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High Voltage Engineering

Searching for Books

To search for books, use the UB Libraries Catalog, which provides information on the location and availability of over three million books and other materials owned by the UB Libraries. To

After searching BISON, you can expand your search for books using WorldCat, a mega-catalog with 40+ million records for books and other materials owned by over 20,000 libraries.

If UB doesn't own the book you need, we can borrow a copy of it for you from one of the thousands of libraries with which we have reciprocal borrowing arrangements. To request a book or other item we don't have, use Delivery+ at

Expanding Your Search to Include Electronic Books

The UB Libraries subscribe to several electronic book databases in science and engineering that you can use to research your topics:

  • ENGnetBASE (via CRCnetBASE)
    Online collection of 800+ engineering reference books and handbooks published by CRC Press.
  • Knovel E-Books
    Full-text access to an online collection of over 1,000 science and engineering books published by a variety of publishers. Many of the books are enhanced with nteractive tables and graphs.

Searching for Journal Articles

To search for journal articles by topic, use a database, such as those listed below. These databases will provide you with a list of references to journal articles (as well as, in some cases, to conference papers, technical reports, dissertations, government documents, etc.). In addition, many of these databases provide links out to the full text of articles.

  • IEEE Xplore
    Provides full text access to publications of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET, formerly the IEE), including journals, transactions, magazines, and conference proceedings as well as IEEE standards. For some titles, coverage goes as far back as the 1950s.
  • COMPENDEX (Engineering Index)
    Provides references plus abstracts (as well as selected full text) to journal articles and conference papers in all areas of engineering. Available online for the years 1884 to the present.
    Provides citations plus abstracts (and selected full text) for journal articles and conference papers in computer engineering, control technology, electronics and electrical engineering, and physics. Coverage is for 1969-present.
  • Web of Science
    Provides citations plus abstracts and selected full text where available to journal articles on a wide range of scientific and technical topics. Coverage online is for the years 1965 to the present. SCI has the unique feature of allowing you to search by cited author or cited reference.

Browsing / Searching Electronic Journals

The UB Libraries subscribe to the electronic versions of many research journals. Below are listed some of the e-journal packages we have access to:

  • IEEE Xplore
    Ffull text access to IEEE and IEE publications including journals, transactions, magazines, conference proceedings, and standards. For some titles, coverage goes as far back as the 1950s.
  • ScienceDirect
    Online access to Elsevier science journals for the years 1995-present.
  • Wiley Online Library
    Full-text of 400+ journals published by Wiley, including many in the sciences, from 1997-present.

You can search for other electronic journals by title via

Searching for Dissertations

To find dissertations on your topic, use:

  • Digital Dissertations & Theses
    Indexes and abstracts doctoral and selected masters theses in all disciplines for the years 1861-present. Digital Dissertations offers free downloading of the full text of UB dissertations published after January 1997, as well as the full-text of many non-UB digital dissertations published since 1997.

Digital Dissertations includes only a small, limited number of Master's theses. To expand your search for Master's theses, use:

  • WorldCat
    You can search for Master's theses (and doctoral dissertations) in WorldCat using the Advanced Search feature. Change the “Keyword” box setting to “Material Type” and type in: thesis or dissertation. In the second box, type in the keywords that best describe your topic. Master's theses can be borrowed from other schools through InterLibrary Loan. Click on the ILL icon at the top of the record.

Searching for Patents

Patents are a rich source of scientific and technical information. We recommend you use the European Patent Office's freely accessible Worldwide Patents Database for your patent searching.

  • Worldwide Patents Fulltext at ESP@CENET
    Single, most comprehensive, free patent database available. The European Patent Office has developed a worldwide patent database of over 60 million patents from over 80 countries, many with full-text page images, available at no charge.The starting date varies greatly by country, with the earliest being 1836 for the United States.  Thes site permits downloading of the full-text of entire patents with a single command, including U.S. patents.

For other patent databases, see

Searching for Standards

Standards are detailed instructions that explain how something is to be manufactured, managed, designed, or otherwise handled. Use the tools below to identify and locate standards:

  • IEEE Xplore
    IEEE Xplore includes the full text of all IEEE standards. Fronm the left-hand side menu in IEEE Xplore, select “Standards,” and then enter either a standard number or a keyword to locate standards titles containing that number or keyword.
  • Standards, Specifications, Test Methods, and Building Codes at UB
    Lists major standards as well as guides to standards information, test methods, and building codes in our collections and other local collections, with links to engineering standard web catalogs and websites.

Searching for Technical Reports

Technical reports describe the progress or results of scientific or technical research and development often produced under contract to the federal government. They are often more detailed than articles in the peer-reviewed journal literature. They may be hundreds of pages long and may include supporting materials that never make it into journal publications, such as data sets or programming code.

  • NTIS
    NTIS is the National Technical Information Service, an agency that serves as a national clearinghouse for government-contracted technical reports. NTIS indexes and sells technical reports (nearly 3 million of them) from a broad spectrum of government agencies. Citations plus abstracts with links out, where available,for the years 1964-present.
  • DoD Scientific and Technical Information Network
    Provides access to unclassified technical reports by Department of Defense (DoD) contractors for 1974- present. Includes selected full text.
  • DOE Energy Citations Database
    Citations plus abstracts to unclassified Department of Energy (DOE) and DOE-contractor reports on energy and energy-related topics for the years 1948-present.
  • DOE Information Bridge
    Full-text database of many DOE and DOE-contractor reports;1995-present.