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English Literature: Accessing English Periodical Literature and Newspapers

Online Resources

APS Online (American Periodical Series)
Contains full-text articles from over 700 periodicals published in the United States from 1741 through 1805.

Periodicals Index Online (PIO), formerly PCI - Periodicals Content Index
Indexes over 5,000 academic and popular periodicals published from as early as the late 17th century through 1995 (or last date of publication) in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. 

JSTOR (Journal STORage)
Contains full-text of journals from 19th-century to the near present, excluding the most recent three years.

Print Resources

British Humanities Index
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference Index Area: AI3 .B7
Annotated references from more than 370internationally respected humanities journals and weekly magazines published in the UK and other English speaking countries, as well as quality newspapers published in the UK.

Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals,1824-1900. CD-ROM.
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference CD-ROM: AI3 .W45  1999  
The Wellesley Index includes the table of contents of every issue of 45 British periodicals, many of which are not indexed elsewhere. The database is fully searchable by keyword, contributor, pseudonym or periodical title and the searches may be limited by date.

Literary Reviews in British Periodicals: A Bibliography, with a Supplementary List of General Non-Review Articles on Literary Subjects. 1789-1826 . 4 vols.
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY/ Book Collection: Z2013. W36 1979
A bibliography of reviews of British and American books published between 1789-1826.

Victorian Periodicals: A Guide to Research. 2 vols.
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference: PN5124. P4 V5
A guide to research methods and reference works essential to the study of periodicals from 1824-1900.

Palmer's Index to the TimesNewspaper (Index to the Times newspaper July 1828-Dec. 1896) LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference (Index): Lockwood AI 21 T5
Provides indexing to the reports and articles in the final edition of The Times. Indexing is provided for subject, personal name, company name, and organization name.

Times Literary Supplement Index. 1902-1980
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference (Index): AP4 T45
Lists book reviews, articles, letters, and poems that have appeared in The Times Literary Supplement. The Supplement reviews books written in English and in other languages and is international in scope. See Also

Index to Commonwealth Little Magazines. 1964-1985/86.
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference (Index): AI3 I48
Covers English-language little magazines published in Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth countries. Indexes journal articles and book reviews.

The Nineteenth-century Periodical Press in Britain: A Bibliography of Modern Studies, 1901-1971
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Book Collection: Z6956.G6 M3

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