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Finding aid for the Kenneth Cox Collection, 1965-2005


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Collection Overview

Title: Kenneth Cox Collection, 1965-2005
Collection Number: PCMS-0054
Creator: Cox, Kenneth
Extent: 4 linear feet 10 manuscript boxes
Language of Material: Collection material in English.
Repository: State University of New York at Buffalo. Poetry Collection
Abstract: Kenneth Cox (1916–2005) was a British literary critic and essayist. In particular, Cox admired and wrote extensively about Ezra Pound and Lorine Niedecker, with whom he had a warm friendship. His essays and reviews appeared regularly in Agenda and the Australian magazine Scripsi, as well as in Cambridge Quarterly, PN Review, and Montemora, and his only full-length book, Collected Studies in the Use of English (Agenda Editions), was published in 2001. He also translated from multiple languages, including Italian, Scottish Gaelic, and French, as well as wrote essays in French. The Kenneth Cox Collection, 1965-2005, consists of manuscript material and correspondence, primarily Cox’s notes, research, and drafts. It was organized by Cox with Jenny Penberthy, from whom the Poetry Collection acquired the files.

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Acquisition Information

The Kenneth Cox Collection, 1965-2005, was organized by Cox with Jenny Penberthy, from whom the Poetry Collection acquired the files. The Poetry Collection purchased the Lorine Niedecker correspondence, arranged through Penberthy, and received the remainder of the collection through Penberthy as a donation.

Terms of Access and Use

The Kenneth Cox Collection, 1965-2005, is open for research.


Copyright of papers in the collection may be held by their authors, or the authors' heirs or assigns. Researchers must obtain the written permission of the holder(s) of copyright and the Poetry Collection before requesting photocopies and/or publishing quotations from materials in the collection. Once permission is obtained, most papers may be copied in accordance with the library's usual procedures unless otherwise specified.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Marie Elia, Processing Archivist.

Accruals and Additions

No further accruals are expected for this collection.

Historical Note

Kenneth Cox (1916–2005) was a British literary critic and essayist. He briefly attended University of London before working as a cryptographer in Cairo and Palestine during World War II, for which he was awarded an MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire). After the war, he worked at the BBC in the Near Eastern Department, where he remained for the rest of his working life.

Cox spoke and read fluently over a dozen languages. He translated Frederigo Tozzi and Giacomo Leopardi from Italian, poetry by Sorley Maclean from Scottish Gaelic, and wrote in French and English about François de Malherbe and Jules Laforgue. His first essays were not published until 1966, beginning with “The Aesthetic of Basil Bunting” in William Cookson’s Agenda. Over the next 35 years, his essays and reviews appeared regularly in Agenda and the Australian magazine Scripsi, as well as in Cambridge Quarterly, PN Review, and Montemora. In particular, Cox admired and wrote extensively about Ezra Pound and Lorine Niedecker, with whom he had a warm friendship. Although he published individual essays and reviews, his only full-length book, Collected Studies in the Use of English (Agenda Editions), was not published until he was 85, in 2001.

Scope and Contents

The Kenneth Cox Collection consists of manuscript material and correspondence, primarily Cox’s notes, research, and drafts. The files on Louis Zukofsky, Ezra Pound, and Lorine Niedecker constitute significant portions of the collection, and the file on Niedecker includes extensive correspondence from her to Cox.


This collection is arranged in files according to labeled folders supplied by Kenneth Cox. Each file contains items pertaining to Cox's writing or research on the subject named and/or correspondence with the subject.

Container List

Box-folder Contents
1.1-1.2 Basil Bunting, 1966-1984
2 Folder(s)

Folder 1:

13 carbon copies of typed letters from Cox to Bunting, 1966-1984; 14 typed letters from Bunting to Cox, 1966-1984; typed letter from Karl Müller Cox regarding Müller’s writings on Bunting (1972); handwritten letter from Barney Holland to Cox (1970), and carbon copy of typed letter from Cox to Barney Holland (1971). Papers relating to Bunting’s readings broadcast by the BBC, including Cox’s “Introduction to Briggflatts” (published in Tuatara); BBC Talks announcement of “Basil Bunting reads Wordsworth: two poems read by a fellow-poet from the North of England,” a recording for the BBC Transcription Services; “Transcribed from a Recording by Radio Direction – Telephone Unit”; “Introduction to the Poem,” April 6, 1970, Bunting’s intro to Wordsworth’s “The Brothers,” read on the BBC; and the text of the reading printed in The Listener vol. 84 no. 2167 (October 8, 1970).

Folder 2:

“A Commentary on Bunting’s ‘Villon’” (published in Stony Brook; a revised version published in Agenda): Handwritten and emended drafts, and typescript drafts with handwritten emendations; assorted photographs of Bunting; copies of Bunting’s appearances in periodicals; carbon copy of typescript of Bunting’s essay “Mr. Ezra Pound” dated May 26, 1932; “King Ida’s Watch Chain #1”; copy of Agenda (Autumn 1966) with Cox’s essay “The Aesthetic of Basil Bunting,” with handwritten (post-publication) emendations; copy of Agenda (Spring 1978) with Cox’s essay “A Commentary of Bunting’s Villon,” with handwritten (post-publication) emendations; handwritten notes on “An account of my hut” by Kamo no Chomei; handwritten and emended notes for an essay titled “Bunting,” published in Agenda as “The Aesthetic of Basil Bunting”; photocopy of “Basil Bunting” published in Scripsi(?).

1.3 Ric Caddell, 1993
1 Folder(s)

Four carbon copies of typed letters from Kenneth Cox to Ric Caddell, 1993; two letters from Caddell to Cox, 1993; exceprts of letters from Basil Bunting.

1.4-1.5 Louis-Ferdinand Céline, undated
1 Folder(s)

Handwritten “Preliminary Notes and Notions”; handwritten “Céline Bibliography”; handwritten notes on Merlin Thomas Louis-Ferdinand Céline, 1979; transcribed article “Céline en Sorbonne” Le Monde, June 29, 1984; drafts for an unfinished essay “Céline for Anglophones”; photocopied typescript of translated Céline; preface and translated essay by Céline “Concerning the Health Service of Ford Factories in Detroit”; two newspaper cuttings on Céline from El Pais and Liberation; envelope addressed to “Mrs. [Maureen] Kermode” containing a 333pp MS for a book on Céline (no author indicated).

1.6 Geoffrey Chaucer, undated
1 Folder(s)

Typescript and handwritten notes for essay “The Prioress’s Tale,” along with notes from Helen Cooper The Structure of the Canterbury Tales (1983), notes from Derek Pearsall The Canterbury Tales (1985); and notes from John Gardner The Life and Times of Chaucer (1977).

2.7 Joseph Conrad, 1998
1 Folder(s)

Typescript with few emendations dated February 4, 1998, for essay "Joseph Conrad," along with list of people to whom he mailed the essay. Includes subfile on Foul Papers: 31 pp heavily emended typescript of "Joseph Conrad" and 32 pp of densely handwritten notes on Conrad – many written on the backs of abandoned typed letters.

2.8 William Cookson, 2001
1 Folder(s)

Various drafts of the “Preface” and “Contents” for Collected Studies; 37 handwritten and typed letters between Cookson and Cox (1969-2001); “Notes on a Translation from the French in XVI,” a critique of a translation of Ezra Pound’s Canto XVI into French February 2, 2001.

--AL (copy) KC to Ada Laskowska (Agenda), n.d. – 1p --TLS (draft/copy) KC to Panna Laskowska (Agenda), n.d. – 2pp (3 copies) --TLS (draft/copy) KC to Panna Laskowska (Agenda), 17 Mar 2001 – 1p --TLS (revision of the 17 Mar draft) KC to Panna Laskowska (Agenda), 20 Mar 2001 – 1p --TLS Ada Laskowska (Agenda) to KC, 21 Mar 2001 – 1p --TLS KC (draft/copy) to Ada Laskowska (Agenda), 25 Mar 2001 – 1p --TLS Ada Laskowska (Agenda) to KC, 6 May 2001 – 1p +12pp of page proofs for Collected Studies, pp5-16.

2.9 Cid Corman, undated
1 Folder(s)

Two copies of essay "The Poetry of Cid Corman" (published in The Cambridge Quarterly) and essay "Cid Corman."

2.10 Kenneth Cox: The Manor, undated
1 Folder(s)

Notes and carbon copies for “The Manor.”

2.11-2.12 Kenneth Cox: Correspondence, 1969, 1978-2005
2 Folder(s)

Correspondence with Peter Dent, Donald Davie, Robert Kelly, Michael O’Brien, Daniel Soar (London Review of Books), Chris Sheppard, Hannan Beith, Robert Calder, Cid Corman, Michael Sheldon, John Freeman, Marius Kociejowski, Peter McCarey, William Corbett, Burton Hatlen, Sylvester Pollet, Natache, Thom Gunn, Joy Hendry, Margaret Boden, John Spiers, and Ann Betts, along with miscellaneous cards to Cox.

2.13-2.14 Kenneth Cox: Expositions, undated
2 Folder(s)

An early collection of KC’s essays: 108pp typescript, n.d., with handwritten note by Cox, “Originally sent to Weinberger and rejected by New Directions, this MS has since been cannibalised.” Dedication: To Deirdre and Stuart Montgomery. Contents: Ezra Pound, Hugh MacDiarmid, Basil Bunting, Villon, Briggflatts, Louis Zukofsky (“A”-19, “A”-22 and 23, “A”-24), Lorine Niedecker, Cid Corman, Robert Creeley.

2.15 Kenneth Cox: Traductions: Another Version of the Essays, undated
1 Folder(s)
3.16 Kenneth Cox: Collected Essays, undated
1 Folder(s)

Approximately 30pp from a collection of KC essays, along with a list of essays under the title of “Contemporaries.”

3.17 Kenneth Cox: Uncollected Writings, undated
1 Folder(s)

Uncollected essay, published in Earth Ship 3: “Three Who Have Died,” 3pp (cc) amended (title refers to Lorine Niedecker, to Jean Follain, and Stevie Smith). Reviews of Edward Upward’s The Rotten Elements (1969), Ian Hamilton’s The Visit (Faber 1970), Derek Pearsall’s Old English and Middle English Poetry (1977), Peter Dent’s Midwinter Nights (1988), Wendell Berry’s The Landscape of Harmony, Donald Davie’s Under Briggflatts (1989), Jules Laforgue’s Poems trans. Peter Dale (Anvil) and Apollinaire Selected Poems trans. Oliver Bernard (Anvil), G.A. Wells’s The Origin of Language (1987), Michael Hamburger’s The Truth of Poetry (1969), and The History of Scottish Literature vol. 1: Origins to 1660.

3.18 Kenneth Cox: Essays, undated
1 Folder(s)

Folders containing carbon copies of essays “Louis Zukofsky,” “The Poetry of Louis Zukofsky,” “Louis Zukofsky: ‘A’-19,” “Louis Zukofsky: ‘A’-22 and 23,” “Louis Zukofsky: ‘A’-24,” “Frederigo Tozzi: How I Read,” “Frederigo Tozzi,” “August Kleinzahler,” “Robert Creeley,” “Basil Bunting,” “A Commentary on Bunting’s ‘Villon,’” “Roy Fisher,” and “Gael Turnbull’s Poetry.”

3.19 Kenneth Cox: Letters regarding essays and Federigo Tozzi translation, undated
1 Folder(s)

List of publishers to whom Cox offered the Tozzi novel, along with 33pp of correspondence to and from publishers.

3.20 Kenneth Cox: Notes, Correspondence, and Reviews regarding translation of Federigo Tozzi's Con Gliocchi Chiuti, undated
1 Folder(s)
3.21 Kenneth Cox: Eyes Shut, undated
1 Folder(s)

Printers proofs, contract, and associated correspondence for Eyes Shut.

4.22 Kenneth Cox: Collected Studies in the Use of English, undated
1 Folder(s)

Papers relating to the publication, distribution, and sale of Collected Studies in the Use of English.

4.23 Kenneth Cox: Contemporary English, undated
1 Folder(s)

Many pages of notes taken from Tom Pickard’s We Make Ships (1989), "100 examples of contemporary English are all copied from the Sunday Telegraph of 13 June 1976," Notes from The State of the Language (1980), "Prison language," Notes from Varieties of English (1973), Notes from English Accents and Dialects (1979), and more.

4.24 Kenneth Cox: Translations, undated
1 Folder(s)

Handwritten and emended translation into English from Niels Lyhne by Jens Peter Jacobsen, 19th century Danish novelist, 4pp typescript with emendations of translation into English from Niels Lyhne by Jens Peter Jacobsen, 19th century Danish novelist, "Notes on the French translation of Dubliners" (22pp + other notes), 6pp "Raasay Woods" by Sorely Maclean "Englished by Kenneth Cox," several 2pp typescripts of "Na Atka Umamatu" translated by Cox from the Arabic of Amr b. Qami ah, and unidentified translations.

6.32-6.33 Kenneth Cox: Notes on listed books, undated
2 Folder(s)

Approximately 300 pp of reading notes taken from books.

4.25 Kenneth Cox: Translation notes, Celtic
1 Folder(s)

Notes on Scottish Celtic.

4.26 Kenneth Cox: Translation notes, Italian
1 Folder(s)

Approimately 110 handwritten sheets.

4.27 Kenneth Cox: Translation notes, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Scandinavian Languages
1 Folder(s)

Approimately 100 pp of handwritten notes, transcribed newspaper articles, newspaper cuttings.

5.28 Kenneth Cox: Translation notes, Japanese, Greek, Magyar [Hungarian], other languages.
1 Folder(s)

Approimately 100 pp of handwritten notes.

5.29 Kenneth Cox: Translation notes, French
1 Folder(s)

Over 100 pp of notes; transcribed articles from Le Monde, essays on Malherbe and Voltaire written for a French class, translations of Daisy Miller, and more.

5.30 Kenneth Cox: Translation notes, Arabic, Persian, German, Russian
1 Folder(s)

Approximately 40 pp notes in the study of Arabic, 50 pp notes in the study of Persian, 50 pp notes in the study of German, and 200 pp notes in the study of Russian.

5.31 Kenneth Cox: Translation notes, Polish, Czech
1 Folder(s)

Approximately 20 pp notes in the study of Czech, 50 pp notes in the study of Polish (with newspaper clippings), and 100 pp of reading notes taken from books.

6.34 Robert Creeley, 1969
1 Folder(s)

Typescript with minor emendations for essay "Robert Creeley," along with offprint of essay published in The Cambridge Quarterly 4 (Summer 1969).

6.35 Mike Doyle, 1972
1 Folder(s)

Two typed letters from Doyle to Cox and two copies of typed letters from Cox to Doyle, January-March 1972.

6.36 Roy Fisher, 1991-2007
1 Folder(s)

Typed and handwritten letters from Fisher to Cox, 1991-2007, including responses to Cox’s essay, bibliographic notes, and excerpts from an interview, along with copies of published works, text of 6 "words" broadcasts for the BBC written and presented by Roy Fisher, and a photocopy of "The Lemon Bride" by Roy Fisher inscribed by Gael Turnbull.

6.37 Fulcrum Press, 1965-1970
1 Folder(s)

Two handwritten letters from Deirdre Montgomery to Cox, 1965-1970; handwritten letter from Stuart Montgomery to Arthur Cox; newspaper clipping of Cyril Connolly’s review of the Fulcrum Press publication of Briggflatts; and Fulcrum Press announcement of a Basil Bunting reading at Better Books, 16 June 1965(?).

6.38 George Gissing, undated
1 Folder(s)

Handwritten drafts for essay "George Gissing," with list of people to whom Cox sent copies of the essay, along with notes on Gissing.

6.39 Roger Guedalla, 1968-1971, 1991
1 Folder(s)

Correspondence between Guedalla and Cox regarding Basil Bunting (1968-1971, 1991), including Guedalla’s typescript of his essay on Bunting (21pp) inscribed to Cox, and Guedalla’s annotations and additions to a photocopy of his "Bibliography" of Bunting.

7.40 Michael Hamburger, 1972, 1995-2001
1 Folder(s)

Correspondence between Michael Hamburger and Kenneth Cox, 1972, 1995-2001.

7.41 Geoffrey Hill, undated
1 Folder(s)

Drafts for essay "Geoffrey Hill," published in Montemora.

7.42 R.C. Hutchinson, undated
1 Folder(s)

Drafts, photocopies, and emended typescripts for "The Novels of R.C. Hutchinson" (published in Scripsi); newspaper clipping from The Listener (April 2, 1953), "My First Novel" by R.C. Hutchinson, with notes on Hutchinson.

7.43 Alan Jenkins, undated
1 Folder(s)

Typescript for essay "Alan Jenkins," with emendations.

7.44 James Joyce, undated
1 Folder(s)

Photocopies of early draft with handwritten emendations, revised version, published version (Bête Noire?) pp. 61-62, published version from Scripsi 1.2 (Nov 1982) for essay "James Joyce."

7.45 August Kleinzahler, 1979-2004
1 Folder(s)

138 letters, the majority from Kleinzahler to Cox, with some copies and drafts from Cox to Kleinzahler, 1979-2004. Essay titled "August Kleinzahler" – review of A Calendar of Airs published in Montemora.]

7.46 Jules Laforgue, undated
1 Folder(s)

Photocopied typescript of essay "Laforgue" and photocopied typescript of essay "Laforgue and Apollinaire."

7.47 Giacomo Leopardi, undated
1 Folder(s)

Typescripts, notes, and drafts with handwritten emendations for "Parini on Fame."

7.48 Wyndham Lewis, untitled
1 Folder(s)

Photocopies of dated 1969 and carbon copies of an earlier typescript dated 1969 for essay "Wyndham Lewis" (same essay is elsewhere titled "Dualism and les autres" (Agenda)).

7.49 Chrisopher Logue, 2002-2003
1 Folder(s)

Four handwritten letters from Logue to Cox, (May 2002-November 2003), with drafts of replies from Cox, and typed letter from Christopher Sheppard, librarian at Leeds University Library, to Cox, with draft reply from Cox.

8.51 François de Malherbe, undated
1 Folder(s)

Copies of typescript of essay (in French) titled "Malherbe."

8.50 Hugh MacDiarmid, undated
1 Folder(s)

Original version of essay "The Neoplatonism of Hugh MacDiarmid" (Agenda); emended typescripts and photocopies of published versions of "The Poetry of Hugh MacDiarmid" (Montemora, Agenda, and Scripsi; carbon copy of typescript titled "The Drunk Man Again" with emendations and notes to the publisher.

8.52-8.54 Lorine Niedecker, 1966-1996
3 Folder(s)

Folder 1:

Typescript of “Lorine Niedecker”; handwritten emended draft and two typescripts of “Lorine Niedecker’s Poetry”; correspondence between Cox and Peter Dent, Douglas Jones, Charles Tomlinson, David Wilk, John Freman, Michael O’Brien, and August Kleinzahler, as well as Stand Magazine and London Magazine (1966-1981); typescripts drafts of John Freeman’s essay on Niedecker’s “Lake Superior”; typescript “Extract from letters to Kenneth Cox”; handwritten notes; and newspaper clippings of Niedecker book reviews, and photocopied articles about Niedecker.

Folder 2:

Several draft pages for “Lorine Niedecker’s Longer Poems”; essay titled “Lorine Niedecker” (1996); draft of letter to Jenny Penberthy; essay titled “Lorine Niedecker” (1996); photocopy of letter to Jenny Penberthy (1996); handwritten draft of “Lorine Niedecker’s Poetry” (published posthumously in Jacket 28); photocopy of “LN’s Longer Poems” published in Bête Noire (1991/2).

Folder 3:

Correspondence from Lorine Niedecker to Kenneth Cox (1966-1970); correspondence from Albert Miller to Cox (1971), specifically informing Cox of Niedecker’s death and her directives for her papers; typed manuscript by Niedecker “The Poetry of Louis Zukofsky”; typed manuscript by Niedecker “His Carpets Flowered,” with handwritten notes; typed manuscript “Flute Players from Finnmarken,” with handwritten note “Carl Rakosi”; and copy of Niedecker review of C.F. MacIntyre’s “My Little Paperback Mallarmé.”

9.55 The Objectivists, undated
1 Folder(s)

Handwritten notes and drafts for "The Objectivists" (uncollected and unpublished).

9.56 Jenny Penberthy, 1986-2005
1 Folder(s)

Letters from Penberthy to Cox, 1986-2005.

9.57 Tom Pickard, undated
1 Folder(s)

Two copies of Tom Pickard’s Hero Dust (1979), an essay titled "Tom Pickard," and four handwritten signed postcards from Pickard to Cox.

9.58-9.59 Ezra Pound
2 Folder(s)
9.60-9.61 Schuldt, 1967-2003
2 Folder(s)

Poems, Catalogue essays, announcements, as well as correspondence between Schuldt and Cox, 1967-2003 (some undated), flyer announcing Schuldt performance (September 1995), and copy of Robert Kelly’s essay "What Schuldt is doing" (1995).

10.62 C.H. Sisson, undated
1 Folder(s)

Notes and emended typescript for review of C.H. Sisson In the Trojan Ditch (1974) published in Agenda.

10.63 Federigo Tozzi, undated
1 Folder(s)

Typescript of essay "Constructive Criticism" (Cox translation from Tozzi), typescript of essay "Federigo Tozzi" by KC (shortened for introduction to Eyes Shut (Manchester: Carcanet, 1990)), photocopy of "Federigo Tozzi: How I Read," (translation by Cox, published by Bête Noire 6 (Winter 1988): 173-74), translation notes on "How I Read," typescript of "Come Leggo Io," and photocopy of excerpt from Cox’s translation of Tozzi’s With Eyes Shut published in PN Review.

10.64 Gael Turnbull
1 Folder(s)

Correspondence between Kenneth Cox and Gael Turnbull, 1982-1996 (some undated), along with typescript of Cox’s "Gael Turnbull’s Poetry," Impellings chapbook by Turnbull inscribed for Cox, and offprint of Turnbull’s essay on Ezra Pound, "The Rest is Dross."

10.65 Allen Upward, undated
1 Folder(s)

Notes and typescripts (emended and revised) for essay "Allen Upward."

10.66 Eliot Weinberger, 1978-1984
1 Folder(s)

Correspondence between Weinberger and Cox, 1978-1984, chiefly regarding publication of Cox’s essays.

10.67 Jonathan Williams, 1974-1985
1 Folder(s)

Invitation from Williams to contribute to Jargon 66, typed carbon copy of contribution to Jargon 66, Williams poem for Bunting (1975) in saddle-stitched booklet, typed carbon copy of contribution to Jargon 87 (for Zukofsky), request for contributions to Conjunctions tribute to Bunting, and correspondence from Williams to Cox, 1974-1985, with one carbon copy of letter from Cox to Williams (1978).

10.68 W.B. Yeats, undated
1 Folder(s)

Emended typescripts and manuscript for essay "Yeats" (published in Agenda in early form), along with handwritten list of rhymes in "Word for Music Perhaps" and two copies of typed “Corrigenda to 'Yeats.'"

10.69-10.71 Louis Zukofsky, 1968-1981, undated
3 Folder(s)

Folder 1:

Photocopies of Louis Zukofsky obituary published in Agenda; “The Poetry of Louis Zukofsky: A” published in Agenda; “A”-22-23 (review of “A”-22-23) published in Agenda; “A”-24 (review of ‘A’-24”) published in Agenda; “The Poetry of Louis Zukofsky” published in Montemora; “Zukofsky and Mallarmé: notes on ‘A’-19” published in MAPS. Essays “Louis Zukofsky,” handwritten drafts and typescripts; “Pound and Zukofsky,” typescript with some emendations; “Zukofsky,” handwritten manuscript and emended typescripts; “Zukofsky and Mallarmé: ‘A’-19,” emended typescripts; “Notes on Zukofsky’s ‘A’-19,” emended typescripts.

Folder 2:

Offprint of Contemporary Literature 10.2 (Spring 68): the Objectivist interviews; carbon copy of typescript of Cox’s “The Poetry of Louis Zukofsky”’ typed transcript of a Hayden Carruth review of Zukofsky’s Little, 13 Sept 1970; correspondence between Jonathan Cape and Cox, September-November 1970, regarding misprints in their editions of “A” and request from Cox for books for review; correspondence between Zukofsky and Cox, 1970-1979; correspondence between John Taggart and Cox, 1972-1974; handwritten notes on “A” 22 and 23; typescript of Cox’s review/essay “‘A’ 22 and 23”; carbon copy of letter from Cox to William Cookson, 1972, regarding publication of essay on Zukofsky in Agenda; letter from Jonathan Williams with request for contribution to Postcards and Valentines for Louis Zukofsky; typescript of Cox’s “Zukofsky and Mallarmé: Readings in ‘A’ 19” with handwritten emendations; carbon copies of typescripts of Cox’s “The Poetry of Louis Zukofsky: A” and “An Approach to ‘A,’” a review of the two collections of “A” published by Jonathan Cape; photocopy of letter from Cox to Natasha Spender, 1981; and photocopy of Michael Shayer’s transcript of Zukofsky’s reading at US embassy in May 1969.

Folder 3:

Typescripts “Zukofsky and Mallarmé: Notes on ‘A’-19”; “‘A’-24”; and “Zukofsky and Mallarmé: Readings in ‘A’-19.” Handwritten “Notes on ‘A’-19.” Typed and handwritten notes.

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