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Pamphlets in American History (Microform Collection)


Assembled from major collections throughout the U.S., this microform collection represents all periods of the country's history with concentration between 1820 and 1970. Comprised of pamphlet literature including autobiographies, biographies, commemorative addresses, eulogies, journals, legal decisions, memoirs, personal narratives, campaign literature, published letters, sermons, speeches, trade-union leaflets, and travel accounts.

UB Libraries own:

  • Group I: Revolutionary War, Indians, women, biography (General), Revolutionary War biography
  • Group II: tariffs, labor, civil liberties
  • Group III: finance, socialism, cooperative societies, War of 1812, Mexican War 1846-1848.


Pamphlets in American History are available on microform in the Lockwood Multimedia Center MicFiche E 173.P23 .


Individual titles are in libraries' catalog.

Additional access is available through:

  • Pamphlets in American History: A Bibliographic Guide to the Microform Collection  at E173.P232, check the library catalog for location. 
  • Pamphlets in American History: A Preliminary Short Title List at  E173.P233 An alphabetical listing of documents by main entry. (library has Group I )