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Wright American Fiction, 1774-1905 (Microform Collection)


This collection contains more than 13,000 pieces of prose fiction written by Americans between 1774 and 1905. It includes novels, short stories, romances, fictitious biographies, travel accounts, allegories and other fictional genre. The titles in volumes I, II, and III represent nearly all of the titles found in Lyle H. Wright’s 3-volume bibliography, American Fiction: A Contribution Toward a Bibliography. Volume IV of the collection extends the project into the 20th century. This section includes more than 2,600 additional titles gathered from the holdings of major American fiction collections, following the selection criteria established by Wright.


Wright American Fiction, 1774-1905 is located at call number MicFilm PZ1 .A4. Check the catalog for location information.


Individual titles are located in the catalog.

Additional access is available through:

American Fiction, 1774-1900: Cumulative Author Index of the Microfilm Collection PZ1 .A4 Author Index  This is a consolidated, alphabetical listing of all works contained in volumes I, II, and III of the microfilm collection.

Index to the Microfilm Edition of American Fiction at PZ1 .A4 Index.  This index is made up of four volumes: Vol. I 1774-1850, Vol. II 1851-1875, Vol. III 1876-1900, Vol. IV 1901-1905.

Wright American Fiction, 1851-1875 A digital library produced by the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), and hosted by Indiana University Digital Library Program.