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Periodicals on Women and Women's Rights (Microform Collection)


This primary source collection documents economic, social, and political women’s rights issues from the mid-19th century to the 1930s. The microforms reproduce the complete runs (with minor gaps) of periodicals of special interest for women's studies. 


There is no call number for the collection as a whole. Call numbers have been assigned to each title in the collection. Some titles are microfiche and some are microfilm. Titles included are listed below.


Individual titles are in the Library Catalog.

The Forerunner  MicFiche HQ1101 .F6

Liberal Review  MicFilm AP2 .L54

The Lily  MicFilm HV5285 .L5

Lucifer, the Light-bearer  MicFilm HN51 .L9

Mother Earth Bulletin  MicFiche HX821 M82

The National Citizen and Ballot Box  MicFilm JK1880 N3

The Revolution  MicFilm HQ1101 .R4

The Woman’s Column  MicFilm HQ1871 .P37

Woman Worker MicFilm HQ1871 .P37

The Progressive Woman  MicFilm HQ1871 .P37

Life and Labor  MicFilm HD6050 .L48

The Lady’s Friend  MicFilm AP2 .L253

The Ladies Garment Worker  MicFilm HD6515.C6 L3

The Keystone  MicFilm HQ1871 .P37

The Coming Nation  MicFilm HQ1871 .P37

The Club Woman  MicFilm HQ1871 .C7

The Woman’s Protest  MicFilm JK1880 W6

The Woman Voter  MicFilm JK1880 .W75

Western Woman Voter  MicFilm JK1880 W35

The Una  MicFilm HQ1101 .U6

The Stiletto  MicFilm AP2 .S913