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Finding Aid for the Marvin Farber Papers, Professor of Philosophy and Phenomenology, circa 1920-1980


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Collection Overview

Title: Marvin Farber Papers, Professor of Philosophy and Phenomenology, circa 1920-1980
Creator: Farber, Marvin, 1901-
Extent: 35 manuscript boxes, (17 linear feet)
Language of Material: Collection material in English.
Repository: State University of New York at Buffalo. University Archives
Abstract: Collection of materials from Marvin Farber, professor of philosophy and phenomenology. Includes correspondence, publications, notes, speeches, and course files.

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Preferred Citation

[Description and dates], Box/folder number, 22/5F/768, Marvin Farber Papers, Professor of Philosophy and Phenomenology, circa 1920-1980, University Archives, The State University of New York at Buffalo.

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Acquisition Information

Received January 5, 1988, from Roger Farber, M.D., son of Marvin Farber.

Terms of Access

The Marvin Farber Papers, Professor of Philosophy and Phenomenology, circa 1920-1980 are open for research.


Copyright is held by The State University of New York at Buffalo, University Archives. Copyright in other papers in the collection may be held by their authors, or the authors' heirs or assigns. Researchers must obtain the written permission of the holder(s) of copyright and the University Archives before publishing quotations from materials in the collection. Most papers may be copied in accordance with the library's usual procedures unless otherwise specified.

Processing Information

Processed by Archives staff, circa 1988.

Accruals and Additions

No further accruals are expected to this collection.

Biographical Note

An internationally known philosopher, Marvin Farber (1901-1980), served as professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Buffalo from 1927-1961 and 1964-1974. In 1974, he was awarded professor emeritus status. Earning a Ph.D. in 1925 from Harvard, he also attended German universities in Berlin, Heidelberg, and Freiburg, where he would study under such notables as Edmund Husserl, Martin Heidegger, Heinrich Rickert, and Ernst Zermelo. Later, Farber would find himself teaching such future scholars as Wilfred Sellars and Richard Hofstadter.

Farber also served as a member of many philosophical societies, including president of the International Phenomenological Society, president of the eastern division of the American Philosophical Association, executive committee member of the Symbolic Logic Association, and member of the Paris Institute de Philosophe and the Charles S. Peirce Society. Authoring numerous books and articles on philosophy, Farber founded the journal, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research , which he edited for forty years.

1901 Born December 14, in Buffalo, New York.
1918-1920 Studied music at the University of Buffalo.
1920 Transferred to Harvard University.
1922 Graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Philosophy.
1922-1924 Studied abroad at Berlin, Freiburg, and Heidelberg Universities.
1925 Received his Ph.D. from Harvard with the dissertation, Phenomenology as a Method and as a Philosophical Discipline.
1925-1926 Instructor of Philosophy, Ohio State University.
1927 Began his 44 years of Philosophy professorship at the University of Buffalo.
1930 Married Lorraine F. Walle (3 children).
1937-1961 Chairman of the Department of Philosophy.
1940-1980 Founder and editor of the journal Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
1944-1945 Awarded a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship.
1950 Editor, Philosophic Thought in France and the United States: Essays Representing Major Trends in Contemporary French and American Philosophy (University of Buffalo).
1959 Published Naturalism and Subjectivism ©. C. Thomas).
1961-1964 Professor and Chairman of University of Pennsylvania's Philosophy Department.
1964 Returned to UB as Distinguished Service Professor.
1974 Conferred Professor Emeritus.
1977 Retired from UB.
1980 Died at the age of 79 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
1984 Posthumously published The Search for an Alternative: Philosophical Perspectives of Subjectivism and Marxism (University of Pennsylvania Press).

Scope and Content Note

This collection documents Marvin Farber's extensive correspondence with philosophers in the United States and abroad, including Rudolf Carnap, Roderick M. Chisholm, Charles Hartshorne, Martin Heidegger, Hans Reichenbach, Bertrand Russell, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Wilfred Sellars. Additionally, a large selection of manuscripts record Farber's articles, speeches, and research notes, covering such topics as phenomenology, ethics, scientific inquiry, naturalism, and logic.

III: Early notes and papers, traces his academic work as a student, and include course catalogs from the universities he attended: Harvard, Freiburg, and Heidelberg. These notes contain his early work on phenomenology and logic, as well as papers on other philosophers such as Edmund Husserl, Henri Bergson, and Heidegger.

IV: Course files, includes both philosophy classes Farber took as a student, and those he taught at the University at Buffalo. Moreover, this series contains Farber's students' notes in the form of detailed reports summarizing class content. Many course files also have newspaper clippings documenting contemporary issues of his era, which Farber used to illustrate course subject matter.


This collection is arranged in four series: I.Correspondence, II.Manuscripts, III.Early Notes and Papers IV.Course Materials.

Container List

I.     Correspondence, circa 1920-1980

"General" files contain single correspondences.

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

Box-folder Contents
1.1 A: general, circa 1923-1978, undated; includes Robert Ackermann, H. Austin Aikens, Airport Press, Kazimierz Ajdjukiewicz, Virgil Aldrich, Alfred Own Aldridge, S. Alexander, Gordon W. Allport, American Association of University Professors, Ampelokepos (F.K. Voros), Analysis, L. Anceshi, Alvaro Bonilla Aragon, Archives de Philosophie, Frank Armfield, Elso Arruda, Luis E. Nieto Arteta, Editions B. Arthaud, Association for Symbolic Logic, Fernad Aubier, Australasian Journal of Psychology and Philosophy.
1.2 Aiken, Henry D., 1946-1949, 1973, 1975
1.3 Albrecht, Milton, 1961-1968
1.4 Alien Property Custodian, 1944-1948
1.5 Allers, Rudolf, 1945-1949
1.6 Anderson, James F., 1949
1.7 Andriopoulos, Dimitri, 1967, 1975-1978
1.8 American Council of Learned Societies, 1950-1966
1.9-1.10 American Philosophical Association, 1964-1974; includes Latin American Committee.
1.11 Anton, John P., 1977-1980
1.12 Aron, Raymond, 1948-1949
1.13 Ashberry, Wallace, 1945-1946; "Journal Campaign."
1.14 Avelino, Andres, 1941-1944
1.15 Avey, Albert, 1928-1947
1.16 Ayiter, Ferid, 1947-1950
1.17 B: general, circa 1928-1977, no date; includes N. Bacah, Richard G. Badger, Kalyan Kumar Bagchi, Cameron Baird, Eve Baker, Edward G. Ballard, K.C. Ballard, Govinda R. Banerjee (Joseph R. Roman), Ronald E. Banks, W.L. Barnette Jr., Edward N. Barnhart, Joseph L. Baron, John A. Barone, Hans Barth, Sandra Lee Bartky, Steven Bartlett, William H. Baumer, H. Heath Bawden, Beacon Press, Ruth Beam, Barton Bean, R.F. Beerling, Peter Beisswanger, Vincent Bell, Arundite Niyogi Belsev, Harold Benjamin, Ethel Bennet, Drora Ben-Zvi, Richard Berg, Peter L. Berger, Arthur Berndtson, C. A. Berndtson, Richard J. Bernstein, E.W. Beth, Charles J. Beyer, Henri H. Birnbaum, Brand Blanshard, George Boas, Dirk Bodde, Thomas Boger, Herbert G. Bohnert, Eida Bonner, Leonard G. Boonin, Richard Bosley, Vernon J. Bourke, N. Bowie (see Thomas Perry's letter), Boyer, (see SUNY at Buffalo), Bradley University, Ronald H. Brady, Myles Brand, Richard Brandt, E.W. Braunlich, VIII Congresso Interamericando de Filosofia (Brazil), Robert H. Brinckerhoff, Bruce W. Brotherston, Earl R. Browder, L.E.J. Browwer, Teddy Brunins, Ulla Brunins, Bryn Mawr College, Louis F. Budenz, Wilh. Burkamp, Burnham (see Norton), Bernice Cohen Burros, A. Burtt.
1.18 Bachelard, Gaston, 1947-1949
1.19 Bahm, Archie J., 1946, 1969-1979
1.20 Balz, Albert G.A., 1941-1946
1.21 Bargeliotes, Leonidas, 1968-1971
1.22 Bar-Hillel, Yehoshua, 1946-1948
1.23 Bayer, Raymond, 1950-1953
1.24 Baylis, Charles A., 1937-1970
1.25 Beck, Lewis W. 1940-1967
2.1 Becker, Howard, 1941-1942
2.2 Becker, Oskar, undated, includes photocopy of article.
2.3 Belgodere, Francisco J.A., 1941-1946
2.4 Benjamin, A. Cornelius, 1948-1955
2.5 Bennet, Jose Rolz, 1942-1949
2.6 Berge, Damiano, 1948-1949
2.7 Berger, Gaston, 1945-1969
2.8 Berger, Klaus, 1944-1945
2.9 Bergmann, Gustav, 1944-1958
2.10 Bergmann, Hugo, 1940-1966
2.11 Berleant, Arnold, 1961-1978
2.12 Bertocci, Peter A., 1944-1970
2.13 Bewkes, Eugene, 1935-1946
2.14 Biemel, Walter, 1947-1977
2.15 Binswanger, Ludwig, 1940-1945
2.16 Birx, James, 1969-1980
2.17 Biser, Irwin, 1939-1945
2.18 Blumenfeld, Walter, 1940-1961
2.19 Book Dealers, 1961
2.20 Boynton, Richard, 1926-1962
2.21 Brentano, J.C. M., 1959
2.22 Brightman, Edgar S., 1940-1948
2.23 Brown, Clifford, 1965-1967
2.24 Bunge, Mario, 1956-1974
2.25 Burkat, Leonard and Marion, 1954-1958
2.26-2.28 Bykhovsky, Bernard, 1945-1979, undated
3.1 C: general, circa 1943-1976, undated; includes Manuel Cabrera, Roger Caillois, Huntingdon Cairns, University of Calcutta, University of California at Santa Cruz, Robert B. Cantrick, Milic Capek, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Americo de Carvalho, Casa do Castelo (Editora), Mario Casalini, Angel Jorge Casares, Maximo Castro, New Catholic Encyclopedia, American Catholic Philosophical Association, Catholic Students, Constantine Cavarnos, Peter Caws, Roland Ceilloir, Office of Censorship, J. Gordon Chamberlin, V.C. Chappell, Winnona Chatterton (former Mrs. Ted Clements), Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya, Harold Cherniss, University of Chicago (see Kendrick re: Naeso), Shu Lo Ching, Leslie H. Chisolm, Chang-Han Choi, Roy Clouser, Code of Wartime Practices (Office of Censorship), Priscilla N. Cohen, Betty Cohen, P.F. Collier and Son Corp., Columbia University, George P. Conger, Conwyn Arms Apartments, Daniel Cooper, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Copyright Office, Ronald A. Cordero, Thomas A. Cowan, Donald Cox, Patricia A. Crawford, Creighton Club, Crowell-Collier Publishing Co., Leslie O. Cummings, Bernard Curtis.
3.2 Cairns, Dorion, 1947-1966
3.3 Campbell, Robert, 1948-1949
3.4 Campon, Nilton, 1946-1948
3.5-3.7 Capen, Samuel P., 1931-1950
3.8 Caponigri, A. Robert, 1928, 1944-1960
3.9 Capozzi, Francis C. , 1951-1952
3.10 Carafides, John, 1964-1975
3.11 Carmichael, Peter A., 1944-1948
3.12 Carnap, Rudolf, 1936-1963, 1970; includes "My Visit with Two Imprisoned Philosophers in Mexico," 1970, concerning Rafael Ruiz Harrell, Nicholas Molina Flores, and Eli de Gortari.
3.13 Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1952-1953
3.14 Carneiro, O.A. Dias, 1944-1949
3.15 Casas, Manuel Gonzalo, 1945-1948
3.16 Cassirer, Ernst, 1941-1944
3.17 Castenada, Hector-Neri, 1961, 1971-1977
3.18 Cerf, Walter, 1951, 1956-1977
3.19 Champromis, Pierre, 1947-1949
3.20 Chandler, Albert R., 1935-1965
3.21 Chaudhury, Prabas Jiban, 1948-1949, 1961
3.22 Chavez, Ezequiel A., 1942-1948
4.1 Chisholm, Roderick M., 1952-1982
4.2 Cho, Kah Kyung, 1966-1982
4.3 Clements, Tad S., 1961-1979
4.4 Clifton, Fred J., 1963-1969
4.5 Cohen, Robert S., 1962-1978
4.6 Copilowish (Copi), Irving M., 1948-1949
4.7 Cornu, Auguste, 1948-1977
4.8 Correspondence with students, circa 1942-1960; includes Frank M. Abbate, Eli Alson, John S. Armesto, Ronald E. Banks, Dan T. Craine, Theodore Drew, Fossaceca, Rolland J. Gladieux, Jonas Gottfried, Richard Greene, Charles M. Gronachan, Gary Manuse, Mildred A. Obenhack, Morton Oliver, Thomas Perry, Virginia Willis Russell, Birinder Kaui Sarkaria, Edward C. Scanlan, Rita (Morlock) Seeley, Henry Sustakoski, Olive T. Wertz.
4.9 Craiden, Victor, 1951-1965
4.10 Creegan, Robert F., 1963-1969
4.11 Crosser, Paul, 1971-1972
4.12 Cua, Antonio S., 1965-1973
5.1 D: general, circa 1946-1980, no date; includes W.E. Danforth, Edward D'Angelo, Thomas L. Dao, John W. Davis, Rosalind DeAngelo, John N. Deck, Giovanni DeCrescenzo, Grace A. deLaguna, Armando de la Torre, Theodore C. Denise, Philip Devaux, Milutin Devrnja, Robert E. Dewey, Dianoia, Humberto Diaz-Casanueva, Laura Dibb, Robert S. Dickens, Alwin Diemer, Terry DiFilippo, Eleanor Dilks, Alpphonse J. DiRocco, Paula Jones Dladla, Maurice Dobb, Paul Dolinsky, Alan Donagan, Ray H. Dotterer, Robert M. Doud, Richard M. Douglas, Jarvis Dowd, Eric Doyle, Richard M. Drake, Owen W. Dukelow, Henri Dumery, Raya Dunayevskaya, Austin E. Duncan-Jones.
5.2 D'Amico, Robert, 1972-1979
5.3 DeGrood, David H., 1965-1980
5.4 DeKresz, Geza and Norah, 1923-1958
5.5 Delfini, Alexander, 1969-1973
5.6 Dell Publishing Company (Huett, Richard), 1962-1965
5.7 Demecs, Desiderio D., 1961-1976
5.8 Demos, Raphael, 1922-1969
5.9 Dewey, John, 1945-1949
5.10 Diamessis, Spyridon E., 1970-1971
5.11 Diogene, 1966-1968
5.12 Dommeyer, Frederick C. , 1964-1968
5.13 Ducasse, C. J., 1947-1968
5.14 Duerr, Howard J., 1948-1964
5.15 Dufrenne, Mikel, 1963-1966
6.1 E: general, circa 1940-1973, undated; includes Ruth Eckert, James Edie, Irwin Edman, Paul Edwards, William F. Edwards, Arthur Efron, Gerald A. Ehrenreich, Isaac Ehrenreich, Sylvan H. Eisman, W.R.M. Elderkin, Lotta Eley, Wilma Ely, Lester Embree, Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia of Philosophy, S. Morris Engel, Merton Ertell.
6.2 Edel, Abe, 1952-1967
6.3 Epstein, Ralph C. , 1944-1954
6.4 Evans, D. Luther, 1928-1953
6.5 F: general, circa 1929-1983, undated; includes Robert Fancher, K.T. Fann, Eugene M. Farber, Jason E. Farber, Lorraine W. Farber, Waheed Ali Farooqi, Farrar and Rinehart Inc. , Vicente Fatone, Robert C. Feldman, Anthony Fera, Lynd Ferguson, Jose Ferrater Mora, Walter S. Field, Vladimir Filipovic, Clarence Finlayson, Maurice A. Finocchiaro, Helen First, Roderick Firth, John Fisher, Ruth W. Fisher, Robert Fisk, Ross Fitzgerald, Martin Foss, A. Fraenkel, Emile Francais, Radiodiffusion Francaise, Republique Francaise (Financial Control and French Disbursing Agency in the USA), Societe des Gens de Lettres de France, Sadie Frankenor, William Frankenor, Fay Friedman, F.S. Friedmann, H. Friess, S.H. Fruchtermann, Kate Fry, Fulbright Advisory Committee for Philosophy and Religion.
6.6 Fabris, Dino, 1967-1971
6.7 Fall, Charles R., 1961-1978
6.8 Federation Internationale des Societies de Philosophy, 1948-1977
6.9 Federici, Silvia, 1966-1980
6.10 Feibleman, James K., 1961-1976
6.11 Feigel, Herbert, 1945-1946, 1967
6.12 Ferrandino, Joseph, 1970-1977
6.13 Ferrer, Olga, 1962-1972
6.14 Feuer, Lewis, 1952-1965
6.15 Findlay, J.N., 1947, 1962, 1963
6.16 Fink, Eugen, 1938-1947
6.17 Fink-Landgrebe Fund, 1946
6.18 First, Joseph M., 1962-1978
6.19 Flower, Elizabeth, 1944-1960
6.20 Fontaine, William, 1963-1968
6.21 Foster, James F., 1940-1941
6.22 Fox, Seymour, 1970-1973
6.23 Franklin, Mitchell, 1963-1972
6.24 Frei, Emil, 1976
6.25 French-American Volume, 1950, 1952
6.26 French Radio Talks, 1951, 1952
6.27 Frey, David L., 1965-1973
6.28 Frondizi, Risieri, 1948-1980
6.29 Fulbright Award, 1949-1955
6.30 Funke, Gerhard, 1970-1973
6.31 Furnas, Clifford C. , 1954-1965
7.1 G: general, circa 1927-1978, undated; includes Roger Garaudy, Patricia K. Gareis, Marvin H. Garfinkel, Leo F. Garrison, Lucius Garvin, Nathan Gaynor, A.C. Genova, Rolf George, Richard Gerard, William Gerber, Julian A. Gervasi, Ned Giesy, Joseph Gilbert, Neal W. Gilbert, Jerry H. Gill, Lyle Glazier, Ash Gobar, P.B. Goetz, Howard Gold, Charles L. Goldberg, Alair O. Gomes, Samuel Gorovitz, Eli de Gortari, Rubin Gotesky, Gouinlock, Nigel Grant, Kenneth Greene, Greenwood Press, Jean Grenier, Llewellyn Gross, Adolf Grunbaum, B.R. Gruner B.V. Publishers and Booksellers, Bernard Grunstra, Victor Guarino, Arline Guenther, Eva Guggenheimer.
7.2 Garnett Jr., Christopher B., 1966
7.3 Garver, Newton, 1961-1977
7.4 Gehman, Harry M., 1949-1978
7.5 Geneseo State University: college lecture, 1970-1971
7.6 Ginsberg, Robert, 1964-1975
7.7 Gonseth, Ferdinand, 1950-1972
7.8 Goodman, Nelson, 1961-1963
7.9 Gracia, Jorge J.E., 1972-1983; includes "In memoriam, Marvin Farber," removal of PPR to Brown University, Farber Memorial Endowment Fund.
7.10 Gracia, et al, 1980-1981; includes transfer of PPR to Brown University.
7.11 Grassi, Joseph G., 1963-1967
7.12 Gruber, Frederick C. , 1961-1965
7.13 Grunberg, Emile, 1945-1953
7.14 Guggenheim Foundation, 1936-1979
7.15 Gurwitsch, Aron, 1959-1973
7.16 Gutman, James, 1954-1963
7.17 H: general, circa 1928-1978, undated; includes Lewis E. Hahn, A.I. Hallowell, Michael Hamilton, William A. Hammond, Harcourt Brace and Co., S. Harmston, Harper and Row Publishers, Catherine R. Harris, Clyde Haupt, Herbert Heidelberger, Richard H. Heindel, Bertrand P. Helm, Harry Helson, Dom G. Helwig OSB, Carl G. Hempel, Michael B. Henning, Herman and Cie., Aaron Hershkowitz, Harold Hickerson, David Hilbert, Patrick J. Hill, Justin Hofmann, Barbara D. Holender, J. Edgar Hoover, John Hortons, John Hospers, Richard L. Howey, The Humanist, Humanities Press Inc. , Hunter College, Husserl Archives, Clyde K. Hyder, Jack Hyman.
7.18 Hacker, Edward, 1961-1974
7.19-8.4 Handy, Rollo, 1952-1975 [8 folders]
8.5 Hansen, James E., 1966-1974
8.6 Hare, Peter, 1966-1975
8.7 Harris, Henry S., 1973-1976
8.8 Hart, Alan, 1963-1966
8.9 Hart, Samuel, 1961-1977
8.10 Hartshorne, Charles, 1923-1979
8.11 Harvard University Press, 1939-1973
8.12 Havet, Jacques, 1951-1969
8.13 Hawi, Sami S., 1970-1975
8.14 Heidegger, Martin, 1933-1948
8.15 Hems, John, 1966-1973
8.16 Hendel, Charles W., 1942-1959
8.17 Hering, Jean, 1951-1977
8.18 Hiz, Henry, 1966-1968
8.19 Hocking, William Ernest, 1923-1961
9.1 Hodges, Donald C. , 1965-1978
9.2 Hofstadter, Albert, 1962-1968
9.3 Hofstadter, Richard, 1936-1970
9.4 Hook, Sidney, 1930-1962
9.5 Hopson, Suzanne R., 1963
9.6-9.7 Horosz, William, 1961-1978
9.8 Horowitz, Irving L., 1959-1978
9.9 Hourani, George F., 1967-1978
9.10 Huertas-Jourda, Jose, 1971-1975
9.11 Hunter, Rodger B., 1968-1979
9.12 Husserl, Edmund and Mrs., 1922-1946
9.13 Husserl, Edmund, undated; includes Martin Farber on the Philosophy of Husserl.
9.14 Hussert, Edmund, undated; includes Ideas II-III typescript translation by Schutz and Natanson.
9.15-9.16 Husserl, Gerhart, 1936-1947, 1962-1966; includes photocopies.
10.1 I: general, circa 1957-1977; includes Gustav Ichheiser, Don Ihde, University of Burdwan (West Bengal, India), International Publishers, Philip Iobst, Richard N. Ippolito.
10.2 Ijsseling, Samuel, 1981-1982
10.3 Ingarden, Roman, 1959-1970
10.4 Institut International de Philosophie, 1960-1972
10.5 Institute of International Education, 1961-1962
10.6 Iribadjakov, Nikolai, 1972-1976
10.7 Irving, John A., 1952-1965
10.8 Israel, E. Philip and Helen, 1932-1973
10.9 J: general, circa 1956-1970; includes Vladimir Jankelevitch, T.E. Jessop, A.H. Johnson, Henry W. Johnstone Jr., Journal of Philosophy, Margaret Jost.
10.10 James, Richard E., 1961-1964
10.11 Jonas, Hans, 1961-1971
10.12 Jones, Edward S., 1946-1968
10.13 Jones, Paula R., 1969-1976
10.14 K: general, circa 1945-1978, undated; includes R.K. Kaeske, Sholom J. Kahn, Philip J. Kain, A.L. Kaiser, Jack Kaminsky, Arthur Kannwischer, G. Kanzler, Abraham Kaplan, Edward K. Kaplan, Husain Kassim, Else Kaufmann, Shinjo Kawasaki, John Kearns, Maria Kellner, Jeffrey J. Kelton, President Vladimir S. Kemenov (USSR), John H. Kendrick, Howard P. Kenig, E. Daryl Kent, University of Kentucky Press, Joe Keogh, Jonathan Ketchum, Chin-Tai Kim, Keon Mi L. Kim, Ben Kimpel, Theodore Kisiel, Rin'ichi Kittaka, Adolf D. Klarmann, Albert M. Kligman, George L. Kline, Mrs. Alfred A. Knopf, John Knox Jr., Richard A. Koehl, Michael Kosok, Julius Kraft, Kraus Reprint Corporation, Otto F. Kraushaar, Stanley J. Krempa, Lucy Krull, O.A. Kubitz, John H. Kultgen, Paul G. Kuntz, Donald B. Kuspit, K. Kuypers.
10.15 Kallen, Horace M., 1940-1974
10.16 Karaganov, Alexander, 1946
10.17 Kattsoff, Louis O., 1951-1965
10.18 Kauber, Peter, 1964-1975
10.19 Kaufmann, Felix, 1942-1953
11.1-11.7 Kaufmann, Fritz, 1937-1952
11.8 Kekes, John, 1975-1976
11.9 Kerr, William, 1962-1972
11.10 Kersten, Frederick, 1961-1974
11.11 Kessler, Milton, 1962, 1975, 1976
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11.13 Kiefer, Howard E., 1967-1970
11.14 Kim, Sang-Ki, 1972-1981
11.15 Klibansky, Raymond, 1967-1968
11.16 Kockelmans, Joseph J., 1965-1966
11.17 Koyre, Alexandre, 1951-1961
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11.19 Krikorian, Yervant H., 1969-1972, 1977
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12.1-12.2 Kruse, Cornelius, 1939-1971
12.3 Kuczynski, Janusz, 1972-1975
12.4 Kunz, F.L., 1953
12.5 Kunz, Robert M., 1962-1969
12.6 Kurtz, Paul W., 1952-1975
12.7 L: general, circa 1928-1981, undated; includes Olivier Lacombe, Laurence J. Lafleur, C. Stevens Laise, A. Lalande, Charles Lambros, Jean Lameere, Sterling P. Lamprecht, Adelle H. Land, Herbert Lang and Cie A.G. Booksellers, J. John Lang, Chauncey D. Leake, Hughes Leblanc, H. Lefebvre, Henry Lenz, David Levine, Emmanuel Levinas, Laura F. Lewis, Martin Lewis, University Libraries, James A. LiBrize, Arthur Liebert, Universite de Lille, Mario Lins, Kwang-Sae Lee, John Loga, Paul R. Lohnes, Archbishop Stanislaus Lokuang, Longmans, Green and Co., Douglas Low, M.L. Lowenthal Jr..
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12.29 McCreary, John K., 1946-1948
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II.     Manuscripts, circa 1918-1977

Includes manuscripts and notes of articles, speeches, and subjects. All titles were taken directly from Farber's original folder headings.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Box-folder Contents
26.1-26.2 "Search for an Alternative": Geneseo lecture, 1971; includes drafts, final version.
26.3 "American Philosophy in the 20th Century," 1958-1961; includes contribution to Ueberweg.
26.4 Notes on American Philosophers, undated
26.5 Basic issues and questions, undated
26.6 Basic issues: questions and quotations, undated
26.7 "Aims of Education in a Changing World": Brockport lecture, 1967
26.8-26.9 Cairns festschrift essay, circa 1972; includes "The Philosophic Impact of the Facts Themselves."
26.10 Carnegie Tech. lectures, undated; includes notes for lectures at Carnegie Institute of Technology.
26.11 Collier's Encyclopedia article, 1976
26.12 Crowell-Collier Encyclopedia, 1960-1961; includes Edmund Husserl, phenomenology.
27.1 "The Dialectic," 1922
27.2-27.6 Dialectical materialism, 1921-1925
27.7 Education lectures, circa 1934
27.8 Educational philosophy, circa 1950-1960
27.9 Essence, ideality, and universals, undated
27.10 Existential and phenomenological philosophy, no date
27.11 Freedom, values, and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), 1949-1950; includes "Freedom and the Concept of Equality."
27.12 French-American conference, 1968; includes comments on "who we are" as a philosophical question.
27.13 French-American volume, 1968; includes philosophic thought in France and the United States.
28.1 French radio, 1952; includes Edmund Husserl, phenomenology.
28.2 "Goal of a Complete Philosophy of Experience,": Landgrebe festschrift, 1971-1972
28.3 Heidegger, undated
28.4 Hering on Sartre, undated
28.5 "Humanistic Ethics and the Conflicts of Interests," 1968
28.6 "Theses on the Existence of the World as a Philosophical Problem: in memory of Roman Ingarden," undated
28.7 Husserl, E. Erfahrung and Urteil, undated
28.8 "The Thought and Influence of Edmund Husserl," 1935, 1940, 1956; includes "Husserl's Méditations Cartésiennes" (1935), "Edmund Husserl and the Background of his Philosophy" (1940).
28.9 Husserl glossary, undated
28.10 Idealism and naturalism, undated
28.11 James essay, undated
28.12 "The Foundations of Logic" and notes for Phil. 316, 1936
28.13-28.15 General Logic notes, 1918-1930
29.1 "Inference in Traditional Logic," undated
29.2 "Logical Systems and the Principles of Logic," circa 1932
29.3 Mss., Advanced Logic (Principles of Logic), undated
[Note: manuscript is incomplete and consists of pages 18-39, 59-98.]
29.4 "The Nature of Logic and its Fundamental Principles," 1935
29.5 "The Structure of Logic and its Significance for the Philosophy of Science," undated
29.6 Logical positivism: Carnap, etc., undated
29.7 Marxism: money, 1921; includes "The Part Money Plays in Economic Theory, in Particular, the Marxian Theory."
29.8 Materialism, miscellaneous, undated; includes abstract, notes.
29.9 Merlan festschrift: "Value and Existence," 1971
29.10 Naturalism and subjectivism, circa 1970-1979
29.11 Naturalistic logic, 1969; includes "Thesis of a Naturalistic Logic"
29.12 Naturalism and idealism, 1968
29.13 Noack reviews, 1938, 1966; includes Farber's 1938 review of Hermann Noack's Symbol und Existenz der Wiissenschaft and 1966 review of Die Philosophie Westeuropas im Zwanzigsten Jahrhundert.
29.14 Manuscripts, including "Nondependence of Existence," undated
29.15 Methodology, 1946-1960
29.16 Background of Philosophy: Philosophic Method, undated
30.1 Notes: lectures, writings, circa 1932-1962; includes "Reflections on the Nature and Method of Philosophy."
30.2-30.3 Notes: writings, circa 1935-1965, undated; includes spiral-bound notebook.
30.4 Notes: nature of philosophy, undated
30.5 Ontology, circa 1967
30.6 Article on Phenomenology for Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy and Philosophers, 1958-1960
30.7 Phenomenology: notes and questions, undated
30.8 Phenomenology: notes, undated
30.9 Phenomenology: topics, circa 1930-1960
30.10 Preface to Foundation of Phenomenology II, III, 1962-1967
30.11 Phenomenology and the existence of the world, 1961; includes program for American Philosophical Association eastern division meeting.
30.12-30.13 Survey: Phenomenology and existence, 1948-1949
30.14 "The Phenomenological Tendency," 1962
30.15 Phenomenology and existentialism, 1929-1932, no date; includes "Aspects of Phenomenology and Existentialism," "Aspects of Phenomenology and Existentialism from 1945-1948."
30.16 Phenomenology and Psychology: Amsterdam lectures, no date
30.17 Phenomenology and the Problems of Subjectivism, 1965; includes abstract for "Pervasive Subjectivism."
30.18 Phenomenology, 1926; includes "The Object of Knowledge from the Phenomenological Standpoint."
30.19 Phenomenology monograph, 1966-1967; includes correspondence regarding Phenomenology as a Method of Philosophical Discipline.
30.20 Phenomenological writings, circa 1925
30.21 Letters regarding PPR, 1941-1977
31.1 "Philosophy in the Twentieth Century," undated
31.2 Philosophy and medicine, undated
31.3 Philosophy and scientific inquiry, 1965; includes "Philosophy and the Scope of Scientific Inquiry."
31.4 Philosophy of art, undated
31.5 Max Scheler, undated
31.6 Scheler, Heidegger, and existentialism, undated; includes "Scheler's Anti-Evolutionism and his Conception of Moral Values."
31.7 Alfred Schuetz
festschrift, 1970; includes "Values and the Scope of Scientific Inquiry."
31.8 Book review of R.W. Sellars, 1970; includes Farber's review of Reflections on American Philosophy from Within.
31.9 Sheffer notes, 1936
31.10 Socialism (evolution and socialism, etc.), circa 1931
31.11 Some misc., circa 1942-1978, undated; includes notes, correspondence.
31.12 Subjectivism and irrationalism, undated
Box Contents
31.13 Topics, 1932; includes notes on "The Logical Structure of Ethical Theory," "Phenomenology: The Last Stronghold of Idealism," "Phenomenology and its Antecedents."
Box-folder Contents
31.14 Re: Dialectic and experience, "Toward a Naturalistic Philosophy of Experience," undated
31.15 Typescripts, published papers, 1953,undated; includes "Aspects of American Philosophy from 1940 to 1946," "False Abstractionism and the Problem of Objective Ethical Knowledge," "Statement Concerning the Philosophy of Edmund Husserl," "On the Philosophy of Western Europe in the Twentieth Century."
31.16 UNESCO, 1947; includes Farber's extracted comments for UNESCO Committee of Experts on Philosophy and the Humanities.
31.17 Values, 1932,undated.
31.18 Vitae, 1963, 1971, undated; includes curriculum vitae, notes, correspondence.
31.19 Remarks about Pluralism for Jean Wahl, undated
31.20 Whitehead notes, 1948
31.21 Added materials, 1934-1935, 1938; includes reprints from The Philosophical Review.
[Materials added by archivist November, 2005]
III.     Early notes and papers, circa 1918-1937

All titles were taken directly from Farber's original folder headings.

Box-folder Contents
32.1-32.2 Catalogs, circa 1921-1937; includes Official Register of Harvard University, Friedrich-Wilhems-Universität zu Berlin Verzeichnis der Vorlesungen, Ankündigung der Vorlesungen der Badischen Albert Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau, Verzeichnis der Vorlesungen sowie der Dozenten, Behörden und Institute der Badischen Ruprecht-Karls-Universität zu Heidelberg.
32.3-32.4 Philosophical essays I, 1920-1925; includes "The Method of Symbolic Logic," "Change, Motion, Time," "Indian Ancestor Worship."
32.5-32.7 Philosophical essays II, 1919-1923; includes "The Perceptual Object," "Act, Content, and Object: A Phenomenological Investigation."
32.8 Papers on Phenomenology I, 1919-1923; includes material on Husserl and Heidegger.
32.9-32.11 Papers on Phenomenology II, circa 1920-1924; includes abstracts, "Has Kant Solved Hume's Problem?: With Particular Reference to the Concept of Causality," "The 'Creative Evolution' of Henri Bergson," "The Biological and Pyschological Factors in the Free-Will Controversy, by 'Behavioristic Meliorist' (Sidney Farber)."
32.12 Edith Stein mss., circa 1924,undated; includes notes from "Phänomenologie und Erkenntnistheorie" (manuscript of E. Husserl).
32a.1-32a.4 Medical notes, circa 1926; includes notes from Moabit Pathological Institute of Berlin.
33.1-33.6 Die Jamesche Erkenntnistheorie, III (James' Theory of Knowledge), 1923-1924
33.7-33.9 Logic, Foundations (early period), circa 1920-1929
33.10-33.11 Math, Logic: Foundations, Zermelo, etc., 1923-1927
33.12 Elementary Logic, circa 1920-1929
IV.    Course files, circa 1920-1968

Covers courses primarily from the 1920s through the 1950s, including courses taught by Farber, his notes as a student, and his students' notes. All titles were taken directly from Farber's original folder headings.

Arranged by course number.

Box-folder Contents
34.1 Philosophy 101, 1931-1932, undated; includes "The Labor Problem as Viewed by Recent Social Science Writers," notes.
34.2-34.4 Philosophy 201: Ethics, introduction, 1930, 1943, no date; includes Lorraine Florence Walle's "Introduction to Philosophy" notebook, notes.
34.5-34.6 Philosophy 202, circa 1934-1937, undated; includes notes taken by Howard Duerr, clippings.
34.7 Philosophy 203-204: Logic I, 1937-1938, 1947,undated; includes course outline, notes, clippings.
34.8 Philosophy 203-204: Logic II, 1931, 1958,undated; includes lecture outlines, notes.
34.9 Philosophy 203-204: Logic III, 1931-1932,undated; includes notes, clippings.
34.10 Philosophy 203-204: Logic IV, 1937, 1948,undated; includes notes, clippings.
34.11 Philosophy 203-204: Logic V, 1935, 1956, undated; includes notes, clippings.
34.12 Philosophy 203-204: Logic VI, 1947; includes notes.
34.13 Philosophy 203-204: Logic of relations, undated; includes notes.
34.14-34.15 Philosophy 203-204: Logic notes, circa 1930-1951; includes notes, clippings.
35.1-35.2 Philosophy 203-204, circa 1930-1941, undated; includes 1933 Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors, notes, clippings.
35.3 Philosophy 301-205, circa 1925-1943, undated; includes notes.
35.4 Philosophy 205, 301, 401, circa 1921-1931, undated; includes "Pythagorean Science," notes.
35.5 Philosophy 401 (301?), circa 1925-1943,undated; includes notes.
35.6 Philosophy 301, 401, circa 1925-1940, undated; includes course exam, notes.
35.7 Philosophy 302, 401, circa 1925-1950,undated; includes course exams, notes.
35.8 Philosophy 302, 401, 301, circa 1925-1931, undated; includes student paper, notes.
35.9 Philosophy 308, circa 1955-1965; includes February, 1957 class attendance, course exam, notes.
35.10 Philosophy 309: Modern Logic, circa 1937, undated; includes student notes, Farber's notes.
35.11 Philosophy 405: Ethics, Perry's outline, circa 1920-1928; includes "Perry's Outline of Ethics" (Harvard University, 1920-1921), notes.
35.12 Philosophy 505: Knowledge and reality, notes of Howard Duerr, 1938-1940; includes Duerr's 1938-1939 notes, Farber's notes.
35.13 Topics: recent past, Philosophy 587, circa 1967-1973; includes Philosophy 598 exam, 1973 list of courses taught by Farber, Philosophy 587 notes.
35.14 Philosophy 616: Kant seminar, 1962-1963; includes notes.

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Farber, Marvin, 1901- Aspects of phenomenology and existentialism
Hook, Sidney, 1902-1989
Husserl, Edmund, 1859-1938
Israel, E. Philip
Israel, Helen
Opler, Marvin K. (Marvin Kaufmann), 1914-1981
Polin, Raymond, 1918-
Riepe, Dale Maurice, 1918-
Sellars, Wilfrid
State University of New York at Buffalo. University Archives
Stein, Edith, Saint, 1891-1942
University of Buffalo. Dept. of Philosophy
White, Morton Gabriel, 1917-
Avey, Albert E. (Albert Edwin), 1886-1963
Baylis, Charles Augustus, 1902-
Beck, Lewis White
Breda, H. L. van (Herman Leo van)
Bykhovskii, Bernard Emmanuilovich, 1898-
Capen, Samuel Paul, 1878-1956
Cerf, Walter
Chisholm, Roderick M.
Cho, Kah Kyung
Clements, Tad S.
Cornu, Auguste
De Kresz, Geza, 1881-1959
De Kresz, Norah, 1882-1960
Dewey, John, 1859-1952
Ducasse, Curt John, 1881-1969
Evans, D. Luther (Daniel Luther), 1895-1979
Farber, Marvin, 1901- Aspects of phenomenology and existentialism from 1945-1948
Gonseth, Ferdinand, 1890-
Gracia, Jorge J. E.
Handy, Rollo
Hartshorne, Charles, 1897-2000
Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976
Hocking, William Ernest, 1873-1966
Hofstadter, Richard, 1916-1970
Horosz, William
Horowitz, Irving Louis
Kallen, Horace Meyer, 1882-1974
Kaufmann, Fritz, 1891-1958
Kraft, Julius, 1898-1960
Kruse, Cornelius, 1893-
Mathur, Dinesh Chandra
McGill, V. J. (Vivian Jerauld), 1897-
Mins, Henry Felix, 1903-
Nagel, Ernest, 1901-
Parry, William T. (William Tuthill), 1908-1988
Perry, Ralph Barton, 1876-1957
Romanell, Patrick, 1912-
Rotenstreich, Nathan, 1914-
Ruja, Harry, 1912-
Schutz, Alfred, 1899-1959
Sellars, Roy Wood, 1880-
Somerville, John, 1905-
State University of New York at Buffalo. Dept. of Philosophy
Ushenko, Andrew Paul, 1901-
White, Leslie A., 1900-1975
Wiener, Philip P. (Philip Paul), 1905-1992
Wild, John Daniel, 1902-1972

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Husserl, Edmund, 1859-1938--Criticism and interpretation
State University of New York at Buffalo. Dept. of Philosophy--Students
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Farber, Marvin, 1901---Archives
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Philosophy, Modern--20th century
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State University of New York at Buffalo--Archives
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