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Finding Aid for the Robert Guthrie Phenylketonuria (PKU) Papers, 1949-1991 [1958-1986 bulk]


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Collection Overview

Title: Robert Guthrie Phenylketonuria (PKU) Papers, 1949-1991 [1958-1986 bulk]
Creator: Guthrie, Robert, 1916-
Extent: 37.5 linear feet (30 cartons)
Language of Material: Collection material in English.
Repository: State University of New York at Buffalo. University Archives
Abstract: Personal papers of Dr. Robert Guthrie, who is widely recognized for the development of simple screening tests that detect phenylketonuria (PKU) and other inherited metabolic diseases in newborn infants. The collection includes publicity clippings, reprints of publications, subject files, correspondence, newborn screening program tests, PKU collaborative labs, lab reports, grant files.

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[Description and dates], box/folder number,19/F/1072, Robert Guthrie Phenylketonuria (PKU) Papers, University Archives, The State University of New York at Buffalo.

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Acquisition Information

The papers of Robert Guthrie were donated to the University Archives by Robert Guthrie via Joan Edwards on August 31, 1994.

Terms of Access

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Collection processed by Archives staff in the 1990s.

Collection reboxed by William Offhaus in September, 2010.

Accruals and Additions

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Biographical Note

Dr. Robert Guthrie is widely recognized for the development of simple screening tests that detect PKU (phenylketonuria) (1961) and other inherited metabolic diseases in newborn infants.

Robert Guthrie was born 1916 in Marionville, Missouri, earned his B.A. in Premedical Studies, B.S. in Medical Science, and B.M. in Medicine from the University of Minnesota (1941-1944), his M.S. in Bacteriology and Biochemistry from the University of Maine (1942), and his M.D. and Ph.D. in Bacteriology and Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota (1945, 1946).

Dr. Guthrie was professor of microbiology (1970-1974) and professor of pediatrics and microbiology (1974-1986) at the State University of New York at Buffalo where he was research professor of pediatrics from 1971-1974. Previously, Dr. Guthrie was research associate professor of pediatrics at the State University of New York at Buffalo (1958-1971), principal cancer research scientist at Roswell Park Memorial Institute (1954-1958), assistant in the Department of Chemotherapy at the Sloan-Kettering Institute (1951-1954), professor and chairman of the Department of Bacteriology and Immunology at the University of Kansas (1949-1950), and research scientist in the Division of Experimental Biology and Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.

Scope and Content Note

Collection focuses primarily on PKU related work of Dr. Guthrie. Includes publicity clippings pertaining to research findings, related works and interests (1958-1980); reprints of Guthrie's publications (1949-1980); subject files covering various aspects of Guthrie's work and daily life (1960-1991); letters sent and received by Guthrie and collaborators (1962-1991); newborn screening program tests (1970-1986); PKU collaborative labs (1962-1990); lab reports (1959-1981); grant files (1963-1991).

Dr. Guthrie's papers are representative of his work at the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics (1958-1986) and the Department of Pediatrics at Children's Hospital in Buffalo.


Organized in eight series as follows:

I. Press Clippings, 1958-1980
II. Reprints, 1949-1990
III. Subject Files, 1960-1991
IV. International Organizations, 1979-1990
V. Correspondence, 1962-1991
VI. PKU Collaborative Labs, 1962-1990
VII. "PKU Controversy" and Lab Directors Meetings, 1965-1981
VIII. Newborn Screening Program, 1970-1986
IX. Lab Reports, 1959-1981
X. Grants, 1963-1991
X.A. National Institutes of Health, 1963-1983
X.B. Maternal Child and Health, 1966-1988
X.C. Genetics grants, 1964-1988
X.D. Grants, 1972-1980
X.E. Inactive grants, 1976-1984
XI. Miscellaneous Printed Material, 1973-1980

Container List

Carton Contents
1 Press Clippings, 1958-1980; Files include published articles concerning Dr. Guthrie's research findings, related works and interests. L.A. Times, Washington Post, New York Times, and the Buffalo News are among the news organizations represented. Photocopies as well as original articles are included in the files.

Contains 188 folders; Arranged alphabetically by name of newspaper or popular magazine. Files are in chronological order within each news organization.

Carton Contents
1 Reprints, 1949-1980; Files consist of reprints of Dr. Guthrie's publications. Topical divider headings are as follows: Appendix II: Proc. for Isolation; Application of Microb. Genetics; Chemical Genetics in Bacteria.

This series begins with a chronologically ordered section of miscellaneous reprints; Files are in chronological order by topical divider heading.

III.     Subject Files, 1960-1991

Files provide broad coverage of many aspects of Dr. Guthrie's work. Included are committee meetings, awards, correspondence, reports, articles, newsletters, manuscripts, and screening program developments.

Original folder titles have been maintained with only minor adjustments.

Files arranged alphabetically by organization or by keyword. Please note that there are two separate alphabetical runs, the first begins with carton 3 and ends with carton 9, the second begins with carton 10 and ends with carton 13.

Carton Contents
2 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) presentation - Feb 1978; Guthrie's presentation in the Symposium on Prevention of Genetic Disease and Developmental Disabilities, Feb 13, 1978. His plans, speech, and attendees' responses are included.
2 Abstracts - American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1978, and Society for Human Genetics, 1977
2 Abstracts from Annual Meeting, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, DC, Feb 1978
2 American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD) San Francisco Awards Committee Meeting, 1980
2 American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD) Meeting, Detroit, Michigan, May 24-29, 1981
2 American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD) Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 30, 1984
2 American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD) Prevention Committee, circa 1970-1990 -- meetings
2 American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD) Prevention Committee, 1977
2 American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD) - Robert Guthrie Medicine Division Executive Committee, 1982-1984
2 American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD) Prevention Committee through Sept 1977, 1976-1977
2 Ada's "Cookbook"; Test procedures for newborn screening (Auxanographic, galactosemia and valinemia) prepared by Mrs. Ada Susi
2 American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD) Meeting Calendar, Questionnaire and Replies, Jan 1978
2 Ad Hoc Committee on Promotions to Research Rank, 1976-1978
2 Air Conditioning - Acheson Hall, 1979-1988; Maintenance orders; importance of maintaining air quality for lab tests, etc
2 Ad Hoc Committee on Mental Health, 1978-1979; Reviews the Erie County Mental Health Department
2 Albany Meeting - Feb 1976-1977; Meeting concerning Clinical Aspects of Newborn Screening: Problems and Possible Solutions held Feb 13, 1976 in Albany, New York
2 Albany Meeting, 1973; Dr. William H. Murphey's distributed materials concerning the detection and confirmation of galactosemia using dried PKU blood specimens
2 Alpha-Feto Protein; Proposed rules (Federal Register) concerning test kits, Nov 1980
2 Ambrus Grant; Immobilized enzymes for management of Phenylketonuria, Dec 1979; Use of enzyme-reactors for management of phenylketonuria, Aug 1984, Dr. Clara Ambrus.
2 American Academy of Pediatrics, 1977-1978; Ad hoc Genetics committee
2 American Baby Article - thyroid testing on newborns, 1978
2 American Associated University Affiliated Programs for Developmentally Disabled (DD); Programs are listed by state, 1979
2 Arkansas - The Governor's Conference Cooperative Efforts in Mental Retardation Prevention - Mar 27-29, 1979, Arkadelphia, AK
2 Auto Seat Restraints - The New York Safety Belt Use Law, 1983-1984 (contains 1975 article on child auto safety)
2 Bacillus Subtilis Spores and Standards - spores used for testing newborns, 1977-1980
2 Bessman Testimony; Dr. Samuel Bessman submitted a deposition Dec 13, 1976, on behalf of the plaintiffs (Gemeinhardt) claiming damages sustained when their son was diagnosed with PKU at the age of 6 years
2 Biochemical Genetics Private Lab; Concerns Doctors' complaints as to the physical location of the lab in relation to Children's Hospital, 1981-1982
2 Biochemical Genetics Service Law Report to Children's Hospital (CH), 1979-1980
2 Billings - Oct 1977 [American Association on Mental Disability] Prevention Workshop in Billings, MT, Oct 27-9, 1977
2 Biochemistry Course, 1979-1980; Biochemistry 521 Nutrition Section Lecture Materials and Test questions
2 Biomedical Research Support Grant Children's Hospital (CH); Blank grant application forms and guidelines
2 Birthday Party (70th); June 1986 -- also Retirement; letters of congratulations; guest list
2 BLATT manuscript: "How I Developed the PKU Test," Sept 18, 1981; Guthrie's chapter in Perspectives in Special Education, Blatt and Morris, eds. "Screening for PKU" or "Explorations in Prevention," 1982-1983
2 Boggs Prevention manuscript; "The Federal Roles in Prevention of Mental Retardation," Elizabeth M. Boggs, PhD Manuscript, 1978
2 Brandon Reports; Mr. Gatlin Brandon, Portland, Oregon, Regional Screening Center, 1976-1984
2 Breast-feeding as medication; Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes -- WHO/UNICEF "Advocates human milk as the food of choice for infants," 1977-1981
2 Budget Cuts -- information on Reagan's Federal Budget cuts to programs for the Handicapped, 1981; Soliciting letters to congressmen opposing these cuts
2 Buffalo Foundation T4 Grant - Manpower Money; Hypothyroidism Grant, 1975-1977
2 Buswell Committee, 1980
2 California, 1982; Dept of Health Services' Newborn Screening Program -- Budget, Auditor General's Report; response to questions posed by the Legislature
2 California Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC), Ted Johnson, 1982
2 California Collaboration, 1978; Program at Los Angeles Children's Hospital for testing pregnant women and newborns
3 Canadian Prevention films and tapes, 1977
3 Carter [Roslyn] address to National Association for Retarded Citizens (NARC) 1977[-1978] President's Committee on Mental Retardation
3 Center for Disease Control (CDC) II, 1972-1974; collaboration with Dr. John A. Ambrose
3 Center for Disease Control (CDC), 1977 - EPP test, budget
3 CDC-FEP (Center for Disease Control/Federal Employee Program) Application, Jan 1975; Research plan, budget
3 Construction Employment and Training Administration (CETA) Application, Sept 1978; EPP Test for Detection of Lead Poisoning and Iron in Deficiency Anemia - Research proposal to the county for CETA employees
3 Chancellor's Medal, 1987
3 Children's Hospital of Buffalo (CH) Research Council, 1979
3 Child Health Assurance Program (CHAP), 1979; Congressional Record transcripts from the House debate
3 Cholesterol, 1975; - Bibliography and test procedure
3 Comprehensive Health Planning Council II [WNY]; Members, meeting dates, agenda, budget, 1975
3 Computers and Mentally Retarded (MR) Adults; Programs on the use of computers in special education, 1987
3 Computer Workshop, Apr 21, 1986; "Microcomputers in Special Education" taught at Buffalo State College by Drs. Bruce Baum and Phillip Weaver; contains article by Mary C. Wilson
3 Pediatric Continuing Medical Education (Ped. Cont. Med. Ed.), 1979; Perinatal Nutrition and the Development of the Gastrointestinal Tract, June 1979
3 "CPK"; A method for screening blood, 1974-1975; German documentation
3 Connecticut Rh Summary; Report on Rh disease prevention, 1977
3 Heminway, Diane, Citizen Organization to Protect the Environment (COPE), 1986-1987; Environmental causes of mental retardation
3 Correspondence - concerning medical supplies, specimens, galley proofs, etc.; 1977-1978
3 Cost-Benefits of Screening, 1972-1976; Various states' reports
3 "Current and Newer Aspects of NB [newborn] screening" by Guthrie from Research to Practice in Mental Retardation, Biomedical Aspects Volume III, Peter Mittler, ed, circa 1977; Reprint of article
3 Cut-backs in Mental Health Programs in Erie County, 1976; Guthrie's attempts to persuade County legislators to maintain programs for Mentally Retarded
3 Cystic Fibrosis - Screening test for newborn (NB) and heterozygotes; Project at Children's Hospital, 1978-1979
3 Data on Non-PKU infants, 1975; From France, Switzerland, Scotland, New Zealand, England, Austria
3 Dana Award, 1986; Nomination of Guthrie for the Charles A. Dana award for Pioneering Achievements in Health
3 Developmental Disabilities (DD) Grant, 1981; Application for funds from Western New York Task Force on Prevention of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities - projects on fetal alcohol syndrome, car restraint seats, lead poisoning, teenage education for prevention
3 Doll, Margaret; Ms. Doll was a patient, and niece, of Dr. Guthrie's undergoing treatment for PKU. It was her diagnosis in 1960 that led to the development of PKU screening. File contains documentation of her development and medical history. Most information from 1985-1986.
3 Dear Doctor letter, Aug 26, 1975; Plea to doctors to participate in screening of pre-school children for lead poisoning or iron deficiency anemia in 1975; another version of letter sent in 1978; journal articles in support are included
3 Dietary Management of PKU; Book and materials references are included; diet sheet; blood drawing instructions, information from 1977
3 ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) method ( Lancet, Aug 21, 1976, p. 406)
3 Faculty Expertise - Children's Hospital (CH), 1980; Research activity of faculty
3 Akram Fazel; A PhD candidate ( 1978, microbiology), who worked with Guthrie, and native of Afghanistan. He worked toward developing tests of metabolic errors in Afghani children.
3 Film (The Golden - "Mass Screening" for IEM film), 1980-1986; Mass Screening of Newborn Infants for Inborn Errors of Metabolism, produced by Michael Golden, by Dr. Guthrie; File contains letters of interest, purchase information and borrowing records. Description and transcript of film is included.
3 E COLI (Galactosemia), 1981-1983; Paigen and Pacholec's method of screening neonates for galactosemia, for detecting a strain of e coli that can lead to metabolic abnormalities
3 E. Coli W Procedure; Using a galactose-sensitive mutant of Escherichia Coli in screening blood for galactose elevation, 1970-1975
3 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS); Guthrie's contribution to the bill requiring health warnings on alcoholic beverage bottles; educational campaign for pregnant women, 1979-1985.
3 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) Comparison; Comparison between the Chisholm liquid extraction and Guthrie filter paper method, 1983-1985.
3 (Eiken) Galactose Screening Kit; Eiken Chemical Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan developed a screening kit. US distributor is Syn-kit Inc. in Chatsworth, California, 1983.
3 Galactose-Robertson Misuma; Hill-Misuma Screening Test -- method of screening newborns for galactosemia. Dr. Robertson of Australia sent Guthrie a draft of a paper describing the test he helped develop, 1982
3 GAO Report to Congress; "Preventing Mental Retardation -- More Can Be Done," Oct 1977;Guthrie participated in President's Committee on Mental Retardation, contributing info on metabolic disorders and lead poisoning.
3 Garrettson and Guthrie manuscript, 1970s; "Absorption of Phenylalanine in the Human"
3 Garrick's Procedures, Jan 1978; procedure for screening for 5-oxoprolinuria (elevations of which contribute to GSH deficiency)
3 GC/MS/DS - First Write Up; [Regional Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) Service Program]. Screen and diagnose "children with suspected inherited metabolic disorders which present with abnormal organic acid profiles," 1980; Purchasing of equipment from Finnigan Corporation with grant money, 1977.
3 Genetics Divisional Review, Oct 1979; Revision of the Genetics curriculum at State University of New York at Buffalo: Consolidate genetics departments in Medicine and Pediatrics.
3 Genetics Course, 1977; Course schedule, teaching sessions, faculty groups
3 "Genetic Screening," National Academy of Sciences, 1975; Reprint of article.
3 Georgia Health Department and Bill; Georgia's PKU Law, procedures. Senate bill 486 -- Code Chapter 88-12; Guthrie's correspondence, 1974-1983.
3 Goldberg TNT; Dr. Doris Goldberg, Virginia, TNT screen, 1978
3 Governor's Conference on Prevention; establishing legislation on the prevention of developmental disabilities and infant mortality, 1981-1983
3 Grant cuts; Letters to Congressmen and senators requesting continued support of research projects in the face of budget cuts, 1982
3 Gray; National Association of Retarded Children, community projects for retarded citizens, alternate living arrangements for handicapped people, 1977; George Gray, West Sand Lake, New York.
3 John Guthrie Fragile X, 1981; Testing Guthrie's son for fragile x chromosome, testing for the x-linked recessive form of mental retardation, 1981-1982
3 Tom Guthrie final report, May 1974; Testing urine samples of retarded patients using gas chromatography
4 Lab 78; Revised editions of Guthrie's manuscript on screening programs.
5 Lead mail out, December 1983; news clippings, forms, results
5 Lead Advisory Committee, 1974-1977
5 Lead Legislation - Garcia, 1986
5 Lead Program/Patterson, 1980-1989

Portions of this folder are closed until January, 2089. Records that contain personally identifiable information are restricted in order to protect individual privacy. According to HIPAA Privacy Regulations patient evaluations and medical records are closed for 50 years after date of death. If date of death is unknown, records are closed for 100 years from date of creation.

5 Lead Poisoning - miscellaneous articles, 1971-1973
5 Lead Group - Graziano, 1986-1987; news clippings, forms, results
5 Lead Testing at the Erie County Fair, 1974; news clippings, forms, results

Portions of this folder are closed until January, 2074. Records that contain personally identifiable information are restricted in order to protect individual privacy. According to HIPAA Privacy Regulations patient evaluations and medical records are closed for 50 years after date of death. If date of death is unknown, records are closed for 100 years from date of creation.

5 Lead Screening, 1980 1980-1982; Letters from clinics performing screening; newspaper articles; press releases; congressional reports,

Portions of this folder are closed until January, 2082. Records that contain personally identifiable information are restricted in order to protect individual privacy. According to HIPAA Privacy Regulations patient evaluations and medical records are closed for 50 years after date of death. If date of death is unknown, records are closed for 100 years from date of creation.

5 Lead Testing, Additional Funds from New York State for; State Department of Health funds, county health departments, 1983-1985
5 Dr. Levy, 1976

This folder is closed until January, 2076. Records that contain personally identifiable information are restricted in order to protect individual privacy. According to HIPAA Privacy Regulations patient evaluations and medical records are closed for 50 years after date of death. If date of death is unknown, records are closed for 100 years from date of creation.

5 Library Donations; Detailed list of publications donated by Guthrie, ranging from the 1940s to the 1970s.
5 MacCready correspondence; American Association on Mental Disability (AAMD) conference in Stowe, Vermont in Oct 1985. MacCready is a colleague who lives in New Hampshire. Earlier correspondence deals with legislation efforts and collaboration on research, 1977-1985.
5 Malnutrition (Guthrie's "position paper" from Mental Retardation News, Dec 1970)
5 Maryland State Health Department, 1975-1980

Portions of this folder are closed until January, 2080. Records that contain personally identifiable information are restricted in order to protect individual privacy. According to HIPAA Privacy Regulations patient evaluations and medical records are closed for 50 years after date of death. If date of death is unknown, records are closed for 100 years from date of creation.

5 Malnutrition manuscript (Ramirez, Illinois); Raymond R. Ramirez, Council Administrator, Governor's Advisory Council on Developmental Disabilities, Illinois. Guthrie's Manuscript on the relationship between nutrition and mental development.
5 Manual on Screening, 1976; Rough draft, July 12, 1971
5 Maternal PKU Collaborative Study [NMPKUCS]; Manual 1984-1985; National Conference in Bethesda, May 20, 1985; schedule of clinic visits and tests
5 Harrell [Dr. Ruth]/megavitamins, 1982; Megadose/supplements/vitamins for mentally retarded children as therapy
5 Meyer Hospital Teaching clinic, 1977-1978
5 Michigan; Newborn Screening for Hypothyroidism, Michigan Department of Public Health, 1976
5 Microbiology Course, 1979
5 Minnesota; St. Paul screening program, 1976-1977
5 Monitoring for PHE - MS Revised; [Blood Phenylalanine], 1971
5 Montana; Convention on May 18-20, 1978; State of Montana Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council, 1977-1978; state infant screening tests 1974-1975; Montana Department of Health & Environmental Sciences Laboratory Bulletin, 1972-1977
5 "Model" plan PCMR; Model State Plan on Prevention by Guthrie and Maureen Young, 1984; President's Committee on Mental Retardation, 1983-1984
5 Move #3 - 1976 from Bell to Acheson; Pediatrics moved from Bell to Acheson Hall, 1976-1978
5 Blueprints, Dec 12, 1977; Acheson Hal, Pediatrics Office Complex
5 Mental Retardation (MR) Public Meetings; RETAP[?], People Inc. , ARC [Association for Retarded Children]; 1977-1978
5 Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD); "Newborn Screening for Maple Syrup Urine Disease," Pediatrics 61(2), Feb 1978 with Edwin W. Naylor
5 Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) - San Diego, 1977; Symposium held in San Diego; manuscript, appendices; draft proceedings; Carter Budget for National Institutes of Health (NIH), 1978
5 Multiple Auxotrophs; Test for Organic Acid and Amino Aciduria, 1978-1979
5 Murphey's Modification of Beutler test; (Beutler's test for Galactosemia), no date
5 Murphey Procedure; "A Simple Fluorometric Assay of Free Protoporphyrin (FPP) in Erythrocytes as a Screening Test for Lead-Poisoning," William H. Murphey, Adam P. Orfanos and Robert Guthrie, 1976-1977
6 National Association for Retarded Citizens Task Force, Jan 1976-1978; note: "Old NARC Task Force in File #8 NARC"
6 National Association for Retarded Citizens (NARC) Meeting, Boston, Nov 1978
6 National Association for Retarded Citizens (NARC) Prevention Meeting, New Orleans, July 1978
6 National Association for Retarded Citizens (NARC) Screening Survey, Jan 1980
6 National Association for Retarded Citizens (NARC) in New York, 1977 [1976-1979]
6 National Association for Retarded Citizens (NARC) Task Force, 1979
6 National Enquirer, 1978; Reporter's Story on Guthrie's Work
6 Nevada; Establishing Screening Center in Nevada, 1976
6 News Articles; Clin Chem News, Pediatric News, New Scientist, New York Times, Psychiatric News, The Lancet, etc., 1976-1981: articles on PKU testing, child safety seats, lead poisoning, etc.
6 New Jersey Association for Retarded Citizens Meeting, May 1979
6 National Organization for Rare Disorders; First Annual Meeting, May 9, 1983, New York City
6 Neural-Tube Defects; Articles from The Lancet, 1977; Symposium for Health Professionals on Pre-natal Detection and Diagnosis of Neural-Tube Defects, 1980
6 Nestle Boycott; seven year boycott of Nestle products because of a failure to adhere to international code for marketing milk powder supplements [1977-1984]
6 New Jersey Anti-Lead [Poisoning], 1983-1984
6 New York State Association for Retarded Children (NYS-ARC) Prevention Action Plan, 1981-1982
6 New York State Long-Term Tracking Program; PKU - identified infants are tracked to monitor treatment and to prevent passing it down during pregnancy, 1982-1985
6 Closing New York City Lab 6-81 - Hypothyroid Double Collection; Newborn screening laboratory closed in 1981, services transferred to New York State Department of Health; Budget for Hypothyroid Screenings in Western New York, 1979 (test added to screening program, 1978)
6 "Non-Recurring" Funds, 1975; Request for funds from Department of Health and Human Services' "non- recurring funds" for equipment and supplies in Portland, Oregon and Massachusetts screening labs.
6 North Carolina; Conference on Prevention of Developmental Disabilities Dec 11-13, 1985; development of screening lab, 1977; funding for prevention projects, 1990
6 North Dakota; Development of screening program for metabolic disorders in North Dakota, 1976-1977
6 Newborn Screening Newsletter #5 (never done), May 1973
6 Newborn Screening Newsletter #4, Jan 1971 [Actually 1973?]
6 Newborn Screening Newsletter #3, Oct 1970
6 Newborn Screening Newsletter #2, June 1970
6 Newborn Screening Newsletter #1, May 1970
6 Newborn Screening Newsletter - originals
6 New York State Association of Retarded Citizens Chapter Roster, 1981; note: error on original folder (NYC rather than NYS)
6 New York Health Department, 1974-1987; legislation for food-warning labels on foods that contain phenylketonuria; sickle-cell disease; histidine testing; annual on infant screening 1974-1987; statewide annual statistics; Birth Defects Institute
6 NYS MR/DD Proposal; five prevention projects, Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, 1979: I. Maternal blood screening for á-fetoprotein; II. Newborn screening in Western New York; III. A state-wide GC-MS-DS service program; IV. FEP screening of pre-school children for lead poisoning and iron deficiency anemia; and V. Protection of infants and children passengers in automobiles
6 New York State Prevention Meeting; Mental Retardation Prevention Meetings in 1977, 1978, and 1979; minutes, contents of each meeting; correspondence before and after
6 Newborn Screening Newsletter, May Questionnaires Returns; Questionnaire for newborn infant screening, 1969-1971; international respondents
6 Orfanos, Murphey, Guthrie J.Lab. Clin. Med. 89: 659, 1977; "A Simple Fluorometric assay of protoporphyrin in erythrocytes (EPP) as a screening test for lead poisoning" Galley proofs, final edition, appendix
6 Organic Acid Reports; Letters regarding amino acid analysis of patients in 1979
6 Organization of Principal Investigators (OPI), State University of New York at Buffalo; Guthrie joined OPI in 1976: OPI was formed to promote research on SUNYAB campus. Handles concerns of Research Foundation and UB Foundation. File contains meeting minutes through Oct 1978.
6 Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) Report, 1987; "Healthy Children: Investing in the Future," 1988; "Technologies for promoting and maintaining children's health," 1987
6 Partners' fund raising; Partners of the Americas: Western New York - Jamaica Partnership promotes economic, educational and social development between Buffalo and Jamaica organization chartered by Partners of the Americas, 1985-1986
6 President's Committee on Mental Retardation (PCMR) Message to Roslyn Carter, Sept 15, 1977; "A Renewed National Commitment for the Mentally Retarded"
6 President's Committee on Mental Retardation (PCMR) Showcase, Atlanta, Sept 1982; Program agenda; PCMR documentation; list of conferees; prevention activities; report from the showcase and forum
6 President's Committee on Mental Retardation (PCMR) Questionnaire; Reactions to December 1977 "International Summit on Prevention of Mental Retardation (From biomedical causes)"
7 Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Citizens (PARC) Convention, 1977; other meetings on hyperthyroidism, prevention of mental retardation, PKU, 1977; legislation concerning development of multiple newborn screening; programs, 1981; Bureau of Children's Services, Pennsylvania Department of Health; PARC Convention, 1976; neonatal screening and evaluation in Pennsylvania, 1975; Pennsylvania screening rules and regulations, 1965
7 Perinatal News - Oregon; Issues from 1974-1976
7 Perrysburg reports; case histories of mentally ill patients, written Sept-Dec 1978
7 PHE Load Write-up - M. Silverman's project - miscellaneous items; "Effects of Transient Blood Phenylalanine Elevations upon Discrimination and Reaction time in Human Subjects" investigation with Michael Silverman, 1973
7 PKU carrier testing; Article from American Journal of Human Genetics, 1978
7 PKU Sibs - Society for Pediatric Research Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, 1980; articles from pediatrics in review 1986, New England Journal of Medicine, 1981, JAMA, 1964; data on PKU siblings 1980 comparing PKU children to their siblings
7 PKU, Diet Treatment of; Articles, literature, 1970-1986
7 Pocket Planner Phone Book; Photocopies of series of pocket phone books
7 Prevention Committees Addresses American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD), Canadian Association for Mentally Retarded (CAMR), National Association for Retarded Citizens (NARC), President's Committee on Mental Retardation (PCMR), 1977-1979
7 Prevention - various articles on prevention of mental retardation, 1967-1975
7 Propaganda; Articles on prenatal screening, prevention, Dr. Guthrie's work, genetic birth defects; articles about Drs failing to apply tests that could prevent mental retardation, due to failure to prioritize or unawareness of tests; articles from 1970-1979
7 "Prevention of Handicap..." Wynn and Wynn; Articles by English researchers Margaret and Arthur Wynn, 1976-1978
7 Prevention of Mental Retardation (MR) manuscript R.G., 1971; AAMD Prevention committee meeting in Syracuse, 1977; Dr. Guthrie's "Prevention..." article 1971 and 1975 revision
7 Prevention Handbook information; National Association for Retarded Citizens (NARC) Prevention Handbook drafts, contents, cost estimate, 1974
7 Envelope from Audrey R. McMahon (Lawrenceville, New Jersey) containing issues of Rehabilitation World and ACLD Newsbriefs, 1976-1977; soliciting Dr. Guthrie for help with efforts on prevention
7 Gene Patterson, Consultant Program Services, National Association for Retarded Citizens (NARC), 1972-1973; Prevention activities, handbook, projects
7 Pueschel Manuscript, Feb 1983; Guthrie contributed a chapter entitled "Prevention of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities" co-authored with Joan Edwards, for a book edited by Siegfried Pueschel entitled Prevention of Developmental Disabilitiess; manuscripts and speeches to Pueschel from 1982-1990 completion of book
7 Quebec Genetics Program; "The Quebec Network for Genetic Medicine" from Genetic Screening: Programs, Principles and Research, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC, 1975
7 Racine Presentation, Dec 1977, minutes and agenda; Summit on Prevention of Mental Retardation from Biomedical Causes held at Wingspread, Wisconsin, Dec 15-16, 1977; Guthrie's presentation on metabolic screening of newborns
7 Racine, Dec 14-17,1977; Press reaction to Wingspread conference Dec 1977; Conference program, information on the Wingspread Conference Center (Frank Lloyd Wright); Conference sponsored by President's Committee on Mental Retardation, American Association on Mental Deficiency, Canadian Association for the Mentally Retarded, and the National Association for Retarded Citizens; Conference invitations and details are included
7 Recycling - miscellaneous articles and letters, circa 1973-1974; Occupational Training Center (OTC) founded in 1964 to rehabilitate mentally or physically handicapped, or misdiagnosed as such, people and training them to lead productive, financially independent lives. Metropolitan Recycling Center, founded 1971, is a division of OTC. Project RETAP and Youth-NARC were active with this venture.
7 Regionalization of screening; A program by which large regional areas in the US can employ automated laboratory equipment to screen for several metabolic disorders cost-effectively. Conditions to screen for include PKU, hypothyroidism, Galactosemia, Histidinemia, and Maple Syrup Urine Disease (and others); Development from 1972-1977
7 Regional Genetics Program of Western New York, Feb 1977
7 Retap Meeting, Mar 21, 1977; Federal grant application for funding for services for mentally retarded, 1974; documentation on alternative living arrangements for mentally retarded, 1974; Meetings of Project RETAP 1977, 1978; Member information, Board of Directors
7 Project RETAP; RETAP means to Recruit, Evaluate, Train, Assess, and Place young retarded adults as useful members of our society. Project Retap formally began in 1970. An advocate group for the adult retarded; Meetings from, 1973-1987; Officers and Directors 1987; 1987 Calendar; Meeting minutes and agendae, treasurer's report; information about the RETAP store (thrift shop); Guthrie was program director 1977, President in 1975; Grant request for state financial support for recycling program through OTC [Occupational Training Center] (turned down), 1974
7 Rh; Rh Hemolytic Disease, 1967-1983; Articles, research, prevention programs
7 RH Summary [sic], 1979; Connecticut Rh Registry Annual Statewide Summary 1979
8 Rhode Island Manuscript: Mulick, 1983; Manuscript of Guthrie's article "Prevention of Developmental Disabilities at the Community Level: A Strategy for Organization" in Transitions in Mental Retardation, edited by J. Mulick and B. Mallory, 1984, Ablex Pub. Corp, New Jersey; Mulick is from Rhode Island chapter of American Association of Mental Retardation (AAMD)
8 Rochester Developmental Disabilities (Roch DD) Handouts; Rochester, statewide task force on prevention of Developmental Disabilities, 1977-1978
8 Rowley manuscript; "Genetic Screening: Marvel or Menace?," Peter T. Rowley, University of Rochester professor of medicine, Feb 1984, for Science
8 Sabbatical, 1975-1976; Invitation for Guthrie to spend a two year sabbatical (1975-1976) in Los Angeles Children's Hospital
8 Sabbatical, 1980; Auckland, New Zealand, for six months from October 1980-March 1981; also visits to Japan and Australia
8 Sacramento; Development of California statewide screening program, 1975-1976
8 Sacramento Correspondence; Guthrie's application for reciprocal medical license in California, 1975; development of regional screening center in California 1975-1976; Guthrie served as a consultant to the California State Department of Health from July to Sept 1975, providing assistance in development of their screening program.
8 Saskatchewan Institute on Handicaps; Prevention projects in Saskatchewan, 1978
8 Sickle Cell; Documentation, research and projects on screening and prevention of sickle cell disease, 1987; screening program information, 1979
8 Silverman manuscript - submitted to Lancet, Dec 1974; Guthrie sent this to Lancet in 1974 (but it was rejected), authored with Mike Silverman; "The Effects of Blood Phenylalanine Elevation on Response time and Discrimination Ability"
8 Slides; Contains tables of data on diabetes and PKU screening
8 Slides; More tables, charts
8 Slides, Jan 1970; More tables, charts
8 Slides; Photographs of materials possibly used in slide show - "A Simple Phenylalanine Method for Detecting PKU in Large Populations of Newborn Infants"
8 For Slides; Charts, tables, graphs, excerpts
8 Robert Guthrie's California Correspondence, 1975-1976; Guthrie served as a consultant in Sacramento, California Department of Health, setting up a statewide screening program.
8 South Carolina; Correspondence from 1976-1984 regarding the development of a screening program in South Carolina. Guthrie dispensed advice and supplies to the clinic.
8 South Dakota; In 1977 South Dakota began to develop a developmental disabilities prevention program.
8 Space, 1980: Outline of plans for facilities space allotment for the Human/Medical Genetics departments of Pediatrics and Medicine at State University of New York at Buffalo, 1979-1980.
8 State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNYAB) Film Department; Information about a prospective University Film Service through which students and faculty could obtain production and viewing services of commercial or in-house films; A description of needs, services, and possibilities is included as well as estimates for costs of film production, no date
8 Swedish doctors Phe graphs, Nov 1977; Graphs for phenylalanine data given to Guthrie by Dr. Goren Bodegard in Stockholm, 1977.
8 Syracuse; Syracuse Developmental Disabilities Service Office-Upstate Medical Center Contract for Directors of Medical Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy (PT/OT) services; project began in 1982; includes contract, scope and interim report.
8 Szymanski manuscript; Manuscript of article sent to Hospital and Community Psychiatry by Herman V. Szymanski in 1984 entitled "Screening for Phenylketonuria in Chronic Psychiatric Inpatients"
8 Dr. Szymanski; Copies of check requests for reimbursement for travel, mail, and other expenses; Dr. Szymanski was Guthrie's colleague at Department of Pediatrics, 1981-1984
8 T4/TSH; T4 and TSH are tests for newborn screening to detect hypothyroidism; T4 is used in the United States and Canada while European countries and Japan use TSH. The benefits of the two methods are compared and debated.
8 Tallon Bill; Bill introduced to the New York State Assembly (A. 3528-B) by Tallon in 1983, dealing with metabolic disorders screening and counseling program.
8 Tennessee; Development of screening program in Tennessee, 1977-1980.
8 Texas; Materials and correspondence regarding the Texas Department of Health screening program, 1977-1987.
8 Thin-Layer Chromatographic (TLC) Write-Up; A Method for testing for the detection of amino acid abnormalities, 1969-1971.
8 TLC (Thin-Layer Chromatographic) and BIA Comparison 72; comparison of two newborn screening methods, 1972-1973; international project. Note: BIA likely stands for bioimmunoassay or bioelectrical impedance analysis
8 Transient Neonatal Tyrosinaemia (TNT) manuscript, Jan 1981; article submitted to Pediatrics in January 1981
8 Transient Neonatal Tyrosinaemia (TNT); manuscript and working data for Guthrie's article, "Status of Children with Blood Transient Tyrosine Elevations during the Neonatal Period," 1977
8 Today Show, Feb 19, 1963; Guthrie appeared on NBC's "The Today Show" in 1963 to discuss his work in prevention of mental retardation. A transcript of the show is included
8 Tokyo paper; Guthrie submitted a manuscript to Exerpta Medica to be published in the symposium proceedings, International Meeting on Neonatal Screening (Tokyo, August 16-21, 1982), entitled "A Comparison of Three Newborn Screening Tests for Galactosemia"
8 Tomorrow's Child; Transcript from the narrated slide presentation entitled "Tomorrow's Child," 1977
8 Townsend award for Dr. MacCready; Award presented to outstanding contributors to the prevention of mental retardation by the American Association of Mental Retardation (AAMD); Drs. Guthrie and MacCready received this award in 1985; transcript of the award ceremony is included
8 Tyrosine Study, 1972; Michael Silverman executed a study on newborns in order to determine the tyrosine count at different stages, 1972
8 Tyrosine - miscellaneous articles etc.about Tyrosine, 1970-1976
8 Urea cycle test meeting; Testing for urea cycle disorders, began in January 1981 and was discontinued soon thereafter due to budget and personnel problems
8 Urine Screening articles by Turner, Levy and Masters, 1968-1976
8 Utah; Guthrie wrote a letter to Dr. Melvin Gortatowski of Utah Social Services inviting him to attend a demonstration on laboratory computerization in Studio City, California, Sept 1980; he invited several other people as well from other states.
8 Veale's Tokyo Presentation, 1982; "Anatomy of Laboratory Procedures," only the Appendix is included
8 Virginia; Correspondence to and from medical specialists in Virginia, concerning the development and refinement of screening programs; 1978-1979.
8 Virginia Prevention Meeting; 1983 "Virginia Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities Prevention Conference" Williamsburg, Virginia, includes transcript, proceedings; 1984 "Action for Prevention" first annual meeting, Oct 26, 1984 in Richmond, Virginia; 1985 "Williamsburg Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities Prevention Conference," Dec 12-13, 1985
8 Visas; Applications for visas for travel 1980-1984; Kuwait, Japan, Taiwan, People's Republic of China, and New Zealand
9 Warner letter "Cures," Aug 30, 1977; Dr. Robert Warner's response to a National Association for Retarded Citizens article "Cures for Mental Retardation" by Dr. Frand Menolascino (president of NARC); Guthrie responded to Warner's remarks.
9 Washington, DC; Issues of Infant Screening, publication of the Children's Brain Research Clinic, Washington, DC, 1979-1984; DC legislation on newborn screening: bill #3-126, 1979
9 Washington, State of; Development of screening program in Washington, 1976-1982; Guthrie visited Seattle in 1975 to make presentations & meet with doctors; he also made a trip to Washington in 1974
9 WHIG (World Hunger Interest Group SUNY at Buffalo) activities, 1987-1988
9 Willer proposal to Hitachi; Barry Willer, PhD, associate professor at UB School of Medicine, proposed in 1986 a joint meeting between North America and Japan in the field of prevention of developmental handicaps, to be funded by the Hitachi Foundation. They did not support the idea (didn't fit into the scope of the Foundation's guidelines) but Willer forwarded the request to the National Science Foundation. No mention of the outcome.
9 Wisconsin; Low Protein Cookery for PKU by Virginia Schuett, MS, RN, of the Waisman Center on Mental Retardation and Human Development (Madison, WI) proposed using the funds generated by the sale of this book to subsidize a national PKU newsletter, 1988; letter to the Nutrasweet company suggesting educating people affected by PKU, 1985; correspondence regarding the development of a screening laboratory in Wisconsin 1977-1983; Wisconsin enactment of a bill mandating infant testing for various abnormalities, 1978
9 Western New York Prevention Conference; Western New York Conference on the Prevention of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, May 20-23, 1980; plans, proceedings and attendees information included; copy of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Task Force Report (to the Governor), 1979
9 Western New York Prevention Meeting ,May 1980; SUNY Buffalo Continuing Medical Education forms and procedures, 1982; participants in 1980 WNY Conference submitted 2-3 multiple choice questions to be given during conference; Conference agenda, speakers, evaluations, expenses
9 Western New York Prevention Meeting information - miscellaneous; correspondence; solicitations for corporate sponsorship of conference in May 1980; Government reports and handbooks on prevention
9 Alice Welch's write-up on McFee, Aug 1980; Medical studies of chemical compounds, written & charted by Welch.
9 Wyoming; Correspondence concerning the development of PKU screening clinic in Wyoming
9 Albany Blood Spots; Results of a study using combination standards in conjunction with the Guthrie bacterial inhibition assay, 1980
9 Standards comparison: our lab - Albany, 1981
9 Blood collection and instructions; family survey questionnaire, 1970
9 Blood spotting procedure, Aug 1981
9 Answers from State Health Labs re: Quality Control (Blood Spots) standards, Mar 20, 1980 ; Additional letters from all over
9 Notes on Collaborative Study; Collaborative Project Reporter no. 18, April 1960; "Medical Centers Probe Pre-Birth Mysteries" by Dr. Richard L. Masland, 1959; "Statement" by Arthur S. Flemming, Apr 7, 1959; Reference to Study Procedures, Public Health Service, 1961 (plus supplement)
9 Cystic Fibrosis; Ed Naylor; CH# 2791; 1981 - 8250-6412A
9 [untitled]; Contains information on the status of infant screening all over the world, 1982-1985
9 [untitled]; Contains screening data from countries all over the world, 1980-1981
9 Cholesteral [sic]; Articles on cord blood cholesterol, 1971-1972
9 Screening data, 1980, for grant application, 1982-1983
9 Newborn Screening Data from "Multiple Test Laboratories" through 1980
9 Newborn Screening Data from "Multiple Test Laboratories" through 1979
9 Equipment Inventory; June 20, 1975
9 Environmental Safety; State University of New York (SUNY) Environmental Health and Safety Policies and Procedures, Oct 15, 1974
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) Results, 1981
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) Results, 1982
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) Lab License, May 1983
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) [testing on] New Admissions
9 New Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) Filter Papers, 1985; design suggestions for new form
9 Bill Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP); Guthrie's notebook containing data from research project, 1973; "A Simple Fluorometric Assay of Free Protoporphyrin (FPP) in Erythrocytes as a screening test for Lead Poisoning"
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) letter to doctors, no date
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) Results, 1981
9 Patterson, Bob (Children's Hospital), Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) Study, 1985
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) Quality Control Dr. Mitchell (Toxicology Institute, New York State Department of Health), 1981
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP), Dr. Puleo, Apr 1975; Minutes from meeting regarding FEP test
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) [Dear] Dr. letter, no date
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) Report St Louis and Connecticut, no date
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) - Reproducibility, 1974
9 Responses from Counties re: FEP screening funds, July 3, 1983; Counties across New York State participated in a lead screening program agreement
9 EPP in Suburbs, 1975
9 Fragile X; articles from 1980-1981
9 Abnormal FEP; research data containing FEP levels in patients, 1980
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) cost per patient, 1983
9 Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) Procedure, no date
9 Hill Method Galactosemia; "a simple screening test for Galactosemia," 1983
9 Clinical Genetics, Dr. Porter, 1980 - New York State Department of Health
9 Mark George (patient); Data on patient and patient's parents, 1967; results from patients' blood phenylalanine levels tests 1966; article about Guthrie from Washington Post 1965; text from Congressional Record 1965: Senator Long discussing Guthrie's work.
9 Human Subjects; Samples of forms used to obtain permission to perform experiments using human subjects, no date; government regulations regarding the protection of human subjects, 1982; various review board investigations, 1970s-1980s
9 Human Subjects - New methods to screen for lead exposure, project from 1982-1983
9 Blood Spot Procedure, 1977-1979
9 Histidinemia Conference, 1981; Held in Asilomar, California on March 24, 1982.
9 Humphrey Bill Newborn screening, 1978; Bill drafted by Senator Hubert Humphrey to encourage screening for metabolic disorders
9 Insurance for Equipment, 1985-1986
9 Job Descriptions for Institute for Basic Research (IBR), 1984-1986
9 Instructions for taking blood; in Swedish and English, no date
9 Data Screening Mentally Retarded (MR) and Mentally Ill (M. Ill) Institutions, 1966-1970
10 Johnson Foundation Application; Requesting support for the development of a model for a state-wide program for lead screening, 1983
10 Kelly Green[e]; patient tested in 1969
10 Load Test Manhardt and Podsiadlo and Bartholomew and DiBartolo; Tests were performed on the parents of PKU babies to determine if they were carriers 1971
10 Lead "Kohl," 1985; Article from Annals of Tropical Paediatrics, 1981 "Lead encephalopathy in infants in Kuwait"; data about Kohl eye pencils from Germany
10 Levergood, Jacque, Sept 1985; Baby tested for various disorders
10 Thompson Load Test; Parents tested for PKU gene, 1968-1971
10 Load Test; Copies of test performed and letters sent to parents regarding tests for determination of presence of PKU gene, 1971
10 Laboratory Technicians, 1984; Search process for lab technician vacancy, executed, 1984. Communications with potential applicants are included
10 Technical position through Children's Hospital, Sept 8, 1981; Position announcement and responses included.
10 Laboratory technicians, 1977; Applications for lab technician position
10 Applications for technician, 1976
10 Manuscripts; Articles describing the prevention of birth defects, 1977-1982
10 Maguire Family Results Load Test, 1974
10 Maguire; Tests performed on members of the Maguire family, 1974
10 Manuscripts; Articles about newborn screening and the prevention of mental retardation, 1968-1978
10 Mass Spectrophotometer; acquisition of, 1977.
10 Office Notes, 1975; Notices from University departments such as Libraries and Personnel
10 Poland; Letter from a Polish doctor regarding the testing of children for PKU, 1986
10 Tom Paul - Heterozygote Test; procedures for Dr. Paul's test are listed, 1983
10 Pediatricians - List Dev. Disab. - list to OB/GYN; Mailing lists of pediatricians in Western New York, 1979
10 Phage procedures; E Coli phage test for galactosemia procedures and protocol, 1973-1981
10 Phage recipients; "Phage recipients in recent years," no date
10 PKU load test, 1970-1976
10 Data on PKU Patients, 1980 (birth specimens)
10 PKU Mothers; Information about expectant mothers who are possible PKU carriers, 1969-1984
10 Correspondence - PKU Deliveries; Communications with doctors of expectant PKU mothers regarding instructions for testing immediately after the baby is born, 1964-1966
10 PKU; General information, 1964-1986
10 PKU Testing, History of, 1981, Ed Naylor
10 President's Committee Model Plan; Meeting minutes, model plans, status of states' plans, 1980-1983
10 Prevention Conference Notes; Minutes from task force meetings, 1980
10 Prevention Conference, 1980, Buffalo, New York; "Western New York Conference on the Prevention of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities," May 20-23, 1980
10 Puccio Write Up, 1985; A proposal was submitted to Paul Puccio entitled "Research on Genetics and Environmental Metabolic Screening of Children to prevent Developmental Disabilities (DD)"
10 Planning grant for Diagnostic Center, 1980; development process of a diagnostic and evaluation center in the upstate New York area is detailed, 1979-1981
10 Research Institute; Further plans involved in the development of a Diagnostic Center, 1981
10 Research Institute; Conference agenda and speeches, 1979-1980; proposal for the establishment of a center or institute concerned with the prevention of mental retardation and developmental disabilities in Buffalo, 1983
10 Research Project Identification; State University of New York procedures for identification of research projects in progress, 1981
10 Mrs. Rice - Pregnant (two PKU children of Mr. Tim Rice's Sister), 1983
10 Part Time lab technician and replacement for Neil, 1976, 1981; Applications and search process are documented
10 Salaries, 1979-1980
10 Salaries, 1976-1978
10 Biographical Data Sheets - Laboratory Personnel, 1975-1978
10 Science Notes; Guthrie's notes about testing procedures, no date
10 Screening Data, 1971; Results from testing done all over the world
10 Script - Film; A film on PKU testing was produced to reach a mass audience, the transcript of which is included here, no date
10 Sex linked study; a research project studying the link between PKU occurrence and the sex of the child, 1965-1970
10 Silverman; Solicitations for a phenylalanine load test, no date; test results, expenses, instructions and information for subjects by Michael Silverman, no date
10 Volunteers - Silverman PKU loading, no date
11 6051 - 6633 spores Georgia Lab; Article by Martha Sinor appearing in Journal of Clinical Microbiology, June 1980, "Propagating Bacillus subtilis Spores in a Liquid Medium for the Guthrie Bioassay"
11 Replies to Spore and Standards letter regarding Japan - Source; A letter was sent to doctors and medical technicians requesting that they send information about the screening programs in operation in their laboratories,1977; the results were used in the development of standardized methods for testing, 1977-1980
11 Standards; Supplying laboratories with spores and blood standards, 1979-1980
11 State PKU Programs; Tables depicting the testing procedures in practice by different states, 1965-1968
11 Sterilization for Mental Retardation (MR); Information about sterilization of mentally retarded adults, no date
11 Suburban Doctors for Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP); List of recipients of "Dear Doctor" letter of Aug 1976
11 Bill Taylor; Study involving the effects on development of prolonged elevations in blood amino acid concentrations during the neonatal period, on children born between 1963-1964.
11 Tay Sachs, 1985; Information about Tay-Sachs Disease, and the development of a screening program in Buffalo.
11 Thin-Layer Chromatographic (TLC) Comparison; Compared with Paper Chromatography for detection of Amino acid elevations in filter paper specimens, 1971 [?]
11 Thin-Layer Chromatographic (TLC) Comparison; Comparison of Microbiological and Chromatographic Newborn Screening Methods, 1973
11 Thin-Layer Chromatographic (TLC) Plates and Tanks information, no date
11 Toxic Art Supplies; Article warning against the use of toxic art supplies in the classroom, 1982
11 Tray Scan; Brochure containing information about a Tray Scan, equipment used in recording calculations, no date
11 T4-TSH Harry Hannon 1983 - stability of PKU standards and T4 TSH [Thyroxine and thyroid stimulating hormone]; Studies and articles depicting the status and quantization of T4 and TSH in hypothyroid screening, 1980-1983
11 Tyrosine Follow-up Oregon-California, 1968-1969; Tables depicting specimens collected for an investigation on Tyrosine levels
11 Tyrosine - High levels; Results of high tyrosine levels on activity; Articles from 1971, 1973
11 Follow-up Tyrosine; Data from tests performed on infants to determine tyrosine levels, no date
11 Tyrosine follow-up; Interviews and data collected from families of PKU infants, 1970
11 Tyrosine - follow-up; Lists of participants in study, 1970-1971
11 Tyrosine Follow-up (TY FU) Procedure; Methods by which specimens are collected for testing for blood elevations of tyrosine and methionine, which may cause metabolic disorders, are described. Includes instructions sent to mothers and doctors, 1971
11 Unknowns; Results for unknown specimens from various experiments, 1969-1972
11 Rene Vladutio Article; Article from 1978 depicting the link between inherited coronary disease and cholesterol. Other articles on cholesterol and prevention of mental retardation are included, 1978-1980
11 Warner - Guthrie Paper - Graphs on Monitoring - Graphs for Dr. Warner and Dr. Guthrie's Paper on PKU monitoring, no date
11 Weintraub Study; Guthrie worked on a project with Dr. Weintraub to study the tyrosine levels in infants, 1970-1971
11 Wada, Y., et al; Tokohu Journal of Experimental Medicine, 81: 46-55, 1963 "Idiopathic Hypervalinemia: Probably a New Entity of Inborn Error of Valine Metabolism"
11 Western New York Task Force on Prevention of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, Inc. ; Contains a memorandum sent to the members of the Erie County Board of Health, making a case for mandatory premarital rubella screening. Other activities of the task force are listed, 1983-1984
Carton Contents
12 National Coalition on Prevention of Mental Retardation Meeting; Minutes, agenda, literature on Apr 24, 1989 meeting
12 Paris, 1990, International League of Societies for Persons with Mental Handicap (ILSMH), World Congress in Paris, Aug 5-10, 1990; includes travel plans, calendar, correspondence
12 CROPP/CF [Cystic Fibrosis] Screening; Dr. Gerd Cropp, Director of Cystic Fibrosis Center of Western New York, working for legislation to make neonatal screening mandatory, 1987-1988; Cropp spent time working on CF prevention in Australia
12 Iodine; Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD); articles about iodine deficiency, correspondence with Dr. Basil Hetsel, Executive Director of International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders [ICCIDD], Adelaide, Australia; ICCIDD newsletters; literature and letters from 1986-1991
12 Joint Prevention Committee AAMD-PCMR-NARC; Prevention Meetings, 1983-1986
12 Caribbean Screening Project; Development of screening programs in Caribbean countries, 1985-1988
12 International League of Societies for Persons with Mental Handicap (ILSMH) Prevention Committee; meeting minutes, member information, 1987-1989
12 Dublin conference minutes, etc; Meeting on prevention at the International Association for the Scientific Study of Mental Deficiency (IASSMD) Congress in Dublin, Aug 25, 1988
12 Foundations; Information on foundations in Western New York and New York State; requests for financial assistance for various projects, 1985-1989
12 National Coalition on Prevention; Meeting info, minutes, committee members, 1987-1989
12 Prevention Coalition II; National Coalition for the Prevention of Mental Retardation meetings, correspondence, member info, 1986-1989
12 NIH Applications; Applications for Health Service Grants
12 Tin Cup File [Foundation Funding Request File]; Letters to foundations requesting funds for research projects; forms and budgets, 1988-1989

Portions of this folder are closed until January, 2064. Records that contain personally identifiable information are restricted in order to protect individual privacy.

12 Upstate branch of IBR [Institute for Basic Research]; Mailing list, activities, meetings, 1987-1989

Portions of this folder are closed until January, 2064. Records that contain personally identifiable information are restricted in order to protect individual privacy.

12 Support for IBR; Copies of letters from Guthrie's colleagues to legislators, supporting a proposal to establish a WNY branch of IBR
12 Planning Grant Prevention Center; Application for grant "Research on Genetic and Environmental Screening Methods for Prevention of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities in Infants and Children," 1984-1986; requests for support; establishment of a center concerned with prevention of mental retardation and developmental disabilities, 1979-1980

Portions of this folder are closed until January, 2061. Records that contain personally identifiable information are restricted in order to protect individual privacy.

12 Impact; The American Impact Foundation, linked with International Initiative Against Avoidable Disablement; Fact sheets, background notes, correspondence, 1985-1986
12 IMPACT Wilson/Thompson; Correspondence with Sir John Wilson of IMPACT, East Sussex England 1986-1987; Scope, goals, activities and members of American Impact Foundation; article by J. Kenneth Thompson "Sharing Resources in the Caribbean" World Health, March 1985; correspondence with JK Thompson concerning IMPACT conference in Puerto Rico in August 1985

Portions of this folder are closed until January, 2062. Records that contain personally identifiable information are restricted in order to protect individual privacy.

12 Medical Genetics Course, Spring 1989; Lecture outline, exam questions for MED/PED course, 1989
12 Medical Genetics, Fall 1984; Course syllabus MED/PED 605 - Elizabeth McPherson and Robin Bannerman (Coordinators).
12 Maternal PKU- Boston, Dec 4, 1979; One day conference. Reprints, correspondence.
12 New Jersey Association of Retarded Citizens (ARC), 1979; Information packet regarding New Jersey Association for Retarded Citizens Symposium "Prevention of Mental Retardation and other Developmental Disabilities."
V.     Correspondence, 1962-1991

This series is composed of letters sent and received by Dr. Guthrie, his staff and collaborators.

Correspondence is organized in the following four divisions: Correspondence of staff and collaborators of Dr. Guthrie (1963-1985) [Mainly 1970s]; Letters sent by Dr. Guthrie (1962); General Correspondence (1969-1991); Letters sent by Dr. Guthrie (1983-1985).

Carton Contents
12-13 Correspondence of Dr. Guthrie's staff and collaborators, 1963-1985 [Mainly 1970s]

Portions of the following folders in carton 12 are closed until January, 2085. Records that contain personally identifiable information are restricted in order to protect individual privacy. According to HIPAA Privacy Regulations patient evaluations and medical records are closed for 50 years after date of death. If date of death is unknown, records are closed for 100 years from date of creation.

Sally B. #10; S. Bloom #8; S. Bloom #7; S. Bloom VI; Dr. Vladutin; Sally Bloom I; Mrs. Bloom II; Sally III; Sally IV; S. Bloom V; Sally V; S. Bloom VI.

Dr. Guthrie's staff and collaborator's correspondence is primarily letters sent from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics in the Bell Facility (1970-Nov 1978) or Acheson Hall Room 352 (Dec 1978-1985). Sally Bloom was Dr. Guthrie's Administrative Secretary. Drs. Chao, Garrick, Murphey, Paul, Talbott and Vladutiu collaborated with Dr. Guthrie. Files consist of photocopies, carbon copies and original hand-written letters and memoranda sent by Dr. Guthrie's staff and collaborators.

Organized by name of staff member or collaborator. Arranged in reverse chronological order by year.

13 Letters sent by Dr. Guthrie, 1962

Letters sent by Dr. Guthrie in 1962 dealt with PKU studies, grant renewals, laboratory hiring, equipment and other daily work matters. Consists of carbon yellow copies of letters sent.

Arranged in reverse chronological order.

113-14 General Correspondence, 1969-1991; Dr. Guthrie's general correspondence (incoming and outgoing).

Consists of typed and handwritten letters, photocopies and originals.

Arranged in chronological order.

14-15 Letters sent by Dr. Guthrie, 1983-1985

Consists of photocopied letters sent by Dr. Guthrie

Arranged in reverse chronological order.

VI.    PKU Collaborative Study/Labs, 1962-1990

The PKU Collaborative Labs were an informally organized study of inborn metabolic disorders (predominantly PKU). The work of labs and screening clinics was studied internationally to collect data for evaluating the testing programs. The series also documents Guthrie's efforts to implement newborn screening internationally.

The series consists of memorandums; article reprints; publication drafts; conference proceedings for Collaborative Study of Children treated for Phenylketonuria #1-#11, 1965-1975; clinical reports; correspondence with several lab directors regarding test procedures, automation, controversy, and lab supplies and funding.

Organized by geographic location or by individual doctor's name if Guthrie corresponded primarily with one person in a geographic area.

Carton Contents
15 Collaborative Study of Treated Phenylketonuric Children, May 23, 1966-Oct 1983; Conference papers, protocol for national collaborative study, study of discontinued PKU diet.
15 Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU; 14th Conference, Mar 14-15, 1978, Stateline, Nevada.
15 Collaborative Study, 1977; Preliminary report of children treated for PKU, Mar 29-30, 1977.
15 (Blue Binder); 11th conference, Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU, Feb 1975.
15 (No Folder); 11th conference, Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU, preliminary report 8, 1975.
15 (Orange Binder); 9th conference, Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU, Mar 1973.
15 (Brown Binder); 8th conference, Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU, Feb 1972.
15 (Yellow Binder); 7th Conference, Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU, Feb 22-23, 1971, Vail, Colorado.
16 1971- #7; Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU; Preliminary reports: 4 from 7th conference and 5 presented at 8th conference.
16 Vail, Colorado, 1970; Tentative one-year challenge procedure, 1971; Conference itinerary and agenda.
16 (Yellow Binder); 4th conference, Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU, Feb 1968.
16 (Orange Binder); 3rd conference, Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU, Apr 1967.
16 (Grey Binder); Phenylketonuric Collaborative Study, 2nd conference, May 1966.
16 (Grey Binder); Phenylketonuric Collaborative Study, 1st conference, Dec 1965.
16 (Aqua Binder); Protocol for the Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU, 6th ed., Nov 15, 1968.
16 (Blue/grey Binder); Protocol for the Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU, 5th ed., Aug 1, 1967
16 (Black Binder); Proposed Research Design for the Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU, 1966.
16 (Black Binder); Proposed Research Design for the Collaborative Study of Children Treated for PKU, 1967, revised
16 Levy (Pre-1975), 1968-1974; General correspondence concerning testing, developments and travel opposition, publication of "Genetic Screening."
16 Glass versus Plastic Trays, 1975
16 Mac Cready Symposium, 1975; Itinerary, agenda, travel expenses.
16 Mac Cready, Dr. Robert, 1973-1989; General correspondence and letters regarding publication.
16 Mac Cready, 1966-1972; Response to Dr. Cooper controversy; clinical summary on baby Sussman; response to article, PKU paper.
16 Mac Cready, Dr. Robert, 1965; Correspondence regarding preliminary testing letter on Eugen Beck case.
16 Mac Cready, Dr. Robert, 1964; PKU Detection Program in Mass. A Progress Report overview of PKU and treatment from Medical radio recording; correspondence regarding starting program and working with other locations.
16 Mac Cready, Dr. Robert, 1963; Preliminary results of trials; correspondence regarding PKU controversy.
16 Mac Cready, Dr. Robert, 1963; Correspondence regarding case studied of PKU detected reluctance of some states to test; Paper: Brief Remarks on PKU and...Detection.
16 Strauss, Dr. Reuben, 1963-1971; PKU trial tests; photo with Guthrie; PKU workshop; clinical profile of PKU patients; necessity of 2nd testing.
16 Koch, Dr. Richard, 1964; Correspondence regarding initial testing, publications, conferences "Two Years (Exp) with (PKU since the beginning of Screening in (Calif.) publications 64-77 [ 1984].
16 Mac Cready, Dr. Robert 1962; Establishing test procedures.
16 E. Coli Report, 1965; Questionnaires on galactosemia test materials; e-coli report.
16 Erie County Laboratory, 1964-1984; Letters regarding specific blood samples; procedures; testing; samples; equipment; budgets; grants.
16 Protocol (to Albany - 1967); Various protocol for testing treatment and costs.
16 Lead Poisoning in Erie County (E.C.), 1974; Proposed project, budget, funding.
16 LA Miscellaneous Correspondence, Sept. 1967-1975; Mainly lab procedures; Paper: Interpretation of the Beutler Test.
16 Donnell, George, MD, 1964-1973 [ 1988]; General correspondence; progress notes from patient.
16 Coffelt, R. Wendell, 1964-1973; General correspondence.
17 Fundamental Products Co., 1974-1990; Maintenance, cost, design, upgrading, installation, financial disagreements, photos of punch machine.
17 Fundamental Products Correspondence through 1973; Maintenance, cost, design, upgrading, installation; sample specimen cards; training.
17 Fundamental Products Propaganda, no date ( 1980); Price lists, brochure, photographs, developments.
17 Transfer trays/procedure for use, no date
17 Koch, Dr. Richard, 1964-1984; Children's Hospital of Los Angeles; General Correspondence.
17 Straus, Dr. Reuben, 1963-1971; St. Joseph's Hospital, Burbank, California; General Correspondence.
17 Quadratic Punch, 1967-1968; Operation instructions, photos of machine.
17 Shaw, Dr. Kenneth, 1965-1984; General correspondence; efforts to update California laws on screening.
17 E. Coli Report, 1965-1966; Forms for use of galactosemia test materials.
17 Veale's U.S. Visit, 1979; Nationwide itinerary of lectures, seminars and clinics; curriculum vitae.
17 TELEX: Supply, Shipping and Travel, 1971-1974
17 NZ Shipments: Importation of Galactose-1-Phosphate, July 1973-Apr 1976
17 Professor Veale, 1971-1975; Testing in Portland; general correspondence; travel; meetings; labs; publication incidents of inborn errors in a mental hospital; statistics "fictitious unknowns"; Veale's heart attack; aerogrammes.
17 Veale, 1976-1988; Histidine testing starting Tyrosine project; termination of funding of Guthrie's projects, 1982; lead poisoning; automation and computerization (only computerized collaborative lab); Veale's death: Guthrie's letter of Nov 10, 1987 summarizing professional history with Veale.
17 Professor Veal Correspondence, 1967-1970; Stay in New Zealand for the fiscal year 1969 using ham radio to correspond regarding "Million Baby Manuscript" (screening 1964-1968).
17 Whmin Oregon, Nov 8, 1974; Genealogy chart testing regarding hypothyroidism lawsuit $300,000 testing negligence.
17 Brandon, Mr. Gatlin, 1964-1976 [ 1984,1985]; Specimen oven, test procedures and data.
17 Ashley, Carl, M.D., 1962-1972; Congress of Pediatrics.
17 Portland, 1968
Carton Contents
18 Controversy, PKU; Various articles, Jan 1966-June 1970.
18 Test Procedures, 1968-1970.
18 Los Angeles Meeting (LA MTG), Mar 1967; Grant expenditures, proposals, material expenditures, testing and screening at other sites. Los Angeles management.
18 Portland Meeting (MTG); New Zealand budget, Feb 1968; test methods, Society of Research Administrators; minutes of first meeting.
18 Portland Meeting, 1968
18 Portland Meeting, Mar 31-Apr 1, 1968; Travel expenses, summary of meeting of lab. directors.
18 Laboratory Directors Meeting, 1970, Marina Del Rey; 4th annual meeting of laboratory directors.
18 Laboratory Technicians Meeting, 1970; Minutes from meeting.
18 Laboratory Directors Meeting, 1971; SUNY Buffalo, automated use of dried blood specimens.
18 Laboratory Directors, 1973; Methods of Screening Newborn Infants for Molecular Abnormalities, June 1973.
18 Laboratory Directors Meeting, 1974; Screening Newborn Infants for Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Oct 1974.
18 California Conference, Nov 1975; Potential for testing in Japan, no minutes.
18 Lab Director's Meeting, LACH - 1977; Expanding to hypothyroidism screening
18 Collateral Sensitivity Screen Report, no date
18 Report on service, research, teaching retarded, testing, and screening; Jan 1965-Feb 1967.
18 (Blue Pocket Folder); Research Plan, grant form with biographical sketch, 1971.
18 Progress report drafts, 1981.
18 Memos to the 5 Laboratory Directors, Jan1967-Feb 1976.
18 Summary of 3 study by 3 labs, July 1, 1965-May 1, 1966; Memorandum, progress report.
18 3 Study; Open letter from the California lab, questionnaire for labs on the Fundamental Products machine, Jan 1965-July 1968.
18 Boston Miscellaneous Correspondence; Personnel issues, lab administration, newborn patient reports, Dec 1966-July 1982.
18 Levy, Dr. Harvey; Regionalization of testing in Massachusetts, medical progress article for New England Journal of Medicine, 1973-1988.
VIII.    Newborn Screening Program, 1970-1986 (1978-1986 bulk).

The Newborn Screening Program tested newborn's Phenylalanine, Leucine, Galactose (E Coli), Methionine, Tyrosine, Beutler (Enzyme), Hypothyroidism (Thyroxine), Prenatal (Phenylalanine), Anginoscuccinic Acid, Hereditary Angioneurotic Edema, Alpha-antitrypsin deficiency and Urea cycles. Screening tests and confirmation tests were totaled annually and then given accumulative totals. Records of confirmed cases with names of patients are also indicated in this series. Also included are Newborn Screening Newsletters and correspondence from doctors worldwide describing their newborn screening programs.

This series consists of monthly reports, testing charts, patient records and Newborn Screening Newsletter (1970-1973) and Newborn Screening correspondence (1970).

Arranged alphabetically by geographic location and in reverse chronological order by year. Geographic locations represented are Alaska, California, Erie County, Idaho, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada and Oregon.

Carton Contents
19-20 Alaska, California, Erie County, Idaho, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada and Oregon

Folders arranged in reverse chronological order 1978-1986

Some materials are RESTRICTED. Please see University Archivist for more information.

20 Newsletter 1st Issue; Newborn Screening Newsletter Number 1, May 1970; contains manuscripts, drafts
20 Newsletter - Correspondence; Letters to Dr. Guthrie from doctors all over the world describing their newborn screening programs, 1970
20 Newsletter #5, June 1973
20 Newsletter #4, January 1973
20 Newsletter #3, Oct 1970
20 Newsletter #2 and Tables on screening, June 1970
IX.    Lab Reports, 1959-1981

The lab report series consists of patient's records, evaluations, tabulations of test results, and familial studies. Due to their confidential nature, some files have been restricted.

Consists of forms, charts, memos, program report sheets and letters.

Some materials are RESTRICTED. Please see University Archivist for more information.

Carton Contents
20 Thru 1978 [Confirmed cases]; Confirmed cases, collaborative labs through 1978.
20 ATT-Sally Bloom [Reprint], 1960; Reprint of Methods of Coding and Filing Family Records, 1960; blank record forms.
20 PKU and Siblings Reports (PKU + SIBS), 1969; Medical Social Service Reports; memo from Mary Girvin (Senior Social Worker to Sally Bloom).
20 General Information [Publications and Progress Report], 1963-1964; Publications sent from national Association for Retarded Children, Inc. , 1964; PKU screening Program Progress Report #3, 1963.
20 Mongoloids, 1958; Mongoloid list generated by Sunshine League-Erie County Chapter for the Help of Retarded Children, Inc.
20 MAT. PKU. [Forms and Instructions for Testing], 1964; Blood filter papers and directions for taking blood test.
20 Categorization of Urines, no date; Lowe's Syndrome, miscellaneous central nervous system diseases, newborn normal, miscellaneous diseases other than cns, premature, cerebral palsy, normal control parents, PKU, cancer, galactosemia, mongoloid.
20 Urine Signing-in Information for S. Bloom- Cancer, 1959
20 General Correspondence, 1961-1967
20 Child Development, no date; Instructions for urine collection
20 Normal urines, 1961; Premature baby study includes lists and charts of names, birth dates, specimen dates, phenylalanine values, weight and doctor.
20 Supplies-Kits-Units-General, 1963; Hand-written charts of blood and urine shipments and lab test kit shipments made to various locations in the United States; PKU Early detection Program supply allocation forms.
20 Directors and Department Heads-List, 1962; Alphabetical list of states participating in National PKU Test Trial; Includes MCH directors and business addresses.
20 German Democratic Republic (East Germany), 1975; Summary of five year infant screening program in the DDR sent to Dr. Guthrie.
20 Oregon Annual Reports-Sample for Screening Program Report Sheets, 1969-1970; Special surveys; tests; "elevated levels" charting atypical and classical PKU patients.
20 Hane Test [Hereditary Angioneurotic Edema Test], 1970; Correspondence from Sally Bloom to laboratories concerning price and reagents of hereditary angioneurotic edema test (HANE)
20 Sam Friedman Letters, 1976-1977


20 Supplies-Screening Program, 1970-1977; Purchase order invoices, correspondence and hand-written notes concerning purchases.
20 Children's Bureau [Proposal to], 1966-1967; Proposal to Children's Bureau for project period July 1, 1966-June 30, 1967; correspondence from hospitals to Dr. Guthrie concerning PKU testing.
20 Special Cases, 1970; Patient Evaluations.


20 Familial Study, ca. 1963; Familial list; confidential questionnaires; form letters regarding Department of Biochemical Genetics Research Program.


20 MR Conference-Confidential, 1958 [in Roswell Park envelope]; Patient Evaluations.


20 IN, no date [Forms]; Blank forms for various tests.
20 Slides [Drafts for slides], 1977; Posters and slides for European trip, 1977; newborn screening data form "Multiple Test Laboratories."
20 Institute Pasteur Progress Reports, 1974-1977 ; Four bound reports/French language.
20 The Montreal Children's Hospital, 1978 [in envelope]; Human Genetics course outline.
20 Photo [no name or date]
20 Our Lady of Victory Infant Home, 1979 [in envelope]; Discussion leader's guide for the educational film "Teenage Father"
20 Genetics course - Peter Dumer, 1978-1979; Reprints of genetics articles; correspondence form Sally Bloom concerning Dr. Charles Scriver as PTA speaker; March of Dimes Second Annual Birth Defects Convocation packet; course outline.
21 Tyrosine Elevations New York, 1970
21 Tabulations 309-410, 1981; Tabulations of test results.
21 Unknowns Set 209- , 1979-1981; Tabulations of test results.
21 Unknowns Set #90-208, 1977-1979; Tabulations of test results.
21 Unknowns Set #30-#55, 1973-1974; Tabulations of test results
21 Unknowns Erie County, 1972-; Autoclaved vs. unautoclaved blood test panel results.
21 Metabolic Screening Programme Results for all 1970 [Computer printout- no folder]
21 Tyrosine Levels Erie County Lab [Black slip binder], 1970; Hand-written chart of names, birth dates, specimen dates, weight, tyrosine levels.


21 Forms for Screening, 1969-1973; Forms and procedures for screening Oregon, Mass., California and New Zealand.
21 Selma Snyderman Letter, 1974; Letter from Selma Snyderman (Department of Pediatrics, New York University Medical Center) to Selig Katz (State of New York Department of Health) regarding the diagnosis and treatment of children with branched-chain ketonuria, galactosemia, histedemia and homocystinuria.
X.     Grants, 1963-1991

Grant files include proposals, applications, progress reports, budgets, accounts and renewal applications. Primarily NIH [National Institute of Health] and the MCH [Maternal and Child Health] grant related materials. Also included in this series are UB Foundation Funds, general funding and accounting information.

Arranged in the following subseries: National Institutes of Health (1963-1983), Maternal Child and Health (1966-1988), Genetics grants (1964-1988), Grants (1972-1990), and Inactive grants (1976-1984).

X.A     National Institutes of Health (NIH), 1963-1983
Carton Contents
National Institutes of Health; Guide, contract information, general information
Belkin, Dr. Morris; Correspondence with Dr. Belkin, a staff scientist at NIH, 1964-1968
Keiles, Elsa; Correspondence with Dr. Keiles, chief of Special Programs at NIH, regarding the budget for Project NB-05290-05, "Inhibition Assay - Detection and Study of Inborn Errors," 1963-1968
Grant #NB 05290-02; Grant applications, summary progress reports: "Inhibition Assay - Detection and Study of Inborn Errors," 1964-1966
Grant # NB 05290-01; Application, budget, "Inhibition Assay - detection and Study of Inborn Errors," 1963-1965
NB-05290-04; 1967-1969
NB-05290-03; 1966-1967
NB-05290-05 NIH; 1967-1969
NB-03967-06, 1969-1972 (Formerly 05290-05)
HD-03967-07; "Detection and Study of Inborn Errors," Grant sponsored by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 1970
HD-03867-08; 1969-1972, "Detection and Study of Inborn Errors"
2-RO1 HD-NS-03967-09, Submitted April 1971 - Rejected; "Detection and Study of Inborn Errors" grant rejected in 1971; includes research plan
NIH Renewal - 1969-1974; "Detection and Study of Inborn Errors" HD NB 03967-06
HD-03967-10; "Detection and Study of Inborn Errors," 1974-1979
HD-03967-11, 1976-1977; Application for continuation grant
HD-08479-01, 1974 / 1980, Approved, not funded as yet, April 1974
HD03967-13, 1978; Progress Report, Budget
NIH - Supplement, 1979-1980; Grant period extended without additional funding, "Investigation in depth of the biochemistry of patients detected with inherited metabolic defects."
HD-03967-09A1, 1972
HD-03967-12, 1977-2978; "Detection and Study of Inborn Errors" renewal application
Renewal, 1979-1986; HD03967-13, "Detection and Study of Inborn Errors"
688-A; SUNY Research Foundation Account for research projects, 1964
688-B [formerly 688-A]; SUNY Research Foundation Account for research projects, 1965
688-C [formerly 688-B]; SUNY Research Foundation Account for research projects, 1966-1969
[Research Foundation Accounts continue through 688-M, 1979]
Ambrus Grant; Dr. Clara M. Ambrus, Principal Cancer Research Scientist, Associate Research Professor of Pediatrics; grant application "Immobilized Enzymes for Management of Phenylketonuria," 1976-1981
Crippled Children; 1972 Grant funded by the Crippled Children's Guild of Buffalo, 1972-1973
Dr. Garrick, 1971-1976; Renewal Application NIH R 501 AM 14923-02: "Molecular Basis of Differential Gene Expression"
Children's Hospital (CH) Grant, 1972; "Salaries for employees at the Biochemical-Genetics laboratory" sponsored by Children's Hospital
Garrick Contract, 67350594; to evaluate "Laboratory Diagnostic Techniques for Sickle Cell Disease" -- not approved by NIH, 1973, but subsequently approved for funding by Veterans Administration, Buffalo, 1973.
Dr. Garrick Emergency Grant, December 1971; "Molecular Basis of Differential Gene Expression," 1972
Garrick Grant, September-November 1970; NIH #AM-14923-01, "Molecular Basis of Differential Gene Expression"
Dr. Garrick's 1972 NIH Grant Application, "Studies on Hemoglobin: Biosynthesis and Genetics"
Dr. Garrick's 1972 NIH re/renewal 1972, "Studies on Hemoglobin : Biosynthesis and Genetics"
NIH Renewal, Mike Garrick, AM 14923, 1971-1976, "Molecular Basis of Differential Gene Expression" [NIH ceased funding in 1972]
Albany Sickle Cell Program, Garrick (January 1972)
William H. Murphey [WHM], NIH 1971; "Recurrent Angiodema - pathogenesis: screening: therapy" grant application
Garrick Grant; "research and development of Genetic Therapy Against Sickle Cell Anemia," 1972
Garrick - General Research Support [GRS]; application to SUNY, "Studies on the Molecular Basis of Differentiation," 1971
General Research Support [GRS], 1972; "Hemoglobin biosynthesis in goats and sheep," September 1972
Garrick Grant, December 1971; "Molecular Basis of Differential Gene Expression," budget and account information abstract
Dr. Garrick, United Health Foundation of WNY, Inc. [UHF] Grant; "Screening for Hemoglobinopathies," 1973; account information abstract, grant expenditures, grant application; also contains UHF policies and procedures statement
United Health Foundation of WNY, Inc. [UHF] Grant Proposal, December 1971; "Screening for Hemoglobinopathies," 1972-1973
Budget, 1965-1966, "Multiple Test Procedures for Inborn Errors of Metabolism;" "A trial of a Phenylalanine Screening Method"
Budget, 1962-1963, "A trial of a Phenylalanine Screening Method;" copies of budget and expenditure information
[untitled]; summary of work in continuation studying Pauly's reagent and the unknown compound "X", 1974
Michael D. Garrick [MDG] - Sickle Cell Center, 1978-1983; Grant Application "Research in Molecular Hematology"
[Folder containing various grant applications, biographical sketches]
Narrative Progress Report, Project #435, April 1, 1973-March 30, 1974; "Use of Dried Blood Specimens for Multiple Testing"
NIH Renewal 1978; "Detection and Study of Inborn Errors" renewal application, grant annual report
NIH 1973; Research plan, progress report, budget estimates, biographical sketches "Detection of Inborn errors"
NIH 1971; application for continuation grant, "Detection of Inborn errors"
NIH 1976 Work Papers
NIH Renewal Work Papers, 1979-1986; Research plan, progress reports "Detection and Study of Inborn Errors of metabolism"
NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts 6(9), April 26, 1977
[Untitled folder containing Dr. Guthrie's CV and his article on the screening for inborn errors in the newborn, 1965]
[Untitled folder containing results from research projects testing newborns for galactosemia and other screening tests for the prevention of mental retardation in infants, 1968]
[Untitled folder containing various correspondence, 1967]
[Envelope from a hospital in Georgetown, Delaware containing a notebook of PKU patient laboratory test results. Tests conducted in Buffalo and Kentucky. 1967]
X.B    Maternal Child and Health (MCH), 1966-1988
Maternal Child and Health (MCH) Grants through Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) which becomes Health and Human Services (HHS)
Grant files contain applications, budgets, proposals, correspondence, investigation/review, renewal requests.
Carton Contents
#435 "Multiple Test Procedures - Inborn Errors of Metabolism," 1966-1988
#417 "Human Genetics Program," 1971-1974, 1984 (reapplication)
X.C    Genetics Grants, 1972-1988
Carton Contents
Genetics Progress Reports - Genetics Miscellaneous ; Progress reports for Project #417, "Human Genetics Program," 1970-1975
Genetics Grant, 1964; Documentation including staff chart and chronicles detailing the development of a Genetics Program at Children's Hospital.
Genetics Clinic, 1965-1966; Progress report for Project #417, "Human Genetics Program," 1965; grant approval, award and budget for 1965
Project 417, 1966-1967; Project application, accounting information, and correspondence for 1966-1967
MCH Project 417, 1968-1969; Progress report, budget
MCH Project 417, 1975-1976; Genetics Grant Progress Report, communications from Department of Health, Education and Welfare
MCH Project 417, 1970; Progress report, budget information, approval
MCH Project 417, 1972-1973; Renewal of program, progress report
Project 417, 1973-1974; Staff changes, project renewal information, annual report
MCH Project 417, 1976-1977; Progress Report
Project 417 Progress, 1978; Progress report information
Genetics Grant, 1977-1978; Project summary and progress information, staff changes, status of project
Project 417, 1980; Narrative progress reports, plans, activities of project participants
Project 417, 1981; Progress report, summary of activities
Project 417,1982; Renewal and budgetary information; progress report
MCH Project 417, 1983; Progress report
Children's Bureau, 1971-1972, Work Papers; rough and final drafts of report summarizing activities of screening laboratories
Research plan for project examining known inborn errors which cause handicaps and other disorders
NIH, 1975-1976; Summary progress report for project investigating biomedical and genetic aspects of inherited handicapping conditions
Project 417, 1978-1988; Progress Report, reapplication form
[Folder containing Department of Health, Education and Welfare grant application forms and policies, 1967]
MCH Project 435, 1973; Narrative progress report for project "Multiple test procedures - Inborn Errors of Metabolism"
Project #435 Plan, June 1972; Project justification, support from literature, progress report
Project #435, 1974-1975 ;Grant application
Project 435 work papers, 1968-1969; Grant application forms
MCH, 1975-1976; Progress report, test procedures, working papers
[Folder containing progress report for MCH Project 435 and other working papers related to the project, 1973-1974]
Blind Study Project; completed with the Research Foundation in Burbank, CA, concerning the screening of infants for inherited metabolic disorders associated with mental retardation. 1967-1969; also contains correspondence concerning the project.
Tyrosine [TYR] METH results Oregon, Buffalo, California 1968
Triple Test Program, 1965; Oregon, Massachusetts, California
PKU reports from Oregon, Massachusetts, and California; PKU-MSUD [Maple Syrup Urine Disease] reports, 1965-1966
Ada results - cases; Data collected from infant screening program, 1965-1967
Oregon; Data collected from Oregon Public Health Laboratory, 1968-1969
X.D    Grants, 1972-1990
Carton Contents
150-4139B March of Dimes [MOD]; March of Dimes sponsored project Infant Screening for Neuroblastoma January-February, 1991; budget, accounting information
Joan Edwards time sheets; Accounts 150-1415 and 150-9600, 1990
150-9600 Slush Fund (VOID); Leftover funding from 150-6470B was transferred into #9600 and depleted
150-9783K - Kathi Hilbert's salary, December 1989-May 1990
WNY March of Dimes 150-4240A, $5,000; Budget and accounting information, 1990-1991; "Infant Screening for Neuroblastoma"
March of Dimes, $10,000, 150-4139A; Budget and accounting information, 1990-1991; "Infant Screening for Neuroblastoma"
Health-care Instruments and Devices Institute [HIDI] 150-Q305G; Neonatal Screening kit program, sponsored by NYS Science & Technology Foundation, 1990-1991
March of Dimes 150-6783A; Budget and Accounting information, 1990-1991, "Infant Screening for Neuroblastoma" sponsored by Health Research Incorporated
Health-care Instruments and Devices Institute [HIDI]; Salary budget, personnel and accounting for project 150-Q305G "Neonatal screening kit," 1989-1990
150-9768K - Dr. Jinks' salary, December 1989-May 1990; Account expenditure activity for Dr. Jinks' contribution to the project "Molecular Genetic Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Anemia"
150-972K - Dr. Jinks June-July 1990 salary
Carton Contents
UB Foundation Account #9333-148526, 1990 - Contributions; Invoices for supplies, utilities
NIH Originals Cholesterol, December 1990; Grant application forms for child cholesterol screening research project; forms requesting approval from SUNY Buffalo and NIH
Neuroblastoma NIH Grant; Requests for approval from the University's Internal Review Board; communications with NIH; guideline and instruction sheets for parents participating in the screening project, 1989-1990
Mail for Carolyn; Carolyn Eckert, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Guthrie; salary funding information, 1989
UB Foundation #9333-148526, 1989 Contributions; Invoices for supplies, utilities and other expenses; incoming funding information 1989
UB Foundation Account #9333-148526 Disbursement Requests, 1989 Pre-August Contributions
UB Foundation #9333-230381, 1989 - Service; Incoming funds crediting UB Foundation's Biochemical Genetics Service
1990, UB Foundation Account #9333-230381 - Service
Carton Contents
UB Foundation #9333-148526, 1988 Contribution
UB Foundation #9333-148526, 1987
January-December 1986 Account #9333-148526, Bio-Chemical Genetics Fund; Requests for reimbursement for services rendered
Account 9333-148526, August-December 1985, Bio-Chemical Genetics Fund
Account 9333-148526, January 1984-August 1985, Bio-Chemical Genetics Fund
Account 9333-148526, Forms/Lawyer's Fee Schedule, Bio-Chemical Genetics Fund, 1982-1986
Account 9333-148526, 1983 Bio-Chemical Genetics Funds; Account authorization, purchasing regulations, payment policies 1983
Account 9333-148526, Lofenelac (Formula) Bio-Chemical Genetics Fund; Payment record for the infant formula prescribed to PKU patients; some donations were received, 1984-1986
Yamasa Shoyu Grant 150-3807A, May-December 1989; "Infant Screening for Congenital Neuroblastoma" Project sponsored by the Yamasa Shoyu Company of Japan; the company took over funding of the project after Federal funding was suddenly stopped by the Maternal and Child Health Service, NIH; account expenditures, and plans for development of testing kit, are included
Fellowship Project 6619-0, July 1989-June 1990; Guthrie's project entitled "Pediatric Fellowship Training in Developmental Disabilities" 150-66190 sponsored by the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Medical Fellows' budget.
Fellowship project, July 1988-June 1989; Same fellowship for the previous year; account expenditure information
Fellowship Project ,$40,000, New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities [OMRDD]; Contract, financial data information, fellowship requirements, 1988-1989
150-6551C, April 1988-March 1989; Project entitled "Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Research Support" accounting expenditures summaries
NYS Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities [OMRDD] Contracts; contracts with Guthrie and the University for research projects, 1988-1989
Developmental Disabilities [DD] Early Prevention Project, October 1988-September 1989; 150-6705A Request for approval, account expenditure information, OMRDD's Request for proposal
West Seneca Developmental Disabilities Services Office; Quarterly reporting packet for Family Support Services program, January-March 1989
150-497B, 1987-1988; "Multiple Test Procedures - Inborn Errors of Metabolism" project account information, financial report
150-497B Application, 1987-1988; Grant applications, budgets for project
150-6551B, April 1987-March 1988; Accounting, personnel and budget for Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities project
150-2397A - Key Punch Machine; Machine sold by Dr. Guthrie to Boston Children's Hospital for $2,500 in March 1987
150-6551A, November 1985-March 1987; Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Research project account expenditures, budget and support information
Children's Hospital Budget, 1984-1985; Account balances, status of projects, salary tables, grant support information
Children's Hospital #2758, 1986-1989; Accounting information for Biomedical Genetics program
Spore Grant #6359, 1985-1989; Accounting Information
150-2690A, April 1983-March 1988, Schleicher and Schuell; Schleicher and Schuell sponsored a research project through the UB Research Foundation
Children's Hospital Account 2758, 1985
Children's Hospital Account 2758, 1984
Children's Hospital Account 2758, 1983
Children's Hospital Account 2758, 1982
Children's Hospital Account 2758, 1981
Children's Hospital Account 2758, 1977-1980
Annual Report Children's Hospital, 1980
Annual Report Children's Hospital, 1978-1979
Account Expenditure, 1979-1980
6284A, Ed Naylor/Genetics Disease, 1978-1980; Genetics Diseases Grant, Albany
6284B, Health Research Inc. Genetics Disease Project, 1979-1981
Genetics Grant Ed 6284, 1981-1982
Lead Grant Work Papers, 1982
Spore Grant 6359C, 1982-1983
6359B Spore, 1981
6359A Spore Contract, 1980-1981
MCH 497 (Project 435), 1983-1984
497, 1982-1983
Grant 497, 1981-1982
MCH 497, 1980-1981
497 Supplement, 1980
Research Foundation Information, 1986
Plan Children's Bureau, 1972-1978
Genetics 417, 1983-1984
417 (661) Genetics, 1981-1982
Genetics Grant 417, 1982-1983
50-661-Project 417, 1979-1980
MCH 417, Our Contributions, 1976-1978
417-661, 1975-1976
Genetics Grant (original grant proposal), 1975
Children's Hospital Grant 417-661, 1975-1980
For Sally Bloom, 1981; Information for Jim Papai letter
Galactosemia Cases, 1965-1970


Data for 1979
X.E    Inactive Grants, 1976-1984
Carton Contents
NIH, 1977-1978
NIH Revision, 1974-1980
Grant Renewal NIH 21, 1972-1979
NIH Renewal Application, 1972-1979
688 NIH, 1975-1976
NIH Revision Rules, 1972
NIH 50-688, 1978-1979
NIH Supplement, 1979-1981
NIH Renewal, 1979-1986
Work Papers MCH Continuation, 1980-1981
New York State Developmental Disabilities, no date
Murphey CH 345.52, 1973
50-688K, 1976-1977
NIH Renewal Application, 1979-1986
NIH Renewal Application, 1979-1986
CETA, 150-6335B, 1980-1981
CETA, 1980
CETA Lead Grant 150-6335A, 1978
NIH Work Papers, 1972-1979
MCH Forms, 1983
Health Research Lead Grant, 1979
Lead Grant-Health Research Inc (NYS) 50-6332, 1979-1980
Lead Grant 6332, 1981-1982
Budget 497 (Project 435), 1983-1984
Budget Papers, 1981-1982
Application for Training Grants, 1984
MCH 50-497P, 1976-1977; Project 435
MCH 497Q, 1977-1978
Budget Cuts MCH, 1982
Renewal MCH, 1978
MCH 50-497, 1979-1980
Robert Wood Johnson, 1983
Naylor, (Dr. Edwin)-- NIH Grant, 1975
Prevention Application, 1980-1981
Carton Contents
30 Progress Report New York State Genetic Diseases Testing and Screening Project, 1979-1980; Ian H. Porter, M.D. Principal Investigator
30 Continuation Grant Proposal New York State Genetic Diseases Testing and Counseling Program, 1980; Ian H. Porter, M.D. Principal Investigator
30 Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment [EPSDT] Brochures, Health, Education and Welfare [HEW], late 1970s
30 Phenylketonuria Publications, Health, Education and Welfare [HEW], 1964
30 International Conference on Inborne Errors of metabolism Proceedings, 1966
30 Letters [photocopies], 1973, 1976; [regarding legislation]

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