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Finding Aid for the David B. Filvaroff and Raymond E. Wolfinger Civil Rights Acts Papers, 1957-2000 (1961-1968 bulk)

MS 173

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Finding aid prepared by Karen Spencer.
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Collection Overview

Title: David B. Filvaroff and Raymond E. Wolfinger Civil Rights Acts Papers, 1957-2000 (1961-1968 bulk)
Creator: Filvaroff, David B.
Extent: 12.93 linear feet(27 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box)
Language of Material: Collection material in English.
Repository: State University of New York at Buffalo. University Archives
Abstract: Contemporary papers kept by the creators during their service in the U.S. Attorney General's Office and on Senator Hubert Humphrey's staff during the consideration and passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Description and dates], Box/folder number, MS 173, David B. Filvaroff and Raymond E. Wolfinger Civil Rights Acts Papers, 1957-2000 (1961-1968 bulk), University Archives, State University of New York at Buffalo.

See the Special Collections' preferred citations instructions for additional information.

Acquisition Information

Collection was donated by David B. Filvaroff in May 2009.

Custodial History

Prior to donating his papers, Mr. Filvaroff, received Mr. Wolfinger's papers and all materials were boxed together without clarification as to their source. Where the processor was able to determine such, it is so noted.

Terms of Access

David B. Filvaroff and Raymond E. Wolfinger Civil Rights Acts Papers, 1957-2000 (1961-1968 bulk)are open for research.


Copyright of papers in the collection may be held by their authors, or the authors' heirs or assigns. Researchers must obtain the written permission of the holder(s) of copyright and the University Archives before publishing quotations from materials in the collection. For executive branch materials, including Department of Justice materials, researchers may paraphrase with proper citation but may not quote from or reproduce these materials without agency permission, unless they are in the public domain. Most papers may be copied in accordance with the library's usual procedures unless otherwise specified.

Item in Box/folder 23.7 may not be photocopied or reproduced without permissioin from the Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley.

Processing Information

Processed by Karen Spencer, May 2010.

Accruals and Additions

No further accruals are expected to this collection.

Biographical Note

David B. Filvaroff

David B. Filvaroff was a Special Assistant to the Deputy Attorney General in 1963-1964. Mr. Filvaroff was dean of the University at Buffalo Law School from 1988 to 1992. He had a broad career in law including private practice and serving as a law clerk at the U.S. Supreme Court. He also taught at the law schools of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Texas.

Raymond E. Wolfinger

Raymond E. Wolfinger, on leave from Stanford University in 1964, served as an assistant to Senator Hubert H. Humphrey who was House Majority Whip and floor manager of the Civil Rights bill as it made its way through the Senate. After the bill was passed in late July 1964, Mr. Wolfinger interviewed most of the major participants including members of the Executive branch, Congress, and outside groups. Mr. Wolfinger taught for ten years at Stanford and in 1971 began teaching at the University of California at Berkeley.

Historical Note

In 1963 President Kennedy was faced with balancing many factors as he considered his reelection plans. The Southern Democrats who opposed civil rights legislation were vital to the President's reelection. The White House, Congressional leaders, and civil rights groups (particularly the Leadership Conference) strategized throughout the legislative process adjusting continually to national events, including civil rights' demonstrations and President Kennedy's assassination. This collection documents some of the inner workings of this strategic campaign. Robert D. Loevy's To End All Segregation: The Politics of the Passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964(1990) [Law E 185.61 L687 1990]and The Civil Rights Act of 1964: The Passage of the Law That Ended Racial Segregation(1997)[Archives KF 4757 C59 1997] would provide useful context for this collection.

Who's Who

White House
Kennedy, John F. - President
O'Donnell, Kenneth - Special Assistant
Sorenson, Theodore - Special Counsel and speech writer
White, Lee - Special Assistant Counsel
Wofford, Harris - Special Assistant
Department of Justice
Kennedy, Robert - Attorney General
Katzenbach, Nicholas - Deputy Attorney General, chief negotiator for the Civil Rights Act
- Filvaroff, David - Special Assistant 1963-1964
Dolan, Joseph - Assistant Deputy Attorney General
Marshall, Burke - Assistant Attorney General in charge of Civil Rights Division
Douglas, John - Assistant Attorney General in charge of Civil Division
- Raywid, Alan - Special Assistant
House of Representatives (controlled by Democrats)
McCormack, John (D. MA) - Speaker of the House
Halleck, Charles (R. IN) - Minority Leader
Celler, Emanuel (D. NY) - Chair of Judiciary Committee and Subcommittee No. 5 & floor manager for Civil Rights bill
McCulloch, William (R. OH) - ranking GOP member on Judiciary Committee and Subcommittee No. 5
Mansfield, Mike (D. MT) - Majority Leader
Ferris, Charles - Chief Counsel
Dirksen, Everett - (R. IL) - Minority Leader, ranking member of Judiciary Committee
- Finn, Clyde - staff
- Waters, Bernie - staff
Humphrey, Hubert H. (D. MN) - Majority whip & floor manager of the Civil Rights bill. Note: Southern Democrats controlled the Judiciary Committee, chaired by Senator Eastland who refused to be floor manager so Mansfield appointed Humphrey.
- Stewart, John - Legislative Assistant
- Wolfinger, Raymond - Special Assistant
Kuchel, Thomas (R. CA) - Minority whip & co-floor manager with Humphrey
- Horn, Stephen - Legislative Assistant
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR) - group of 50+ labor and religious organizations joined to lobby Congress on the general issue of civil rights
Biemiller, Andrew - LCCR (AFL-CIO)
- Biedler, Jack - assistant, labor lobbyist
Cohen, David - Americans for Democratic Action (ADA)
Lambert, Miller - National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
Mitchell, Clarence - LCCR, Director of Washington Office of NAACP
Rauh, Joseph - LCCR, Vice Chairman of ADA
Reuther, Walter - founder of ADA
Wilkins, Roy - LCCR Chair, head of NAACP


A useful timeline of the 1960's Civil Rights Acts may be found here .

Scope and Content Note

The collection is comprised of contemporary internal files maintained by David Filvaroff in the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Raymond Wolfinger who worked as special assistant to Senator Humphrey during consideration and passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, interviews conducted following passage by Raymond Wolfinger of persons involved in the legislative process, and materials on civil rights following the 1964 act.

Container List

I.     Department of Justice Notebooks, 1963-1964

Reference notebooks maintained by Department of Justice staff on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 from inception to passage. Included are section by section analysis, amendments, Congressional debates. Of particular note are the "Bluebooks" and "Greenbooks" prepared by the Justice Department for members of Congress.

Arranged in five subseries:

A.     "Bluebooks" - Proposed Bills August 1963-February 1964
Provide background and section by section analysis, questions and answers, and relevant executive branch statements.
Box-folder Contents
Proposed Civil Rights Act of 1963 August, 1963
Proposed Civil Rights Act of 1963, H.R. 7152 December, 1963
Proposed Civil Rights Act of 1964, H.R. 7152 February, 1964
B.     Congressional "Greenbooks" 1964
Prepared for members of Congress, these books provide background and section by section analysis, questions and answers, and relevant executive branch statements.
Box-folder Contents
Correspondence regarding Bluebooks and Greenbooks February-March,1964
Congressional "Greenbooks" 1964
[5 folders]
C.     Various Prints of the Bill June 1963-June 1964
Box-folder Contents
Presidential message, various versions of the bill, and slip law

Includes lists of Senate and House amendments.

D.     Comments on Senate Amendments June 1963-June 1964
Includes Department of Justice commentary and in folder 2.5 indexes by amendment number, by Title number and by Senator.
Box-folder Contents
Amendments 470-1053
[8 folders]
E.     Congressional Debates in the Congressional Record January 31, 1964-July 6, 1964
Box-folder Contents
House Debate, January 31, 1964-February 10, 1964
Senate Debate, Motion to Consider & Motion to Send to Judiciary Committee February 17-March 26, 1964
Senate Debate, March 30-June 5, 1964
[9 folders]
Senate Debate, June 6-10, 1964

Includes vote on amendments, June 9th, and vote on cloture, June 10th.

Senate Debate, June 11-19, 1964

On original notebook spine:

"Voted on Amendments
On 6-17-65 the
substitute passed.
6-19-64 passed
the Senate."

House Action on Senate Amendments June 22, July 2, 6, 1964
E.     Chronicle of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 1962-1964
Box-folder Contents
Notebook of photocopied memos, draft bills, official statements, court opinions, etc. with index at the front.
F.     "Dolan's" Notebook 1964
Box-folder Contents
Background materials on civil rights and cloture votes in Congress, information on members of Congress, their positions regarding civil rights and the discharge petition.

Notebook was marked "Dolan" presumed to be Joseph Dolan, Assistant Deputy Attorney General.

G.     Title VI Regulations 1964-1965
Box-folder Contents
Various agency regulations implementing Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
II.A    The Bill: From Introduction to Passage 1960-1964
Subseries A is in roughly chronological order as the bill made its way through Congress from June 1963 through July 1964.
Box-folder Contents
Civil Rights Bill of 1957 1960, undated
Other bills 1962-1964
Initial proposed bill April 1963
Draft bill June 13, 1963
Strategy, Summer 1963
Who's who lists, Title assignments 1963-1964

Includes members of Congress, their staff, and the Leadership Conference.

House of Representatives procedure 1963/1964

Includes resolution to act as "Committee of the Whole" as well as a memo detailing statistics concerning House consideration of the Civil Rights Bill.

Summaries and comparisons - House bills 1963-1964
Constitutionality Summer 1963
Analysis of H.R. 7152 as passed by the House 1964
Summaries and comparisons - Senate bills 1964
Senate Procedure 1963-1964
Objections to refer back to Senate Judiciary Committee [March 1964]
Strategy - Senate Floor Management Committee & staff meeting notes 1963-1964
Strategy - Senator Humphrey staff memos, etc. 1964

Includes material from John Stewart, Ray Wolfinger, and undated "final thoughts on the civil rights debates" by Senator Humphrey.

Bipartisan Newsletters, #1-76 March 10-June 19, 1964
[2 copies]

Bipartisan Senate leadership led by Senators Humphrey and Kuchel distributed this newsletter to supporters of the bill to keep them "informed on the bill and on the bill's detractors."

State Statutes - Public Accommodation and Fair Employment 1963-1964
The Effect of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill in Each State - Department of Justice notebook 1964
Strategy - Department of Justice Senate notebook tracking cloture votes on civil rights 1964
Strategy - Department of Justice Senate notebook tracking support for civil rights bill and cloture with memos and handwritten summaries of interviews with individual Congressmen 1963-1964
Strategy - Cloture memos 1963-1964

Includes copy of Senate document no. 30, 88th Congress, 1st session: "Senate Cloture Rule: Limitation of Debate in the United States Senate" prepared by the Legislative Reference Service, Library of Congress, 1963. [47 pp.]

Senator Dirksen Amendments 1964
Final Vote and Summaries 1964
II.B    The Bill: Section by Section Analysis 1963-1964
Subseries B is arranged from Title I to XI of the Civil Rights bill H.R. 7152.
Box-folder Contents
Title I
Title II
Title III
Title IV
Title V
Title VI
Title VII
Title VIII
Title IX
Title X
Title XI
II.C    Memos and Correspondence by Date 1960-1964
Subseries C is in chronological order following an initial folder with official press releases.
Box-folder Contents
Department of Justice press releases and formal statements 1962-1965

Includes chronology of events from Robert F. Kennedy's tenure.

January-February 1963
March-May 1963
June-July 1963
August-September 1963
October-November 1963
January-February 1964
March-June 1964
July-August 1964
II.D    Miscellaneous Subject Files 1960-1964
Includes memos, etc. as well as material collected by Justice Department staff.
Subseries D is arranged in four subseries:
Box-folder Contents
White House 1961-1966
White House press releases 1963-1966
State Department 1963
Secretary of Commerce 1963
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights 1963-1971

Includes memos and published reports.

Box-folder Contents
House Committee Hearings notes 1963-4
Senate Committee Hearings notes 1963-1964
House and Senate Press Releases 1963-1964
Democratic Steering Group notes 1963-1964
[Question book prepared for member of Congress?] undated
Congressman Roland Libonati 1964
Congressman Howard Smith 1963-1966
Senator Sam Ervin 1963-1964
Senator Hubert Humphrey - Congressional Record speeches 1964
Senator Warren Magnuson 1963

Includes a draft speech and correspondence between Filvaroff and Arthur Schlesinger in the White House.

Congressional Record - Miscellaneous excerpts 1964
Box-folder Contents
Americans for Democratic Action 1963-1964

Includes issues of their "legislative newsletter" edited by David Cohen.

Business groups 1963
Coordinating Committee For Fundamental American Freedoms 1963-1964

Includes original brochures, copies of committee's files, Justice Department memos and prepared responses for members of Congress, clippings. Large newspaper ads were removed and placed in Oversize.

Oversize Contents
Coordinating Committee For Fundamental American Freedoms newspaper advertisements 1963 undated

Includes "Civil Rights Act of 1963 - Civil Rights and Legal Wrong", "$100 Billion Black Jack", and "Civil Rights Bill or Federal Power Grab?"

Box-folder Contents
Housing 1961-1964
Labor 1963-1964
Leadership Conference - Memos 1-44 1963-1964

Missing memos 9, 15, 34, 38-40.

Leadership Conference 1963-1966

Includes pamphlet some questions and answers on the civil rights bill, memos, one newspaper clipping, and notes from Filvaroff and Wolfinger dated 1966.

National Association of Manufacturers publications 1964
Outside miscellaneous groups 1963-1968

Includes clippings, correspondence, handwritten notes. Of particular note is a copy of the letter from Stokely Carmichael of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) to Roy Wilkins of the Leadership Conference, withdrawing SNCC's participation in the Leadership Conference. March 8, 1967.

Box-folder Contents
Birmingham, Alabama 1963

Includes correspondence and a report by Kenneth Royall and Earl Blaik regarding a survey of the situation in Birmingham in the fall of 1963 done at the request of President Kennedy.

Birmingham, Alabama - draft paper undated

Presumed to be paper drafted by Filvaroff and Wolfinger detailing events of April-May 1963.

Civil Rights Bill - Costs and personnel projections 1964
Desegregation 1963-1964

Includes Justice Department memos regarding desegregation efforts.

Letters from Law School Deans and Bar Associations 1963-1964
Motorola cases - testing and employment discrimination 1964
University of Alabama 1963
III.     Legislative History 1961-1964

Includes selected Congressional bills, hearings, and reports as well as compiled legislative histories and indexes.

Box-folder Contents
18.1 Various Senate bills 1961-1963
18.2 Various House bills 1963-1964
18.3-18.6 Civil Rights,Hearings before Subcommittee No. 5 of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives..., Serial No. 4, Parts I-IV. 1963
18.7 Civil Rights - The President's Program, 1963,Hearings before the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate...on S. 1731...S.1750... 1963
19.1-19.3 Civil Rights-Public Accommodations,Hearings before the Committee on Commerce, United States Senate...on S.1732..., Parts 1-3, 1963
19.4 Equal Employment Opportunity,Hearings before the Committee on Employment and Manpower,...United States Senate...on S.773, 1210, 1211, and 1937..., 1963
19.5-19.6 Civil Rights,Hearings before the Committee on Rules, House of Representatives...on H.R. 7152..., 1964
19.7 Selected House and Senate Reports on the Civil Rights bills 1963-1964
19.8 Miscellaneous memos 1964

Includes a list of legislative documents for H.R. 7152 and paper titled: "Legislative History and Comparison of Civil Rights Bill passed by House of Representatives (H.R. 7152), the Senate Commerce Committee Public Accommodations Bill (S. 1732) and the Senate Equal Employment Opportunity Bill (S. 1937)

19.9-19.10 Index to the Legislative History of the Civil Rights Act of 1964and Outline to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 1964
[Original plus copy.]

Prepared by the Washington Human Rights Project: "This index is intended to provide the civil rights attorney with a means to find rapidly the relevant legislative materials on any particular aspect of the Civil Rights Act of 1964."

19.11 Legislative history, Department of Justice staff notebook, 1964-1965

Includes subject index to Congressional Record comments, enforcement procedures, and analytical memo from Library of Congress.

IV.     Clippings 1962-1966

Newspaper and magazine articles from around the United States on the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Arrangement is chronological with three additional folders at the end.

Box-folder Contents
20.1 March 1960-May 1963
20.2 June 1963
20.3 July 1963
20.4 August 1963
20.5 September 1963
20.6 October 1963
20.7 November 1963
20.8 December 1963
20.9 January-February 1964
20.10 March 1964
21.1 April 1964
21.2 May 1964
21.3 June-December 1964
21.4 1965-1966
21.5 Chronology from the New York Times 1963

From the JFK Library.

21.6 Congressional Quarterly 1960-1961
21.7 Gallop Polls 1961-1962

Includes a chart of presidential approval ratings from 1941 to 1968.

V.     Wolfinger Interviews 1964-1967

Following passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Raymond Wolfinger, special assistant to Senator Hubert Humphrey, conducted interviews of many persons involved in the passage of the Act. Also includes contemporaneous notes from Stephen Horn, assistant to Senator Kuchel and an extended conversation between Filvaroff and Wolfinger.

Original order from two notebooks marked "The Book by Filvaroff and Wolfinger" and one marked "The Book Ray's Running Journal". Folders alphabetical by interviewee. Additional miscellaneous folders follow the interviews from the notebooks.

Box-folder Contents
22.1 Interview lists July 18, 1966
22.2 House Democrats and Staff 1964-1965
22.3 Senate Democrats 1964-1965
22.4 House Republicans 1964-1965
22.5 House Southerners 1965, 1967
22.6 Senate Republicans 1964-1965
22.7 Senate Southerners & staff 1964-1965
22.8 White House 1965-1967
22.9 Department of Justice 1965-1967
22.10 Civil Rights Lobby 1964-1967
22.11 Coordinating Committee For Fundamental American Freedoms 1965
22.12 Miscellaneous interviews 1965-1967
22.13 Wolfinger-Filvaroff Conversation 1964
23.1-23.2 "Ray's Running Journal" 1964

Includes contemporaneous notes Wolfinger kept during the consideration and passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

23.3 Wolfinger - Miscellaneous notes 1966
23.4 Wolfinger - Chronologies undated
12 pp and 41 pp plus photocopy

Include extensive notes on events day to day from January 1963-June 1964.

23.5 Miscellaneous oral history excerpts 1964, undated

Includes Burke Marshall, Representative Charles Halleck, Assistant Attorney General Norbert Schlei, Theodore Sorenson, Joseph Rauh.

23.6 Stewart[?], John - Contemporaneous notes of the filibuster 1964,
23.7 Horn, Stephen - "Periodic Log maintained during the discussions concerning the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964" 1964,
199 pp.

Horn was legislative assistant to Senator Kuchel (R-Calf.), Senate Minority Whip and co-floor manager with Senator Humphrey. Copy included by permission from original holding institution, Bancroft Library , University of California at Berkeley, BANC MSS 85/151 z. No photocopies or republication permitted without permission from the Bancroft Library.

VI.     Post 1964 Materials 1964-1970

Material collected by David Filvaroff on the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Civil Rights Acts of 1966 and 1968.

A    General
Box-folder Contents
Summary of Federal Action in Civil Rights 1961-1965 July 28, 1965
[12 pp.]

Memo from President's Council on Equal Opportunity.

Voting Rights Act of 1965 undated

Department of Justice notebook with section by section explanation.

Employment Task Force - Filvaroff notebook 1965-1966

Includes material from the President's Council on Equal Opportunity which was chaired by Vice President Humphrey for whom Filvaroff apparently then worked.

School Desegregation - Title VI 1965-1968
[2 folders]
Housing - Executive Branch 1964-1966
VI.B    Civil Rights Act of 1966
Box-folder Contents
Proposed Civil Rights Act of 1966 1966

Department of Justice notebook with analysis.

House Bills 14765 and Resolution 910 1966
Amendments to H.R. 14765 1966
Civil Rights, Hearings before the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights...U.S. Senate...Part 1 and 2, June-July 1966
House Debates - Congressional Record July 25-August 9, 1966
Filvaroff notebook - Title by title analysis undated
Housing memos - Department of Justice 1966
General memos - Department of Justice 1966
Clippings 1966
VI.C    Other Civil Rights bills
Box-folder Contents
Bills 1966
Civil Rights Act of 1968 - Clippings 1968
Box-folder Contents
27.1 Filvaroff, miscellaneous correspondence 1964-1978
27.2 Miscellaneous research files 1978

Includes guide to John F. Kennedy Library materials, copies from the Burke Marshall Papers, and miscellaneous notes and quotes.

27.3 Filvaroff/Wolfinger paper, “The Origin and Enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964”, Working Paper 95-23, Institute of Governmental Studies 1995
[2 copies]

Also includes a copy of the later version as published in Legacies of the 1964 Civil Rights Act edited by Bernard Grofman (2000).

27.4 Wolfinger articles 1968-1969

Includes “The Repeal of Fair Housing in California: An Analysis of Referendum Voting”, 52 American Political Science Review 735, (1968), and unpublished “Filibusters (August 1969). ”

27.5 Morgan, Donald G., “The Public Accommodations Title of the 1964 Civil Rights Act”, unpublished manuscript for Chapter 14 of Congress and the Constitution, 1966 1965
27.6 Advisory Council on Public Welfare, Having the Power, We have the Duty 1966
148 pp.
27.7 Wofford, Harris, We Shall Overcome, The Story of President Johnson and Civil Rights in America 1966
28 pp. plus 2 page reprint article
27.8 National Opinion Research Center, Young Negro Talent: Being a Survey of the Experiences and Expectations of Negro Americans Who Graduated from College in 1961 1964
70 pp.
27.9 Unpublished papers: Albert E. Gollin, “Sociological Research in Response to Crisis: The Case of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (1966) and The Cooptation of Crisis: The Organizational Factor in the March on Washington” (1967), and unauthored paper, “The Power of the Attorney General to bring Suit in Civil Rights Cases Without Explicit Congressional Authorization (no date).”
27.10 Miscellaneous material collected by the processor including biographical material on the collection creators and background research material (chronologies and list of Congress members)used in preparing the finding aid.

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