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Tenure Metrics: Cited Reference Searching

Web of Science: Cited Reference Searching

Entering a Search

If you want to find out what articles have cited a particular work in Web of Science, choose Cited Reference Search from the Full Search page or click the Cited Reference Search button in the product navigation area.

For example, if you want to find all the articles in the WOS database that cited:

K. Anand, J. Ziebuhr, P. Wadhwani, J.R. Mesters, R. Hilgenfeld. ?Coronavirus main proteinase (3CL(pro)) structure: Basis for design of anti-SARS drugs.? SCIENCE, 300 (5626): 1763-1767, Jun. 13, 2003.

Enter your criteria in the cited reference search field.

Then click the SEARCH button to get a list of the cited papers from the index that match the criteria you specified.

Sometimes authors cite their own work. To eliminate self citations, in this case K. Anand, select all of the records that pertain to the author and click Finish Search to create a set. Next, go to Basic search and perform a search for Anand K*, then go to Advanced search, select the boxes next to each set of results, and combine the two sets with the NOT command.

(cited reference search) NOT (author search) eliminates the articles where K. Anand cited his own work

Google Scholar

Entering a Search

To find the following article in Google Scholar search using the basic or advanced search.  Advanced search is accessible by the drop down menu in the search bar.

RYTHER JH, DUNSTAN WM. “Nitrogen,Phosphorus, and Eutrophication in Coastal Marine Environment.” Science, 171 (3975): 1008-& 1971.

Each record will have a link that says “cited by” and gives a number. Click on this to see the citations.

In addition to scholarly articles that appear on the web, Google Scholar includes “grey literature,” like conference papers, technical reports, and government documents that may not appear in other sources. Keep in mind that not all results in Google Scholar are scholarly and searches are limited. Queries may retrieve result sets that are inconsistent, redundant, and incomplete.

CINAHL Plus with Full Text

Entering a search

To find articles that have cited the following work in CINAHL Plus with Full Text (EBSCO) select cited references from the "more" drop down menu.

Retrieval from memory of dietary information. Smith AF; Jobe JB; Mingay DJ; Appl Cognit Psychol, 1991; 5; 269-96.

Enter an author or article title in the appropriate field, and click search. Select the citation from the list by checking the box, and click the find citing articles button to display all books and articles that have cited this work in the CINAHL database.


Similiar cited reference searches can be done in other Ebsco databases, including Academic Search CompleteBusiness Source CompleteEducation Research CompletePsycINFOSPORTDiscus and Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts.



Entering a search

To find this article in MEDLINE (Ovid), enter the name of the article or an author to bring up the citation.

Halpain MC. Jeste DV. Trinidad GI. Wetherell JL. Lebowitz BD. Intensive short-term research training for undergraduate, graduate, and medical students: early experience with a new national-level approach in geriatric mental health. [Journal Article. Research Support, N.I.H., Extramural. Research Support, U.S. Gov’t, Non-P.H.S.. Research Support, U.S. Gov’t, P.H.S.] Academic Psychiatry. 29(1):58-65, 2005.

Click Find Citing Articles to show articles that have cited this work.

Similiar cited reference searches can be done in Ovid Healthstar. Results only include items that are in the Journals@Ovid database.


Entering a Search

MathSciNet can be used to find articles that cite authors and journals. To search by author, click the author citation tab, enter the name of the author, click search, identify the author, and click list results for this author. From the list, select the unique identifier for the article and under citations, select from references.

To find the total number of times the journal Topology and its Applications has been cited, select the journal citation tab, enter the name of the journal and the citing year and click search.

Select the name of the journal from the dropdown list and click list results for this journal.

Select a value from the Citations to Journal column to see articles that have cited Topology and its Applications.

The results only include citations from the MR database, mostly from the year 2000 to the present, but, some results from 1997 are also included.  Results are displayed in five year intervals.


Note: you must register for a free account to use SciFinder.

Entering a Search

To find cited references for an author in SciFinder, select author name and enter the name of the author.


Next, check the box next to the author and click get references.

Under Tools, select remove duplicates.

To see an article's cited references, click on the icon to the right of the article as seen below.



ACM Digital Library

To find cited references for an article in ACM Digital Library, do a simple or advanced search and in the detailed record, select the cited by tab to display articles that have cited this work.

David Bainbridge, John Thompson, Ian H. Witten. Tools for building digital libraries: Assembling and enriching digital library collections. Proceedings of the 3rd ACM/IEEE-CS joint conference on Digital libraries JCDL ‘03. IEEE Computer Society. May 2003.

IEEE Explore

To find cited references for an article in IEEE Xplore, begin by performing a basic or advanced search.

Once inside the detailed record, scrollto the bottom to the page and select the cited documents tab.