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Finding aid for the Lisa Jarnot Collection, 1984-2016


State University of New York at Buffalo. Poetry Collection.

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United States
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Finding aid prepared by Marie Elia.
Finding aid encoded in EAD by Marie Elia, 2016.
Finding aid written in English.
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Collection Overview

Title: Lisa Jarnot Collection, 1984-2016
Creator: Jarnot, Lisa
Extent: 46 linear feet (109 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box)
Language of Material: Collection material in English.
Repository: State University of New York at Buffalo. Poetry Collection
Abstract: Lisa Jarnot is an American poet, scholar, and teacher. She was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1967, and studied at the University at Buffalo, later earning her MFA from Brown University. She has published multiple collections of poetry as well as the definitive biography, Robert Duncan: The Ambassador from Venus (University of California Press). She has also edited magazines and taught at the Naropa Institute, University of Colorado Boulder, Long Island University, and Brooklyn College, as well as many independent workshops. The Lisa Jarnot Collection, 1984-2016, represents a broad and comprehensive look at Lisa Jarnot’s work as a writer and teacher and includes manuscripts, correspondence, syllabi, and research and drafts for the Robert Duncan biography.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Description and dates], Box/folder number, PCMS-0063, Lisa Jarnot Collection, 1984-2016, The Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.

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Acquisition Information

Some materials were purchased from Lisa Jarnot in 2015, and some were donated by Lisa Jarnot in 2015 and 2016. Some were also donated by Lisa Jarnot periodically at earlier dates.

Terms of Access and Use

The Lisa Jarnot Collection, 1984-2016, is open for research.


Copyright of papers in the collection may be held by their authors, or the authors' heirs or assigns. Researchers must obtain the written permission of the holder(s) of copyright and the Poetry Collection before requesting photocopies and/or publishing quotations from materials in the collection. Once permission is obtained, most papers may be copied in accordance with the library's usual procedures unless otherwise specified.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Marie Elia, Processing Archivist, 2016.

Accruals and Additions

Regular accruals are expected.

Historical Note

Lisa Jarnot is an American poet, scholar, and teacher. She was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1967, and studied at the University at Buffalo with Robert Creeley, who sparked her interest in Robert Duncan. She later earned her MFA from Brown University and has published multiple collections of poetry. In 2012 she published the definitive biography, Robert Duncan: The Ambassador from Venus (University of California Press). She has also edited two small magazines, No Trees, 1987-1990, and Troubled Surfer, 1991-1992, as well as The Poetry Project Newsletter and An Anthology of New (American) Poetry (Talisman House Publishers, 1997). She has taught at the Naropa Institute, University of Colorado Boulder, Long Island University, and Brooklyn College, as well as many independent workshops.

Scope and Contents

The Lisa Jarnot Collection, 1984-2016, represents a broad and comprehensive look at Lisa Jarnot’s work as a writer and teacher. The series on manuscripts contains her work from before college through present day. The large correspondence series represents her communication with writers, friends, and family. Of particular strength is the series on the Robert Duncan biography, which contains over 15 years of research as well as many drafts of the final publication. The collection also documents her career as an educator, including syllabi and writing exercises developed over years of teaching.


This collection is arranged in nine series:

I.  Manuscripts, 1984-2015
II.  Correspondence, 1985-2016
III.  Business Records, 1987-2015
IV.  Teaching, 1994-2015
V.  Robert Duncan Research, 1997-2010
VI.  Photographs, 1995-2009
VII.  Audiovisual Materials and Digital Materials, 1984-2008
VIII.  Publications, 1951-2012
IX.  Personal Material, 1987-2014

Bulk of materials arrived at the Poetry Collection roughly arranged into the above series. Earlier accessions of correspondence and Robert Duncan research were interfiled.

Container List

Manuscripts, 1984-2015
12 boxes

Manuscripts, primarily poetry, written by Lisa Jarnot and organized chronologically.

1.1 High School
1.2-2.7 University at Buffalo, BA
2.8-3.3 Poetry manuscripts
3.4-5.4 Brown University, MFA / Some Other Kind of Mission
5.5-7.7 Poetry manuscripts (New York, Boulder, etc.)
7.8-7.10 Ring of Fire
8.1-9.4 Poetry manuscripts
9.5 Promise X Novel
10.1-10.5 Poetry manuscripts
11.1-12.4 Other manuscripts (translations, rock opera, plays, prose, essays, reviews)
Box Contents
109+ "Rare Manuscripts"
Correspondence, 1985-2016
39 boxes, Box-Folder 13.1-50.4

Correspondence to Lisa Jarnot from various writers, organized alphabetically, including the following:

Keith Abbott
Heather Ackerberg
Paige Ackerson-Kiely
Robert Adamson and Juno Gemes
Charles Alexander
Will Alexander
Donald Allen
Nora Almeida
Harold Anderson
Beth Anderson
Mary Angeline
Bob Arnold
Anthony Arnove
Meg Arthus
Lou Asekoff
Tim Atkins
Ian Ayres
Christiana Baik
Richard Baker and Carol Depompei
Joshua Baldwin
Micah Ballard
Amiri Baraka
Mikael Bard
Michael Basinski (5 folders)
Paul Beatty
Tom Beckett
Jim Behrle
Martine Bellen
Scott Bentley
Rachel Berchten
Rijard Bergenson
Susan Berger-Jones
Bill Berkson
Anselm Berrigan
Edmund Berrigan
Sandy Berrigan
Robert Bertholf
Lisa Birman
Noel Black
Wendy Blake
Elizabeth Block
Dan Bouchard
Michael Boughn
Stan Brakhage
Jeremy Bremingstall
Harvey Braverman
Eric Briggs
Bill Brown
Iemanja Brown
Laynie Brown
Lee Ann Brown
Lee Brumm
Jim Buckhouse
Joy Buckley
Nanna Debois Buhl
Christina Buress
Mary Burger
Matthew Burgess
George W. Bush (letters to)
Peter Bushyeager
Raymond Butti
Reed Bye
Jonathan Byerly
Graça Capinha
Margaret Carson
Michael Carson
Catie Cariaga
Alan Casline
Pat Chaffee
Miles Champion
Don Cheney
Dave Christy
Tom Clark
Jack and Cass Clarke
Joel Climenhaga
Bill Clinton
Michelle Clinton
Kim Clune
Allison Cobb and Jen Coleman
Julia Cohen
Peter Cole
Jack Collom and Jennifer Heath
Shanna Compton
Julia Connor
Susan Conti
Cori Copp
Bill Corbett
Cid Corman
Brenda Coutlas
Cassia Crall
Lizzy Cfrawford
Penelope Creeley
Robert Creeley
Will Creeley
Michael Cross
Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle
Alex Cuff
Nora Curry
Alex Cymba
Lew Daly
Daniel Darrin
James Davies
Kevin Davies
Jeff Davis
Jordan Davis
Tim Davis
Dawson Fielding
Robert Day
Sam Delany
Richard Deming
Jeff Derkson
Albert DeSilver
Jennifer Dick
Steve Dickison
Nathalie Dierick
Diane diPrima
Nathaniel Dorsky
Mark DuCharme
Catherine Edgerton
Chris Edwards
kari edwards
Joe Elliot
Kenward Elmslie
Ted Enslin
Amy Evans
George Evans
Renee and Huw Evans
Sian Evans
Lili Fabilli
Larry Fagin
Simone Fattal
Derek Fenner
Jonathan Fernandez
Thalia Field
Jennifer Natalya Fink and Sarah Sohn
Alec Finlay
Rob Fitterman
Corrine Fitzpatrick
Melisa Fiumara
Liz Fodaski
Dennis Formento
Merry Fortune
Ed Foster
Michael Franco
David Franks
Rob Freiberger
Daisy Fried
Ben Friedlander
Ed Friedman
Michael Friedman
William Fuller
Christopher Funkhouser
Cliff Fyman
Ryan Gallagher
Forrest Gander
Indira Ganesan
Jodie Garay
Drew Gardner
Susana Gardner
Nicole Gervace
Alan Gilbert
Allen Ginsberg
C.S. Giscombe
Luisa Giugliano
Michael Gizzi
Peter Gizzi
Pilar Gizzi
Loss Glazier
Albert Glover
Edward Go
John Godfrey
Rory Golden
Phil Good
Noah Eli Gordon
Judith Goldman
Dennis Gould
Jack Grapes
Terrel Hale
Mitch Highfill
Mark Hammer
Garret Graubins
George Green
Bill Gregoire
Whit Griffin
Tracy Grinnell
Thom Gunn
Maurice Hackett
Robert Hale
Harold Hamilton
Kristen Hanlon
Jeff Hanson
Michael Harper
Yuki Hartman
Lyn Hejinian
David Henderson
Barbara Henning
Matt Henriksen
Amy Lynn Hess
Blase Hentz and Marguerite Holloway
Jeanne Heuving
Brenda Hillman
Anselm and Jane Hollo
Bob Holman
Bruce Holsapple
Kelly Holt
Michael Hulse
Evy Ibarra
Brenda Iijima
Peter Inman
Ryutaro Ishikane
Shelley Jackson
Kate Jaeger and Joe Robitaille
Elizabeth James
Daniel Jarnot
Jennifer Jarnot
Joe Jarnot, Jr.
Joe Jarnot, Sr.
Mary Jane Jarnot
Seb Jarnot
Darlene John [Schultz]
Devin Johnston
Jonathan Jones
Marge and Gary Jones
Alystryne Julian
Garret Kalleberg
Daniel Kane
Justin Katko
Vincent Katz
Robert and Charlotte Kelly
Evan Kennedy
Jake Kennedy
Aaron Kiely
Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian
Eric Killough
Basil King
Anne Kingsbury
August Kleinzhaler
Paul Klinger
Michael Koshkin
Richard Kostelanetz
Damon Krukowski
Zoe Krylova (5 folders)
Jemimah Kuhfeld
Tulli Kupferberg
Justine Kurland
Joel Kuszai
Bill Kushner
Marc Kuykendall
Joanne Kyger
Sue Landers
Tim Lane
Jeremy Larner
Joseph Lease
Katie Lederer
Aaron Lercher (6 folders (2 boxes))
Lauren Levin
Daniel Lichtman
Jon Link
Rachel Loden
Matt Longabucco and Carley Moore
Brendan Lorber
Christopher Luna (3 folders)
Bill Luoma
Leila Lustig
Kim Lyons
Dan Machlin
Jeffrey Mackey
Jackson Mac Low
Gerard Malanga
Michael Marcinkowski
Chris Martin and Julia Drescher
Greg Masters
Bernadette Mayer
Rosemary Mayer
Jillian McCain
Toby McCarroll
David McClemont [Maxwell]
Michael McClure
Paul McCormick
Joan McDonald
John McDonald
Mark McMorris
Rod Mengham
Edric Mesmer
David Michalski
Susan Michel
Peter Michelson
David Miller
Mary-Anne Mills [Mapey]
Ralph Mills
Pete Minter and Kate Fagan
Mary Millsap
Carol Mirakove
Ange Mlinko
John Montgomery
Laura Moran [Pearson] [Bruyere]
Tim Morris
Rusty Morrison
Anna Moschovakis
Nick Moudry
Jennifer Moxley (3 folders)
Daron Mueller and Laura Wright
Peter Murphy
Ryan Murphy
Amanda Nadelberg
Heather Nagami
Paul Naylor
Melanie Neilson
Sianne Ngai
Hoa Nguyen
Mel Nichols
Lorraine Pietrzak
Kristin Prevallet
Michael Price
Patrick Pritchett
Michael Quinlan
Ray Ragosta
Karin Randolph
Tom Raworth
Matt Reeck
Jennifer Reeves
Elena Rivera
Annette Roberts
Judith Roche
Stephen Rodefer
Chris Roell
Rene Rojas
Stephen Ronan
David Rosenberg
Joe Ross
Douglas Rothschild
Kate Rushin
Deborah Ryszka
Jocelyn Saidenberg
Kaia Sand
Ed Sanders (4 folders)
Will Sanders
Leslie Scalapino
Andrea Schlosser
Randall Schroth
Leonard Schwartz
Stacey Schwartz [Preston]
Leslie Seldin
Craig Seligman and Nova Silvana
Prageeta Sharma
Francie Shaw
Lonnie Sherman / Kangaroo Court
Ben Sherwood
Aaron Shurin
Peter Siedlecki
Cedar Sigo
Eleni Sikelianos
Jonathan Skinner
Alex Smith
Esther K. Smith
Dale Smith
Evan Gill Smith
Logan Ryan Smith
Ralph Lee Smith
Rod Smith
Michael Smoler
Miriam Solan
Rebecca Solnit
Carl Solomon
Mark Sonnenfeld
Len Sousa
Juliana Spahr
Michelle Spencer
Jane Sprague
George Stanley
Tae-Woi Stanley
Deb Steckler and Sophia Ludavicius
Deb Steckler
Brian Kim Stefans
David Stoler
Students (miscellaneous)
David Levi Strauss
Chris Stroffolino
Bill Sylvester
Carol Szamatowicz
Stacy Szymaszek
John Taggart
Mark Tardi
Maureen Tayler
Keeanga Taylor
Steven Taylor
Susan Thackrey
Ward Tietz
David Tirrell
Edwin Torres
Samuel Truitt
Mark Truscott
Cat Tyc
Erik Ulman
University at Buffalo Christmas Cards
Juliette Valery and Emmanuel Hocquard
Kevin Varrone
Aaron Vidaver
Stephen Vincent
Les Wade
Anne Waldman and Ed Bowers
Rosmarie and Keith Waldrop
Joy Walsh
Diane Ward
Lewis Warsh
Sophia Warsh [Mayer]
Peter Warshall
Joanne Wasserman
Susan Wheeler
Tom Whelan
David and Catherine Wilcoxson
Ted Wilentz
Dara Wier
Adina Williams
Rynn Williams
N. Sean Williams
Elizabeth Willis (4 folders)
Trevor Winkfield
Amy Wright
Katie Yates
Geoffrey Young
Leo Zanderer
Andrea Zeppa
Maggie Zurawski

Business Records, 1987-2015
18 boxes

Materials related to Lisa Jarnot's business activities, i.e. publishing (of her own work as well as her work on editing others'), employment and fellowships, and school.

51-54 Business Records

Documents related to professional activities, i.e. publishing, readings, arranged chronologically.

55.1-55.7 School: Elementary school through Brown University
55.8-55.17 Music, Readings, Reviews, Interviews, Essays, Blurbs
55.18-55.19 Frontier Press
56.1-56.4 Resumes, Bibliographies, Obituaries, and Other Writing
56.5-57.3 Research Files: Beatniks, George W. Bush, Linguistics, Psychoanalysis, Prison System/Death Row, War, Iraq, Pedagogy, Religion
57.4-57.12 Naropa University
58-59 Poetry Project
60.1-60.4 Interviews: Bernadette Mayer, Ed Sanders, David Henderson, and John Godfrey
60.5 Current Ads
60.6 100 Hats Project
60.7 Lorine Niedecker Conference
60.8 Some Other Kind of Mission
60.9-61.2 Ring of Fire
61.3 Black Dog Songs
61.4 Night Scenes
61.5 City Lights (Selected Poems)
61.6 The Time We Killed (Jenn Reeves film starring Lisa Jarnot)
62.1-63.2 Fellowship and Grant Applications
63.3-63.4 Brown University Coursework
63.6-.63.9 Troubled Surfer
63.10 Subpress Collective
63.10-63.11 Prageeta Sharma: Bliss to Fill
64.1-64.3 kari edwards: A Day in the Life of P
65.1-66.15 No Trees
66.16 Business: Poetry Magazines
66.17 Ear Inn Reading Series
67.1-68.2 Talisman Anthology
68.3 Derek Fenner: My Favorite Color is Red and The Art, Non-Art, and Anti-Art of Assemblage
Teaching, 1994-2015
8 boxes, Box-Folder 69.1-76.8

Syllabi and notes from Lisa Jarnot's classes taught at colleges, including Brown University, Brooklyn College, Long Island University, Bard College, New York University, University of Colorado--Boulder, and Wesleyan University, as well as classes taught at 92Y and the Poetry Project, and private workshops.

Robert Duncan Research, 1997-2010
23 boxes

Research related to Robert Duncan, The Ambassador from Venus: A Biography.

Research Notes and Correspondence
Box-folder Contents
Helen Adam and James Broughton / The PlayHouse, Kristin Prevallet
American History
Art World, Peripheral
Bancroft Library, Berkeley
Berkeley Renaissance
Biographies and Obituaries
Stan Brakhage
California History
Robert Duncan: K-12
Robert Duncan: Childhood
Robert Duncan: Letters, 1940s-1980s (Photocopies / Research Copies)
Robert Duncan: Letters to Minnehaha Symmes (Photocopies / Research Copies)
Robert Duncan: Letters to Robert Creeley (Photocopies / Research Copies)
Correspondence Regarding Robert Duncan, 1998-2003
Essays on Robert Duncan
Excerpts of Biography, Published
Grant Applications
H.D. Research
Health (Robert Duncan)
Interview Transcripts (Jess, Norma Cole, Robert Creeley, others)
Interviews, 2006
Interviews by Others
Lisa Jarnot Correspondence
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Photo Plate Research
Other Robert Duncan Biography Research

Articles, essays, reviews, fan mail, flyers, announcements

Duncan Library
Library Research, National
Field Theory Lecture / Lectures on Robert Duncan by Lisa Jarnot
Internet Research / Other
Naropa Student Research, 1998
Duncan Clippings / Publicity
New College of California
Robert Duncan, New York City, 1940s
New York Public Library Research
Occult Research
Jack Spicer Notes (including 1993 Gizzi Seminar at Brown University)
Question Lists
University at Buffalo Research, 1997
University of California San Diego Archives
Charles Olson, Storrs, CT, Archive
Lisa Jarnot Research Notebooks (Xeroxes)
Fayetta Philip (Aunt Fay)
Ezra Pound / Robert Duncan Correspondence
Research Assistants
Drafts, 1997-2010, of Robert Duncan, The Ambassador from Venus: A Biography
Early Drafts, 1997-2000
Drafts, 2001-2005
Drafts, 2006-2007
Drafts, 2010
Publication Information
Legal Business

Permissions, Robert Duncan estate, New Directions, University of California Press, Final Production Notes

University of California Press Proofs
Other Research

Interview tapes, drafts on CD, index cards

Photographs, 1995-2009
3 boxes, Box-Folder 100.1-102.26

Charles Alexander
Tim Atkins
Anselm Berrigan
Edmund Berrigan
Stan Brakhage
Laynie Browne
Jim Carroll
Miles Champion
Jess Collins
Larry Fagin
Alec Finlay
John Fisk
Chris Funkhouser
Drew Gardner
Peter Gizzi
John Godfrey
Bobbie Louise Hawkins
David Henderson
Emmanuel Hocquard
Anselm Hollo
Lisa Jarnot self portraits
Bill Luoma
Bernadette Mayer
Jennifer Moxley
Peter Orlovsky
Poetry Project events
Tom Raworth
Stephen Rodefer
Ron Silliman
Ed Sanders
Eleni Sikelianos
Juliana Spahr
Steve Evans
Rod Smith
Chris Stroffolino
Leonard Schwartz
Steven Taylor
Keith Tuma
Anne Waldman
Rosmarie and Keith Waldrop
Lewis Warsh
Elizabeth Willis

Audiovisual Materials and Digital Materials, 1976-2008
4 boxes

Recorded material (digital and analog) as well as digital files on floppy disks and compact disks.

103 Video Recordings

• "The Time We Killed" (work in progress), directed by Jennifer Reeves, with Lisa Jarnot
• Robert Duncan lecture by Lisa Jarnot, Museum of American Poetics (American Poet Greats series), November 17, 1998, Boulder Book Store
• Vole Documentary from Concept to Concert by Sabinus Komba / Cassavettes Opening Night
• Werner Herzog, My Best Friend / Frank O'Hara and Ed Sanders / Lisa Jarnot and Ron Silliman, January 29, 1994, at Ear Inn
• Follow the Sandpiper, at Vole 1999
• Double Projection with poems by Lisa Jarnot and film images by Jennifer Reeves
• Ray Butti Film / 1993 Spicer Reading Group

Super 8

• Scratch film by Lisa Jarnot, 1993 / New York City and Providence, circa 1994
• Brian Barry and Lisa Jarnot, November-December 1992 / David Michalski, "Buffalo Will Be Judged," January 1993 / Lee Ann Brown and Steven Taylor, January 1993
• New York City, 1994: Bernadette Mayer, Lee Ann Brown, Laynie Browne, Lisa Jarnot, David Michalski
• New York City with David Michalski, Lisa Jarnot, Paul Beatty, and Judith Goldman
• Two unidentified Super 8 films

104-106 Sound Recordings
81 Audiocassette(s)2 Reels22 Compact disc(s)

Audiocassettes, compact discs, and reel-to-reel audio tapes, including both personal recordings of poetry readings and lectures and commercial recordings.

106 Digital Files
3 Compact disc(s)12 Floppy disc(s)1 Zip disc(s)

12 floppy discs of images for Some Other Kind of Mission; 1 zip disc of A Day in the Life of P, by kari edwards; and 3 data CDs of files, including teaching files.

Publications, 1951-2012, 1993-2012 (bulk)
1 box, Box 107

Primarily journals including work by Lisa Jarnot:

• Paintings by Helene Schjerfbeck, exhibition catalog (1951);
• Clerestory, a Brown / RISD Journal of the Arts, vol. XI (Autumn/Spring 1993-1994);
• Java, vol 21-22 (Spring/Summer 2001);
• Lyrikvännen, vol. 52 (June 2005);
• Roger, an Art and Literary Magazine, vol. 4 (Spring 2009);
• Yar nth (2009);
• Arterie, vol. 2 (October 2009);
• Edit, vol. 60 (2012).

Personal Material, 1987-2014

Includes artwork and assemblages given to Lisa Jarnot, as well as some personal documents such as calendars.

108 Assemblages

• Sheepworks, 1987-1988: assemblage poem by Lisa Jarnot, Elizabeth Willis, Michael Boughn, and Michael Basinski, including various depictions of sheep (cotton ball sculptures, magazine clippings, and drawings of sheet, etc.) in a shoebox.
• Assemblage poem by Judith Goldman consisting of eight pieces of a porcelain cup, to which are affixed pieces of lined paper on which are typed lines of Robert Duncan poems, wrapped in a paper enclosure for one volume (vol. 18) of a multi-volume set titled Plays (call number PR1245 .P72), possibly from the Brown University library, to which is affixed a library card pocket and a portion of a table of contents, listing eight plays by Conway Edwardes, Edmund Falconer, C.S. Fawcett, W.R. Floyd, and W.S. Gilbert.

109+ Artwork

Lewis Warsh collage; Rosemary Mayer drawings; Derek Fenner drawing; handmade book "Helen" (about Helen of Troy) with printed text and original drawings.

109+ Printed Material

• Fact-Simile Poet Trading Cards (2010-2014)
• Calendars, 1993-2001
• Posters for The Time We Killed (Jennifer Reeves film)

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