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Cornell University Collection of Women's Rights Pamphlets (Microform Collection)


The collection includes 117 pamphlets published between 1814 and 1912. Topics addressed include industrial and political independence of women, women and war, improving the education of women, wage-earning women and the state, militant methods for achieving women’s rights, property laws and women, suffrage, marriage and family relations, socialism, and moral reform.

Authors of individual pamphlets include notable women’s rights advocates such as Jane Addams, Charles A. Beard, Caroline Corbin, Max Eastman, John Stuart Mill, Lucretia Mott, Wendell Phillips, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Pamphlets containing the proceedings of the National Women’s Rights Convention of 1850, as well as other significant women’s conferences during this century are included in the collection.


The Cornell University Collection of Women’s Rights Pamphlets is located at call number MicFiche HQ1236 .C67 1974. Check the catalog for location.


Individual titles are located in Libraries' catalog.

Additional access is available through: Cornell University Collection of Women’s Rights Pamphlets: Contents Guide HQ1236 .C67 1974 Guide.  Check the catalog for location.

This guide consists of three sections: Section I: chronological order of pamphlets with contents abstract Section II: author index Section III: alphabetical listing of organizations and government reports.