drake, Ellen T.
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE13.U6 G466 1985

Geology and revelation, or, The ancient history of the earth, considered in the light of geological facts and revealed religion / with an introduction to the American edition, and a chapter on Cosmogony, (by permission) from the Manual of Geology

AUTHOR: Molloy, Gerald, 1834-1906

Geology in the nineteenth century : changing views of a changing world

AUTHOR: Greene, Mott T., 1945-
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE11 .G73 1982

Geology. 1. Development of geological knowledge in the Dutch East Indies, by L. Rutten. 2. Geological investigations, carried out in the Dutch East Indies during the 20th century of behalf of the Department of mines by the engineers of the staff

AUTHOR: Rutten, L. (Louis), 1884-
IN STORAGE Request at Circulation QE349 .R8

Georges Cuvier, Fossil Bones, and Geological Catastrophes: New Translations & Interpretations of the Primary Texts

AUTHOR: Rudwick, M. J. S.; Cuvier, Georges

Great chain of history : William Buckland and the English school of geology (1814-1849)

AUTHOR: Rupke, Nicolaas A
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE28.3 .R8 1983

Great Devonian controversy : the shaping of scientific knowledge among gentlemanly specialists

AUTHOR: Rudwick, M. J. S.
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE665 .R83 1985

Great geological controversies

AUTHOR: Hallam, A. (Anthony), 1933-
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE11 .H35 1983
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE11 .H35 1989
UNDERGRADUATE Book Collection QE11 .H35 1983

Guide to the exhibition galleries of geology and palaeontology illustrated by 2 plates and 1 plan

AUTHOR: Bather, Francis Arthur, 1863-1934
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE716 .B84 1923

Heritage of engineering geology : the first hundred years

AUTHOR: Kiersch, George A., 1918-
SCI/ENGR Book Collection TA705 .H47 1991

History of British geology; a bibliographical study

AUTHOR: Challinor, John
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE261 .C48

History of geology

AUTHOR: Gohau, Gabriel
UNDERGRADUATE Book Collection QE11 .G64 1990

History of geology and palaeontology

AUTHOR: Zittel, Karl Alfred von, 1839-1904
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE11 .Z413 1962

History of the earth sciences during the scientific and industrial revolutions with special emphasis on the physical geosciences

AUTHOR: Hall, D. H.
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE11 .H3

Is the present the key to the past or is the past the key to the present? : James Hutton and Adam Smith versus Abraham Gottlob Werner and Karl Marx in interpreting history

AUTHOR: Sengor, A. M. Celal
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE1 .S7 no.355

It began with a stone : a history of geology from the Stone Age to the age of plate tectonics

AUTHOR: Faul, Henry
UNDERGRADUATE Book Collection QE11 .F38 1983

James Hutton and the history of geology

AUTHOR: Dennis R. Dean
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE26 .D43 1992

La geologie

AUTHOR: Margerie, Emmanuel de, 1862-1953
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE13.F8 M35

Landforms and geomorphology : concepts and history [Benchmark Papers in Geology, v.28]

AUTHOR: King, Cuchlaine A. M.
SCI/ENGR Book Collection GB405 .L36

Lectures and discourses of earthquakes and subterraneous eruptions

AUTHOR: Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE521 .H66 1978

Man who found time : James Hutton and the discovery of the earth's antiquity

AUTHOR: Repcheck, Jack.
UNDERGRADUATE Book Collection QE22.H9 R47 2003

Map that changed the world : William Smith and the birth of modern geology

AUTHOR: Winchester, Simon
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE22 .S6 W55 2001

Meeting place of geology and history

AUTHOR: Dawson, John William, Sir, 1820-1899
LOCKWOOD Book Collection GN738 .D26

Murchison in Moray : a geologist on home ground : with the correspondence of Roderick Impey Murchison and the Rev. Dr. George Gordon of Birnie

AUTHOR: Collie, Michael
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Q11 .P64 n.s. v.85 pt.3

Oceanography : concepts and history [Benchmark Papers in Geology, v.35]

AUTHOR: Deacon, Margaret
LOCKWOOD Book Collection GC26 .O27

Philosophy of geohistory, 1785-1970 [Benchmark Papers in Geology, v.13]

AUTHOR: Albritton, Claude C., 1913-
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE11 .A42

Popular geology: a series of lectures read before the Philosophical Institution of Edinburgh, with Descriptive sketches from a geologist's portfolio. With an introductory resume of the progress of geological science

AUTHOR: Miller, Hugh, 1802-1856
RARE BOOKS 420 Capen Hall Q111 .B74 no.131A

Remarks on some late papers relating to the universal deluge, and to the natural history of the earth

AURTHOR: Harris, John, 1667?-1719.
CAPEN Multimedia Center MicFilm PR1121 .U62 reel 1261:4

Revolution and continuity : essays in the history and philosophy of early modern science

AUTHOR: Barker, Peter, 1949-
IN STORAGE Request at Circulation B21 .S78 v.24

Revolution in landscape science

AUTHOR: Cunningham, Frank F., 1916-
LOCKWOOD Book Collection GB400.7 .C85

Sciences of the earth : an encyclopedia of events, people, and phenomena

AUTHOR: Good, Gregory.
UNDERGRAD-SCI/ENGR Reference QE11 .S38 1998

Scientific papers : physiology, medicine, surgery, geology ; with introduction and notes

AUTHOR: Havard Classics
UNDERGRADUATE Book Collection Q171 .S38

Scientist of empire : Sir Roderick Murchison, scientific exploration and Victorian imperialism

AUTHOR: Stafford, Robert A
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE22.M8 S82 1989

Smithsonian Institution, 1846-1896: the history of its first half century

AUTHOR: Goode, G. Brown (George Brown), 1851-1896
CAPEN Multimedia Center MicCard E169.1 .L4 LAC 12640

Source book in geology,1400-1900

AUTHOR: Mather, Kirtley F. (Kirtley Fletcher), 1888-, ed.
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE40 .M18

Stories in stone; telling of some of the wonderlands of western America and some of the curious incidents in the history of geology

AUTHOR: Lee, Willis T. (Willis Thomas), 1864-1926
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE79 .L4

Story of the great geologists

AUTHOR: Fenton, Carroll Lane, 1900-1969
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE21 .F4

That remarkable man Carl Ludwig Rominger, State geologist [1820-1907]

AUTHOR: Wright, Jean Davies
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE22.R69 W74

Thinking about the earth : a history of ideas in geology

AUTHOR: Oldroyd, D. R. (David Roger)
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE11 .O43 1996

Thousand years of nonlinear history

AUTHOR: De Landa, Manuel
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Q174.8 .D43 1997

Toward a history of geology; proceedings

AUTHOR: New Hampshire Inter-disciplinary Conference on the History of Geology (1967 : Rye Beach).
SCI/ENGR Book Collection QE11 .N47 1967

Treasury of scientific prose, a nineteenth-century anthology

AUTHOR: Jones, Howard Mumford, 1892-
SCI/ENGR Book Collection Q111 .J58

Two centuries of earth science, 1650-1850

AUTHOR: Herries Davies, G. L.
LOCKWOOD Book Collection GB400.7 .H47 1989

Two hundred years of geology in America : proceedings of the New Hampshire Bicentennial Conference on the History of Geology

AUTHOR: Schneer, Cecil J., 1923-
UNDERGRADUATE Book Collection QE13.U6 N48 1976
LOCKWOOD Book Collection QE13.U6 N48 1976

Victorian science and religion : a bibliography with emphasis on evolution, belief, and unbelief, comprised of works published from c. 1900-1975

AUTHOR: Eisen, Sydney.
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Z5320 .E57 1984

Wordsworth and the geologists

AUTHOR: Wyatt, John, 1931-
LOCKWOOD Book Collection PR5892 .G42 W93 1995