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Book Reviews: Selected Resources

This guide will enable you to locate reviews of popular and/or scholarly books. Most popular books are reviewed within six months of publication. Scholarly books are often reviewed as late as two to five years after publication.

If it is a plot summary or critical analysis you are looking for, contact a librarian for assistance.

Electronic Sources - Current

Academic Search Complete
This Ebsco database is multi-disciplinary with indexing of more than 8000 academic journal titles, half with full text coverage. Many have backfiles dating to 1975. Limit your search by selecting Book Review under Document Type.

ABELL (Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature)
This database includes book reviews and literary criticism of world literature, some dating back to 1920. For best results, limit your search by checking the box for Reviews.

Choice Reviews Online
CHOICE reviews significant current books and electronic resources covering many fields within the Arts & Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Science & Technology.

Literature Resource Center
This literature database reproduces reviews from sources such at Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly.
Use Advanced Search, enter author and title, and then use the tab Literary Criticism, Articles & Work Overviews to locate reviews.

Science Direct
Leads to citations from the Elsevier Science Journals. Full text coverage of nearly 1000 titles.
Select Search, then the Journals tab, and click in the box to limit to Book Review.

Electronic Sources - Retrospective

APS Online
This portion of the American Periodical Series covers popular magazines and scholarly journals published 1741-1900. For best results, use Advanced Search and select Review under Document Type.

Presents the full text, in facsimile form, of the complete back files of important scholarly journals, generally from the first volume through issues published prior to the most recent three years. Select Advanced Search and narrow your search by clicking on Reviews.

Readers Guide Retrospective, 1890-1982   
Contains comprehensive indexing of the most popular general-interest periodicals published in the United States and reflects the history of 20th century America .
Select Book Review under Document Type.

Periodicals Index Online
Indexes academic and popular periodicals published from as early as 1665 to the present in the humanities and social sciences. Leads to citations to articles published in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and other Western languages. To restrict your search to book reviews, use Advanced Search and select Review under Document Type.

Basic Print Sources - Current

Book Review Digest
Lockwood Reference Z 1219 C96 (Index Area) 1905-
Indexes fiction and non-fiction in the areas of humanities, social sciences and general science, published or distributed in the United States or Canada.

Book Review Index
Lockwood Reference Z 1219 B6 (Index Area) 1965-
Indexes reviews of books, periodicals and newspapers. Covers popular, academic, professional and children's works.

New York Times Index
Lockwood Reference AI 21 N44 (Index Area) 1851-
Indexes reviews which appear in the daily newspaper. From 1863-1898, search under "Review" and after 1898 use "Book Reviews".

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature
Lockwood Reference AI 3 R4 (Index Area) 1900/04-
Reviews are in a separate section entitled "Book Reviews" beginning with volume 36, 1976-77

Basic Print Sources - Retrospective

Current Book Review Citations
Lockwood Reference Z 1035 A1 C86 (Index Area) 1976-1982
Covers fiction and non-fiction in more than 1200 periodicals, including foreign language titles.

National Library Service Cumulative Book Review Index
Lockwood Reference Z 1035 A1 N35 1975 (Index Area)
A cumulative index to reviews in Book Review Digest 1905-1974, Library Journal 1907-1974, Saturday Review 1924-1974 and Choice 1964-1974.

New York Times Book Review
Annex Per AP 2 N65 1896-1981
Lockwood Library Microform Area MicFilm AN256 .N52  1857--current
The Book Review is part of the Sunday Times and duplicates full reviews from the NYT. 

New York Times Book Review Index, 1896-1970
Lockwood Reference Z 1219 N4 (Index Area)
Offers an author, title and genre access to the reviews that appeared in the New York Times Book Review.

Nineteenth Century Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature 1890-1899, with Supplementary Indexing, 1900-1922
Lockwood Reference AI 3 R39 (Index Area)
Reviews are indexed under author or subject. Citations are followed by "Review". Covers 51 periodicals of general and literary topics.

Poole 's Index to Periodical Literature
Lockwood Reference AI 3 P72 1938 (Index Area)
Index to general periodical literature published in the U.S. and Great Britain . Reviews are listed under the subject of the book or under the person's name if the book is about a person. Covers the years 1802-1906.

Popular Periodical Index
Lockwood Reference AI 3 P76 (Index Area) 1973-90
Indexes a small number of otherwise ignored popular periodicals. Look under the heading "Book Reviews".

Special Subject Sources

Alternative Press Index
Lockwood Reference AI 3 A27 (Index Area) 1969-2002
Reviews are listed by author/title under "Book Reviews". Articles that also contain reviews are listed with [br] after the citation.

Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Humanities Journals, 1802-1974
Lockwood Reference Z 6265 C65 1982 (Index Area)
Offers an author/title access to more than 500,000 reviews in humanities journals.

Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals, 1886-1974
Lockwood Reference Z 1035 A1 C6 (Index Area)
An index to more than one million reviews in 459 scholarly journals in history, political science and sociology.

Humanities Index
Lockwood Reference AI 3 R473 (Index Area) 1974/75-98
Citations to reviews can be found under author or title in the "Book Review" section at the back of each volume. This index covers only English language journals. It includes fiction, drama and poetry.

Index to Book Reviews in Religion
Lockwood Reference Z 7753 A52 (Index Area) 1986-95
Previous to 1986 reviews were included in the final section of each volume of Religion Index One: Periodicals.

Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities
Lockwood Reference Z 1219 I6 (Index Area) 1960-90
International in scope. After 1971, all reviews (with the exception of children's books) are indexed by author, title and name of reviewer.

Index to Jewish Periodicals
Lockwood Reference Z 6367 I5 (Index Area) 1963- 2000
Silverman Multimedia Center (Capen) CD-ROM Z 6367 I5 1988-2008
All reviews are listed under "Book Reviews" as a subject.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Index  (title varies)
Lockwood Reference Z 5917 S36 S3 1971-1990 (incomplete)

Science Fiction Book Review Index, 1923-1973
Lockwood Reference Z 5917 S36 H35

Science Fiction Book Review Index, 1974-1979
Lockwood Reference Z 5917 S36 H36

Social Sciences Index
Lockwood Reference AI 3 R472 (Index Area) 1974-97
An author and title index to book reviews in English language periodicals follows the main section of the index.

Women's Studies Index
Lockwood Reference HQ 1101 W772 (Index Area) 1990-96
Indexes scholarly and popular periodicals, mainly American.

Foreign/Non-English Sources

Canadian Book Review Annual
Lockwood Reference F 1001 C224 1978-2006
Contains reviews of Canadian English-language publications and English translations of French-Canadian and foreign language titles. Reviews are found under subject with an author/title index.

French Periodical Index
Lockwood AI 7 F74 1973/74-95
All book reviews are listed under "Livre".

Guia A Las Resenas de Libros de y Sobre Hispanoamerica/
A Guide to Reviews of Books From and About Hispanic America
Lockwood Z 1035 A1 G84 1960-65, 1972-90
Covers reviews that appear in more than 700 international periodicals. Citations are in English or Spanish (in the language of the original). Includes summaries of reviews.

HAPI ( Hispanic American Periodical Index )
Lockwood Reference Z 1605 .H5 (Index Area) 1970/1974-1993
Online as HAPI Online
Includes book reviews from journals about Central and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico , the border between the United States and Mexico , and Hispanics in the United States .

Internationale Bibliographie der Rezensionen Wissenschaftliche Literatur / International Bibliography of Book Reviews of Scholarly Literature
Lockwood AI 9 B5 1971-91
This index, known as IBR, is organized by keyword. Author, subject and reviewer indexes lead to the keywords used.

Times Literary Supplement Index
Lockwood Reference AP 4 T45 Index (Index Area)
From 1973, The Times Literary Supplement has been indexed in The Times Index. Lockwood Reference AI 21 T46 (Index Area) Check Library Catalog for electronic access information.