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Finding Aid for the Muriel Orr-Ewing Papers, 1822-1994 (bulk 1920-1974)

MS 70

State University of New York at Buffalo. University Archives

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Finding aid prepared by Jessica Tanny.
Finding aid encoded in EAD by Jessica Tanny, January 2008.
Finding aid written in English.
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Collection Overview

Title: Muriel Orr-Ewing Papers, 1822-1994 (bulk 1920-1974)
Creator: Orr-Ewing, Muriel M. (Muriel Muschamp), 1900-1994
Extent: 74 manuscript boxes, 1 half box, 2 cartons, 38 photo album boxes, 2 oversized boxes, 5 card boxes, 1 oversize folder, 1 framed object (84.5 linear feet)
Language of Material: Collection is predominantly in English. Materials in French, German, Spanish, and Japanese are indicated in the folder descriptions.
Repository: State University of New York at Buffalo. University Archives
Abstract: Correspondence, diaries, photograph albums of Muriel Orr-Ewing (nicknamed "Meiko"). Collection includes records as founding president of the British Association of Women Executives and headmistress of the English girls finishing school, The Grove. Also includes personal correspondence with opera singer, Adèle Leigh, child author Berthe Grimault, and other notable writers and poets.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Description and dates], Box/folder number, MS 70, Muriel Orr-Ewing Papers, 1822-1994 (bulk 1920-1974), University Archives, The State University of New York at Buffalo.

See the Archives' preferred citations instructions for additional information.

Acquisition Information

The collection was donated by Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, Dr. Peter Boyd-Bowman, June-November 1999. Additional deposits were made by Dr. Boyd-Bowman between 2003-2004.

Terms of Access

Muriel Orr-Ewing Papers, 1822-1994 (bulk 1920-1974) are open for research.


Copyright of papers in the collection may be held by their authors, or the authors' heirs or assigns. Researchers must obtain the written permission of the holder(s) of copyright and the University Archives before publishing quotations from materials in the collection. Most papers may be copied in accordance with the library's usual procedures unless otherwise specified.

Material documenting the Japan Society of London's activities are the intellectual copyright of the Society and permission to cite or reproduce any part must be given by the Executive Director of the Society. (see http://japansociety.org.uk/ for further details).

Processing Information

Collection processed by: Jessica Tanny, June 2005-December 2007. Additional material added and finding aid updated by Matthew Oliver, December 2015.

Accruals and Additions

No further accruals are expected to this collection.

Biographical Note

"Why I want to keep [a diary], is that all day long I have such an urge to record -- if only for myself -- the richness and fullness of every day, every hour. If only one could capture even the thoughts of a single hour! I roam so far and wide in my thoughts -- the outside gestures of the day are only the smallest part of my existence. " [Series III, Diaries and scrapbooks, Subseries A Diaries, box/folder 40.2, Diary #31, 1949-1950, pg. 16-17]

From a very early age, Muriel Orr-Ewing (nicknamed "Meiko") was a prolific writer. Having a talent for expressing herself in words, Meiko chronicled her life through correspondence, diaries and photographs. Blessed with a sharp and intelligent mind, she dedicated much of her own life to teaching others which brought her many devoted followers.

Born on March 21, 1900, the second of five children, Muriel Emma Lucy Muschamp spent her early childhood in the small town of Stäfa, Switzerland. There, her British father, Allen Muschamp, was headmaster of Institut de Stäfa, a small preparatory school for boys.

Briefly educated at an all-girls convent school in Menzingen, Muriel left Switzerland in 1916 when her father moved the entire family to England. Soon after their move, Muriel left her parent's home to take up work as a live-in governess. Then in 1921 she met Dicky Hammerton who was a school-friend of her eldest brother. The two made an immediate connection and were quickly engaged.

Two years after her engagement with Dicky, Muriel quit her job as a governess to live the life of a single girl in London. That May she was introduced to Cuthbert Boyd Bowman (nicknamed "Boodh") through a mutual friend. "I liked meeting Mr. Bowman immensely," she wrote in her diary that night, "...got on with him splendidly – specially on the subject of Switzerland." The next day she wrote, "I am rather in a devilish mood -- I feel I want to start an intrigue with Bowman" 1.

Boodh and Muriel begin dating even though she was still engaged to Dicky. After months of carrying on two full relationships, Muriel made a final decision: if Boodh got the "Japan job" she would break her engagement to Dicky and marry him. "Since yesterday I feel that if Boodh really is going to Japan in about a month, I'll go with him and burn my boats. God knows whether I shall regret it…" 2 When Boodh secured a teaching position at the Koto Gakko in Matsue, Japan, Muriel broke off her engagement with Dicky. A month later on March 25th, Muriel and Boodh were married at her parents' house in Leicester. The next day the two set sail for Japan.

Japan and Singapore3: Japan would always be an important influence for Muriel. From the moment she set foot off the boat in 1924, she fell in love with Japan and the Japanese way of life. She wore kimono, taught herself Japanese, and even studied chanoyu, the art of Japanese tea, with a master. But perhaps her greatest memory of living in Japan was the birth of her children. In late October 1924, while living in the small medieval town of Matsue, her eldest son Peter was born. The two were very close and it was Peter who first nicknamed Muriel "Meiko" -- a Japanese term of endearment for a special "mother". Later her students and close friends would also call her "Meiko".

On August 28, 1928 Muriel's second son, Anthony Muschamp Boyd Bowman was born in Kanazawa, Japan. Much to her horror, the baby was born breach with a severe case of Downs Syndrome. She left Japan that autumn to bring Anthony to doctors in London. "I was told by the greatest specialist in town that Anthony would never be normal. He is a so-called Mongolian imbecile -- devoid of thyroid glands -- the only consolation they could give me is that he would not be a criminal imbecile" 4

On top of having to handle the two children, Muriel had been growing apart from her husband, Boodh. She was disgusted with the way he handled their financial and personal affairs and as a result she physically distanced herself from him. After Anthony's birth, she was so unhappy in her marriage, Muriel decided the return to England for Anthony's care would be a final separation in their marriage.

While Muriel and the boys were in England, Boodh lost his job in Japan. In March 1930 he was hired to teach at the Raffles Institute in Singapore. Although fed up with her marriage, Muriel was convinced to make one last ditch effort with her husband and got on a ship bound for Singapore.

On board the S.S. Comorin, she met a young woman who was on her way to South India to get married. Muriel was intrigued by Debonnaire's intense personality and found herself drawn towards the woman. Even after arriving in Singapore, Muriel could not forget her time on the boat with Debonnaire. After a year and half, the two women, who were still in touch, decided to leave their husbands and travel north together.

Austria: In November 1931 Debonnaire and Muriel moved to Kitzbühel, Austria to set up a home together. They hosted boarders which they called "paying guests" to make their money. Muriel also taught German and French to the children of a few ex-patriots living in the area. At first, Muriel was extremely satisfied with her life. "I really do love [Debonnaire]," she wrote in her 1931-1934 diary, "that is true… I shall love her always and stand by her always -- that I know, as well as I can know anything in this world." 5

However, after only a few years their relationship began to unravel. Finally in the fall of 1936, Muriel experienced a complete breakdown. She was sent to a nerves clinic in nearby Innsbruck where she met and fell in love with neuro-psychotherapist, Dr. Franz Xavier Schmuttermayer. On September 11, 1936, Muriel married Franz and moved into a small apartment with him and his mother.

For a couple of years, everything went well. Muriel found she and Franz had similar tastes in music and literature and they spent many evenings with friends enjoying the local culture. But everything changed once Nazi troops invaded and occupied Austria in 1938. Muriel was no longer considered a British citizen after her marriage to Franz. The situation grew worse and she found herself needing to flee the country with Peter. Muriel tried to convince Franz to come with them to England as the situation was too dire for them to remain in Austria. But Franz refused claiming he needed to stay to look after his mother. Plus he was convinced the Nazi invasion wouldn't last long. So, on the second anniversary of their marriage, Muriel left Austria and never saw Franz again.

"I feel so desolate, so desperate," she wrote in her 1939 diary, "Nothing but a miracle can stop war now at this stage… No money -- no money at all, or means of earning any, that's the hopeless situation I am in… When I think of Franzl my heart breaks… I can hardly bear it: my books, my piano -- all my diaries, photographs -- pictures…" 6

London and The Orchard School: After returning to England, it took a year for Muriel to regained her British citizenship. Meanwhile she started the groundwork to open her own school. On May 1940, the 34 Carlyle Square preparatory school successfully opened with eight students.

Unfortunately, during one of the 1940 London air raids, 34 Carlyle Square was destroyed. In September 1941 Muriel rented The Orchard, a large house in Kings Langley, to start a new school to prepare children for their public school entrance examinations.

Dr. Margaret Lowenfeld, a renowned child psychologist, would often recommend her patients to Muriel's Orchard School. In 1941, she recommended Hamish Orr-Ewing for Muriel's school. Muriel was immediately drawn to Hamish's father, Captain Hugh Orr-Ewing and soon came to rely on him as her greatest support. Even though the two both had estranged spouses, they decided to live together at The Orchard causing a great scandal amongst their peers. The two wouldn't marry officially until 1948 after both of their divorces were finalized.

Two of Muriel's students from the Orchard because life-long friends. Valerie Daniel was a troubled teenager who looked to Muriel for encouragement. They corresponded for many years and Valerie asked Muriel to be her daughter's godmother. Another student, Adèle Leigh, became a well known British opera singer. Muriel often took her future students to see Adèle sing at Covent Gardens and in return Adèle would come to Muriel's many social events as a guest and performer.

The Grove Finishing School: In 1945 Muriel lost her lease at The Orchard. She was devastated over the loss of yet another school. Then in late 1946, Muriel bought "The Grove", a beautiful stately home located in a town near Sevenoaks just outside of London, to start a new international all-girls finishing school.

The Grove Finishing School opened in the fall of 1947. A school "for the individual coaching of girls in subjects of post-school education and for vocational guidance," Muriel and her staff taught girls from all over the world foreign languages, art history, music history, English literature, ikebana, cooking, elocution and secretarial courses.

Prince Akihito of Japan visits the Grove: In 1953, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Hirohito sent his young 16 year old son, Prince Akihito to represent Japan at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. While on tour of Britain, the Prince spent an evening at the Grove playing table tennis with Muriel's second cousin, Michael Muschamp and dancing with the Grove girls at a ball held in his honor.

Berthe Grimault: In 1957 Muriel offered a Grove scholarship to 14 year old Berthe Grimault, a poor French farm girl who had achieved fame after publishing her first novel. When Berthe arrived in England, Muriel was horrified to find her half-illiterate. She then discovered the majority of Berthe's book was actually written by the village postmaster. The media rushed in when they learned about Berthe's scholarship, calling her a "pig girl amongst the debs". Although a trying time for Muriel, for Berthe attending a real English finishing school was a fantastical experience. After she returned to France in 1958, she published another novel with the village postmaster called "Berthe in Paradise" -- a surrealist fantasy based on her experiences in England and at the Grove. Muriel was asked to write the preface.

Chanoyu: Chanoyu is the ancient Japanese tradition of preparing a bowl of tea for honored guests. Muriel first witnessed the art of Chanoyu in 1925 while living in Matsue. She was so impressed by the ritual's absorbing, almost trance-like deliberate precision of movements, she wanted to learn the ceremony herself. A year later she met a tea master who was willing to teach her the art of Chanoyu. Finally in 1929, Muriel received an official certificate of authority to perform Chanoyu. Although she did not study enough to become a master, she was one of the first Westerners to receive such a certificate. Throughout the rest of her life she often performed Chanoyu for guests, students and friends.

British Women's Association of Women Executives: In 1953 Madame Yvonne Foindant, head of the European group for women in business, Les Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiales (FCEM), asked her colleague Tinou Dutry, to help organize a British branch. Tinou sent out a letter of interest to many of Britain's top female executives and Muriel was the first to respond. In 1954 Muriel became the first President of the British Association of Women Executives. Very active with the group, she chaired meetings, organized fund raising events and represented Britain at the Annual International Congresses.

The Japan Society of London: In 1949 after a long period of inactivity, the Japan Society of London was revived in-part by Sir Robert Craigie, Major-General Roy Piggott, and Colonel J.W. Marsden. Remembering Muriel from when they both lived in Japan, Major-General Piggott asked her to assist with the revitalization of the group by becoming an active member. Muriel became very involved with the Japan Society of London and often lectured on topics such as Geisha, Chanoyu, and the History of Japanese Music. She also put on performances such as Fujito, a Japanese Noh play which Muriel translated herself.

Moving to Buffalo: After being headmistress of the Grove for almost 23 years, Muriel felt she needed a change. In 1969, she sold the large estate and moved to London where she continued to be active in the community. But by 1974 she was tired living on her own and jumped at the chance to move in with her son, Peter who was at that time Professor of Linguistics at the University at Buffalo.

Muriel readily took to Buffalo and the United States and even became a naturalized citizen in 1975. She enjoyed many of the cultural activities the Buffalo-Niagara region has to offer including performances at the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Artpark in Lewiston, NY, and the Chautauqua Institution. She was also very active with many UB Women's Club groups including the History of Art, History of Music and Bookclub.

Muriel Orr-Ewing died on April 15, 1994 in Buffalo, NY.

Diary #12, 1923 (Series III Diaries and scrapbooks, Subseries A Diaries, box/folder 35.1)

Diary #13, 1924 (Series III Diaries and scrapbooks, Subseries A Diaries, box/folder 35.2)

From a rough draft of speech for the British Association of Women Executives (BAWE), "Fisher, Foyle, Feihl" (Series VI. Community activities, Subseries B BAWE, box/folders 64.10-64.11)

Diary #17, 1927-1930: Arabian Sea-Lausanne, pg. 85 (Series III Diaries and scrapbooks, Subseries A Diaries, box/folder 36.3)

Diary #18, 1931-1934: Lausanne-Kitzbühel (Series III Diaries and scrapbooks, Subseries A Diaries, box/folder 37.1)

Diary #26, 1939: Innsbruck-London (Series III Diaries and scrapbooks, Subseries A Diaries, box/folder 38.4)

Scope and Content Note

Note on names:Throughout the finding aid, Muriel Orr-Ewing is referred to as "MOE" regardless of what name she was using at the time of the record creation.

Frequently used nicknames for friends and family are in parenthesis after the person's full name.

The "Meiko 5 Subject spiral notebook" was a notebook MOE kept circa 1980 until her death in 1994. It contains handwritten notes for several lectures, short stories and poetry. It also has her notes from the University at Buffalo opera course, the beginnings of a memoir and her final burial wishes. The notebook was disbound and each section was numbered individually. The biographical information is in I. Biographical, the writings in IV. Writings, and the opera course in V. Schools / Subseries D. University at Buffalo opera course.

II. Correspondence: In processing this series, there were individually named folders and general files (arranged alphabetically by author's last name). The Archivist sorted through the general files and removed any correspondence belonging to an individual's folder. In the collection of postcard correspondence, the Archivist removed recognized individuals and filed them with their other correspondence. The rest of the postcards were treated as a separate general correspondence series arranged chronologically (since author's last names could not always be determined).


This collection is arranged in seven series: I. Biographical and genealogical, II. Correspondence, III. Diaries and scrapbooks, IV. Writings, V. Schools, VI. Community activities, VII. Photographs, VIII. Cassette tapes.

Container List

I.     Biographical and genealogical, 1822-1990

This series is divided into four subseries. Subseries A. Family Documents includes mostly records from MOE's grandparents generation. It also includes documents pertaining to MOE's husbands. Subseries B. Papers of Allen and Meg Muschamp include diaries and papers from MOE's parents. Subseries C. Personal papers and documents include collected materials, writings and legal documents. Subseries D. pertains to MOE's educational career. Many of the documents in this subseries are from MOE's primary school, the Institut Menzingen Higher Girls School.

I.A    Family documents, 1822-1985
Arranged chronologically
Box-folder Contents
Family documents, 1768, 1862-1921; includes season ticket for the 1862 International Exhibition in London, document of a property exchange with Abram Rodolphe Gaulis of Lausanne (1768), marriage certificates, wedding invitations, birth announcements, Lucie Gaulis passport.
"Copies de Vers" (copies of poetry) by Elise Perret (maternal great-grandmother), 1822
[Poetry written in French]
Sketchbooks (two), 1851-1854: sketches of bucolic scenes presumably around Lausanne by "Ch. Gaulis" and Rodolphe Gaulis.
"Papers connected with the Gaulis," 1938; includes official copies of baptism and marriage records for MOE's mother and maternal grandparents requested in 1938 to prove her ancestry to the Nazi government.
"Papers concerning the Muschamps," 1938-1939; includes official copies of baptism, birth and marriage records for MOE, her father, and her paternal grandparents requested in 1938 to prove her ancestry to the Nazi government.
Muschamp genealogy, 1942-1949, 1985, [2007]; includes correspondence with Joan Brossman, Robert Muschamp, Michael Muschamp and Cecil Muschamp.

Also includes two family trees (Muschamp Family Tree and the Family Tree of Muriel Orr-Ewing) compiled by the Archivist while processing the collection.

Family documents: husbands, 1936-1964; includes official copies of marriage and death records, Hugh Orr-Ewing passport, personal testimony of Dr. Franz Schmuttermayer, divorce proceedings and records.
I.B    Papers of Allen and Meg Muschamp, 1894-1960
Box-folder Contents
Diary, 1953-1953, 1960; includes postscript by MOE at back (1960).
Library catalog, "List of my Books made out in 1934", type-written pages pasted into a snake-skin bound book.
Papers, 1905-1946; includes prospectus for the Institut de Stäfa, business card, passports City of Leicester Air Raid Warden license, original pen and ink drawing by "M. Frast" (1905).
Translation of Mark Twain's "The One Million Dollar Ticket" into Esperanto, undated
[Materials written in Esperanto]
Box-folder Contents
Books of transcribed poetry, verse, and music, circa 1890, 1894, 1896-1925; includes MOE's poems "In the Snow", "Noon" and "The Haunted Lake".
Legal affairs, 1917-1939, 1953, undated
Diaries, 1894-1921, 1933, 1944
(7 diaries)
[Diaries written in English and French]
I.C    Personal papers and documents, 1911-1990
Arranged alphabetically
Box-folder Contents
Autobiographical writings (fragments), circa 1928 - circa 1990
Death, 1984-1994; includes certificate of death, condolence cards (mostly from friends and family in the United States), obituaries, memorials, last will and testament, and hospital issues.
Clippings, 1924-1981; includes clippings from newspapers and magazines about MOE. Subjects include Peter Boyd-Bowman, Grove events, visits to Buffalo.
Box Contents
Framed Japanese writing, undated

Framed Japanese writing. Frame measures 8.5 inches by 20.5 inches.

Box-folder Contents
Friendship book, 1911-1921; includes poems , signatures, and sketches from friends and family.
Hair, circa 1920; possibly MOE's hair from when she first got it cut short in the 1920s.
Invitations, 1947-1982, undated; includes receptions, exhibits, opening nights, weddings.
Identification documents, 1927-1979; British passports, German Reich passport, drivers licenses, national identity cards, membership cards, business/calling cards.
Identification documents, 1927-1979; British passports, German Reich passport, drivers licenses, national identity cards, membership cards, business/calling cards.
Musical scores, undated, 1924-1940; Muriel Orr-Ewing wrote the lyrics to "Eastern Landscape." She also wrote and composed the pieces "Partenza" and "Berce Moi".
Naturalization papers, 1974-1975; includes immigration and naturalization papers from the United States.
Other personal papers, 1937-1939, 1943-1977, 1980-1982, 1990, undated: a collections of loose papers not associated with any other section. Includes letter from Evelyn Waugh (postmarked 1939), fragments of writings from Franz Schmuttermayer (1937), drafts of letters written (but sent?) to Meg Muschamp, Louise and George Muschamp letters regarding MOE's return to England (1938-1939), favorite quotes (1943-1977), birthdays (1980, 1990), Austrian nationalist newspaper clipping (1936).
Pedigree dogs, 1947-1965; includes pedigree certificates, registration cards, correspondence regarding the acquisition and breeding of MOE's Dalmatians and Pekingese dogs.
Programs, 1928-1929, 1933, 1940-1945: programs from recitals and productions written and/or performed by MOE.
Tea box from Japan, circa 1927: handpainted black laquer wooden tea box.
4.5, 84+, Map case 3.15
WWII ephemera, 1939-1947; includes clippings, propaganda pamphlets, writings, leaflets, wartime map of Europe (1939).
[Please note: clippings were not photocopied]

Overzie box 48+ contains two folders of original newspapers and newspaper clippings.

I.D    Education
Box-folder Contents
Grade reports, diplomas, references, 1907-1924, 1929, 1965, undated; includes photocopy of Chanoyu certificate (1929), Diplôme D'Honneur from the Ordre International de l'Amabilté and de la distinction (1965).
[See Archivist for original Chanoyu certificate location]
Box-folder Contents
50th Anniversary Report, 1913-1914
Notes passed in class, 1914-1915; includes notes passed between Muriel and her friends, Hermine Michel [Flueler], Martha and Maria von Sury.
Lecture notes, 1914-1917; includes notebooks for lectures from Pedagogy and English classes. Also includes copied book of music.
[Materials written in French, German]
Exercise book for II. Real-Klasse, 1912-1913; includes German, French and English composition and dictations.
[Materials written in French, German and English]
Exercise books for III. Real-Klasse, 1914-1915; includes language courses for German and French.
[Materials written in French and German]
II.     Correspondence

Most folders had just the individual's name and were not kept in quotes in the finding aid. Any other information on the original folder were put into quotes. Letters from the general correspondence section were added to specific folders whenever possible.

MOE wrote on the outside of Dicky Hammerton's folder: "Correspondence from 1919-1939 (almost daily letters for many years) destroyed by the French in Innsbruck during the occupation -- together with all my letters to my mother from Japan which were to be published."

Arranged by type of family member and then by birth order

II.A    Family, 1893-1987
Box-folder Contents
Grandmother Françoise Lucie Gaulis, 1910-1920, undated
[Letters written in French]
Box-folder Contents
P.A.H. (Allen) Muschamp, 1915-1959, undated
Marie Marguerite (Meg) Muschamp, 1916-1955, undated
[22 folders]
[Letters written in French]
Letters to Allen and Meg Muschamp, circa 1885, 1893-1945, undated; includes letters from MOE, George Muschamp, Peter Boyd-Bowman. Also includes love letters, poetry by Allan Muschamp, map of Europe during WWII, and an obituary of Evelyn George Muschamp.
"Letters to Mother," 1913-1955, undated; includes Harriet Goddard, Debonnaire Sylvester, Cuthbert (Boodh) Boyd Bowman, Peter Boyd-Bowman, Catherine (Bogy) Compton, Tom Trollope, Akira Otaki.
Box-folder Contents
George Muschamp, 1913-1928, 1932-1956, undated
[6 folders]
Percy Lawrence (Laurie or Lawry) Muschamp, 1921, 1930-1946, 1956-1967, undated
Harold L. (Hally) Muschamp, 1939-1943, 1955-1966
Marc Alfred Reginald (Rex) Muschamp, 1933, 1950-1969, 1977, 1980, 1987, undated
Box-folder Contents
Allen Muschamp, circa 1942, 1945, 1949-1959, undated
Mary Muschamp Riley, 1942-1944, 1956-1959, 1966-1970, undated [ See also Series V. Schools, Subseries B. The Orchard School].
Joan Muschamp Brossman, 1945, 1958-1973, undated
Georgina Muschamp, 1952-1973, 1981-1989, undated
Mary-Louise (Malou) Muschamp, 1961-1968, 1977, 1980, undated
"Nieces and Nephews," 1935-1961, undated; includes John Muschamp, Robert Muschamp, Marguerite Muschamp.
Box-folder Contents
Louise Muschamp (Mrs. George Muschamp), 1920-1928, 1939, 1945-1973, undated
Nancy Muschamp (Mrs. P. Lawrence Muschamp), 1936-1950, 1958-1959, 1969-1972, undated
Elga Muschamp (Mrs. Harold Muschamp), 1939-1972, undated
"Sisters-in-Law," 1938-1950, 1961-1966; includes Lee Muschamp (Mrs. Rex Muschamp).
Box-folder Contents
Cecil Muschamp, 1920-1967; includes Evelyn Muschamp.
Michael Muschamp, 1949-1973, undated; includes Stella Muschamp.
Trissie Muschamp Plum, 1916-1967
Fonseca family: Ella, José, Dolores, Jack, Anne, 1917-1920, 1946-1954, 1967
Evelyn d'Assis Fonseca, 1918-1922, 1949-1964, undated; includes wife, Muriel Fonseca.
"Aunts, Uncles, Cousins," 1944-1967, undated; includes Gaulis family, Mary Muschamp Barlow.
II.B    Husbands, 1923-1967
See Series I. Biographical, Subseries A. Family documents, #1.7 for marriage and divorce documents
Box-folder Contents
Cuthbert Boyd Bowman (Boodh), 1923-1939, 1959, undated; includes correspondence with mother-in-law, Ann Bowman (Mater).
[12 folders]
Franz Schmuttermayer, 1939-1940, 1947; includes Hermine Flueler-Michel.
[Letters written in German]
Franz Schmuttermayer: "Franzl's papers," 1937-1941; includes reprints, curriculum vita
[Documents in German]
Franz Schmuttermayer: "mother-in-law," Emilie Schmuttermayer, 1936-1938
[Letters written in German]
Franz Schmuttermayer: divorce proceedings, 1936, 1940, 1946-1949; includes wedding announcement, correspondence between Franz and Hermine Flueler-Michel.
[documents in German]
Letters to Hugh Orr-Ewing, 1941-1953, 1962, undated; includes letter from Peter Boyd Bowman, MOE's poetry 1942, reprints of HOE's second marriage certificate to Esmé Orr-Ewing (1922) and birth certificate of John Hamish Orr-Ewing (1924).
Hugh Orr-Ewing, 1941-1964, undated
[14 folders]
Hugh Orr-Ewing: "Marriage," 1948; includes photographs.
Hugh Orr-Ewing: "Esmé," 1938-1942, 1967, undated; includes Joan Balfour.
Hugh Orr-Ewing: "Hugh's Death," 1964; includes reprints of birth certificate (1888), passport.
II.C    Peter Boyd-Bowman, 1928-1995
Box-folder Contents
Peter Boyd-Bowman, 1939-1974; includes Marjorie Boyd Bowman, Effa Pearson, J.F. Roxburgh, Percy Allen Muschamp, Noe´mi Raymond, map of Cambridge, Massachusetts (1948). Also includes reference copies of photographs
[16 folders]
(original photographs located in #16.13).
Letters to Peter Boyd-Bowman from others, 1928-1930; includes Allan Muschamp, circa Boyd Bowman, MOE.
Peter Boyd-Bowman: "Peter's Schools," 1936-1950; includes Max de Wharton Burr (Belmont School), J. F. Roxburgh (Stowe School).
Peter Boyd-Bowman "Grandchildren," 1956-1982, 1995, undated; includes Susan, Janis and Peter Campbell.
II.D    Universal Correspondence Club (U.C. C. )
Historical Note: In the summer of 1921, MOE joined the Universal Correspondence Club. The UCC was one of the largest "pen pal" organizations in the early to mid-1920s that would (for a fee) provide a list of names to match people up with like interests (just like a dating service). Then it was up to the subscriber to make the initial contact with the names on his/her list.
Arranged alphabetically by writer's last name.
Box-folder Contents
Walter Bullock, 1921-1924
Bertram Henson, 1921-1922, undated
Charles (Pasha) Sweeting, 1921-1922; includes correspondence regarding Dr. Marie Stopes.
Victor Taylor, 1921-1923, undated [Some letters are of an explicit nature]
Tom Trollope, 1921-1931
[18 folders]
Muriel Trollope (sister of Tom Trollope), 1931-1946, undated
Captain Elwin Wright, 1922
II.E    Other personal relationships
Arranged alphabetically by person's last name.
Box-folder Contents
Dicky (Ham) Hammerton, 1952-1978

MOE wrote on the outside of the slim folder: "Correspondence from 1919-1939 (almost daily letters for many years) destroyed by the French in Innsbruck during the occupation -- together with all my letters to my mother from Japan which were to be published."

Akira Otaki (Kodaki), 1924-1938, 1951-1962, undated
Letters to Akira Kodaki, 1925-1926, undated; includes letters to MOE from Akira's mother and from a friend.
Dick Townsend, 1929-1931, undated
Debonnaire Sylvester, 1931, 1935-1945, undated; includes handwritten music dedicated to MOE.
II.F    Friends
Arranged chronologically by time period in MOE's life and then alphabetically by writer's last name.
Box-folder Contents
Germaine Chambet, 1915-1929, undated; includes photograph.
Roger Dixon and Rachel Dixon Askew, 1915-1918, 1936-1946, undated
Hermine Flueler-Michel, 1914-1973, undated; includes Franz Schmuttermayer, Menzingen school friends Martha and Maria von Sury. [See also II. Correspondence, Subseries B. Husbands].
[Letters written in German].
Gwyn Gaisford, 1920, 1936-1954, undated; includes photographs.
S.P.B. Mais, 1920-1921, 1935-1936; includes program.
"Menzingen nuns and girls," 1911-1922, 1934, undated
Ernst Portenier, 1916-1922; includes photograph.
André Sterlin, 1920, 1929-1930, undated
Box-folder Contents
Gwen Barclay, 1924-1966; includes J. Gurney Barclay.
Phillipe Baudet, 1925-1930, undated; includes New York Times book review of Samurai and Silk by Haru Matsukata Reischauer, 1986.
Edmund Blunden, 1924, 1953-1966, 1974, undated; includes clippings, memorial program, handwritten introduction to MOE's manuscript of poetry, Songs of Many Moods. [See also IV. Writings, Subseries A. Poetry, #47.1-47.2]
Merton Brown, 1937-1948; includes passport photograph of Brown.
Geoffrey Franks (Ginger), 1934
Dora Gordine, 1947-1959; includes clippings, exhibition programs, correspondence with Richard Hare.
"Japanese students," 1926-1927, undated
Phil (Idlu) Paterson-Fox, 1925-1926; includes poem dedicated to MOE.
Noe´mi Raymond, C. 1927-1967, undated
Anne Roscoe, 1949-1967, undated
Box-folder Contents
"Austrian women friends," 1936-1952, undated
"Austrian women friends": Vera Kalinka, Gertrude Reichenau, Ines Taxis and Alison Duncan, 1935-1938, 1947-1951, 1966-1965, undated
"Austrian women friends": Emmaline Semler, Bini, Hanna, and Franiska Mauthner, 1937-1948, 1965, undated
"Austrian women friends": Grete and Maya Hittmair, 1938, 1945-1962, undated; includes documents relating to MOE's attempt to retrieve her belongings left in Kitzbühel after she fled the country in 1939.
"Austrian women friends": Ruth Ludrene (Friedu?), 1938, undated
"Butler and Digby families": Butler, 1936-1938, 1951, undated
"Butler and Digby families": Digby, 1937-1964, undated

Folder includes note from MOE: "I've just torn up a huge bundle of Nora's letters from 1939-1942 -- am just keeping these few, February 1, 1987."

"Michael Murray: Rev. F.E.B. Anderson," 1937, undated
"Lady Playfair and the Playfair boys" (May, Giles, Lyon and Andrew Playfair), 1935-1938, 1945-1948, 1954, undated; includes obituary for Lady Playfair, (original?) handwritten will by Sir Nigel Playfair, 1908.
Elsa Sebald, 1939-1940; includes diary, photograph, clipping, suicide letter. [See also IV Writings, Subseries C. Short stories and memoirs, #48.8 for MOE's typewritten draft of her short story, "Elsa Sebald"]
Wood family, 1934, 1946-1963, undated; includes T.P. (Jack) Wood, Pauline (Lola) Wood and Tim Wood.
Jean and Cecile (Poobah) Wunenburger, 1935-1937, 1959-1967 [See also IV. Writings, Subseries G. Other people's writing, #50.16-50.18 for Cecile Wunenburger's novel, Mountain Sanctuary].
Box-folder Contents
Chistabel Russell (Lady Ampthill), 1941, 1948-1958, 1965, undated
Ernst. M. Blensdorf, 1941-1946; includes clipping, photographs of artworks. [See also IV. Writings, Subseries F. Translations, broadcasts and reviews, #50.11 for a Talk on [Ernst] Müller-Blensdorf].
Valerie Daniel, 1944-1972, undated; includes Lady Marjorie Daniel, school accounts, diaries, handmade books.
[8 folders]
Eugene Deckers, 1940-1953, 1961, undated; includes programs for recitals performances with MOE.
Maurice Willson Disher, 1940-1948, undated; includes article, "Sawdust Battles" published in the Times Literary Supplement, December 7, 1940.
Joan Davids Hewitt, 1943-1958
Kitzinger family, 1949-1967; includes Lux and Uwe Kitzinger. [See also VII. Photographs, Subseries B. Photograph albums, photobox #15 for images of Uwe Kitzinger performing in MOE's play, The Cave Dwellers, July 1943].
Adèle Leigh, 1944-1972, undated; includes school accounts, James Pease.
Adèle Leigh: clippings, 1948-1967, undated
Dr. Margaret Lowenfeld, 1938-1950, undated; includes prospectus to The Lowenfeld Mosaic Test.
Willem Mante and his brother 'Bris' (Jan or John), 1942-1951, undated; includes photograph.
Nancy Morgan, 1940-1942, undated
Jock Scott, 1943-1946, undated; includes Francis and Marjorie Scott, creative writing samples, school accounts.

See also V. Schools, Subseries C. The Grove for more Grove correspondence

Box-folder Contents
Laurence Bradshaw, art instructor, 1947-1953, undated [See also VI. Community activities, Subseries E. Other societies, clubs, and charities, #73.5-73.6 for the All Arts Committee "Elizabeth to Elizabeth" exhibit]
Sandra Butlin, 1958-1962, undated; includes Norah Butlin, clippings, compositions, poetry, school accounts.
Christine Furstner, student, 1950-1958, undated; includes account ledger, drivers license.
[4 folders]
Christine Furstner: family, 1949-1961, undated
Gabrielle Goldscheider, student, 1949-1967, undated; includes Ludwig Goldscheider, handwritten compositions.
Grindea family, 1945-1947, 1959-1963; includes correspondence with Miron, Carola, and Nadia Grindea, clippings, Adams International Review issue: "Tribute to H.G. Wells" and invitation to corresponding luncheon.
Chizuko Isono, 1959-1962, undated; includes handwritten compositions.
Lorna Last, personal secretary, 1947-1966, undated
Motoko Matsuno, student, 1962-1967, undated; includes fall 1962 report, school essay, account information.
Miss Peter Mullin, personal secretary, 1958-circa 1975, 1989, undated
Ruth Murgatroyd, student, 1960-1964, undated; includes Virginia Murgatroyd, compositions, account information.
Liliane (Lilou) Nokin, student, 1954-1968
Vreneli (Vreni) Portenier, 1951-1957, undated; includes Ernst Portenier.
Clare Richardson, instructor secretarial subjects and English for foreigners, 1962-1980, 1987-1988, undated; includes Lady Sybil Richardson.
Bette Rogers, 1958-1968; includes Catherine Blanshard, Iris Rogers.
Vivienne Ward, 1952-1968, undated; includes Nicholas Ward.
Box-folder Contents
Helen Atwell, 1941-1943
Akiko Baggs, 1971-1979, 1989
Joan Bungener, 1963-1969, 1981
Eileen Hays, 1957-1963, undated
Friends of the family from Leicester, England, 1936-1965; includes Harriet Goddard, Térèsa Exham, Gaynor Gardner.
Friends of the family from Leicester, England: Irene Ashton-Jones, 1951-1964
Esmé Lichtenstein, 1950-1958
André Robichon, his daughters (Christiane and Denise) and Lily, 1905, 1931-1938, 1959-1967, undated; includes obituary, second wife, Simone "Kiddy" Robichon.
Sackville family, 1956-1962; includes Lord and Lady Sackville, Lionel Sackville-West, funeral program for Lord Charles Sackville, obituaries for Lord Charles Sackville, Lady Anne Sackville, and Vita Sackville-West.
Solf family, 1948-1956; includes Hanna Solf, Lagi Gräfin von Ballestrem, Marjorie and Herman Solf.
François Tempra, undated
"Various: Martin Albrect, (Commander) 'Croco' Hoare-Smith, 'Davo' (Otto) Kresta, Jean Wunenburder [ correspondence removed to #22.5], Leander (Renèe) McCormack, Tom Hardy, Cyril Cooper," 1920-1937

Folders in this section are not dated individually.

Box-folder Contents
A; includes Gloria Alford.
B; includes Carmen Blacker, Robert Becker, Phillip Brocklebank, Victor Bleasdale, Vera Bose.
C; includes Beatrice Compton.
E; includes Phyllis Elliott, Viola Eaton.
F; includes Lady Forbes, Herbert Michael Freme.
G; includes Berthe Grossbard (and Carl Brinitzer).
H; includes Leslie Hills (Vicar of Sevenoaks), Fiona Haines.
L; includes Charles Lautrup.
M; includes Duncan More McCullum, A. Moncreit, Baroness de Claret, Reba Morris-Marsham, Count and Comtesse de la Marche, Anne Mackey, "Buts" Marchant.
P-Q; includes Barbara Page, Mary Pollack, George Pictou-Bayton.
R; includes Dr. Alec Roffey and family.
S; includes Rupert and Jane Samuelson, Solf family, Nicholas Seltzovsky, Paul Schwarzkopf, Lord Snowdon, Henry Simpson, Marie Stopes, Peter Skeleton-Robinson, Mark Shute, Layla Somit.
T; includes Emma Tollemache.
W; includes Sophie Wyss, Michael Wright-Boycott, obituaries for Sir Mathew and Lady Barbara Wilson, Sir Richard Winstedt, and Arthur Waley.
Unknown; includes correspondence from friends whose last names are unknown or illegible.
Box-folder Contents
"Christmas Cards, Addresses, etc.," 1953-1983; includes friend names, address and lists of Christmas gifts given. Also includes MOE's blank pre-printed Christmas cards.
[disbound binder]
Miscellaneous or unidentified correspondence, undated.
Postcards sent to MOE, 1908-1989, undated; includes postcards sent to the Muschamp family.
Samples of correspondence envelopes, undated
III.A    Diaries, 1914-1983

Language Note: Diaries are written in English unless otherwise noted.
Loose papers, photographs, clippings, and flora inserted between pages were numbered according to the page where they were found and removed to a separate folder. See individual folder descriptions for location of inserts.
Box-folder Contents
Diary #1, 1914-1915: Menzingen and Stäfa; includes entries about Hermine Flueler and the Muschamp family.
94 pages
Inserts for Diary #1 located in 31.6
[Written in German]
Diary #2, 1915: Menzingen; includes entries about Hermine Flueler and the Muschamp family
134 pages
Inserts for Diary #2 located in 31.7
[Written in German]
Diary #3, 1915-1916: Menzingen-Geneva; includes entries about Hermine Flueler, Pennsional Jeanne d'Arc, Germaine Chambet
142 pages
Inserts for Diary #3 located in 31.8
[Written in German with French]
Diary #4, 1916-1917: Geneva-London (Blackheath); includes entries about Stäfa, Bristol, Germaine Chambert, Gwyn and Sioned Bath
165 pages
Inserts for Diary #4 located in 31.9
[Written in German with French and English]
Diary #5, 1917: London (Blackheath); includes entries about Gwyn and Sioned Bath, clairvoyants, WWI air raids
207 pages
Inserts for Diary #5 located in 31.10
[Written in German and English with French]
Diary #6, 1917-1918: London (Blackheath); includes entries about Gwyn and Sioned Bath, WWI
184 pages
Inserts for Diary #6 located in 32.5
[Written in German and English with French]
Diary #7, 1918: London (Blackheath)-Nairn, Compton; includes entries about Gwyn and Sioned Bath, Jack Gaisford, WWI.
182 pages
Inserts for Diary #7 located in 32.6
[Written in English with German]
Diary #8, 1918-1919: Nairn, Compton-Brambletye, Oxted; includes entries about Gwyn and Sioned Bath, WWI, the Muschamp family, the O'Hanlon family.
192 pages
Inserts for Diary #8 located in 32.7
Diary #8a, 1919: datebook/diary
No inserts for Diary #8a
Diary #9, 1920: Brambletye, Oxted; includes registries of correspondence, accounts, "things lent", "things borrowed", lesson plans, theatre shows seen, New Years resolutions.
412 pages
Inserts for Diary #9 located inside diary wrapper.
Diary #10, 1921: Pailton House, Rugby; includes entries about the Compton family, Universal Correspondence Club (UCC), Dicky Hammerton, George Muschamps' marriage to Louise Ghysen.
405 pages
Inserts for Diary #10 located in 33.4
Diary #11, 1922: Pailton House, Rugby; includes entries about the Compton family, the Fielding family, Dicky Hammerton, Victor Taylor.
406 pages
Inserts for Diary #11 located in 33.5
Diary #12, 1923: Pailton House, Rugby; includes registries of correspondence, theatre shows seen, books read, cash accounts.
412 pages
Inserts for Diary #12 located in 34.3
Diary #13, 1924: London-Japan (Matsue); includes entries about Dicky Hammerton, Cuthbert Boyd-Bowman (Boodh), the Ronaldshay family, wedding, Edmund Blunden, Gwen Barclay, Peter's birth.
412 pages
Inserts for Diary #13 located in 34.4
Diary #14, 1925: Japan (Matsue); includes entries about Boodh, Peter, Akira Otaki, Gwen Barclay.
310 pages, 50 entries
Inserts for Diary #14 located inside diary wrapper.
Diary #15, 1926-1927: Tokyo-Red Sea; includes entries about Boodh, Peter, Akira Otaki, Jacques and Sonja, Otto Kresta, Noe´mi Raymond, Anne Roscoe.
279 pages
Inserts for Diary #15 located in 35.5
Diary #16, 1927: England, Brittany and the Read Sea; includes entries about Boodh, Peter, Dicky Hammerton, Paul Renard.
136 pages
No inserts for Diary #16
Diary #17, 1927-1930: Arabian Sea-Lausanne; includes entries about Japan (Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kichijoji), England, Boodh, Peter, Anthony, Noe´mi Raymond, Dick Townsend, Andre´ Robichon.
236 pages
Inserts for Diary #17 located in 35.6
Diary #18, 1931-1934: Lausanne-Kitzbühel; includes entries about Singapore, India, Boodh, Peter, Debonnaire Sylvester, Merton Brown, Marchant (Buts), Barbara Page, Andre´ Robichon, Captain Hoare-Smith (Croco), Jack and Pauline Wood.
313 pages
Inserts for Diary #18 located in 36.6
Diary #19, 1934-1935: "Owl's Diary"; includes entries about London, Kitzbühel, Innsbruck, Peter, Debonnaire, Boodh, Gwen Barclay, Dicky Hammerton, Jack and Pauline Wood, Jean and Cecile (Poobah) Wunenburger, abortion.
240 pages
Inserts for Diary #19 located in 36.6
Diary #20, 1935: Kitzbühel, Innsbruck; includes entries about Doctor Erlacher, Debonnaire, abortion
142 pages
Inserts for Diary #20 located in 36.6
Diary #21, 1935: Innsbruck; includes entries about Franz Schmuttermayer, Debonnaire, attempted suicide.
114 pages
Inserts for Diary #21 located in 36.6
[Written in English with German and French]
Diary #22, 1935-1936: London-Kitzbühel; includes entries about Franz, Debonnaire, Dicky Hammerton, Peter Boyd Bowman.
166 pages
No inserts for Diary #20
Diary #23, 1936-1937: Kitzbühel-Salzburg; includes entries about Franz, Peter Boyd Bowman.
158 pages
Inserts for Diary #23 located in 37.5
Diary #24, 1937-1938: Innsbruck
78 pages
No inserts for Diary #24
Diary #25, 1938: Innsbruck
338 pages
Inserts for Diary #25 located in 37.5
Diary #26, 1939: Innsbruck-London; includes entries about Franz, Carola Müeller, Hally and Elga, Alice Baird, Allen Muschamp.
124 pages
Inserts for Diary #26 located in 37.5
Diary #27, 1940: England; includes entries about Peter, Margaret Lowenfeld, Maurice Willson-Disher.
396 pages
Inserts for Diary #27 located in 38.4
Diary #28, 1941-1942
317 pages
Inserts for Diary #28 located in 38.4
Diary #29, 1942-1943
27 pages
Inserts for Diary #29 located in 38.4
Diary #30, 1946; includes 18 The Vale, Chelsea, Hugh Orr-Ewing, Rachel Askew's death.
No inserts for Diary #30
Diary #31, 1949-1950
68 pages
No inserts for Diary #31
Diary #32, 1952-1954
No inserts for Diary #32
Diary #33, 1960
Inserts for Diary #33 located in 39.5
Diary #34, 1960-1964
No inserts for Diary #34
Diary #35, 1965-1967
No inserts for Diary #35
Diary #36, 1965-1968; includes Lorna Last, Vivienne Ward, Hally's death, Roy Piggott's funeral, pedigreed dogs and Yumiko's death, Sale of the Grove, new home at 146 Hamilton Terrace.
115 pages
No inserts for Diary #36
Diary #37, 1970-1971; includes a list of books read January 1970-August 1974.
No inserts for Diary #37
Diary #38, 1972
Inserts for Diary #38 located in 41.5
Diary #39, 1974
No inserts for Diary #39
Diary #40, 1975-1976
Inserts for Diary #40 located in 41.5
Diary #42, 1980-1983; includes Peter Boyd Bowman's 80th birthday speech for MOE, note from a doctor informing MOE of Boodh's death (1981).
Inserts for Diary #41 located in 41.5
Diary #41, 1976-1980
Inserts for Diary #42 located in 42.7
Box-folder Contents
Loose diary entries, 1955-1983; includes trip to the Isles of Scilly in 1957.
Notebook, 1921-1924; includes poems, lessons plans, Japanese exercises.
Peter Boyd Bowman baby book, 1924-1930; includes christening gifts, favorite sayings, doctor visits.
"Peter's Diary": diary written by MOE in the voice of her son, 1926-1934; includes photograph of Allen Muschamp and Peter Boyd Bowman, letter to Peter from Boodh.
Anthony Boyd Bowman baby book, 1928-1946; includes birth announcement, photographs, journeys taken, ailments, diary entries. Also includes letter from Peter Boyd Bowman to Chris Densmore, former Archivist, regarding Anthony's existence (1999).
Paper notebooks, 1924-1928, 1944; includes packing lists, correspondence, writings.
[7 notebooks]
III.B    Other record keeping volumes
Organized by type of book, then chronologically. The collection is physically arranged inside the boxes according to size of book.
Box-folder Contents
Address book, circa 1945
Datebooks, 1924-1989
[52 datebooks in 2 card boxes]
Dictionaries, Japanese, circa 1924, 1942, undated
[4 notebooks and one bundle of loose sheets]
Guest books from the Villa Petzold, Austria and the Grove, 1933, 1964
[two books disbound]
Guest book from Zum Waldschützen through the Grove, 1934-1967; includes photographs, Peter's birthday party, tea parties, bridge parties, garden parties for the Japan Society of London, British Association of Women Executives.
Guest book, 1941
Guest book from the Grove, 1953-1967; includes garden parties for the Allied Circle, Japan Society of London, planning lists.
Library lists: "Alphabetical Catalogue of Books," Kitzbühel, 1934
Library lists: "Catalogue of Books," the Orchard School and the Grove, 1941-1964; includes list of books lent.
Library lists: "Library Books," Grove, 1946-1967; includes some accounting figures.
Library lists: "Recordings": alphabetical list of MOE's music library, 1962
Library lists, loose sheets, circa 1934, 1956, circa 1980, undated
Library lists: "From the Library of MOE" seal embosser, undated
Signature book: "My Greek Family," Athens May 1955; includes short letters written to MOE from her Greek friends and former students while on a trip.
III.C    Scrapbooks
The scrapbooks mainly contain programs for plays, chamber music, operas, art exhibits, ballets, movies and circuses. They also contain menus, postcards, clippings, hotel bills, and invitations.
All scrapbooks are overstuffed with materials glued to thin acidic pages. They were left as is and housed in special boxes. Please note: Materials are extremely fragile and should be handled carefully.
Box-folder Contents
Scrapbook #1: England 1919-1923; includes Bath sisters' wedding (Gwyn Gaisford and Sioned de Crespigny), clippings, invitations, The Children's Salon certificates, Polo Tournament programs and clippings, actors and actresses, handmade program for a Variety Show put on by MOE and the Compton children, dance cards, menus.
Scrapbook #2: England 1923 - Japan 1929; includes Tokyo Women's Club, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Charles Lautrup, Tokyo Penwomen Club. Also includes the program, "Ceremony of the appointment of Professor B.T. Petzold as 'Dai So Zu' and conferring of Kasaya upon him," Buddhist induction by the Society of Tendai Philosophy at the University of Taisho.
Scrapbook #3: Japan 1929 - Singapore 1932; includes Japanese menus from the S.S. Maru, program for the Oriental Limited Great Northern Railways, brochure and menus for the Cunard Line, S.S. Comorin passenger list, Royal Singapore Yacht Club programs. Also includes the Cercle Français de Leister journal, summons for court hearing, and the Kensington flat lease.
Scrapbook #4: Singapore 1932 - Innsbruck 1937; includes program and poster for "A Kitzbühel Cocktail" performance by MOE and Debonnaire Sylvester, program for "A Valentine Caberet" presented by MOE and starring Debonnaire, Pauline and Jack Wood. Also includes a souvenir program for the Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo with Colonel Wassily de Basil and choreographed by Léonide Massine.
Scrapbook #5: Innsbruck 1937- 1939; includes entrance exam for scholarships to the Stowe School.
IV.     Writings

Writings are organized first by type of writing, then chronologically.

Box-folder Contents
46.2 Scrapbook of reviews, essays, short stories, poems published in Japanese newspapers, 1924-1929
46.1 "Wild Pansies," circa 1934; includes play writing, correspondence, memories.
46.3 Essay: Shibori or the Art of Japanese Tied-Dying, Dryad Handicrafts Leaflet No. 64, circa 1945
46.4 "Meiko 5 Subject spiral notebook," circa 1980-1994; includes section 2 "Lecture - Stories" and section 3 "Poetry".
IV.A    Poetry
Box-folder Contents
Poetry journals, handwritten poems, 1917-1985; includes Poems, 1917-1921, Poems II, (1923-1926), and Poems written from 1926-(1985). Also includes pen and ink drawing of MOE by A. Nakamura.
[3 journals]
Songs of Many Moods, typewritten draft of compiled poetry from 1918-1940; includes rejection letters from publishers.
Songs of Many Moods, typewritten manuscript of compiled poetry from 1918-1940 with an introduction written by Edmund Blunden, circa 1950s [See also II. Correspondence, Subseries F. Friends #20.13 for Blunden's handwritten introduction to MOE's manuscript, Song of Many Moods.]
Loose poems (draft of Song of Many Moods?), 1918 (typewritten circa 1956)
Loose poems, 1922, undated
20 Poems Written in Japan, typewritten hand-bound with inscription, "To Dads with many happy returns of the day," 1927
IV.B    Unpublished manuscripts
Box-folder Contents
Hidden Beaches: Some letters and a truthful diary, original typewritten corrected manuscripts, 1926-1927
Hidden Beaches: Some letters and a truthful diary, later typewritten corrected manuscripts, undated
The Kegon Fall (first draft of the Waterfall), typewritten corrected draft, 1974
The Waterfall by Muriel de Muschamp, typewritten corrected manuscript, 1974; includes correspondence with Anthony Blond, Blond & Briggs Publishers.
IV.C    Short stories and memoirs
Box-folder Contents
"Christmas Cards," handwritten notebook, 1922
"Ann in Saigon," typewritten, 1927
"Opium Love," typewritten, circa 1934
"Tears and Tea: a short story of Japanese tea ceremony," typewritten, circa 1934
"Mrs. Elliot's Revenge," typewritten, circa 1957; includes corrected draft, "Lost Trinkets."
"Elsa Sebald," typewritten, 1978; includes corrected draft. [See also II. Correspondence, Subseries F. Friends, #22.2 for Elsa Sebald's correspondence]
"Phillipe and the Bull Metsuke," typewritten, 1987
"Brief Encounters," typewritten, undated; includes corrected draft.
"Infant Infanticide," typewritten, 1934 [See also III. Diaries and scrapbooks, Subseries A. Diaries, #36.2 for Diary #19, 1934-1935: "Owl's Diary" pg. 65-66]
IV.D    Plays
Box-folder Contents
The Fall, typewritten script, circa 1934; includes Orchard students' hand-drawn watercolor broadsides for January 1945 production of this play.
The Cave Dwellers, typewritten script, 1943; includes program. [See also VII, Subseries B, photograph album #15 for photographs of the performance by Orchard School students].
Synopsis of the German musical Stephanie by Anne Lindsay (pseudonym for MOE), typewritten, undated
Unnamed play [Mrs. Uppington Steykes Finishing School], typewritten script, undated
IV.E    Lectures
Lectures were gathered from various loose folders floating throughout the collection. Original order was maintained whenever possible.
For programs and clippings on lectures given for the Japan Society of London, see VI. Community activities, Subseries A. Japan Society of London.
For lecture on to the UB Women's Club on Berthe Grimault, see V. Schools, Subseries C. The Grove Finishing School, #56.5-56.7
Arranged chronologically.
Box-folder Contents
Invitations to speak, 1950-1965, undated; includes correspondence.
No drama and a translation of " Fujito" by Yeako Mogami: talk given for the Japan Society of London, circa 1950s.; includes handwritten opening remarks, typewritten lecture and play with corrections. [See also VI. Photographs, Subseries B. Photograph albums, photobox 19 for photographs and announcement of production].
Chanoyu: lectures on Japanese tea ceremonies, 1952-1960, 1966-1973, 1985, undated; includes clippings, correspondence, speeches, programs, photographs. Also includes a typewritten book produced for the Ikabana International Buffalo Society (1973): The Japanese Tea Ceremony by Takako Michii, and program for International Friendship Day at the University at Buffalo (1985).
"English etiquette: talk given for the Nihon Fujinkai" (the Japanese Ladies Association in London), May 1960; includes correspondence, typewritten lecture notes with corrections.
"History of Japanese Music," talk given at the Victoria and Albert, April 1963; includes typewritten lecture notes with corrections
"A Talk on Cheese," 1971; includes handwritten notes, typewritten lecture notes with corrections.
"Gagaku": lecture to the Japan Society, 1972; correspondence, prints and negatives from the lecture, typewritten lecture notes with corrections, pamphlet: "Gagaku" published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo.
"Geisha," 1977-1981; includes typewritten lecture notes with corrections.
Katherine Mansfield, 1977-1979; includes typewritten lecture notes with corrections.
UB Women's Club activities, 1979-1987
UB Women's Club: Art History Group, 1979-1987; includes membership lists, schedule of lectures, typewritten lecture notes with corrections on Rembrandt, Japanese woodcut artists, Goya, Watteau and others.
UB Women's Club: Bookclub, 1979-1988; includes membership lists, schedule of books, clippings, typewritten lecture notes with corrections on Aztec by Gary Jennings, Jane Austen, Sei Shonagon: "The Pillow Book," Milan Kundera and others.
"Short talk on Schumann and Brahms," 1979; includes typewritten lecture notes with corrections.
"A Trip to Egypt: Talk accompanying film and slides given to Jewish Center, October 23, 1979"; includes typewritten lecture notes with corrections. [See also VI. Photographs, Subseries B. Photograph albums, photobox 29 for images from MOE's trip to Egypt.]
Lecture recital with Akiko Baggs: Verlaine, 1979; includes clipping, program, typewritten lecture notes with corrections.
"Lecture on Mozart and the Magic Flute," 1980; includes typewritten lecture notes with corrections.
Lecture recital with Akiko Baggs: Chausson and Duparc, 1981; includes typewritten lecture notes with corrections.
Lecture recital with Akiko Baggs: Goethe, 1982; includes typewritten lecture notes with corrections.
UB Women's Club: Music History Group, 1983-1986; includes membership lists, schedule of lectures, clippings, typewritten lecture notes with corrections.
"Talk at Dr. Sample's House for Heads of Women's Associations," November 1985; includes note from Peter Boyd Bowman indicating why he chose to read the speech at MOE's memorial in 1994.
"Vita": talk on Vita Sackville-West, undated; includes typewritten lecture notes with corrections.
IV.F    Broadcasts, translations, reviews
See IV. Writings, Subseries E. Lectures, #48.17 for MOE's translation of "Fujito" by Yeako Mogami.
Arranged chronologically by broadcast, translation, review.
Box-folder Contents
Broadcast: "Television talks," 1951-1967; includes BBC broadcast on the Dolls Festival in Japan, (1953), Japanese tea ceremonies, "Character and Nationality" final typewritten draft for "Woman's Hour".
Translation of "Tea Leaves" by Hakone Maru, handwritten notebook, 1924
Translation: "Talk on [Ernst] Müller-Blensdorf given by Gunther Lowenfeld in German and translated by me at their request for the British Press," undated; includes typewritten drafts with corrections. [See also II. Correspondence, Subseries F. Friends, #22.7 Ernst M. Blensdorf]
Translation of "Tinfoil" by Raoul Auernheimer, typewritten, undated
Reviews, 1971, undated
IV.G    Other people's writings
This subseries includes works written by other authors. Most are from friends and family.
Arranged alphabetically by author then title.
Box-folder Contents
Lady Aylwen, 1958, 1963, 1971; includes typewritten manuscript for Semiramis of the North a play in four acts with handwritten corrections and notes made by MOE, programs, invitations, clippings. [See also VI. Community activities, Subseries E. Other societies, clubs, and charities for The Russian Benevolent Society (#72.6-72.8) and Thé Dasant (#73.2)].
Mountain Sanctuary: a novel by Barbara Fanning (pseudonym for Cecile Wunenburger), typewritten manuscript, undated [See also Subseries II. Correspondence, Subseries F. Friends, #22.5 for correspondence with Jean and Cecile (Poobah) Wunenburger]
The Woman and the Puppet (La Femme et le Pantin) by Pierre Louÿs and translated by Charles Hope Lumley, typewritten manuscript, undated
Nature sketchbook and diary by Jane Margaret Plumbe, undated
La Pomme du Fakir by unknown author, typewritten manuscript, undated
[Manuscript written in French].
Why Did the Carp? by unknown author and illustrator, undated; includes watercolors, sketches, typewritten story.
"Other people," 1909, circa 1922, 1934, 1977, undated; includes poetry by Peter Boyd Bowman and PAH Muschamp, Reliques de Jules Tellier, and essays on MOE by Dorothy (Dodo) and Catherine (Bogy) Compton and David Fielding.
V.    Schools

In this series are included materials on MOE's two main schools -- The Orchard and The Grove schools. It also includes information on her earlier teachings (34 Carlyle Square) as well as her later teachings (University at Buffalo continuing education program).

Box-folder Contents
51.9 Prospectus, 1941-circa 1960; includes prospectuses for 34 Carlyle Square, The Orchard, The Grove, a blank report card and an advertisement.
51.10 "Book of Pupils": a paper notebook listing students by term, 1942-1969
51.11 "Record of My Pupils, " 1942-1969: a bound volume listing all students by year. Grove Finishing School students are also listed by originating country.
[bound volume]
52.1 The Orchard School at the Grove Lodge Junior School, 1955-1956; includes prospectus, correspondence, and accounts for a short-lived junior school MOE planned to open while running the Grove Finishing School.
52.2 Holiday students at 146 Hamilton Terrace, 1972
52.3 School uniforms, circa 1942, circa 1955; includes school patches for The Orchard and the Grove Finishing School and a drawing by MOE of the full Orchard uniform.
V.A    Early teachings
Box-folder Contents
"Old Pupils: pre 1940," 1915-1939; includes Viola Ronaldshay, Bruce Robinson, Hubert Bell, David Fielding, Rollo Albans, Michael Murray, Pat and Mick O'Hanlon (Hus Bun), and Leo dos Remedios.
34 Carlyle Square, 1940; includes property lease.
V.B    The Orchard School, Kings Langley
For correspondence with Orchard School students, Adèle Leigh, Valerie Daniel, Joan David Hewitt and Jock Scott see II. Correspondence, Subseries F. Friends, London.
Arranged alphabetically
Box-folder Contents
Correspondence, 1941-1942; includes letters from parents and students.
Events and performances, 1942-1945; includes programs.
Organizations and business affairs, 1943-1944
Property issues, 1941-1946
Ration book, 1942, undated; includes record of ration used by MOE and a few students.
Students, 1942-1944; includes reports, memos, notes.
Student index cards, undated
[cards were disbound from cardex binder]
Student writing and exams, 1943-1944, undated; includes Hamish Orr-Ewing.
V.C    The Grove Finishing School, Seal
Arranged by topic and then alphabetically.
Box-folder Contents
Accounting: balance sheets, 1958-1966
Advertising for students, 1948, 1960, undated; includes correspondence, clippings.
Agents: educational advising agents, 1946-1953; includes Gabbitas-Thring and Company.
Couture: George Picton-Bayton, 1950-1956; includes sampling of receipts for clothes purchased for students, swatch for evening dress skirts.
Doctor: Alec Roffey, 1961-1965
Domestic affairs, 1950-1962; includes kitchen and pantry inventories, published regulations and daily meal planning from the Ministry of Food, and "Complete list of household linens and bed linens".
[disbound binder]
Domestic staff, 1946-1970; includes correspondence, legal actions, referrals.
Lawyers: 1959-1977; includes insurance claims, correspondence. Also includes sale of 146 Hamilton Terrace, British Association of Women Executives claim.
Legal affairs: Mr. Moti D. Hira, 1957-1959
Printed materials, undated; includes forms, business cards, stationary.
Purchase of the Grove, 1946-1947, undated; includes original listing, surveyor's report, correspondence with previous owner, S. Leith.
Sale of the Grove, 1967-1972
Box-folder Contents
Class diary, 1947
Judo, 1954-1956; includes clippings, correspondence.
Exams and howlers, 1953, 1965
Excursions, 1944-1965, undated; includes list of field trips, correspondence, programs.
Parties at the Grove, 1947, 1960-1967; includes correspondence and acceptance letters.
Parties at the Grove: Christmas cocktails parties, 1963, undated; includes guest lists. Also includes blank MOE's personalized Christmas cards.
Signature and portrait book, summer 1948: a book of pencil-sketched portraits of each Grove girl by Grove Finishing School student, Antonia Cannellopanlan with accompanying letters to MOE.

Arranged chronologically and then alphabetically by type of document.

Box-folder Contents
Clippings, 1957-1964
Clipping scrapbooks, 1957-1958
Correspondence with the Berthe Grimault, 1957-1968, 1981, undated; includes Henri-Jean Grimault, Dr. Hyatt Williams' psychiatric report.
Correspondence with Eliézer Fournier, 1957-1968
Correspondence with Odette Arnaud, Berthe Grimault's literary agent, 1957-1959, 1961
Correspondence with Berthe Grimault's publishers and editors, 1957-1959; includes Andre Deutsch, Jeffery Simmons, René Julliard, typewritten draft of preface to the Berthe in Paradise.
Correspondence with fans and reporters, 1957-1959; includes William Laird from the Laird Memorial Hospital, Jean Lotte, Winifred Carr.
Diaries and class lecture books, 1957-1958; includes MOE's dairy of Berthe's time at the Grove.
News photographs of Berthe and MOE around the Grove, 1957; includes a dance lesson, with roommates Jennifer Harris and Maria Helene Barros, tennis game, tea party, and the London press conference.
Publications, 1957-1960; includes Beau Clown, Berthe in Paradise, Tuer son enfant, Le Berger du Desert.
Publication: photocopy of Berthe in Paradise, 1960
Lecture on Berthe Grimault given to the UB Women's Club, 1983; includes typewritten drafts with handwritten corrections, final draft.

See II. Correspondence, Subseries F. Friends, Grove staff, students, special guests for more Grove related correspondence

Box-folder Contents
"Au pairs girls," 1953-1966, undated
Grove girls general correspondence, 1946-1969, undated; includes school compositions, accounts, class reports, passports, clippings.
Grove girls, 1946-1969, undated; includes Patricia Basil, Subhadra Manadhar, Maria Theresa Urdaneta, Vicky Vosikis.
Holiday students, 1953-1967
"Hospitality to overseas students," 1963-1968
Teaching staff, 1946-1967; includes Janet Hopkins Coomber, Eugenia Coria, Caroline Erksine, Heather Fretwell, Winnie Gormley, Joanne Jackson, Stella Johnston-Jones, Evelyn Morris, Vera Thurgood.
Box-folder Contents
Programs for Grove produced productions, 1948-1968, undated: handmade programs from Fall, Christmas, Easter, and Summer seasons. [See also VII. Photographs for still images of Grove girl's productions.]
Menus, 1949-1968, undated: handmade menus from cooking exams and events at the Grove. Also includes Meiko's handwritten comments.
V.D    "All About Opera" UB credit-free course, 1978-1982
Box-folder Contents
Administration, 1978-1982; includes student lists, correspondence, fliers, course description, Office for Credit-Free Programs, Division of Continuing Education forms.
Examinations, 1978, undated
Handouts and notes, undated
Lecture notes, 1980-1981: First part, Italian opera
Lecture notes, 1980-1981: Second part, German and French opera
Lecture notes, 1980-1981: Third part, English, Russian, Czech, Spanish and Hungarian opera
Lecture notes, undated; includes sessions #1-12.
Lecture notes from the 5 subject notebook, circa 1983
VI.    Community Activites

Includes Societies and Charities

VI.A    Japan Society of London
Copyright: Material documenting the Japan Society of London's activities are the intellectual copyright of the Society and permission to cite or reproduce any part must be given by the Executive Director of the Society. (see http://japansociety.org.uk/ for further details).
Box-folder Contents
Membership and constitution, 1949-1974, 1994, undated; includes Japan Society bulletin with MOE's obituary (1994).
Meeting minutes, 1950-1973
[9 folders]
Financial sheets, 1953-1968, undated
Social gatherings and lectures, 1950-1974, undated
Receptions and black tie affairs, 1952-1974; includes invitations, programs, menus, clippings, visit of Her Imperial Highness Pricess Chichibu of Japan and the 75th Anniversary of the Japan Society of London. Also includes signed photograph of Empress Kojun, circa 1965.
Box-folder Contents
A, 1953-1962, undated; includes Koichiro and Takako Asakai, Frank Ashton-Gwatkin (author John Paris), clippings of Crowned Prince of Japan, Prince Akihito's marriage.
A, 1953: scrapbook of Crowned Prince of Japan, Prince Akihito's visit to England.
B, 1950-1963, 1967, undated; includes Lord Baden-Powell, H.V. Bleackley, Dr. Carmen Blacker, bridge group, bonsai, ball.
C, 1952-1967, undated; includes Harold Cheshire of The Central Mime Group (London), Eleanor Close, English Branch, Lady Penelope Clementi, obituary for Sir Edward Crowe. [For information on Chanoyu see IV. Writings, Subseries E. Lectures #48.18-48.19] [For more information on the Japan Animal Welfare Society see VI. Community Activities, Subseries E Other societies, clubs, and charities #71.8-71.10]
D, 1950-1961, undated; includes Otome Daniels, farewell dinner in honor of His Excellency Mr. Koichiro Asaki (Minister Counselor of the Japanese Embassy).
E, 1958-1958, undated
F, 1955-1966, undated; includes Kenneth Fisher (treasurer of the Japan Society of London).
G, 1950, 1960-1962, undated; includes typewritten speech on geishas.
H-I, 1951-1963, undated; includes Christmas Humphries, Japan Society of London's headquarters, Ikebana International.
J, 1950-1967, undated; includes Soame Jenyns.
K-L, 1929-1930, 1950-1968, undated; includes Margaret Kennedy (1920-1930, Tokyo).
M, 1950-1975, undated; includes Colonel J.W. Marsden, Matsue-Bristol sister cities speech.
N, 1953-1967, undated; includes Lady Yvonne Nixon, handwritten draft of Taro, Dragon Boy by Miyoko Matsutani, 1962, topographical map of Nagua, Japan, 1963.
O, 1960-1962, undated
P, 1949-1967, undated; includes Major-General F.S.G. "Roy" Piggott, Juliet Piggott, obituary for F.S.G. Piggott.
R, 1953-1965, undated
S, 1954-1960, undated; includes George Sale, obituary for Mamoru Shigemitsu, former Japanese Foreign Minister
T-Z, 1955-1967, undated
VI.B    British Association of Women Executives (BAWE), 1953-1988
MOE kept subject files for the BAWE arranged alphabetically. For the most part they are kept here with the same folder titles. The speeches were donated separately at a later date. Files labeled as "Correspondence with members" were removed to the correspondence section. Files labeled as "Minutes of committees and meetings," were removed to the meetings section. Files labeled as "Newsletters" were removed to the publications section.
Box-folder Contents
A.G.M. (Annual General Meetings) & Allied Circle, 1954-1964; includes meeting minutes, agendas, nomination ballots.
Committee members (not officers), 1955-1959, 1967; includes correspondence with Helen Dunn and Tinou Dutry.
[Executive] Committee meetings, 1954-1959; includes meeting minutes, agendas, 1954 flyers describing aims and mission.
Dinners and meetings, 1954-1964; includes menus, meeting minutes, guest lists.
BBC and press conference, 1954-1959; includes typewritten notes for BBC broadcast, typewritten speech about the Grove Finishing School.
Fisher, Foyle, Fiehl, 1954-1959; includes clippings and correspondence with Stella Fisher, Christina Foyle and Erna Fiehl.
Guests and speakers, 1954-1959; includes Irene Ashton-Jones.
Hart Dyke, Howarth, 1955-1957; includes clippings and correspondence with Zoë, Lady Hart Dyke and Muriel Howarth. Also includes two photographs of Lullingstone Silk Farms, Ltd. at Ayot House, 1956.
Propaganda, letters, etc., 1955-1957; includes clippings, list of "Women Prominent at Company Meetings".
Taxation Committee, 1956-1957
Membership lists, 1954-1957, undated
Press, 1954-1957; includes correspondence with editors and journalists. [See also Secretaries "Bovill" #65.15-65.17 in this section for more information on the Lavina Ford case]
Prunier, 1954-1959; includes correspondence with Simone Prunier, Fernch Liaison Officer, menu from the "Cercle des Amis de "Cuisine et Vins de France" dinner at Restaurant Prunier January 21, 1957.
Rules, competitions, Garden Party, Festival of Women, Ball, 1957, undated; includes by-laws, organization constitution. Also include survey entries for the "Qualities Competition," and typewritten entries for "Amusing Anecdotes" competition (which includes an anecdote from photographer Vivienne).
Secretaries: Bovill, 1954-1959; includes Betty Bovill, Lavina Ford. Also includes correspondence with lawyers regarding Ford vs. BAWE.
Speeches, 1954-1959, 1966; includes typewritten speeches for conferences, anniversary dinners, meetings, introducing guest speakers.
Treasurer: Simmonds, 1954-1958; includes cash statements, income and expenditure accounts, correspondence with Miya Simmonds.
Box-folder Contents
Käte Ahlmann: President of Vereinigung von Unternehmerinnen e.V. (German counterpart to the BAWE), 1954-1959; includes list of members (1959), Ahlmann: 125 Years of Carlshütte, privately printed historical chronicle (1952).
[bound volume]
Tinou Dutry, 1953-1964, 1988, 1991-1994; includes "Speech by Mrs. Armand Dutry at the Inaugural Dinner of the British Association of Women Executives," introductory letter to the Le Femmes Chef d'Enterprises.
Georges Riond, May 15, 1957
Annie Vandenschrik, President of the Association Belge des Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises (Belgium counterpart to the BAWE), 1953-1968
[5 folders]
Nora Walley: President of BAWE, 1965-1968
"Members A-M," 1954-1960; includes Nicky Joyce, Vivienne (Florence Mellish Entwistle), Dora Gordine.
"Members N-Z," 1954-1959
General members correspondence, 1958-1968, 1974-1982; includes Betty Bovil, Vivienne (Florence Mellish Entwistle), Evelyn Hamilton, Victoria Goldsworthy.
Box-folder Contents
BAWE Newsletter, #1-22, 1955-1959, 1983-1984; includes newsletters #7, and #8 from 1983-1984.
"Newsletters," 1954-1957, undated; includes drafts of issues 1, 6-9, 21.
BAWE Journal, #1-3, 6-9, 1963-1968; includes BAWE brochure with constitution.
Association Belge des Femmes Chef D'Entreprises Bulletin, #118, #129, #132-#133, #135, #137-#140, 1979-1984
Les Femmes Chefs D'Entreprise other publications, 1958-1959, 1988; includes trimester reviews, news digests.
Clippings: photocopied clipping scrapbook, 1953-1960; includes publicity of the BAWE, Madame Yvonne Edmond Foinant, Les Femmes Chefs D'Entreprise, and other members.
Box-folder Contents
BAWE gala dinners and events, 1953, 1957-1959, 1964-1974; includes 5th Congress of Les Femmes Chefs D'Entreprise program (1953), menus, typewritten speeches, 1974 farewell to Meiko dinner.
"Minutes of committees and meetings," 1954-1960, 1967; includes Member's Meetings, Executive Committee, Taxation committee.
BAWE meeting minutes, 1965-1966
16th Congress of the World Association of Women Executives, Vienna, Austria, May 2-7, 1965; includes correspondence, event time-table.
19th Congress of the World Association of Women Executives, London, May 12-15, 1968; includes programs, banquet and luncheon menus, handwritten speeches, and a typewritten speech "Premières de Cordée" by Betty Kiek Wolffers, president of L'Union Néerlandaise des Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises.
Awarded gifts: Medal awarded at the 9th Congress of the World executives, Brussels, 1958
Awarded gifts: Silver bell, undated: presented to MOE for her service as the first President of the BAWE, 1959. Inscription reads: "Meiko Orr-Ewing / BAWE / To the Founder President / In affectionate appreciation / 1953-1959"
Napkin rings from BAWE anniversary dinner, 1984
VI.C    Save the Children Fund
Box-folder Contents
Kathleen Freeman, Hon. Chair and Secretary of the Watford & District Branch., 1943-1962
Charity events, 1944-1950, 1958; includes correspondence, flyers.
Organizational papers, 1946, 1958-1962; includes Edwina Mountbatten Trust, press releases, charity event programs, National Council of Women of Great Britain, Sevenoaks & District Branch.
Correspondence, 1961-1962; includes resignation letter to Brigadier T.W. Boyce Director General.
VI.D    Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival
MOE served many years as chairman, president or president of the Festival.
Subseries arranged alphabetically
Box-folder Contents
Competitions: drama, 1960-1968
Competitions: poetry, 1963-1967, undated; includes entries.
Competitions: prizewinners concert, 1963-1973, undated
Correspondence, 1963-1973
Organizational records, 1962-1971, undated; includes meeting agendas, clippings, Chairman/President speeches, Festival constitution.
Programs and syllabi, 1951-1952, 1962-1974; includes 1962 Sevenoaks Festival Week program.
VI.E    Other societies, clubs, and charities
Subseries arranged alphabetically
Box-folder Contents
The Allied Circle, 1947-1963, undated; includes by-laws, member letters, correspondence journals (1960-1961).
British-American Ball, 1963-1968; includes programs, menu, correspondence.
The Buddhist Society, 1953-1960, undated; includes Christmas Humphries. [See also VI. Community Activities, Subseries A. Japan Society of London #63.1 for more correspondence with Christmas Humphries.]
Chiltern War-Time Concerts committee, 1941; includes handwritten committee meeting notes, programs.
Girl Venture Corps (Air Wings), Sevenoaks Unit, 1966-1969, undated; includes brochures. [See also II. Correspondence, Subseries F. Other friends #26.11-26.13 for correspondence with Vivienne Ward]
Hospice Buffalo, Inc. , 1977-1978, undated; includes volunteer list, pamphlets, bibliography.
International Bazaar for Animal Welfare, 1958-1964; includes Japan Animal Welfare Society, correspondence with Eleanor Close and actress Margaret Rawlings. [See also VI. Community Activities, Subseries A. Japan Society of London, #62.5-62.7]
Iran Society, 1945-1963, 1961-1965, undated; includes first issue of the Journal of the Iran Society, 1950.
The Memorial Centre of Help for Babies, 1945-1947, 1957-1963; includes correspondence with Phyllis Holman Richards.
Opera Ball committee, 1956-1965; includes meeting minutes, flyers, programs.
Russian Benevolent Society: Annual Bazaar committee, 1951-1972; includes meeting minutes, correspondence with Dita Vallender, programs. [See also IV. Writings, Subseries G. Other people's writings #50.14-50.14 for the play written by Lady Aylwen, "Semiramis of the North" performed at one of the Annual Bazaars]
Sevenoaks clubs and societies, 1948-1952, 1958-1971; includes The Sevenoak Music Club (with Florentine Immink), The Sevenoak Art Club, The Sevenoak Players, Sevenoaks Conservative Association, Soroptimist Club of Sevenoaks.
St. John's Wood Terrace Adventure Playground, 1971-1974; includes minutes, correspondence, pamphlets, St. Marylebone Alexandra Day Market, "Children in Need of Help" BBC fundraiser.
[3 folders]
Thé Dasant, 1971; includes Lady Aylwen.
Women of the Year Luncheon, 1967-1971; includes programs.
Other society, clubs and charities, 1928-1929, 1940-1979; includes
VII.    Photographs

For more photographs of Berthe Grimault at the Grove, see V. Schools, Subseries C. Grove School, box/folder #56.1-56.2.

VII.A    Loose photographs
Box-folder Contents
Portraits and photographs of MOE, 1900-1984; includes Menzingen, photograph of statue of MOE by Dora Gordine, photograph of painted portrait by Ines Taxis, portrait by Vivienne.
[38 photos]
Gaulis family, circa 1875-1912, undated; includes Lucie Gaulis (maternal grandmother), Robert Gaulis (maternal uncle).
[13 photos]
Muschamp family photographs, circa 1895-circa 1955, undated; includes Allen, Meg, George, Laurie, Hally and Rex Muschamp.
[135 photos]
Husbands, circa 1923-circa 1947, undated; includes Cuthbert (Boodh) Boyd Bowman, Franz Schmuttermayer, Hugh Orr-Ewing.
[43 photos]
Debonnaire Sylvester and Kitzbühel, circa 1930s, undated
[11 photos]
Peter Boyd-Bowman and family, 1924-1980, undated; includes Susan Boyd-Bowman Emanuel.
[23 photos]
Other Friends and extended family, circa 1915-1946, 1966, undated; includes Cecil Muschamp, Germaine Chambert, Gwyn Gaisford, Paul Renard, Irene Ashton-Jones, Barbara Page, Hermione Flueler, Suzanna Soukup, hand-tinted glass slides of MOE with Japanese friends.
[24 photos]
Community activities, undated; includes British Association of Women Executives conference dinners and members, new photo of Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako at a Japan Society of London reception.
[14 photos]
The Orchard School, circa 1945, undated; includes images from MOE's production of The Cave Dweller.
[20 photos]
Map-case Contents
Winter Term 1946. 18 The Vale, Chelsea, 1946
Box-folder Contents
The Grove Finishing School and grounds, undated
[16 photos]
75.3-75.5, 81.5-81.10+
Grove: school portraits, 1947-1966, undated; includes Lorna Last, Peter Mullins, Chris Furstner, Berthe Grimault, Hugh Orr-Ewing. The photographs located in box 81.5-81.10 are matted and signed by Grove students.
[79 photos]
Grove: "fancy dress" costume ball school portraits, 1948-1951, undated
[14 photos]
Grove: plays and productions, 1947-1963, undated; includes "Ophelia", "A Mirror for Queen Elizabeth".
[26 photos]
Grove: students, 1949-1951, undated; includes students relaxing and at classes.
Grove: former staff and students, 1953, 1966-1973, undated; includes Claire Thompson and Robert Becker wedding, unknown portrait by Vivienne.
[18 photos]
Buffalo, undated; includes snapshots of MOE's house in Williamsville, New York.
[8 photos]
VII.B    Photograph albums
Albums were given names with the creator's initials and then arranged chronologically.
Box-folder Contents
photobox 1
MOE album #1, 1913-1918; includes diary entries, Menzingen school friends Martha and Maria von Sury, Hermine Flueler, Muschamp family.
photobox 2
MOE album #2, January 1920-April 1921; includes Muschamp family, Gwyn Gaisford, Louise Muschamp, Catherine (Bogy) Compton, Carl Angrave, O'Hanlon family, d'Assisi Fonseca family.
photobox 3
MOE album #3, May 1921-March 1922; includes Pailton House, Catherine (Bogy) Compton, David Fielding, George Muschamp's wedding, Gwyn Gaisford, Dicky Hammerton, Victor Taylor, Hermine Flueler, Ernst Portenier.
photobox 4
MOE album #4, May 1922-May 1923; includes Comptons, Dicky Hammerton, Gwyn Gaisford, Gaynor Gardner, Elwin Wright, Illtyd Howell, Hermine Flueler, Lady Victoria Fielding.
photobox 5
MOE album #5, May 1923-July 1924; includes Dicky Hammerton, Boodh, Gwyn Gaisford, Ronaldshay family, Gwen Barclay, John Muschamp. Also includes the HHS Hakone Maru, Colombo, Singapore, Matsue.
photobox 6
MOE album #6, August 1924-May 1925; includes Peter Boyd-Bowman's birth, Gwen Barclay, Muschamp family, Boodh, Martin Albrecht, Gwyn Gaisford. Also includes Yonago, Hong Kong, Repulse Bay.
photobox 7
MOE album #7, June 1925-September 1925; includes Peter Boyd-Bowman, Gwyn Gaisford, Muschamp family, John Paterson-Fox, Phillipe Baudet, hand-tinted photographs of Boyd Bowman family. Also includes Chuzenji, Kyoto, waterfall by Yumato.
photobox 8
MOE album #8, October 1925-June 1926; includes Peter Boyd-Bowman, Gwyn Gaisford, Otaki Akira, Gaynor Gardner. Also includes Japanese rice field workers, Matsue teahouse, the Matsue Music Club.
photobox 9
MOE album #9, 1926-1927; includes Peter Boyd-Bowman, Boodh, Hermine and Fred Flueler, Gwyn Gaisford. Also includes Chuzenji, Bristol, Stafford.
photobox 10
MOE album #10, July 1927-December 1928; includes Peter Boyd-Bowman, Muschamp family, Tom Trollope, Gwyn Gaisford, Hermine Flueler, Paul Renaud, Boodh. Also includes London, Japan, Kuala Lumpur, West Africa.
photobox 11
MOE album #11, February 1929-August 1930; includes Muschamp family, Tom Trollope, Dick Townsend, Peter Boyd-Bowman. Also includes Tokyo University, Raffles School in Singapore.
photobox 12
MOE album #12, 1930-1932; includes Robichon family, Hermine Flueler, Fred Flueler, Debonnaire Sylvester, Gwyn Gaisford, Boodh, Merton Brown, Barbara Page, Peter Boyd-Bowman, Muschamp family, Dora Gordine. Also includes Lausanne, the Singapore Regatta, "A Spinster's Birthday and a Matron's elopement" party.
photobox 13
MOE album #13, June 1932-February 1934; includes Peter Boyd-Bowman, André Robichon, Debonnaire Sylvester, Redlich family, Rex and Lee Muschamp wedding, Muschamp family. Also includes Villa Petzold and Kitzbühel.
photobox 14
MOE album #14, September 1939-September 1942; includes Peter Boyd-Bowman, Muschamp family, Willem Mante, Hugh Orr-Ewing, Hamish Orr-Ewing. Also includes the Orchard School, 34 Carlyle Square.
photobox 15
MOE album #15, 1943-1948; includes Hugh Orr-Ewing, Muschamp family, Peter and Marjorie Boyd-Bowman, Uwe Kitzenger, Adèle Leigh, Valerie Daniel, Eugene Deckers, Grove girls, Grove group portraits. Also includes the Orchard School, "The Cave Dwellers" play, The Grove.
photobox 16
MOE album #16, 1944-1947; includes 34 Carlyle Square, The Orchard School, The Grove, Grove group portraits, Hugh Orr-Ewing, Peter Boyd-Bowman, Allen Muschamp.
photobox 17
MOE album #17, July 22, 1948: photographs by George King of the Grove performance, "The Spider."
photobox 18
MOE album #18, 1950-1951; includes Peter and Marjorie Boyd-Bowman, Susan Boyd-Bowman, George and Louise Muschamp, Georgina Muschamp, Christine Furstner, Lorna Last, Grove girls, Grove group portraits. Also includes pedigree dogs and parakeets.
photobox 19
MOE album #19, Easter 1951-Summer 1953; includes Prince Akihito visit to the Grove, Grove group portraits, Grove performances, Princess Romanoskov, Christine Furstner, Akira Otaki, Roy Piggott, J.W. Marsden, Robert Craigie, Japan Society group portrait, Japan Society production of "Fujito", Christmas Humphries, Adèle Leigh, Muschamp family.
photobox 20
MOE album #20, 1952: trip with about six Grove girls and Hugh Orr-Ewing to Scotland.
photobox 21
MOE album #21, 1954-1955; includes Tinou Dutry, Madame Foinant, Muschamp family, Dora Gordine, Maya Simmons, Lorna Last, Lady Davidson. Also includes "First dinner of the British Association of Women's Executives (BAWE), May 12, 1954", Chanoyu, Judo demonstration, interior and exterior photos of the Grove, Grove group portraits, play: "Ophelia", press photographs of classes and activities at the Grove.
photobox 22
MOE album #22, June 1955-September 1956; includes Tinou Dutry, Madame Foinant, HRH Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, Harold Cheshire, Julia Arnall, Boyd-Bowman family, Grove girls, Grove group portraits, play: "The Tall Tower". Also includes Japan Society of London, BAWE meeting at the Grove, MOE costumed as Marie Antoinette.
photobox 23
MOE album #23, 1956-1957; family, includes Madame Foinant, Vivienne Entwistle, Georgina Muschamp, Boyd-Bowman family, Soukup family, BAWE, Chanoyu, Grove group portraits. Also includes Kitzbühel.
photobox 24
MOE album #24, September 1957-July 1960; includes BAWE, Madame Foinant, Tinou Dutry, Grove girls, Grove group portraits, Berthe Grimault, Muschamp family, Adèle Leigh, Harold Cheshire, Japan Society of London. Also includes Kitzbühel, Vivienne portrait of Alicia Markova, plays "All the Tea in China" and "Look Before you Leap"
photobox 25
MOE album #25, 1960-1961; includes Grove girls, Grove group portraits, Georgina Muschamp, Boyd-Bowman family, Margaret Leighton at the Animal Welfare Bazaar, Opera Ball. Anne Sackville, Dicky Hammerton, Berthe Grimault's wedding, Soukup family. Also includes plays "Look Before you Leap" and "Fiesta!", signed Vivienne portrait of Winston Churchill.
photobox 26
MOE album #26, Summer 1960-September 1963; includes Chanoyu, Harold Cheshire, Marcel Marceau, Grove girls, Grove group portraits, Susan Boyd-Bowman. Also includes Kitzbühel.
photobox 27
MOE album #27, July 1961-August 1962; includes Grove girls, Grove group portraits, Boyd-Bowman family, Muschamp family. Also includes Kitzbühel, Kalamazoo MI, Charmian PA, Ikebana, Ascot Races.
photobox 28
MOE album #28, September 1963-May 1964; includes postcards, Adèle Leigh, Berthe Grimault, Elga and Hally Muschamp, Grove group portrait, Peter Mullins, Soukup family. Also includes Mireille Dutry's wedding to Prince Christian of Hanover.

[Magnetic photo album was photocopied and disbound during processing. Photographs were removed and placed into sleeves. Original pages and covers were discarded.]

photobox 29
MOE album #29, January 1964: trip to Egypt and Jordan; includes MOE's travel itinerary, articles and propaganda regarding Jordanian Arabs, map of Jerusalem showing Armistice demarcation lines.
photobox 30
MOE album #30, May 1964-October 1964; includes Grove girls, Grove group portraits, Soukup family, play: "The Godsend" performed for the Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival.
photobox 31
MOE album #31, September 1964-1966; includes Robert Becker and Claire Thompson, Grove girls, Grove group portraits, Vivienne Entwistle, Adèle Leigh, BAWE, Madame Foinant, Nora Waley. Also includes play "Out Patients".
photobox 32
MOE album #32, Summer 1966-May 1970; includes Grove girls, Soukup family, Hally Muschamp, BAWE, Reba Morris-Marsham, Adèle Leigh's wedding, Georgina Muschamp's wedding.
photobox 33
MOE album #33, 1971; includes Elga Muschamp, Madame Foinant, Susan Boyd-Bowman marriage to Nicholas Hawkin. Also includes Pedro Pacheco exhibition at the Spanish Club Gallery in London.
photobox 34
MOE album #34, 1972; includes Soukup family, Dicky Hammerton, Peter Mullins, Chanoyu.
photobox 35
MOE album #35, 1983-1985; includes BAWE, Tinou Dutry, Georgina Muschamp, Rex and Lee Muschamp, Peter and Margit Boyd-Bowman, Akiko Baggs, Layla and Al Somit.
photobox 36
M.M. Muschamp album #1, circa 1879-circa 1900: cabinet card photo album of the Gaulis and Muschamp families.
photobox 37
M.M. Muschamp album #2, 1921-1933; includes George and Louise Muschamp's wedding, John Muschamp, Catherine "Bogy" Compton, David Fielding, Peter Boyd-Bowman, Hally Muschamp, Laurie Muschamp.
photobox 38
M.M. Muschamp album #3, 1925-1946; includes two sides to album: first side of MOE (1925-1939) and second side of Laurie Muschamp (1928-1946).
VIII.    Cassette tapes

Cassettes are arranged chronologically.

Box-folder Contents
82 Side 1: X. "My Grisla Lecture"; "Beginning of Tape - Characters and Nationalities (concl.)" Side 2: "Geisha Lecture to Japanese Society. Frank Ashton-Gwatkin is chairman," undated, November 6, 1956
82 II. "BWE Anniversary Dinner 1957. Cafe Royal: Self. Formant. Vandenschick etc."; "Beginning: End of Concert", undated, 1957
82 "Gala Dinner with Lady Packenham, Lord Sempill"; V. "Various Presidents (good), "undated, May 15, 1959
82 "Various guests,"circa 1970
82 "Voices of friends, London,"1974
82 Side 1: "Remainder of introduction on cassette X. Side 1 of Reel A" ; "XI. Interview of Frank Ashton-Gwatkin after my Geisha lecture" Side 2: "Conversation Leicester: my parents and Mary" ; "Various conversations with Grove girls - Georgina, George, Louise"undated
82 "Lady Hart Dyke - BWE dinner. XIV,"undated
82 Side 1: "Gagaku Lecture"; "Adele wedding". Side 2: "Joyce Glenfell,"undated

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Allied Circle (London, England)
Ampthill, Christabel Russell
Aylwen, Lady
Blensdorf, Ernst, 1896-1976
Blunden, Edmund, 1896-1974
Boyd-Bowman, Cuthbert
Boyd-Bowman, Peter
British Association of Women Entrepreneurs
British Association of Women Executives
Cheshire, Harold
Deckers, Eugène, 1917-1977
Disher, Maurice Willson, 1893-
Dutry-Soinne, Tinou
Entwistle, Florence Mellish
Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiales
Flueler-Michel, Hermine
Foinant, Madame Yvonne Edmond
Fournier, Eliézer, 1906-
Freeman, Kathleen
Goldscheider, Gabrielle Maria
Gordine, Dora, 1898-1991
Grimault, Berthe, 1940-
Grimault, Berthe, 1940- --Beau Clown
Grimault, Berthe, 1940- --Berthe in Paradise
Grimault, Berthe, 1940- --Le Berger du Desert
Grimault, Berthe, 1940- --Tuer son enfant
Japan Society (London, England)
Jenyns, Soame, 1904-
Kitzinger, Uwe W.
Leigh, Adèle, 1928-
Louÿs, Pierre, 1870-1925--La femme et le pantin
Lowenfeld, Margaret, 1890-
Mais, S. P. B. (Stuart Petre Brodie), 1885-1975
Matsutani, Miyoko, 1926-
Muschamp family
Orr-Ewing, Hugh Eric, 1888-1964
Paterson-Fox, Phil
Piggott, F. S. G.(Francis Stewart Gilderoy), 1883-1966
Piggott, Juliet
Playfair, Annie Mabel, Lady (May Martyn)
Playfair, Nigel, Sir, 1874-1934
Raymond, Noe´mi P. (Noe´mi Pernessin), b. 1889
Roxburgh, John Fergusson, 1888-1954
Sackville-West, Anne, Lady, d. 1961
Save the Children Fund (Great Britain)
Schmuttermayer, Franz Xavier
Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival
Solf family
Soukup, Valerie Daniel
State University of New York at Buffalo. University Archives
Stopes, Marie Carmichael,1880-1958
Sylvester, Debonnaire
Trollope, Tom
Vandenschrik, Annie
Women's Club (State University of New York at Buffalo)

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Preparatory school students
Boarding school students--Great Britain
Boarding schools--Great Britain
Brothers and sisters
Businesswomen--Societies and clubs--History
Charity organization--England
College students--Canada--Social life and customs
Education--Great Britain--History--20th century
Girls' schools--Great Britain
Great Britain--Foreign Relations--Japan
Great Britain--History--20th century
Great Britain--Social life and customs--1918-1945
Great Britain--Social life and customs--20th century
Japan Society (London, England)--History
Japan--Description and travel
Japan--Description and travel--Dictionaries--Japanese
Japan--Foreign relations--Great Britain
Japanese tea ceremony
Kitzbühel (Austria)
Lesbians--Conduct of life
Middle class--England--History--20th century
Mothers and daughters
Mothers and sons
Orr-Ewing, Muriel M. (Muriel Muschamp), 1900-1994--Correspondence
Orr-Ewing, Muriel M. (Muriel Muschamp), 1900-1994--Diaries
Orr-Ewing, Muriel M. (Muriel Muschamp), 1900-1994--Drama
Orr-Ewing, Muriel M. (Muriel Muschamp), 1900-1994--Manuscripts
Orr-Ewing, Muriel M. (Muriel Muschamp), 1900-1994--Photographs
Orr-Ewing, Muriel M. (Muriel Muschamp), 1900-1994--Poetry
Orr-Ewing, Muriel M. (Muriel Muschamp), 1900-1994--Scrapbooks
Orr-Ewing, Muriel M. (Muriel Muschamp), 1900-1994--Writings
Preparatory schools--Great Britain
School notebooks--Menzingen (Switzerland)
Sevenoaks (England)
Societies--History, organization, etc.
State University of New York at Buffalo--Archives
Women executives--Societies and clubs--History
Women in charitable work--History
Women in education--England--History
Women teachers--History--20th century
Women--Education--England--History--20th century
Women--England--History--20th century
Women--England--Sexual behavior--History--20th century
Women--England--Social conditions
Women--Great Britain--Sexual behavior--History
Women--Societies and clubs
Women--Societies and clubs--History
World War, 1939-1945--England
World War, 1939-1945--Great Britain--Psychological aspects
World War, 1939-1945--Personal narratives, British
World War, 1939-1945--Social aspects--Great Britain

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Musical playbills and invitations from the 1940s-1980s were sent to The Music Library's collection.

Theatre playbills from the 1940s-1970s were sent to American University Special Collections to be included in their Playbills collections : Last accessed 15 April 2008.

Three books were removed to the Rare Book Collections:

Neiga Sensei Santaicho Calligraphy Textbook by Neiga, circa 1844
Genji Gojuyonjo by Toyokuni Utagawa, circa 19th century
Book of Japanese Prints, circa early 20th century

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