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University at Buffalo Libraries

Archival & Manuscript Collections

Archival and Manuscript Collections

About the Collections: Holdings at the University at Buffalo

  • University Archives

    The University Libraries' Catalog can be used to locate all University and Student Publications, UB Theses, Books, and Non-University Publications which are available in the University Archives. A comprehensive listing of all University Records collections will be added to the website. Currently, the only means of locating those collections is through the Libraries' Catalog. All University Records, University and Student Publications, Faculty Papers, and the categories of the History and Clipping Files are included in the Libraries' Catalog and can be retrieved by authors, titles, and subjects.

    All Manuscript Collections are included in the Libraries' catalog. The website also lists Faculty Papers and Manuscript Collections including those which have not been processed. Unprocessed University Records are represented in the Libraries' Catalog with abbreviated records.

    All of the records for these collections can be accessed using "wcl=archives" in Expert search mode.

    Currently, there are no listings available on the website and nothing in the University Libraries' online catalog, BISON, for all other types of material in the University Archives. See the Collections page of this website for more information.

  • The Poetry Collection

    Approximately 35 finding aids have been created for Poetry Collection holdings. New finding aids will be added to the Finding Aid Database as they are revised.

  • Music Library

    Approximately 60 finding aids for Music Library collections are available in the Finding Aids Database. Others will be added as they are converted to EAD. In the meantime they are available online from the list of Special Collections in the Music Library.

  • Charles B. Sears Law Library

    All finding aids for Law Library collections are available in the Finding Aids database.

Holdings at Other Regional Institutions

Funding for the initial encoding of finding aids for the following institutions was provided through the Regional Bibliographic Databases Program administered by the Western New York Library Resources Council. Only partial holdings are represented and researchers should contact these institutions for further information on their collections.