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Economics Collection and Resources

The Lockwood Library economics collection primarily supports the instructional and research needs of the faculty and students in the Department of Economics. The Department's programs emphasize quantitative economics with special consideration given to econometrics, statistical theory, mathematical economics, and economic theory.

The economics collection is predominantly in the English language. Materials acquired recently (over the past decade or so) have been almost exclusively in English; older parts of the collection have a substantial number of titles in German and French. No one area of the collection stands out from the others, though some emphasis is placed on econometrics due to faculty interests and the number of graduate courses offered in this area. The economics collection is greatly enhanced by Internet resources and by Lockwood's government documents collection, which includes materials from the United States, New York State, European Union, and Canadian governments. Due to lack of instructional or research activity, some areas are only collected at a minimal level (e.g. agricultural economics).

Video cassettes, audio tapes, microcomputer software, and other non-print materials are rarely purchased. Advanced textbooks,especially in the area of econometrics, are acquired. Dissertations and instructors' manuals are purchased only by faculty request.

Don Hartman is the subject specialist for the Economics Collection. He welcomes questions, comments, or purchase recommendations for this collection.