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American Film Institute: Louis B Mayer Oral History Collection (Microform Collection)


This is a collection of 25 memoirs by noted directors, producers, actors, writers and cinematographers. Topics covered include theories of cinematography, the effects of television on the motion picture industry, minorities in films, and the McCarthy era. Each interview begins with a brief biography. Included are:

Berndt, Eric M., 1903-
Brahm, John, 1893-1982
Callow, Ridgeway
Crosby, Floyd, 1899-1985
Dawn, Norman O., 1884-1975
Friedhofer, Hugo
Garnett, Tay
Gershenson, Joseph
Groves, George R., 1901-
Hoffman, Jerry, 1900-
Horsley, David Stanley, 1906-
Kaper, Bronislaw, 1902-
Koch, Howard
Leisen, Mitchell, 1898-1972
Polonsky, Abraham
Rosson, Harold, 1895-
Seaton, George, 1911-
Seitz, John F., d. 1979
Shurlock, Geoffrey, 1894-
Stewart, Donald Ogden, 1894-
Stewart, James G., 1907-
Swanson, H. N.
Warren, Harry, 1893-
Wilbur, Crane, 1886-1973


Under the title Early Sound and Music Editors, you will find: George Adams, June Edgerton, Walter Elliott, Joseph Henrie, Milo Lory, Evelyn Rutledge, Robert Tracy.


The microfiche for this collection have various call numbers. Check the libary catalog for location.


Items in the collection are each listed in the library catalog. They can be located with a title search for American Film Institute/Louis B. Mayer Oral History Collection or with a search for the memoirist as the keyword.

The index to the collection is called Oral History Guide. It has call number Reference AI 3 .O7 no. 2 (p. 2 lists the persons interviewed). Check the library catalog for location.