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Finding Aid for the Edgar Zodiag Friedenberg Papers, 1935-1976


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Collection Overview

Title: Edgar Zodiag Friedenberg Papers, 1935-1976
Creator: Friedenberg, Edgar Zodiag, 1921-
Extent: 8 manuscript boxes, 2 half manuscript boxes, (3.75 linear feet)
Language of Material: Collection material in English.
Repository: State University of New York at Buffalo. University Archives
Abstract: Collection of Edgar Zodiag Friedenberg, 1935-1976. Includes personal and professional correspondence and manuscripts of his articles, book reviews and books.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Item information and date], Box/Folder #, 17/F/396, Edgar Zodiag Friedenberg Papers, University Archives, The State University of New York at Buffalo.

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Acquisition Information

Donated to the University Archives, The State University of New York at Buffalo by Edgar Z. Friedenberg, 1968-1977; with additional materials added by Mrs. John B. Entriken, 1969, Warren Button, 1970 and 1972, and by Carol Burstein, 1974.

Terms of Access

Edgar Zodiag Friedenberg Papers, 1935-1976, are open for research.


Copyright is held by The State University of New York at Buffalo, University Archives. Copyright of papers in the collection may be held by their authors, or the authors' heirs or assigns. Researchers must obtain the written permission of the holder(s) of copyright and the University Archives before publishing quotations from materials in the collection. Most papers may be copied in accordance with the library's usual procedures unless otherwise specified.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Archives staff in the 1970s.

Collection re-processed by Justin R. Dise, December, 2011.

Accruals and Additions

No further accruals are expected to this collection.


1921 Born March 18 in New York City
1938 B.S., Centenary College of Louisiana
1939 M.A., Stanford University
1946 Ph.D., University of Chicago
1946-1953 Instructor to Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
1953-1964 Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, Brooklyn College
1965-1967 Professor of Sociology, University of California at Davis
1967-1970 Professor of Sociology and Education, State University of New York at Buffalo
1970 Leaves United States as a protest to Vietnam War
1970-1986 Professor, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, named emeritus professor in 1986
1986 Named Professor Emeritus

Scope and Content Note

The Friedenberg Papers consist largely of personal and professional correspondence and manuscripts of his books, articles, and book reviews.

The bulk of the correspondence dates from 1964 to 1969, but there is some earlier (1953-1963) and later (1970, 1973-1976) correspondence. Friedenberg carried on a dialogue in his letters with a number of his fellow critics about the problems of education and youth. Notable figures include Bennett Berger, Robert Coles, Jules Cohen, Paul Goodman, Maxine Greene, John Holt, Norman Podhoretz, David Riesman, Michael Rossman, and Frederick Wiseman. Friedenberg also corresponded with a number of lesser known figures, including teachers, high school and college students who had read and were influenced by his ideas. Some of the correspondence consists of invitations to address a variety of university, public education, church, and student groups.

The papers also include typescripts and galley proofs, with the author's corrections, of The Vanishing Adolescent (1959), Coming of Age in America (1965), The Dignity of Youth and Other Atavisms (1965), R.D. Laing (1973), and The Disposal of Liberty and Other Industrial Wastes (1976), as well as typescripts for articles and books reviews.

Friedenberg's early career, 1935-1945, is documented by correspondence, essays, and newspaper clippings pertaining primarily to his relations with his tutor, Dr. John B. Entriken, and his life at Centenary College, Shreveport, Louisiana. Other materials, 1963-1970, reflect his association with the State University of New York at Buffalo.


The collection is organized into twelve series:

I. Personal Memorabilia

II. Correspondence

III. Correspondence with Publishers

IV. Correspondence with Organizations

V. Correspondence regarding Speaking Engagements

VI. Correspondence regarding Reprint Rights

VII. State University of New York at Buffalo

VIII. Manuscripts of Articles and Lectures

IX. Manuscripts of Book Reviews

X. Published Reviews and Articles

XI. Published Reviews of Friedenberg's Books

XII. Manuscripts of Books

are arranged alphabetically, except Series V and VI which are arranged chronologically. Series IX is organized by date of publication.

Container List

I.     Personal Memorabilia, 1922-1926, 1935-1945, 1963

The first four folders were donated by Mrs. John B. Entriken, widow of Dr. Friedenberg's tutor in Shreveport, Louisiana. Correspondence between Dr. Entriken and Friedenberg is dated 1937-1939, with the bulk occurring after Friedenberg's June 1938 graduation from Centenary College. Mrs. Entriken's collection also includes newspaper clippings from 1936-1945 (the majority concerning a Spring 1938 conference of the American Chemical Society, to which Friedenberg, at age 17, was the youngest person ever to present a paper), as well as various essays and photographs of Friedenberg during this period. Also included are business letters from Huey P. Long to Zodiag's Inc., a Shreveport store owned by Friedenberg's family, 1922-1926, and a letter from Senator J.W. Fulbright to Miss E. Friedenberg, 1963.

Box-folder Contents
1.1 Correspondence with Dr. John B. Entriken, 1937-1939
1.2 Essays, circa 1935
1.3 Photographs, 1937-1939
1.4 Newspaper Clippings, 1936-1945
1.5 Huey P. Long, Letters to Zodiag's Inc., 1922-1926
1.6 J.W. Fulbright, Letter to Miss E. Friedenberg, 1963
II.     General Correspondence, 1953-1970

This series contains correspondence with persons acting as individuals. In a number of cases, a person may have also had a business or institutional association with Friedenberg. Carey McWilliams (editor of The Nation) and Norman Podhoretz (editor of Commentary), for example, had dealings with Friedenberg as a contributor to their magazines; however, their letters are largely personal in nature and consequently have been placed with this series rather than the "Correspondence with Publishers" series.

Professional and personal correspondence, arranged alphabetically by name. Where there are three or more letters relating to a single correspondent, they have been filed alphabetically by name; where fewer than three, the letters are filed alphabetically by the initial of the correspondent's last name. Unidentified correspondence is in a folder at the end of the alphabet.

Box-folder Contents
1.7 A, 1964-1970
1.8 Akin, Kevin, 1966-1967
1.9 Aldrich, Michael, 1967-1969
1.10 Altbach, Philip G., 1968
1.11 B, 1966-1970
1.12 Becker, Ernest, 1969-1970
1.13 Becker, Howard, 1964
1.14 Berger, Bennett, 1962-1969
1.15 Brossard, Chandler, 1967-1968
1.16 Buchholz, Ernest, 1967-1968
1.17 C, 1966-1970
1.18 Claussen, Russell G., 1968-1969
1.19 Cohn, Jules, 1964-1967
1.20 Coles, Robert, 1967-1969
1.21 D, 1967-1970
1.22 Daniels, Arlene K., 1969
1.23 E, 1966-1969
1.24 Ehrmann, Winston W., 1968
1.25 Einhorn, Ira, 1966-1970
1.26 Eurich, Alvin C., 1965-1968
1.27 F, 1964-1970
1.28 Fitzpatrick, Robert L., 1968-1969
1.29 G, 1963-1970
1.30 Gerhardt, Lillian N. (re: Mrs. Jean Davis), 1967
1.31 Giannone, John M., 1969-1970
1.32 Gold, Hilary, 1968-1970
1.33 Goodman, Paul, 1960
1.34 Gordon, Michael, 1962-1964, 1967-1969
1.35 Greenberg, Allan, 1967
1.36 Greene, Maxine, 1965-1966
1.37 Gross, Ronald, 1967-1969
1.38 Grunfeld, Foster V., 1968
1.39 H, 1957-1969
1.20 Hahn, Tom, 1969
2.1 Hart, Jack, 1965, 1970
2.2 Harvey, David D., 1968-1970
2.3 Haubrich, Vernon F., 1968-1969
2.4 Holden, Benedict M., 1967
2.5 Holt, John, 1962-1969
2.6 Hope, Robert, circa 1960
2.7 Hyman, Tom, 1968
2.8 J, 1963-1970
2.9 Jennings, Frank G., 1966-1969
2.10 Josef, Mamula, 1968
2.11 K, 1966-1969
2.12 Kaldenbach, Robert J., 1968
2.13 Knopp, Fay, 1967-1968
2.14 L, 1965-1970
2.15 Legman, Gershon, 1968
2.16 M, 1966-1970
2.17 Mackenzie, Rev. J. Rod, 1969
2.18 Martell, George, 1966
2.19 Mayesh, Jay P., 1967
2.20 McCullough, Jane Fiske, 1968
2.21 McWilliams, Carey, 1967-1969
2.22 McGregor, Joan, 1968
2.23 Meyers, Doug, 1967
2.24 Migdal, Barbara (case of), 1968-1969
2.25 Mrak, Emil, 1966
2.26 Murphy, Cpl. Mike, 1968
2.27 N, 1960-1969
2.28 Neville, Paul E., 1967, 1970
2.29 Noble, Marilyn, 1967-1968
2.30 Nyberg, David, 1968
2.31 O, 1967, 1969
2.32 P, 1955-1970
2.33 Patterson, Rev. Ronald P., 1969
2.34 Penny, Robert T., 1967-1968
2.35 Peyser, Minna Post, 1967-1969
2.36 Pinck, Dan C. , 1967
2.37 Podhoretz, Norman, 1962-1963
2.38 R, 1967-1970
2.39 Rands, Stanley, 1970
2.40 Regan, John, 1969-1970
2.41 Riesman, David, 1953-1965
2.42 Roach, Jack L., 1969-1970
2.43 Rochdale College, 1968
2.44 Rossman, Michael, 1967, 1969-1970
2.45 S, 1963-1970
2.46 Schuette, Robert W., 1968
2.47 Schulman, Joseph D., 1969
2.48 Seeley, John R., 1966-1967
2.49 Shepherd, Herman R., 1968-1969
2.50 Siegel, Sanford, 1967-1969
2.51 Soloman, Barbara Probst, 1969
2.52 Stickney, Chuck, 1967-1969
2.53 T, 1962-1970
2.54 V, 1967
2.55 Van Pelt, Philip J., 1967-1968
3.1 W, 1962-1970
3.2 Wax, Murray L., 1965-1966
3.3 Whittlesey, Joy, 1965, 1967
3.4 Whilhelm, Jane, 1966, 1969
3.5 Wiseman, Frederick, 1969
3.6 Wisner, John, 1967
3.7 Worthington, Kent, >1967
3.8 Z, 1966, 1969
3.9 Zicklin, Gilbert, circa 1967-1968
3.10 Unidentified Letters
III.     Correspondence with Publishers, 1962-1970, 1973-1976

Letters sent and received; Of particular interest are letters to the editor of the New York Review of Books concerning Friedenberg's controversial review of the film, The Graduate, which were sent to Friedenberg by the editors for his comments, and extensive correspondence, 1973-1976, with Doubleday about his book, "The Disposal of Liberty and Other Industrial Waste."

Arranged alphabetically by name of the publisher or journal.

Box-folder Contents
3.11 American Sociological Review, 1968
3.12 Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 1967-1968, 1970
3.13 Atlantic Monthly, 1968
3.14 Beacon Press, 1962-1970
3.15 Daedalus, 1968-1969
3.16 Doubleday, 1973-1976
3.17 Education News, 1968
3.18 Harcourt, Brace and World, 1967-1969
3.19 Harvard Educational Review, 1967
3.20 The Humanist, 1967-1970
3.21 Journal of Higher Education, 1969
3.22 Journal of Social Issues, 1966-1969
3.23 New American Review, 1968
3.24 New York Review of Books, Letters re: The Graduate, 1968
3.25 New York Times Book Review, 1969
3.26 Phi Delta Kappan, 1969
3.27 Playboy, 1968-1969
3.28 Random House, 1962-1970
3.29 Southern California Law Review, 1969
3.30 This is a Magazine About Schools, 1968
IV.     Correspondence with Organizations, 1967-1969

This series includes correspondence about a number of controversial civil rights issues. These include problems in funding the publication of the "Vietnam Curriculum" at the State University of New York at Buffalo and the alleged destruction of copies of that work by the printer; harassment at the United States border of bus loads of young people coming from Canada to attend the Woodstock Pop Festival and Friedenberg's refusal to be sworn or fingerprinted in connection with a consultant job with the United States Commission on Civil Rights. The folder in the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights contains correspondence with Robert Coles and a telegram from Jonathan Kozol.

Box-folder Contents
4.6 American Association of University Professors, 1968
4.7 College Entrance Examination Board, Commission on Tests, 1967-1969
4.8 New York Civil Liberties Union, 1969
4.9 United States Commission on Civil Rights, 1969
V.    Correspondence re: Speaking Engagements, 1963-1970

This series reflects the wide interest of Friedenberg's work during the 1960's. Friedenberg was asked to address programs sponsored by many colleges and universities, public education organizations, religious and student groups. While some of the correspondence is routine, much of it includes discussion of how Friedenberg's ideas would fit into the theme of a particular program or other comments on his work. Includes copies of announcement and programs.


Box-folder Contents
3.31 Speaking Engagements, 1963-1965
4.1 Speaking Engagements, 1966
4.2 Speaking Engagements, 1967
4.3 Speaking Engagements, 1968
4.4 Speaking Engagements, 1969
4.5 Speaking Engagements, 1970
VI.    Correspondence re: Reprint Rights, 1961-1970

While much of this correspondence is routine, it documents the interest in Friedenberg's work during this period.


Box-folder Contents
4.10 Reprint Rights, 1961-1970
VII.    State University of New York at Buffalo, 1963-1970, 1974

Materials pertaining to Friedenberg's connection with the State University of New York at Buffalo. Of particular importance is the correspondence between Friedenberg and Warren Button concerning Friedenberg's recruitment by the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Box-folder Contents
5.1 Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), 1969
5.2 American Association of University Professors SUNYAB Chapter, 1969-1970
5.3 Black Studies, undated
5.4 Button-Friedenberg Correspondence, 1963-1970
5.5 Burstein, Letter of Recommendation, 1974
5.6 Correspondence, 1968-1970
5.7 Course Materials, 1968-1969
5.8 Course Proposal, "The Public School as a System of Communication," 1967
5.9 Course Proposal, "The Violence and Social Order," 1968
5.10 Newspaper Clippings, 1967-1969
5.11 Taylor, Jeremy, "The Tower and the Fortress (A Scenario)," undated
5.12 Vita, 1967
VIII.    Manuscripts of Articles and Lectures, undated

Typescripts, photocopies and proofs, generally with corrections by Friedenberg.

arranged alphabetically by title.

Box-folder Contents
5.14 "Campus Community and the Community"
5.15 "Can Testing Contribute to the Quest for Community Among Students"
5.16 "Current Patters of Generational Conflict"
5.17 "The Economic Context of the Student Role"
5.18 "Education in a Decent Society"
5.19 "Effects of the Technological Mystique on Schooling"
5.20 "The Function of the School in Social Homeostasis"
5.21 "The Generational Gap," 1969
5.22 "The Hidden Costs of Opportunity"
5.23 "Legitimacy, Pot and the Estates General"
5.24 "Report from the Nigerian Frontier"
5.25 "The Side Effects of the Legal Process"
5.26 "Social Class Factors in Generational Conflict"
5.27 "The Spirit of Fascism"
5.28 "Vietnam Curriculum"
5.29 Unidentified Manuscript, re: public education
5.30 Unidentified Manuscript
5.31 "The Depressive Synergy of Family and State," 1979
IX.    Manuscripts of Book Reviews, 1963-1970

Typescripts and photocopies, generally with annotations by Friedenberg.

Box-folder Contents
6.1 Dennison, George, The Lives of Children, 1969
6.2 Elbe, Kenneth E. A Perfect Education: Growing Up in Utopia
6.3 Etzioni, Amitia. The Active Society, 1969
6.4 Herndon, James. The Way It Spozed To Be, undated
6.5 Hoffer, Erica The Temper of Our Time and Working and Thinking on the Waterfront, 1969
6.5 Tomkins, Calvin. Eric Hoffer, 1968
6.6 Jacobs, Paul. Prelude to Riot, 1967
6.7 Mead, Margaret. Culture and Commitment, 1970
6.7 Aldridge, John W. In the Country of the Young, 1970
6.7 Hook, Sidney. Academic Freedom and Academic Anarchy, 1970
6.8 Minuchin, Salvador. Families of the Slums, 1967
6.9 Nabokov, Peter. Tijerina and the Courthouse Raid, 1969
6.9 Steiner, Stan. La Raza, 1969
6.9 Coles, Robert. Uprooted Children, 1969
6.10 Slater, Philip E. The Pursuit of Loneliness, 1970
6.10 Grant, George. Technology and Empire, 1969
X.    Published Reviews and Articles, 1963-1970

Incomplete collection of Friedenberg's published articles and reviews.

Box-folder Contents
6.1-6.15 Published Reviews and Articles, 1963-1970
XI.     Published Reviews of Friedenberg's Books, 1965-1968

Incomplete collection of published reviews of Friedenberg's books.

Box-folder Contents
5.13 Published Reviews of Friedenberg's books, 1965-1968
XII.    Manuscripts of Books, 1959-1976

Typescripts and galley proofs, some with corrections by Friedenberg, of Friedenberg's books.

Box-folder Contents
6.16-6.17 Manuscript, The Vanishing Adolescent 1959
6.18 Riseman, David, Introduction manuscript for The Vanishing Adolescent, 1959
6.19-6.21 Galley Proofs, The Vanishing Adolescent 1959
6.22 Page Proof, The Vanishing Adolescent 1959
7.1-7.3 Manuscript, The Coming of Age in America, 1965
8.1-8.3 Manuscript, The Dignity of Youth and Other Atavisms, 1965
8.4-8.8 Galley Proof, The Dignity of Youth and Other Atavisms, 1965
9.1 Typescript, R.D. Laing, 1973
9.1-9.3 Galley Proof, R.D. Laing, 1973
10.1-10.3 Typescript, The Disposal of Liberty and Other Industrial Wastes, 1976
10.4 Galley, The Disposal of Liberty and Other Industrial Wastes, 1976
10.5 Galley with corrections, The Disposal of Liberty and Other Industrial Wastes, 1976
10.6 Proposal for book titled, Privilege, Bigotry, and Freedom, undated

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