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Chemistry: Internet Resources

This guide contains selected chemistry resources freely available on the Internet. For more information on chemistry, visit the State University of New York at Buffalo Chemistry Department.

Books, Journals, Open Access

See also General Portals & Directories Section

  • - One of the best & largest meta-search site for new & used books.
  • CAS Source Index (CASSI) - current and discontinued scientific and technical serial titles worldwide including journals, online preprint servers, conference proceedings, patent document series, meeting publications, and monographs containing collections of papers. [Note: this online version is missing some information from the CD product available at the Lockwood Reference Area CD Workstation.]
  • Beyond CASSI (pre-1907 journal abbreviations) - Historic sci/tech journal abbreviations that pre-date Chemical Abstracts coverage.
  • CAplus (Chemical Abstracts) Core Journal Coverage List - Journals indexed cover-to-cover; includes standard ACS title abbreviations.
  • Chemical Sciences Article Repository (RSC) - Easily deposit, share and discover high quality, Open Access (OA) articles such as those funded by RCUK, the Wellcome Trust or NIH. Includes citation and altmetrics.
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (Lund Univ.) - Over 9,700 peer reviewed, freely available journals, the most comprehensive directory on the Web. Article level search also available.
  • Directory of Open Access Repositories -OpenDOAR (Univ. of Nottingham) - an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories.
  • East Asian Gateway Service Document Delivery (Univ. at Pittsburgh) - Free, fast delivery of Chinese documents/articles to any individual researchers for research and teaching purposes where the needed item is not in any U.S. library.
  • Google Books - Over 15,000,000 books and magazine issues, with material added daily.
  • HathiTrust - Over 8.7 million scanned items, all described by precise metadata. Full-text of copyrighted items (~73%) are generally inaccessible.
  • Index Translationum  (UNESCO) - 1.3 million translated books
  • Landolt-Bornstein Substance / Property Index - Keyword searchable as well as molecular formula, element system, CAS Registry Numbers, chemical name, and zeolite indicies. UB has most of the older print volumes on the Lockwood Science & Engineering  Reference shelves (QC61.L33 & QC61.L332).
  • The Online Books Page (John Mark Ockerbloom, Univ. of Penna.) - A meta-search & directory of over 800,000 freely available online books.
  • Publish or Perish (Anne-Wil Harzing) - a downloadable, free program analyzing Google Scholar citations to an author's publications. Reports statistics such as ave. cites per paper and h-index & related metrics. Disclaimer: Google Scholar citation data is very noisy & includes non-peer reviewed citing documents.  Citation variations likely inflate number of papers & citations.
  • RoMEO - Over 400 publisher copyright and self-archiving policies (SHERPA)
  • SciVee (Univ. of California, San Diego) - Allows scholars to post articles along with a video presentation. Sponsored by NSF & Public Library of Science.

Career Information

Compound/Reaction Databases

See also Medicinal Chemistry/Toxicology Section

  • Chembank (Broad Institute) - Small molecules bioactive database
  • Chemical Structure Lookup Service (NCI CADD Group) - metasearch of over 27 million compounds in over 80 internet chemical databases
  • Chemical Thesaurus Reaction Chemistry Database (Meta-synthesis, Inc.) - Open access synthetic route information. Database can be downloaded
  • ChemDB - Very large public database of small molecules and related chemoinformatics resources
  • ChemIDplus (NLM Toxnet) - Structure searchable chemical dictionary
  • ChemSpider Synthetic Pages - freely available, crowd-sourced database of synthetic chemistry based on procedures deposited by synthetic chemists.
  • eMolecules Search Engine - 9 million commercially available compounds searchable by structure, name, or CAS Registry Number
  • Landolt-Bornstein Substance / Property Index - Keyword searchable as well as molecular formula, element system, CAS Registry Numbers, chemical name, and zeolite indicies. UB has most of the older print volumes on the Lockwood Science & Engineering Reference shelves (QC61.L33 & QC61.L332).
  • NCI Open Database - 250,000+ compounds with 2-D & 3-D structures collected by the National Cancer Institute for anti-cancer testing.
  • NIST Chemistry WebBook - Most extensive physical property/spectra site on free Web
  • PubChem (NLM) - Chemical compound and bioassay public database
  • Reciprocal Net (NSDL) - Database of 3-D molecular structures compiled by crystallographers
  • Wikipedia Chemical Structure Explorer - an amazing free substructure search interface for chemicals in Wikipedia. Recommend using Chrome or FireFox browsers.
  • ZINC (Univ. of California, San Francisco) - Free database of over 4.6 million commercially available compound designed virtual screening. Entire database is downloadable.

Conferences and Meetings

Dictionaries, Periodic Tables, & Aids

Educational Materials & Web Courses

(See also Software)

General Portals and Directories

History of Chemistry


See also Educational Materials and Web Courses Section

Analytical Chemistry

See also Spectra and Spectral Data (UB Guide)

Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry

  • Gmelin Handbook - How to search print - Available in the Lockwood Science & Engineering Reference Collection on the 1st Floor of the Lockwood Library at the University at Buffalo
  • Johnson Matthey Technology Review (formerly Platinum Metals Reviews until 2014) -This journal provides detailed properties and phase diagrams of platinum group metals and their alloys, metal catalysts, and related materials.

Material/Polymer Chemistry

See also Properties Data for Chemicals and Materials (UB Guide)

Medicinal Chemistry/Toxicology

See also Compound/Reactions Databases Section and Resources by Subject: Toxicology (UB Guide) - Many listed databases are freely available.


Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry