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Columbia University Oral History Collection (Microform Collection)


This is a collection of transcribed oral interviews or reminiscences from notable 20th - Century political, social, media, scientific, artistic, and economic leaders. This collection is part of the New York Times Oral History Program. UB Libraries own only selected memoirists, as follows:

Alexander, Will Winton, 1884-1956
Alexanderson, Ernst Fredrik Werner, 1878-1975
Barnett, Joseph M., 1900-
Capra, Frank, 1897-
Chasins, Abram, 1903-
Comden, Betty
Cott, Ted
Dowling, Eddie
Durr, Clifford J. (Clifford Judkins), 1899-
Fetzer, John E. (John Earl), 1901-
Friendly, Fred W.
Gordon, Dorothy Lerner, 1893-
Grauer, Benjamin Franklin, 1908-
Hanser, Richard
Harriman, Florence Jaffray Hurst, b. 1870
Hill, Frank Ernest, 1888-1969
Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964
Kaltenborn, H. v. (Hans), 1878-1965
Lesser, Sol, 1890-1980
Lewis, Robert, 1909-
Mann, Delbert, 1920-
Massee, May, 1881-1966
Max, Pearl
McGrath, Earl James, 1902-
Mulhearn, Henry J.
Muste, Abraham John, 1885-1967
Nugent, Elliott, 1899-
Patt, John Francis, 1905-1971
Phillips, Kathryn Sisson, 1879-1970
Reisman, Philip H., 1916-
Riccio, Vincent, 1919-
Stewart, Isabel Maitland
Strauss, Anna Lord, 1899-1979
Thorne, Florence Calvert
Vorse, Mary Heaton, 1874-1966
Weber, Max, 1881-1961
Wilkins, Roy, 1901-


The microfiche for this collection have various call numbers.


Each memoir is listed in the catalog. Items can be located with a search for the memoirist as author or with a title search for Columbia University Oral History Collection.

There is some overlap in the indexes:

Columbia University oral history collection: an index to the memoirs in part 1 of the microfilm edition  Z1361.C6 C64 1979 Index.

The Oral History Collection of Columbia Z1361.C6 C64 1979.
Check the catalog for location information.