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Purchase-on-Demand book acquisitions model

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The UB Libraries, including the Health Sciences Library, is moving closer to a “purchase –on- demand” model for book acquisitions.  What does this user-driven model mean for you?

If you have books you would like purchased, please fill out the purchase request form here:
We are committed to filling faculty requests.

OR request it by Delivery+ here: and put in the Notes field that you want it purchased for our collection.
Some of you may already know that library staff are using the Delivery+ request as a vehicle to rush add items to our collection as part of a user-centered and driven service. And that’s a good thing!

Also, I will be conferring with more of you, the Nursing Faculty,  individually when it comes to items that I think we should have, for your advice. (Something I have always done, but perhaps now more than ever.)  Thanks, as always, for your continuing congenial and enthusiastic help!

You can also send book requests to me if none of this info is handy when you need it.

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