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Consumer Health Resources

This page will serve as a resource for members and care givers of the Western New York senior citizen community interested in consumer health information.

General Health Information

  • MedlinePlus - A good general resource for consumer health information from the National Institutes of Health.
  • PubMed Health - Provides information for consumers and clinicians on the prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions. 
  • healthfinder: just for you: seniors - A searchable health information resource by the US Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Administration on Aging - A site containing information about health legislation affecting older Americans and their caregivers as well as programs and services for this age demographic.
  • Alliance for Aging Research Consumer Information - Includes an information section that hosts full-text brochures about health issues that affect the senior citizen population.
  • CDC Health Topics: Senior Health- Links to information regarding health information and disease prevention and control as well as the option to join listservs, view vital statistics and other information.
  • ElderWeb - Information regarding long term care.
  • FDA Information for Seniors - Printable articles and brochures on a wide range of health topics that affect senior citizens. Selected publications on this site can also be viewed in Spanish.
  • Mayo Clinic - Information from the Mayo Clinic on treatment, general health and latest research. 
  • My Personal Health Record - Keeping your own personal health record (PHR) allows you to provide doctors with valuable information that can help improve the quality of care you receive. A PHR can help you play a more active role in your healthcare.
  • National Institutes on Aging (NIA) - A user-friendly page that covers a wide range of topics related to aging.
  • NIH Senior Health - A collaborative effort by the National Institute of Aging and the National Library of Medicine to provide health information for senior citizens. This site has features such as enlargeable text and speech options.
  • SPRY: Health Resources for Seniors - Information regarding “applied research and education programs designed to enable people to age with purpose, and to continue to have meaningful engagement in their lives. Of special concern are disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.
  • National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicinethe Federal Government's lead agency for scientific research on complementary and alternative medicine.

Disease Resources

  • Oncolink - The Abramson Cancer of the University of Pennsylvania has available, many different resources for the consumer with a variety of search options including an Ask the Expert page where select questions of interest to the general public are answered by a medical panel. A different topic is covered weekly.
  • Cancer Survival Toolbox: Topics for Older Persons - Information regarding cancer treatment and care for the older person. The site has options such as downloadable pdf files in English, Spanish and Chinese and also provides the option for the user to listen to information.
  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute - The site for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute contains links to clinical trials,a pull-down menu where types of cancer can be searched, as well as information on prevention, research and other general information regarding this disease.

  • Aging With Dignity - This site provides “practical information, advice and legal tools you need to ensure your wishes and those of your loved ones will be respected.”
  • American Geriatrics Society - Advocacy and public policy information affecting older Americans.
  • New York State Center for Consumer Health Care Information - This site contains information about “physician credentials and disciplinary actions, results of recent hospital and nursing home surveys, performance measures for managed care plans, and physician and hospital performance for cardiac bypass surgery. Also contained is information regarding how to file a healthcare complaint as well as clinical guidelines and best practices.”


Local Resources

Magazines, Journals, Books and Other Publications

  • Open Access Medical Journals - This site provides links to medical journals that have free access to journal articles such as New England Journal of Medicine, Diabetes as well as many more. Most journals allow for free access after one year therefore issues may be not be current.
  • Getz, K., & Borfitz, D. (2002) Informed consent: a guide to the risks and benefits of volunteering for clinical trials . Boston, MA : CenterWatch (Available through the NIOGA and Buffalo and Erie County Library Systems).

Drug and Medication Information

  • Drug Information Portal - A gateway to selected drug information from the National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health 
  • Learn About Your Medications - This site was established by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP)with a mission to help pharmacists and the public use medications safely and effectively. Learn about your medications by typing the drug name into the search box and links to step-by-step instructions for administration, and tips and tools, will be provided.
  • FDA's Index to Drug Specific Information - A list featuring most FDA approved drugs. Each drug listed contains a Patient and Consumer Information Sheet, Medication Guide, and an Information page.
    Not all FDA approved drugs are listed here, please use the link below to search for drug information not found in this index.
  • Food and Drug Administration: Consumer Health Information - A comprehensive site from the FDA regarding a variety of consumer health topics.
  • FDA Approved Drug Products - This site allows searches by drug Name, active ingredient, application number or browsing by drug name. Monthly Drug Approval Reports can also be found here.
  • Consumer Drug Information - Information for consumers regarding prescription and over-the-counter medications approved by the FDA since 1998.
  • MedlinePlus: Drug & Supplement Information - "Learn about your prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines. Includes side effects, dosage, special precautions, and more." From MedlinePlus
  • DailyMed - From the National Institutes of Health, a searchable source of medication content and labeling information found in package inserts. Has information for both the consumer and the health professional.
  • Pillbox - Search pill images and link to drug labels, clinical trials and more. 

Physical Fitness and Healthy Living

  • The Pocket Guide to Staying Healthy at 50+ - A 38 page printable booklet by the US Deparment of Health and Human Sevices Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality that includes such topics as talking to your doctor, preventative health, cancer testing and information regarding regular check ups.
  • Shape Up America - “Founded in 1994, Shape Up America! is a 501©3 not-for-profit organization committed to raising awareness of obesity as a health issue and to providing responsible information on healthy weight management”. *(From
  • Exercise: A Guide from the National Institute on Aging - Information provided by the National Institutes of Health regarding fitness and exercise.
  • NIH Senior Health: Eating Well As You Get Older - Nutrition information provided by the National Institutes of Health including food safety and tips for healthy shopping.
  • Choose My Plate - Government resource to healthy eating, portion sizes and living healthy. 

Physician and Hospital Information

Insurance Information

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

  • The Merck Manual Home Edition - An online medical dictionary for patients and caregivers.
  • MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary - A feature of this site gives the user the ability to search for unfamiliar terms and spellings by typing in the first few letters of the search term followed by an *. MedlinePlus will then find all terms beginning with the letters entered.

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