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American Biographical Archive (Microform Collection)


This collection reproduces descriptive information for more than 300,000 "common and uncommon" people who lived from the earliest period of North American history through the early 20th century. The information was taken from 367 different biographical reference sources, many of which were published prior to the 20th century. The entries are arranged on the fiche in last name alphabetic order.


American Biographical Archives are available on microfiche at call number MicFiche E17 .A53 1986 . Check the library catalog for location.


The index is an alphabetic name index which includes cross references for name variations. Each entry gives the fiche and frame number, and notes the person's birth-death dates, occupation, alternate name and occupation. It has call number E17 A53 1993 (v1-6) . Check the library catalog for location.