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Current U.S. Data: Economic Statistics

U.S. Economy Quick Facts

Economic Indicators (US Council of Economic Advisors) (US Government Printing Office, 1995-present) (Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER), 1948-present)
Lockwood Documents US Y4.EC7:EC7/ (1960-present)
Provides a concise overview of economic activity. Topics include income; spending; employment; unemployment; wages; production and business activity; prices; money; credit and security markets; and international statistics. Annual data cover the most recent nine years; quarterly data cover the most recent eleven quarters, and monthly data cover the most current twelve months.

Federal Reserve Bulletin (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve)
Lockwood Documents US FR1.3: (1915-2008)
Statistics emphasize financial and business topics. Data cover money; banking; financial markets; securities and corporate finance; federal finance; and consumer credit. Depending upon the table, coverage is 2-4 year periods.

The online edition of the Federal Reserve Bulletin at (1997-present) is limited to articles. Consult Statistics: Releases and Historical Data to view current and historical online statistical data published by the Federal Reserve.

FedStats (US Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy)
Select information in the "Agencies by Subject" section from among economics; income; labor; and national accounts.

Monthly Labor Review (United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics.)
Lockwood Documents US L2.6: (1976-present)
IN STORAGE US L2.6 (1918-1975) (request at Lockwood Circulation)
The "Current Labor Statistics" section includes a wide range of data about labor and employment. Specific topics pertain to employment and unemployment; wages; collective bargaining; prices; and productivity. The thorough definitions and descriptions of sources are very useful.

The online Monthly Labor Review at (1983-present) excludes the "Current Labor Statistics" section. Consult the following Web sites to retrieve comparable online statistics:

FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
A database of approximately 3000 economic time series maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Statistics are monthly or quarterly. Locate data by broad categories or by searching keywords. Categories include the following broad topics:

  • Banking
  • Business and fiscal issues
  • Consumer price index (CPI)
  • Employment and population
  • Exchange rates
  • Federal Reserve Bank-St. Louis District data
  • Gross domestic product (GDP) and its components
  • Interest rates
  • Producer price index (PPI)
  • Reserves and monetary issues
  • Trade and international transactions
  • U.S. financial data

View charts and graphs, and text files online, or download statistics into Excel files or text files.

GeoFRED (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Creates maps that display economic indicators for the nation, census divisions and regions, states, metropolitan areas, counties, and BEA (Bureau of Economic Analysis) economic areas that cover regional markets surrounding metropolitan areas. Topics deal with tax collections, unemployment, labor force, education, housing, manufacturing, services, income, and professional and business services. Coverage is from the mid-1970’s through the present depending upon topics.

New York State Statistics (Nelson Rockefeller Institute of Government in cooperation with the New York State Division of the Budget.) (2002+)
Arch/Plan HA541 A27 (1999-present; most current in Reference)
Lockwood Reference HA541 A27 (1967-present)
Lockwood Book Collection HA541 A27 (1967-1995)
Lockwood Documents NY BUD 955-3 NEWYS (1968/1969-1974, 1983/1984-1989/1990, 1991-present)
Reproduces the New York State Statistical Yearbook. Separate chapters cover business and economic indicators; employment and personal income; banking and insurance; agriculture; transportation; and energy and utilities. View tables in either PDF or WK1 formats. Excel reads the WK1 format. The Directory of Major New York State Government Agencies and Other Sources describes agencies and their key publications.

Statistical Abstract of the United States (U.S. Census Bureau) (1878-present)
Lockwood Reference HA202 (1946-1947, 1950-1954, 1956-1960, 1965-1968, 1970-1971, 1973-present)
Lockwood Reference Desk HA202 (most recent edition)Lockwood Book Collection HA202 (1894-1896, 1900, 1908-1910, 1912-1926, 1928-present)
LOCKWOOD Documents US C 3.134: (1970-1971, 1981, 1985-1988, 1991-2000, 2002-present)
Arch/Plan HA 202 (2000-present; most current in reference)
Undergrad-Sci/Eng Reference HA202 (1999-present)
A statistical compendium that covers all aspects of American society. Selected economic variables deal with labor; employment; earnings; prices; banking; income; energy; transportation; construction; manufacturing; and retail and wholesale trade. Data sources are cited on each table. The index is very comprehensive.

The CD-ROM version of the Statistical Abstracts at Capen Multimedia Center US CD-ROM C 3.134/ 7: (1993-present) usually includes more detailed tables than the print or online editions.

Selected Statistical Sources : Popular Topics (University at Buffalo. University Libraries)
Selected topics pertaining to economics include budget; business; foreign trade; labor; and prices.

Statistics: Releases and Historical Data (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve)
Statistics cover banking; business and household finance; money; exchange rates; interest rates; and industrial activity.

Universal Currency Converter (XE)

U.S. Economy More Detailed Data

Bureau of Economic Analysis
The BEA is the nation's accountant. It reports on the national accounts, such as the gross domestic product (GDP), personal income, international transactions, and regional topics. View data and articles in HTML or PDF format, and download statistics for spreadsheets. Additional features include an overview of the US economy, BEA news releases, and methodological papers. BEA's current data and time series are also available via STAT-USA (see below for description).

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Contains news releases, explanations of BLS activity, and a variety of statistics covering topics such as wages; collective bargaining; consumer prices (CPI) and expenditures; and employment. Coverage includes both national and regional data.

Census Bureau
The Census Bureau reports on a number of economic issues, including current industrial reports (; the Economic Census; trade; county data; and more. Use the "Subjects A-Z" feature as a starting point.

Economic Census

Economic Census (U.S. Census Bureau)
(various call numbers)
Conducted and published by the Census Bureau once every five years, the Economic Census comprises a series of reports published in print and CD-ROM with varying call numbers. See a guide to the Economic Census at for background information, access to online reports, and access to printed reports available in Lockwood Library.

Canadian Economy

Bank of Canada
The Bank of Canada home page explains the Canadian financial system, monetary policy, and links to publications and research, current news, key indicators, statistics, and a currency converter.

Statistics Canada
Select relevant information in by Browse by Subject tab. Examples include construction; economic accounts; income, pensions, spending and wealth; international trade; labour; and manufacturing.

Other Economies

Provides a socioeconomic overview of the European Union and its member nations.

World Economic Outlook (WEO) Database (International Monetary Fund)
Statistics deal with gross domestic product in various contexts; output gaps; capital flows and external debt.

Indexes and Abstracts

Proquest Statistical Insight (Proquest)
A compilation of three indexes in print format. Materials indexed in each source are available on microfiche.

  • American Statistics Index ( ASII )
    Lockwood Reference Z7554.U5 A4 (1974-present)
    Indexes US government publications. Microfiche for non-depository documents in the ASI Microfiche Library are at Capen Multimedia Center MicFiche HA 195 A8 (1978-2008). Use BISON to locate depository documents.
  • Statistical Reference Index ( SRI )
    Lockwood Reference Z 7554 U5 S8 (1980-present)
    Indexes state documents, and publications of associations, trade, and professional groups. Microfiche in the SRI Microfiche Library are at Capen Multimedia Center Micfiche Z 7554 U5 S8 (publications of trade and professional groups, 1980-2009; state government publications, 1980-1991).
  • Index to International Statistics ( IIS )
    Lockwood Reference HA 154 I544 (1983-present)
    IIS indexes publications of international governmental organizations (IGOs), such as the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. Microfiche in the IIS Microfiche Library are at Capen Multimedia Center Micfiche HA 195 I542 (1983-2010).

Statistics Sources (J Wasserman O'Brien and S.R. Wasserman, Eds.: Gale Research Inc.)
Lockwood Reference Z7551 S84 (current edition; previous in Lockwood Book Collection)
A subject guide to publications that contain data on industrial, business, social, educational, financial, and other topics. The editors include bibliographies of major statistical indexes and of commercial online data sources.

Guides and Handbooks

The following selected handbooks and guides help get you through the statistical maze by providing definitions of economic terms and concepts, explaining the purpose of the data, discussing how the numbers should and should not be used, and offering sources for further information.

Dictionary of US Government Statistical Terms. Alfred N. Garwood and Louise L. Horner. Eds.: Palo Alto, CA.: Information Publications, 1991.
Lockwood Reference HA17 D52 1991.
Definitions cite agencies, appropriate usage, information included/excluded from the terms, data collection procedures, and references to related terms.

Economics Dictionaries (Alpha Dictionary Site)
Provides access to 7 online dictionaries and glossaries:

  • AmosWEB GLOSS*arama
  • Journalist's Guide to Economic Terms
  • Biz Ed's Economics Glossary
  • Economics & Marketing Glossaries
  • Federal Reserve Terms Glossary
  • Forecasting Dictionary
  • Stiglitz's Glossary of Economic Terms

Finding & Using Economic Information. David Bruce Johnson. Mountain View, CA.: Mayfield Publishing Company, 1993.
Lockwood Reference HC106 J63 1993.
This book is for the "…millions of students, teachers, journalists, researchers, editorial writers, and others who are tyrannized, overwhelmed, bored, or bedazzled by a plethora of economic data and a paucity of knowledge about such data." (page 1) The "Read Me First" part of each section includes good overviews and is followed by more detailed information.

Guide to Economic Indicators. Norman Frumkin. Armonk, NY.: M.E. Sharp, 2000.
Lockwood Reference HC103 F9 2000
Defines and describes over 50 economic indicators. Frumkin designed the book for those having little expertise in economics.

Handbook of Key Economic Indicators. R. Mark Rogers. Burr Ridge, Il.: Irwin Professional Publishing, 1998.
Lockwood Reference HC103 R64 1998
Describes economic concepts and related data limitations. Emphasis is on how financial markets use economic indicators.

Handbook of United States Economic and Financial Indicators . F.M. O'Hara, Jr. and F.M. O'Hara, III. Revised edition. Westport, CT.: Greenwood Press, 2000.
Lockwood Reference HC 106.8 O47 2000
Provides brief definitions of 284 economic indicators published by the government and the private sector. Information includes how the data was derived, how it is used, and where to locate it.