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Journal Abbreviations: Guide to Determining Titles

Guide to Determining Titles

Print Sources

  • Periodical Title Abbreviations, Gale Research Co., 2 vols., 17th ed. (2007)
    Includes science, engineering, and many other fields.
    SILVERMAN LIBRARY [Capen] /Reference Z6945 A2 W34
    LOCKWOOD LIBRARY /Reference Desk Z6945 A2 W34

    LOCKWOOD LIBRARY /Book Collection Z6945 A2 W34                       LIBRARIES ANNEX /General Collection Z6945 A2 W34
  • Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index (CASSI), Chemical Abstracts Service.
    Includes chemistry journal titles and conference proceedings.
    Also on CD-ROM in Capen Reference area, and Online
    SILVERMAN LIBRARY [Capen] /Reference Z5523 C436 (not received after 2009)
  • Acronyms, Initialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary, Gale Research Company.
    Includes journal abbreviations.
    LOCKWOOD LIBRARY /Reference Desk PE 1693 A27
    LOCKWOOD LIBRARY /Book Collection PE 1693 A27
    LAW LIBRARY /Reference Desk PE 1693 A27
    HEALTH SCIENCES LIBRARY /Book Collection PE 1693 A179
  • INSPEC List of Journals and other Serial Sources, Institution of Electrical Engineers.
    Includes engineering and physics journal titles.
    SILVERMAN LIBRARY [Capen] Book Collection Z7143 L57
  • Abbreviations of Names of Serials Reviewed in Mathematical Reviews, American Mathematical Society,
    SILVERMAN LIBRARY [Capen] /Reference QA1 M762                          LIBRARIES ANNEX  QA1 M762
  • World List of Scientific Periodicals Published in the Years 1900-1960, Peter Brown and George Burder Stratton, 4th ed., 3 vols., 1963.
    SILVERMAN LIBRARY [Capen] /Reference Z7403 W92 1963
    LOCKWOOD LIBRARY /Book Collection Z7403 W92 1963
    HEALTH SCIENCES LIBRARY Book Collection /Z7403 W92

Online Sources

Please note : The above listing is not exhaustive. There are other reference works that may be of use to you.